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Huge Clear files sales/ offers!

Hello all! I am selling all clear files that doesn't go into my collection, or ones that are duplicated :)

Trades are very welcome! I will trade for things in my wants list (found in my sales rules page), or I would be interested in clear files that are released before 2010 not are not in my collection.

Sneak peek of some of the items, much more under the cut:

P1090569 (Medium)P1090577 (Medium)
P1090580 (Medium)P1090600 (Medium)

Sales rules - please read before ordering. (separate post)

Unless otherwise stated, the clear files are for A4 size paper. Photos show front and back. If you'd like a closer picture of a certain clear file, just let me know and I can take extra photo for you.

When placing an order, please include the picture number, or a link to the picture, and your choice of shipping method. Thanks!

Shipping/packaging before fees ($0.3 + 4.4%) is listed as follows for airmail (no tracking):

B5/ A4 size:
Regular document Envelop (No protection, use at your own risk) - $2.1
Regular document Envelop with hard backing - $3.5
Rigid mailer - $3.5
Bubble mailer - $4.1
Bubbler mailer with hard backing - $5.5
Box - quote on request but will be the most expensive (should start at around $6-7 due to weight of the box itself)
+ $1 for each additional clear file

Ask if you'd like tracking :)

A5/ B6 will be cheaper but base shipping will still starts at $2.1.

Offer will end no later than 29th September at 12pm GMT+8 time, but I may accept offer earlier than that.

DSC_1311 (Medium)
DSC_1313 (Medium)
Picture 1 - B6 (?) mini clear file, good conditon without packaging -
Bottom left - $5
Others - $4 each

DSC_1314 (Medium)
DSC_1316 (Medium)
Picture 2 -
Black plastic wallet (not a clear file but same material), wallet is new but packaging is not - $6
Shiny Rayquaza (A5 size, Used condition) - $5
Froakie (A5 size, used condition) - $2

DSC_1318 (Medium)
DSC_1319 (Medium)
Picture 3 - good condition, no packaging, these are slightly smaller than A4 (B5? around pencil board size) - $5 each
Sold: Bottom left, bottom right

DSC_1320 (Medium)
DSC_1321 (Medium)
Picture 4 - slightly smaller than A4 (B5? around pencil board size) - Good condition, no packaging - Offer starts at $10

DSC_1322 (Medium)
DSC_1324 (Medium)
Picture 5 - Pokemikke clear file - A5 size - 3 pocket - NIP - $8 each

P1090569 (Medium)
P1090570 (Medium)
Picture 6 - All NIP, but the outer packaging of metagross has the "Pokemon Center" sticker stuck on the outer packaging
Offer starts at $15 each
Sold: Charizard, Slowpoke

P1090571 (Medium)
P1090572 (Medium)
Picture 7 - all NIP - $7 each

P1090573 (Medium)
P1090574 (Medium)
Picture 8 - all NIP - $12 each

P1090575 (Medium)
P1090576 (Medium)
Picture 9 - all NIP
Top row - $6 each or $10 for both
Bottom Row - $12 each

P1090577 (Medium)
P1090579 (Medium)
Picture 10 - all NIP
Top Row - $12 each (Note that the packaging of Pokemon little tales file has been cut open to separate it from the set)
Bottom Row - $15 each
Sold: Pokemon little tales, 1 x bottom left, bottom right

P1090580 (Medium)
P1090581 (Medium)
Picture 11 - all NIP
Top row - $10 each
Bottom row - $8 each
Sold: Mareep

P1090582 (Medium)
P1090583 (Medium)
Picture 12 - all NIP - $7 each
Sold: Top left, bottom middle

P1090584 (Medium)
P1090585 (Medium)
Picture 13 - all NIP, these come with A4 big clear file and an mini A6 clear file
$12 per set
Sold: Slowpoke

P1090586 (Medium)
P1090587 (Medium)
Picture 14 - NIP, open in the middle, each comes with set of 4 bookmarkds
$12 per set

P1090588 (Medium)
P1090589 (Medium)
Picture 15 - NIP (but the packaging will be cut open if you are not buying both together)
$8 each or $12 for both

P1090590 (Medium)
P1090591 (Medium)
Picture 16 - NIP
$10 each

P1090592 (Medium)
P1090593 (Medium)
Picture 17 - all NIP
Top - $8
Bottom row - $7
Sold: Bottom left

P1090594 (Medium)
P1090595 (Medium)
Picture 18 - all NIP
$7 each
Sold: Bottom left

P1090596 (Medium)
P1090599 (Medium)
Picture 19 - all NIP
$7 each

P1090600 (Medium)
P1090601 (Medium)
Picture 20 - NIP

P1090602 (Medium)
P1090603 (Medium)
Picture 21 - NIP

P1090608 (Medium)
P1090609 (Medium)
Picture 22 - New, but no packaging
$7 each
Sold: Bottom

P1090610 (Medium)
P1090611 (Medium)
Picture 23 - New, but no packaging
$6 each

P1090612 (Medium)
P1090613 (Medium)
Picture 24 -
Good condition, no packaging - $6 each
Pichu, used condition - $2

P1090614 (Medium)
P1090615 (Medium)
Picture 25 - Good condition, no packaging - $5

Thanks as always :D
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