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New Items and some sales

Yes, I did get the US Jumbo Substitute.

I've been checking today and they have been coming in and out of stock. When I checked this morning there were two. Then it went out of stock. Now there are three up again... So if you guys are interested you may want to keep checking throughout the day. If any of you guys want one, I am linking it below.

Jumbo Substitute on Pokemon Center Website


The Substitute box actually came in a bigger box.
If you want to see pictures of this Subbie and my Japanese ones you can click on this link Substitute Album. The only ones I have not bought yet are the US 12 inch subbie, and the small one, but I think I will order that along with the Kuttari release.

My guess is that they only had 200 for sale for the first batch, because if you look at the box, it looks like each box was numbered, and there were 200 cartons, and this batch sold out the first day.

My other new items include (you will have to click on the links since there are too many pictures for me to load here).

Pokemon Sketch Items

Pokemon Kuttari

Pokemon Halloween Parade
. Its at the bottom of the album because I put all my Halloween items together.

I acutally did update some of my other things. But here is my general albums page.

Now.. I do have some sales. Here is the link to my sales post....


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