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Mystery Kid Lot unboxing + what are these??

I bought a big random lot of Kids off of Y!J and was so excited to get them opened up to see what I got!

There were a LOT of kids so I thought instead of making this a very long post I'd condense it a bit. Here are the standard kids that I got:

There is a big mixture of both old kids and new! Some of which are so new they aren't even opened!

Whoever put together this lot must of been a big Pikachu fan! I found the surfboard on its own in the bag and was very confused, then I found the matching kid and it all made sense!

Here are the Kids I have picked out to keep for myself. I already have the Entei and Venusaur but they're so cute, why not build an army? Lucario is one of my mains on Smash so its great to have a mascot of him! Actually as I type this I remember there's a Mewtwo kid in there too that I will have to keep for the same reason!

Here is the first line of Clears! Some of them seem pretty old. The Nidoking is... neon pink?! I have no idea what is going on with it! The Jolteon honestly looks like a bug or something!

The second line! That clear Raikou is what caught my eye to purchase this lot! I hope to one day trade him for a clear Entei. The clear Latios is really beautiful too!

A closer look

There is a second clear Nidoking here that is visibly not pink! Very strange. A part of me purchased these lots hoping that there would actually be a clear Entei in here. It was a very long shot that obviously didn't happen but it was worth a try!

There was something else included in the lot too!

These tiny little squishy kid-like figures.

Here is a size comparison with the Latios kid. They have holes in the bottom and are hollow just like kids are

What are these? Does anyone know? The Quagsire is honestly so precious!!!!
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