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Old fatty Pikachu is coming back! ;_; <3

Hello everyone! :3

I´m surfing on this website and randomly find this: http://www.pokepolitan.com/2015/09/20th-anniversary-pikachu-plush.html and was like EEEEIIICK! The old fatty Pikachu becomes a plush!!! A dream come true!! Really, I just thought about they should release a plush of the old pika, which I love so much more than the new one! And he is so underappreciated, really...I don´t know how you guys feel but I like the old design more than the new. I´m sad they changed Pikachus design. He was so cute and chubby!

It says so on the website, that he will come out on January 2016! I will definitely buy me one <333
Tags: info, pikachu, plush
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