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eBay Lot + Question for Venusaur collectors~ + Sales!

New eBay lot is up! Lots of goodies for cheap-o~

Feel free to check my other eBay listings too~ Lots of BINs available! At least for me, eBay has a
$20 off $100 purchases promo
using coupon code C20OFFSEPT until Sept 27 so take advantage of it! XD; (I'm reading this is a targeted promotion though so not all people qualify?)

Well I say Venusaur collectors but I'm sure someone knowledgable about old TOMY releases in general know about this too xD;;;

So I got these wind-up TOMYs still new in their boxes, but I'm wondering if there are actually any differences in them?

Also which one is older? I'm guessing the right one? XD; And does the right one have assembly required or something? Why does it have this other release anyway? XDI could literally just open the right box to do more direct comparisons, but hesitating to do so. I might just go ahead and keep both of them anyway as they would go nicely in my Venusaur side collection, lol.

Claims reminder for Nebukuro prizes! Lots of Prize D-H still left!
Check my Claims post! Click here or the image to go~

Also have just a couple of this Pikachu figure up for claims :) A special edition clear version of the recent oyasumi friends XY set!

Lastly, sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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