prismarine (prismarine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: A Pair of Black Dragons with Red Eyes

It's always when opportunity passes you by that you realize you took the chance for granted, isn't it? Had a perfectly open option to take up the plush on eBay, didn't, watched the auction close without a buyer -- and meanwhile there's the second, a charm, remembering how its release was just the other month and sittin' here goin' "WELP." Thus, here I am to amend my odds again. <3

If anyone would have a Takara Tomy Posable Zekrom plush and or Pokemon Center 2015 Legendary Cries Campaign Giratina Dot Sprite Charm for sale, feel free to let me know as a potential buyer.
Tags: charms, giratina, plush, wanted, zekrom
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