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Red Flash Semi-Claims Post

I've been debating ordering a box of Blue Shock since the XY8 sets were announced, but I was really hesitant since I don't have any interest in Glalie. If I buy a box and pull either of these cards, would anyone be interested in them? You won't be forced to purchase/trade for them if I pull them, but I'm seeing if there's any possible interest so I'm not stuck with them.


Is anyone buying Blue Shock box(es) and willing to sell singles? I'm interested in about 40 un/common and holo cards from the set. And the only RR card I'm really interested in is Zoroark BREAK (though I wouldn't mind some of the Mewtwos).

If anyone is interested in any cards from Red Flash, feel free to let me know and I"ll let you know if I pull an extra. I ordered 3 Red Flash boxes hoping to get all the Houndooms, so it's likely that I'll get duplicates of at least all the common, uncommon, and rare cards. Not sure about RR, SR, and UR cards. I'm already looking out for cards for squeakaree, spritzzie, and m14mouse.

001/059 Paras Grass C
002/059 Parasect Grass U
003/059 Chespin Grass C
004/059 Quilladin Grass C
005/059 Chesnaught Grass R
006/059 ChesnaughtBREAK Grass RR
007/059 Skiddo Grass C
008/059 Gogoat Grass —
009/059 HoundoomEX Fire RR
010/059 MegaHoundoomEX Fire RR
011/059 Pansear Fire C
012/059 Simisear Fire C
013/059 Goldeen Water C
014/059 Seaking Water C
015/059 Staryu Water C
016/059 Starmie Water U
017/059 Remoraid Water C
018/059 Piplup Water C
019/059 Prinplup Water —
020/059 Empoleon Water R
021/059 Snover Water C
022/059 Abomasnow Water U
023/059 Magnemite Lightning C
024/059 Magneton Lightning —
025/059 Magnezone Lightning R
026/059 Raikou Lightning R
027/059 MewtwoEX Psychic RR
028/059 MegaMewtwoEX Psychic RR
029/059 Misdreavus Psychic C
030/059 Mismagius Psychic R
031/059 Ralts Psychic C
032/059 Kirlia Psychic U
033/059 Cresselia Psychic C
034/059 Cubone Fighting C
035/059 Marowak Fighting U
036/059 MarowakBREAK Fighting RR
037/059 Swinub Fighting C
038/059 Piloswine Fighting U
039/059 Mamoswine Fighting R
040/059 Gallade Fighting R
041/059 Zorua Darkness C
042/059 Yveltal Darkness R
043/059 Bronzor Metal C
044/059 Bronzong Metal U
045/059 Mr. Mime Fairy C
046/059 Spritzee Fairy C
047/059 Aromatisse Fairy U
048/059 Axew Dragon C
049/059 Doduo Colorless C
050/059 Dodrio Colorless U
051/059 Starly Colorless C
052/059 Staravia Colorless C
053/059 Staraptor Colorless U
054/059 Heavy Ball I U
055/059 Assault Vest I U
056/059 Houndoom Spirit Link I U
057/059 Mewtwo Spirit Link I U
058/059 Giovanni's Plan Su U
059/059 Burning Energy Fire E U
060/059 HoundoomEX Fire SR
061/059 MegaHoundoomEX Fire SR
062/059 MewtwoEX Psychic SR
063/059 MegaMewtwoEX Psychic SR
064/059 Giovanni's Plan Su SR
065/059 MewtwoEX Psychic UR

Also, I'm getting prepared to do a flat sales post next week (stickers, topps, flipz, lamincards, coins, sleeves...pretty much any flat except TCG), so if you have wany particular wants, feel free to send those to me and I'll check if I have anything beforehand.

~ Risha
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