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Long Time... Collection Update

Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've posted on here but I've been lurking about when I's not busy with college and work :) unfortunately after I moved into my new place, my shelves were forgotten in the packing so my Latis have been boxed away :( but alas I have a collection update :D



All The Plush! I figured I'd just take a big picture since they all looked cute together. My newbies are the new movie plush releases, the new Tomy plush, the poseable Tomy plush, the petit mascots, and the Latios Banpresto arms out. I won that guy for only like $23 and wondered if this was real life :o


My poor Tomy Latios arrived with an eye defect :( but it just makes him more special :D


Miscellaneous lati items! I love love the My Dearest line but sadly so far I've only bought the mugs and charms. I also got the new movie Lati towel along with the Pokémon Heroes fan :O And the latios figure with a base you can pose his arms and wings.

Kids! A clear latios standing kid I snagged from an auction on here ^^ then a clear latias attack kid I bought under the impression it was just a normal one (a nice surprise though) and finally a shiny Latios :o


And these two <3 I had only ever seen the Latias version and one morning I couldn't sleep so I hopped on ebay and saw these BIN so I just had to get them.

Anywho that's all for now :) feel free to use any of these pictures for wants and whatnots :D
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