January 4th, 2012

Emolga, Espeon, and Delcatty Wanted

Hi everyone!
I'm new here, and I'm just starting out my pokemon collection. My husband and I are thinking about having a baby soon, and I plan on making the baby room pokemon-themed. So I've decided to start collecting pokemon. I don't have very much right now, but there are a few pokemon plushes that I am looking for. First, I'm looking for an 16 inch Emolga plush for a decent price ($50 or under). Second, I'd like to find a large Espeon plush, 10 inches or more. And lastly, does a Delcatty plush exist? I can't find one anywhere, but I would really like one. Please let me know if you have any of these available, or if you know where I can find them. Thanks for the help.

First collection update + Japanese store

Sooo, I took a trip to that Japanese store I posted about the other day. Today, I bring photos, information, and more questions on pricing!

Also, if I've bought from you (and you don't mind leaving feedback before the items arrive OR I bought from you a long time ago), I would highly appreciate the feedback! I really want to participate in the Secret Valentine exchange. ;-;

*image heavy*

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dento omg squeal!!!!

story of how my life got flipped turned otter side down

(trying this post again. sunyshore.com is changing servers so if you can't see my pics now and again that's why! sorry!)

hey all! have you checked out the new feedback system by the brilliant tortoises yet? please remember:

►your old feedback still counts! but any feedback left on an old thread after jan 1st 2012 will be null in void! ONLY leave community feedback on the NEW system from now on!
►wall of shame/negative feedback rules have not changed! you still lose sales permission after 3 negatives, and old (relevant) ones DO still count!
►however! i will soon make a modpost for the sole purpose of discussing giving partial bans based on someone's percentage feedback rating and NOT the amount of negatives. this means someone with 3 old negatives and 50 new positives would be out of the doghouse. like the idea? think it over and bring your opinions to my next modpost!
►please also note under rules for sellers we now require you include both who gave you sales permission AND A LINK TO YOUR *NEW* FEEDBACK PAGE! not your old one! this is new so we will only be gently reminding for a while if you forget one or the other. this also applies to GA runners :)

and now... on to the personal part of my post!

i did indeed overdo it trying to bring as many of these home as i did! but...

an amazing girl who saw me struggling with our purchases stopped me and insisted on helping!!! this was AFTER a woman had ALSO helped me hold some of my pair pika baskets waiting in line for the register!

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the moral is... if you ever see someone who might really need a hand, you just might end up making an amazing new fun friend. the kindness of strangers, it is crazy wonderful!!

and, of course. i did keep a dreamy plush for myself!! i love weasels and all in their family of mustalidae, which includes skunks, badgers, stoats, wolverines, and....OTTERS!!!

so i do have a VERY VERY tiny mijumaru collection, with his adorable pokedoll and canvas plush, and now of course...THIS BIG FELLOW.

i present my mustelids!

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and now pair pika sales :) i've stocked most of the rest of the available goods, ALL SO CUTE!! please note sunyshore.com just moved servers so if you get any errors please let me know!

sunyshore pokemart's new stock
my feedback ;)

thanks guys!
flare, happy

BK Toys Auction

SO! This...

ARRIVED!!!!!!!! Whoot! So... it's time for auctions. lol

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Auction Reminder - TFG Question - Jumbo Card Pickups - Card Trades

Hi! ^^

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

A few things to discuss in this post:

1) This is the one and only reminder for my Complete Base Set TCG Auction. Click the image below for info on that. It ends this Friday at 11:59pm EST.

2) Went to the flea market this weekend...actually on the 1st. XD! And actually found some things. Good way to start the New Year! ^^ My gets included -

I was shocked to find TFGs at the flea market. :O And they're in great condition. I was wondering, does anyone know how much the Green Trainer sells for? And, would anyone be interested in it? Also, does anyone know what the James figure is? I just bought it 'cause I <3 James. lol.

3) chibi_flare wanted a Pikachu and Pichu Bros. Jumbo card, so I'll be going to the local Pokemon card shop again. I don't make it out there that often, so I've decided to offer to pickup more Jumbo cards for people. I will be going sometime next week.

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4) Speaking of card trades! I'm still open for TCG trades. And probably always will be. lol. This, however, will be the last week I can ship immediately. Classes start back next week so I'll be moving back into my college apartment.

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Borrowed from Gin...hope you don't mind. ^^;

I'm interested in getting the Pichu charm from both of these sets...if anyone is selling them. Also, if someone is interested in the Pikachu from the new set, I know someone who is interested in Raichu, so if we can find a set for sale, we could split the price.


Thanks for reading,
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WTB: Emolgas - Gauging Interest? Squirtle Melon Bread!

Helloooo! Long time no see! After December started Finals slapped me over, and once break came RL stuff came with everyone coming back from break. I've sent out all cards earlier this week ; w ; so please forgive my late-ness. It's also been a bit hard on LJ since all my friends are moving to DW ;orz;;

Anyways I come here with a want on Emolga plushes - BUT specifically only on two items which is the MPC (My Pokemon Collection) Emolga and the Banpresto UFO Catcher Emolga (the tiny 4inch one that is on a keychain)! I'm more interested in the Banpresto UFO Catcher, but if you have the MPC plush please let me know. I am looking for TWO of each also :D

:) I am aware of online sellers and venders that do have the MPC in stock - but if someone is looking to give theirs up for adoption I'd love to take it off your hands. Just as long as it's in good condition and clean- does not need the tag attached or at all, but preferred.

I can pay, but I'll  also offer to make you pokemon parfaits or such instead! Since unless something drastic happens - I don't plan to open any commissions up annnnny time soon, but for those plushes I won't mind.


So since I was making pokemon related things and parfaits for so long a new creation has been made :D
I wanted this item to be more "pokemon inspired" rather than plain out exactly like Squirtle so thus Zenigame no Meronpan was created.

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However my question is ;; is anyone interested in them? I really made them out of sheer fun, and the normal kameronpan were used to make these keychains , and I plan to use them for various projects.

And anyways if anyone is interested, would you prefer them as a magnet (so they'd look like they're crawling all over your fridge or board), like those keychains, or just as is? Or any other suggestion?

I have to admit leaving it just as it is is fine, since i kept a few to keep on display in my work desk.

If you're also really serious on purchasing one - I do have two avaliable - I can turn them to a magnet, keychain, or leave them just as it is. I'm not thinking of making anymore Zenigame no Meronpan/Squirtle Melonbread anymore, unless there's a big enough interest xD

I'll take offers no less than $7 for just as it is, $8 for magnet, and $12 for keychain (since it comes with much more materials)

edit: Since there are sales just to be safe!

Rules + Information
Photobucket Granted Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by [info]denkimouse .
Photobucket My feedback Post
Photobucket All Community Rules apply, and all sales are final :D Any other questions, please ask me.
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Looking for Some Pokémon Kids

Hey everyone. I hope everyone's doing well in the new year! Instead of my now-typical sales post, I would actually like to ask to buy something from ya'll. I have a friend who absolutely adores grass type Pokemon, and I've been showing him some of the kids from newer sets, and he's now interested in some older kids; he only has limited funds, so here's what I need

Bulbasaur Kid-Found!
Chikorita Kid
Treeko Kid
Turtwig Kid

These kids can be from any set, but I'd prefer them in mint condition. Please state the condition of the kid(s) you have in the comment you make. I am looking to spend no more than $5 SHIPPED on each kid. Shipping is to 91301, USA. Also, I'd need them shipped out relatively soon, in the next week or so, if possible, so if that's a problem, let me know. Thanks for looking! :D

Also, I still have some leftover kids for sale. The prices have been greatly reduced and there are some popular kids from the last 5 months on there, so check it out if you so desire.

YAY!!!!!( grail story)

my grandparents just got back from Orlando. they were only there for a day and when i asked them were they went they said...."around". well..today was my b-day and when i opened my last bag from them i was suprised to find a DX turtwig pokedoll. obvoisly they know me more than i thought :) yes!!  they said they traveled all the way to "japan" for that....*hehe:)* i didnt even know they had money for that! ( sorry sooooooo excited!) so i consider it my grail! im sooo..YAY!!!
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A surprise find (of something I bought last year)!

So I was cleaning my room, right? I thought I wouldn't find something interesting when lo and behold, I found something I bought a while ago!

Lol, I've misplaced them for a year or so.

If you want to find out what they are, watch this (terrible) vid I made showcasing them (you might have to raise the volume)! There's also an added bonus at the end! XD

Aww, the thumbnail gives the surprise away. =/ Oh well. If you want to find out what it is without watching my vid, follow the cut.

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My name is Lindsey, though most people call me by my nickname, Leilia. :)  I have been lurking around this community for a little bit now, but finally got the guts up to join! XD  Also, I'm completely new to Livejournal, so I hope I do everything right!

I have been a huge Pokemon nerd since early high school(ugh, so long ago now....), when I bought Pokemon Blue to keep myself occupied after moving to a new area.  I was hooked immediately and have been a fan ever since!  Though I was an avid collector of Pokemon items back during that time, I kind of fell away from collecting for many, many years.  Although I still picked up each new game generation when it came out, it was not until this past year when I really became involved with Pokemon again.  I began sculpting with polymer clay, and creating Pokemon characters quickly became on of my favorite things to sculpt!  I now have a renewed love for the little critters. :D

What really pushed me to finally join the community, is that for Christmas, my husband bought me an entire booster box of Pokemon cards from one of the newer sets.  One of the things I was pretty near obsessive about collecting back in high school was Pokemon cards, I had tons and tons of them, and even competed in the Pokemon League tournaments.  However I stopped collecting a bit before the first gold and silver sets started coming out.  Opening up all those card packs just gave me a strong desire to start collecting again. XD

Anyways, enough rambling!  So, my all-time favorite Pokemon is Growlithe, and I loved to collect anything Growlithe or Arcanine related.  I also loved Meowth, and collected any items related to him or Persian.  Here are my collections, though they are rather small at the moment:

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Looking to buy!

I figured I should make a 'gimme these, I need them to live' list since I have a little money to spend right now. Not much, but I'd like to look around and see what I can afford-- I need more precious babies! ; 3;

( NOTE: I think this is obvious enough, but I do not own the images in this post. I found them around the internet for reference purposes only. If there's an image of yours that you don't want me using, send me a message and I'll remove it. (: )

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I NEED MORE! a wants post

I've been looking around but maybe I missed something somewhere, I dunno xD I know there's not a lot of what I'm looking for, but I want to try and get what I can. So I guess I should say what it is I want so I can toss my monies at you all huh?

I'm looking for things of this little cutie. All I have is a plush, some stickers, a zukan piece, and a keshipoke. I bought yarn to put together a shiny colors plush because I'm bad xD;; Does anyone have shuppet stuff they're selling or willing to part with? =;v;=