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05 January 2012 @ 12:04 am

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ALSO: note to my buyers- everythings been shipped! most went out about a week ago but the rest went out today, so expect your items soon! 
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05 January 2012 @ 12:35 am
Hey everyone, I just realized that I have absolutely no Lumineon items in my collection. I adore this Pokemon and am wondering if anyone is selling any merchandise of him?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If anyone is, please leave a comment or message me! I'm not interested in cards though, just figures/plush/etc.

On another note, I'm looking to start collecting 'kids' figures. If anyone is selling any for 1-2 bucks a piece, or in lots for 20 shipped, let me know!
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05 January 2012 @ 08:56 am

Hello everyone, I'm 19 today! And to celebrate, I thought I'd leave a short trade post/want post here.

I'm offering to trade any 3 (yes, three) of these pins for one N pin (mint--no dents no scratches on either side of course~) from the same Dot Sprite 2 promotion! All these pins are mint from the packages and have only been handled once or twice. And yes, even that cute little Snivy is up for trade, too. If you choose it, you can always be reminded of me :3

If you don't want any of these cute!pins but still want to part with your sprite!N pin, I would also be willing to buy it instead of trade :)

Thanks for looking everyone! Have a nice new year! :3

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Safaia Seidenki
05 January 2012 @ 09:40 am
Hello, community~! :D I've decided I would take a shot in the holidays contest~! By time I had the photo shoot done, however, I learned that it had become the winter contest. ;__; And since I'm already packed for moving and can't retrieve my babies out of the trunk... 8C
I worked for a really long time and put all my effort into it, so I hope you enjoy it~!

EDIT BECAUSE I'M TOO STUPID TO REMEMBER THE QUESTION XD: How do you collectors take pics of your TCG collection? I always get a light shine on all of them! D:
05 January 2012 @ 11:00 am
first, my big giant eBay lot now starts at 1 cent. just pay shipping! :D

many have been asking for my final set of dreamy plushies. i was not sure what to do with them, but after some consulting i will put them up for offer starting at my previous price of 65$ shipped each. offers will end in 24 hours from the time of this post (11 AM January 6th, Tokyo Time). offer in the proper threads below!

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i also have this DX banpresto hiyappu plush for sale still. he's 30$ shipped! mint in a plastic bag! SOLD!

and...by popular demand.... an army of TRUE LOVE???

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thanks all :)

(all of my sales policies including feedback)
05 January 2012 @ 12:12 pm
I know there has been factory rejected Virizions appearing on eBay already, but...this is the first time I've ever saw one coming with paper tags OvO;

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Also, could anyone identify these plushies for me please? :3c

I am guessing that these are those tiny Pokedolls. But then since this is from Taobao, I can't help to assume that they may be booties too ;u;

Last but not least, a small reminder for my offers and sales post :3c
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05 January 2012 @ 12:27 pm
Anybody interested in Pichu and/or Pikachu charm from the new series? They'd be only 5 dollars each + shipping.

Here's your chance to get a charm without having to buy the whole set!

its karli <3
05 January 2012 @ 04:03 pm
i'm new to this community. i've been online alot with my friends and i meant to join this sometime but i never did until yesterday. my name is karli :) my pokemon collection isnt THAT large, but i plan to definitely expand it here :D also i joined because everyone in the community seemed really nice o: 
05 January 2012 @ 04:18 pm
So, my fellow collectors, it's officially a brand new year! I only joined this community at the beginning of June, but it's already been 7 months. It's pretty hard to believe!

I've had a total blast here and seeing my collection sprout from my old childhood toys to what it is now is such a wonderful feeling. Even if I don't personally know all of you, I remember everyone I've bought from and having a person behind each collection piece instead of the memory of a store shelf truly enhances the experience of all of this. I wouldn't change it for the world. It just makes everything so much more meaningful and fun. C:

I'm going to be a copycat now and show off my favourite collection items for each month of 2011 like bergunty did!

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That was really fun to do and I hope you guys enjoyed looking it over, too! :3 I'm already excited for next year, anticipating another one of these posts -- but with a full 12 months! Woo! Do you guys know how cool you are? Seriously.


While I'm here, here be some small new gets!Collapse )

My favourite recently: coasters! I love these so much. I've never had proper coasters before so Pokemon ones are amazing. XD They were made by Cinibunny/polkadotie. I couldn't resist the Politoed one matching the "sleepy 'toed" line I've started to amass from her... See here!Collapse )


To end off this post, it's time for... a special get! I'd like to nominate this as my January ultimate get for my year in review. XD So excited, eee ♥


I've had such a fun time here with all of you guys and I'm so happy I found this community. I'm so happy this community even exists! I had exactly 0 Politoed merchandise even though he's been my favourite for ages, and now I've got such awesome stuff thanks to everyone here. ;w; It's one of the warmest, friendliest, and most fun communities I've ever been in. I love catching up on posts every day. Thank you for being you, you guys! ♥

I plan on making a 'toed-focused update in the near future, after I get some more things I'm eyeballing. Palpitoad and Tympole keep creeping up on me. XD But yeah, don't be concerned if my next few gets posts don't have Politoed in them; I'm just saving them up for one (hopefully) big post! :D
05 January 2012 @ 04:59 pm
Sorry for the lack of communication on my part with these. I have nobody to blame for myself for that.

Dakajojo GA

This was shipped from the seller to me on Jan 3rd via UPS.  If anyone would like to track it you can use this tracking number

1z005r9a0349022377.  I will be packing and weighing all these up the moment I can get to the box once it's delivered.

Giant Plush GA

I'm missing about half the payments for this still, but I paid off the box.  It should be shipping from Japan today via EMS.  I'll have a tracking number as soon as it ships for anyone that would like it.  It will take a week for it to arrive to my house from Japan.

If you haven't paid please see this post:

Once again, I am terribly sorry for the lateness on my part.  If anyone needs to get ahold of me you can always email my whalesales AT aol DOT com or IM me at himynameislph.  I'd prefer to hammer things out over these instead of IM due to the shoddy PM system LJ has.

05 January 2012 @ 05:43 pm
Hi there!
Recently I have bought a set of charms. I collect Regice only so I want to sell the extra of the set :D
Each charm is $3 + shipping. + $2.5 for an additional one.

The size of charm is tiny, about 1.5 cm tall.
There is a small hook at the bottom of each charm. You can link the charms into a chain XD

Rules and shipping information under the cutCollapse )

Thanks for reading <3
Psychic MoonShadow
05 January 2012 @ 05:46 pm
Hey, guys! It’s been awhile since my last update, but I got some awesome swag this holiday season I want to show off, and I’m looking to get my friend some plushies. :3

First, what could this be…?

A three-pack of Jakks Unova starter plushies!

This is yet another gift courtesy of my friend Amber! We share a deep love of Pokemon, and she knows how much I’m enjoying Pokemon Black version. I would have just been happy with Snivy, but she went above and beyond to give me all of them! They’re all super soft and cute and I want to think of fun ways to display them (they currently stay inside the box) and also fun ways to use them in cosplays and such.

Photobucket Snivy is my favourite! Her tail is a bit bent and I hope it doesn’t come off.
Photobucket Tepig merch has two default emotions: happy and determined. Bit strange, but it’s different and cute.
Photobucket Oshawott’s mouth is a little derpy, and I don’t find it as exciting as the other two, but he’s still cute.

Snivy now gets to chill with her big brother! The poor snakes can’t really stand up properly, but they manage.

And because I can, here are the three starters with their McDonalds promo cards! Since I’m in Quebec the cards are all in French, in case you ever wanted to know their French names – Vipelierre, Gruikui, and Moustillion!

I received the above before the holidays, since I went on vacation to Florida with my family for the holidays! During the trip, I got some very neat things, including a little something I’ve been after for awhile! I had a package from a member here delivered to my grandparents’ apartment in Florida, and when it arrived before me, they couldn’t figure out what it was!

my family thought it was the Geiko gecko...Collapse )

Now, many of my updates here are Poke-gifts from my good friend Amber. She is awesome! I didn’t get her anything big for Christmas, but her birthday is coming up and I know exactly what she wants.

So I am looking for Glameow plushes! Amber currently has the Banpresto UFO Glameow, but she wants all of them. I’m willing to buy two for around $40 before shipping to Canada.

I am mainly looking for the Glameow Pokedoll! Here's a pic of mine, which is what inspired her to start collecting in the first place

I'm also interested in the Glameow Banpresto laying plush, or Halloween plush. Please let me know if you're selling! Thanks, and happy new year!

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M R ☭ R I O T
05 January 2012 @ 06:05 pm
Hey guys!
Last reminder about my card auctions! I have three lots that are needing a good home! Click any picture to head to the auctions! They all end January 6th @ 6PM EST!

Random lot of rares/holos/rev holos

All my Noble Victories dups including all the trainers. This is perfect to patch up your legal deck or create a new one!

All my Japanese extras. Quite a bit of holos in this lot! Card range from Base set all the way to the last set before B/W!
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05 January 2012 @ 06:38 pm
So I have this eevee plush which has had the tush tag removed and would like to see if anyone has any information on him? He's in great condition but has no tags. :( I'd also like to know what he's worth, if possible. :D He looks like some of the mirage plush I've seen so I guess he's probably official. :3

He's a Play by Play Eevee, thanks Spideyroxas! <3

If anyone's interested in him let me know, though I'll most likely give him to my friend. <3

Pics heeere!Collapse )

I also have lots of stuff in my sales, if anyone is interested: :3

Thanks! <3
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05 January 2012 @ 06:41 pm
Hi folks :)

Finally getting around to writing a bit of an introductory post, yay! My name is Caiti and although I have been a Pokémon fan for about thirteen years now, I haven't really gotten into the collecting scene until very recently. It perhaps wasn't the smartest move as Pokémon-related anything is very hard to find in Ireland - at least where I live lol. I've lurked for a few weeks now, mostly just looking at people's collections - which are all amazing, even the smaller ones ♥

My number-one Pokémon is Staraptor, with Scyther coming an extremely close second. I'm hoping to add as much Staraptor-related paraphernalia to my hoard - as of yet I only possess the Banpresto UFO 6" plush, which has been aptly-named Dumpyraptor. I have caught very sparse, occasional glimpses of a much larger Staraptor that seems to be a DX kind of plush - if anyone has any info on that, I'd hugely appreciate it!

So glad I found this community, hope I fit in! :D

05 January 2012 @ 07:01 pm
These GAs are finally here! They are packaged up and shipping is calculated so now it is time for your final payment!

PILE OF PLUSH GA concerns the following individuals:

acidtowatta andrew1374 eternal_rena intervivos_2 Jonathan Resendiz (facebook account) leavanny kazesocho lunadell meguroco meijiatron miya_c  [info]nameless5555papaiyacoffee rgmusashi rusey samurwatt tagami_yami[info]tailglow [info]tayran umbreongirl [info]yaoi_queen

Pile of Plush GA Payment instructions under here!Collapse )

DAT BULBASAUR GA concerns the following individuals:

Dat Bulbasaur GA payment instructions under here!Collapse )

Lots of stuff for sale... image heavy!Collapse )

Also don't forget that you have two more days to sign up for the Secret Valentine Exchange! Click the picture or click here to go to the original post. 
05 January 2012 @ 07:02 pm
Yo! Guys i thought i'd make a quick wants post for some TCG im missing from my collection! 

So if anyone has any of the following please let me know, In English too, unless stated! & NO REVERSE HOLO
Sorry for the long lost guys XD But please help a bro out!

Pokemon Under Here!Collapse )

I'm also trying to complete a Set of "Lt.Surge's (Insert PKMN Name here)" and cards featuring his FACE! XD
Lt. Surge's_____ Wants here!!Collapse )
I'm looking to buy preferably, but i can see what i have if people want to trade! =D

QUESTION!: Is there any card binders featuring any of the above Pokemon (but also including Cyndaquil, Typhlosion & Hitmonlee) I collect on binders??!
and a link to my other wants!: http://spideyroxascollections.weebly.com/wants-list.html
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05 January 2012 @ 07:33 pm
The box finally popped up at my house yesterday :3,I already have everyone's weight so I just need your zip code or country if you're international <3.

Let me know if there is anything else you want added to your package.

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Tits McGee
05 January 2012 @ 08:58 pm
I am looking for two stamps (preferably by the same person)
I want Emolga and Pikachu!
They are on ebay but it would take forever for them to arrive and I think they are a little high :(

I am also looking for a happy pachirisu kid!
I also want the crouching (mouth open) ZOROARK kid!

Anyone have Zoroark?

Plus, just in case anyone missed my update last time:
Update on "There will be Plush" GA. Pantherotter put in a request to ship it but they didn't get to it quickly enough and now they are closed until the 9th. It IS at the storage facility. We are just waiting on a  total and for them to ship it. After it reaches pantherotter you'll get your stuff ASAP. She is a fast shipper since she lives right next to the P.O. :D I will update the spreadsheet and make a post for everyone <3 Everyone has paid or gotten in contact with me. Thank you so much for that. It is much appreciated and I am very patient if there is at least communication <3 *hugs*

New sales coming soon!!

Also, Rascal is doing well <3
05 January 2012 @ 09:10 pm
hey pokemon collectors, I am looking for this adorable aipom pan sticker. if anyone has it/knows of someone who does or would be willing to sell it to me, I will love you forever^_^

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05 January 2012 @ 09:30 pm
Well, couple of days ago I made my monthly custom plushies post with some auctions and stuff.
After so many people asked, and I figured it wasn't a good idea in the first place I closed the auctions (I already talked to the person bidding).

Now my post is simply a straight custom sale post. ANY pokemon can be requested as a Petit charm since the legendaries will no longer be "limited".
I'll make any pokemon, as many times as you guys want me to :)
Only a very few will have it's price raised cause of dificulty but any other will be $22 shipped anywhere.

Since my old post was kind of messy, I'll keep this one instead.
Im almost sure im not breaking the rules with a second post, but please let me know if I am so I can fix it somehow!

I will make any kind of custom plushies in exchange of any of my wishlist items!

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05 January 2012 @ 09:49 pm
Just dropping a quick reminder that my auction for the WB Contest Treecko card and offers on my Human kids and Shaymin Strap are ending on the 7th so get your bids/offers in!

Here's the original post with the auction: