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06 January 2012 @ 12:28 am
Hey there, everyone! I'm not sure how many people remember me over the past year, so I thought this would be as good of an opportunity as ever to briefly reintroduce myself.

I'm tagami_yami, but you can call me Tagami. I've been a member here since August of 2008, and my main collections involve Mewtwo and Darkrai, with some Scolipede on the side (due to lack of official merchandise). I have a lot of side collections as well as some "oops" collections. You can probably blame the "oops" ones on associating certain Pokemon with my original characters, haha.

It's been a while since I've shared any collection updates, but I'll only share my more recent additions to prevent further confusion on my part. This is going to be a bit picture-heavy, so brace yourselves if you've got a slower connection! D:

Dialga calls shenanigans.Collapse )
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06 January 2012 @ 01:20 am
(^supposed to be a teaser^)

(i know this post's appearanca is kinda boring.. sorry x3)
06 January 2012 @ 03:11 am
Hello Welcome to Awesome Plushies GA hosted by myself and raikovladi92


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Bidding is over!¡
06 January 2012 @ 10:00 am

Under the cut are pre-made keychains I have for sale. Help me get rid of these.

I was running commissions for these, but they are currently closed. My bf asked me to make several of these as Christmas gifts, so I'm out of supplies at the moment!

:DCollapse )
06 January 2012 @ 10:58 am
I ship from Michigan in the US
No trades at this time.
Payment is by paypal only, hyuucow@yahoo.com
Granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo

Pokemon Paintings
Each Painting is on a 3in x 3in Canvas

Order hereCollapse )
06 January 2012 @ 12:51 pm
Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted. Sorry about that, Xmas really took a toll on my money so I didn't have much funds for here. BUT I have been lurking. lol and buying a few things.

And I just got one of those things! My NEW round head Emolga plush! I got it from donny9 . And it came so frekkin' fast in the mail!

Here's a pic. of him with a Pokemon Center plush for size comparison. This is my pathetic Emolga collection. XP But I JUST started collecting them, so I hope it will grow more soon. My next goal is to buy a Japanese MWT Emolga Pokedoll.

As always, sorry for the crappy photo. =[ I'm really bad at taking super clear shots, I must shake or something. O.o?

If you have Emolga items for sale, I'd love for you to shoot me a link to your sales. I'm not guaranteeing I will buy anything, but I would like to look. Emolga is now going to become a main main main collection of mine. <3
TC loves planes ಠ_ಠ
06 January 2012 @ 04:15 pm
I've added some items to my small Sales Post, please take a look! :) Includes Walky Charmander plush, Leafon pokedoll, laying plushies, etc.

To make this post less boring, my most recent get was a gift from friends:

...little Zorua (pokedoll) likes gaming. ♥

Edit: also checking interest in a japanese Soul Silver, complete with box+manual+pokewalker. Send an offer my way!
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share with everyone some stop motion videos my brother made with our Pokemon plush collection (mostly Pokedolls). I've noticed some people do "photo stories" with their Pokemon collection, so I hope you enjoy this stop motion. I posted the trailer a while ago; some of you may have seen the trailer before.

The videos are split into 5 parts - it's basically a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spoof. Below is part 1 of this "series." Click the annotations at the end of the video to view the next part. =)

If you enjoyed the videos, please pass them along to anyone you think might enjoy them.

As for a small wants, I'm looking for a Bulbasaur Pokedoll (regular size, not mini). Any version is fine as long as the tush tag is still attached and it's in good condition. If anyone has one/knows of anyone who's willing to sell/etc., please let me know! Thank you kindly. ^^
06 January 2012 @ 05:49 pm
feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/vaporeonxlover/

hey everyone i have a bunch of pokemon items that i would love to go to someone who collects the certain pokemon so i would love to trade them =]

Jakks Sandile
Pink Arceus
Pikachu Banpresto
Pikachu UFO

ALL STARTER POKEMON (except squirtle it is on hold)

Pikachu hoodie/jacket (size medium worn 1 time)
Pikachu black and white striped knee high socks (never worn still has tags on it)

i would really love for them to go to anyone =]
06 January 2012 @ 06:21 pm
Ok, looks like I have a teeny amount of money to spare, so I'm going after a couple wants that I'm really behind on!

McDonald's cards:
Just need Sandile, Alomomola, and Muuna to complete this collection. I'm REALLY hoping that someone has all 3, because I'm wanting to get them all shipped together! Wanting to pay $4 shipped for the 3.

Jumbo cards (english):
I'm behind on these too! :p I'm only wanting one of the bunch for now, and wanting to pay around $8 shipped for it, which was around the price I've purchased them in the past on here for. No specific preference, I'll wait and see what's for sale first :)
-Dark Lugia
-Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos
-Pikachu (base set)
-Snivy evo line
-Tepig evo line
-Oshawott evo line
Hey guys! It's been a while, but I've been about! Happy New Year, too!

Last time I posted an update, back in August, I showed you the beginnings of my Audino and Reuniclus-line collections. Do you want to see how much they've grown? Good, because I have pictures!

But before that, I received my 2011 Zapdos charm from Gin and I took a comparison shot with the 2009 charm!

It isn't a lot different- the pose is still That Same Pose that Zapdos is almost always in, but it's different enough for me! I'm thankful it is different, at least!

Anyway, with the starter finished, it's onto the main course!Collapse )
06 January 2012 @ 07:16 pm
Curious as to if anyone would like to run this with me, I can do threads and spreadsheets, since this would be my second GA and I am not yet comfortable doing shipping for large groups XD I'm really interested in the plusle plush, looks like the pokedoll but I'm not sure. This is a noppin auction <:

Do you think it's worth GA-ing?
06 January 2012 @ 07:25 pm
ffff I really gotta get these cards gone so I can buy a Next Destinies box! :D So, my loss is of course your gain, these cards are perfect for decks and stuff! Check em out here! (CLICK YAY! :D)
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06 January 2012 @ 08:07 pm
Hello hello this wonderful community! I have officially been on here for 1 month from TODAY!!

I have really enjoyed my time on this place, actually too much. I've looked at my finances and realize....I NEED to slow down on the purchasing lol!! So with that I have purchased so many beautiful plushes thanks to this community! You have all been a positive force in my PokeMon loving. So thank you!!

Very image heavy! But the juicy stuff is in here <3Collapse )

Thank you all again for being amazing.
This is also a not complete collection update. I am waiting on 11 more plushies to make their way into my mail box!!
(Including bulbasaur, totodile and cyndaquil 2011 canvas cuties, and minky versions of the legendary 2nd gen dogs!)

06 January 2012 @ 08:12 pm

It's that time again - Time to spend some money XD

Mewtwo wants!Collapse )

Non-Mewtwo Wants!Collapse )

and a grail?Collapse )

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its karli <3
06 January 2012 @ 08:17 pm
If anyone has one of these and is willing to sell, I'll definitely take it off your hands. 

Butterfree Pokedoll
Corsola pokedoll
Or a Delibird Pokedoll. XD 

so if anyone wants to sell a butterfree, corsola, or delibird pokedoll then tell me! thanks 
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Shaggy Griffon
06 January 2012 @ 09:04 pm
I decided im going to have a small collection of Entei plushies, and i already have the lottery prize otw from SMJ (just found out its the rarest plush of him second to the giant one which im now on the hunt for someday) anyone know where i can find the 9" poseable tomy plush?
photo taken from Pokemonplushproject's flickr.

Found one thanks so much guys! Collection update coming soon!

06 January 2012 @ 10:08 pm
Happy New Year everyone! :D I wanted to share a mini update and let you know my sales are open again! :D

Porygon used an upgradeCollapse )

Now here's a meme! Your favorite piece of merch you got in 2011!
meme time!Collapse )

06 January 2012 @ 11:00 pm
Hello loves. :) I've been a lurker for a while of course, and I was going to wait to make my intro when I had all of my collection photos completed, but I found a reason to post much sooner instead!

Firstly, though... My name is Meg! I'm 23, and have loved Pokemon since it began to grow in the US. My favorite Pokemon is Raikou. <3 I only have a couple figures of him, which is just awful! I need many more! Another reason why I want to start posting here. XD

Last night, I read for the first time the Mirage Pokemon plush post. It excited me to no end and now I want to hunt down as many as possible! I decided to check eBay first, and what did I see, but what was an identical Squirtle plush as one in the Mirage post. I contacted Gin and she instructed to post it here and find out if it is really a Mirage Plush! The person is selling it in the UK for less than $40... so it made me kind of sketchy. That and the fact that they claim they have 6 of them! It is so cute and I can't decide if I can justify buying it. But if it really is a Mirage Plush... I really don't know! XD Please, fellow members, help me figure out if this is truly a Mirage Squirtle!

Squirtle Mirage plush behind the cut ~Collapse )

06 January 2012 @ 11:29 pm
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I've decided to sell my big Tomy Snivy plushie(which wasn't easy, I like it a lot, but I have no way to properly display it :/)

He's 45$ shipped
. Sold! But if you'd like, you might want check out my shop ! I've got Pokecen  Plushies of Snivy and Servine avaible, and some more neat plushies and other things. Here's the link: http://gsc-fanboy.livejournal.com/1786.html

Thanks for your attention and have a nice morning/day/afternoon/evening/night or whatever. :D 
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06 January 2012 @ 11:45 pm
Hi! Just a new face saying hello to all of the wonderful Pokémon collectors here! I've been into pokémon since I was a little kid, as I'm sure most of you have been as well, but I really got back into collecting a bit over a year ago. I walked into a local toy shop and saw the canvas vulpix plush and I was doomed to collect pokémon plushies since that day, haha. If I had known about this wonderful community I would have join earlier but I found it now and I'm very happy to have a group who completely understands the awesomeness of collecting Pokémon. I will post some pics of my collection, once I figure out more of LJ (still learning). I joined just to be a part of this community. So hello everyone!

Adding some pics!

Image Heavy

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