January 20th, 2012

  • epicaz

Zukantastic GA!

Both poliwhirl and I are pleased to bring you...

The Zukantastic GA!! Huzzah!!

This GA contains rare zukan from the first four generations including:
  • Ekans line
  • Pinsir
  • Krabby line
  • Sneasel Line
  • Elekid line
  • Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon
  • Mewtwo
  • Lileep line
  • Espeon/Umbreon
  • Dialga
  • Possible Chamander line (MIP)
  • Larvitar Line
and much, much more!
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poliwhirl will be claiming the Horsea line for $45+

I will be claiming the Shinx line for $25+

Jantyl was granted sales permission by denkimouse on 8/4/11. Her feedback can be found here
I will be handling the spreadsheets/threads. My feedback can be found here.

There is around 4 days left in the auction, but I've left a little time cushion for bidding.
There will be 3 payments: Auction end price/deputy fees/shipping to deputy, shipping from deputy to jantyl,
shipping from jantyl to you

Countdown clock is here

All Pkmncollectors/GA rules apply
No sniping, or time will be extended for that item.
Increase by at least $1

Now, please wait until all threads are up before you start bidding. Thank you!

Phew..finally done. BID AWAY!!
Edit: I will be adding threads to the end as the mystery zukans are identified :)
Edit #2: The one's with numbers in parenthesis next to them are former "mystery zukan".
Be aware of this before bidding, and check the picture for yourself to double check.

Edit (again): The seller has clarified that this auction does not include the charmander line. Sorry for any confusion!

White Uniform Kaiba

Greetings from the owner of a Dialga, Palkia and a Little Giratina :)

Hello, everyone! I'm Lotus, I'm new to the community. I'm a fairly new collector as well. I've been a fan of Poke'mon for a long time but my interest waned I finished Crystal. However Black and White (as well as a good friend) pulled me back into the fandom and now I find myself picking up plush dolls left and right! Well, as my paycheck allows anyway.

These three here are my current pride and joy. While I wasn't a tremendous fan of the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games, I absolutely love the mascot Sinnoh dragons (especially Giratina). My Giratina is a Banpresto plush; Dialga and Palkia are made by Jakks Pacific. Right now I'm waiting on a few more plushies, specially Jolteon, Swoobat, Darkrai and a Galvantula I ordered for the same friend who got me back into the series. Right now I'm having fun taking pictures of my beloved dragon trio in funny poses.

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I'd like to thank blackjackrocket for introducing me to this great community. :) Happy to meet you, everyone!
Scout /♥/ Runnnnn~!

Buttons and Magnets and Stamps! ♥ Oh my!

Lots and lots of new things added! :D Buttons and Magnets and Stamps! ♥ Oh my!

♡ U s a k o ! S a l e s ♡

♡ Will Ship world wide!
♡ Buyer pays all shipping costs~ Mostly everything will go out in a polymailer unless you ask otherwise. Just be aware it costs more to ship in boxes~~~
♡ If you would like to pay for insurance for your package, peep up~ ♥ They don't come with insurance otherwise~~ I am not responsible for the post office derping out on your package.
♡ I accept Paypal and Money Orders~!
♡ Holds will be a case to case basis. I don't like doing them for long periods of time.
♡ People ready to pay get priority over people asking for quotes on claims.
♡ Payments in USD only
♡ Feedback Thread → w3rd.
♡ I joined the community when it was first created so Sale Permission was not required when I joined. xD;;
Trades? YES! But only for the following items →
- Pachirirsu, Emonga and Phanpy  Pan Stickers~!
- Pachirisu Retsudan stamper
- Misc things (no flats) that are Pachirisu, Emonga, and Phanpy

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Hello All! Re-Re-Intro and Possible Wanted?

Hey guys!

I know I've posted my old-school collection stuff here before, I think, so I won't bore you all with that again. (Unless you want me to. It's all in storage and I'd consider selling or trading some of it haha.)


I am going to start focusing on collecting certain Pokemon from Black and White sooooo...

I'm wondering if anyone has any stuff they are willing to sell that relates to...

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  • jujufox

Bootleg identification help!

I am always wondering when I visit my local anime shop if some of their plushes are bootleg. So I was wondering if anyone can identify these based on their swing tags? I don't have pics of the actual plush in question(reason below), but I have a drawing of what I remember the hang tag looks like.

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Sales and commissions plug!

I'm trying to stock up for a big convention I'm selling at(ACen), but I am thinking of opening up some custom amigurumi commission slots. I'll be updating my sales page with some new stuff soon(mostly TCG stuff), and if I decide to take on some commissions I'll post that info too.

I have a few more Derpachu necklaces for sale in my Etsy shop(Geeky Cute Crochet), and only one Jiggly pin left! I almost forgot I have a sleepy Tepig pin too! Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11


Offers Reminder and OMG Pokemon Center Satellite in Hong Kong

Just a reminder that I will stop taking offers on the Banpresto Posable Charizard figure with pokeball and Charizard vs Blastoise Diorama in 36 hours. Sorry for the kinda early reminder, but I won't be around tomorrow to post anything ^^;

Link to original auction and sales post!



Old news, but they are having a pokemon centre satellite in Hong Kong, which I will be going tonight after work.
I was originally very excited because they are selling bw pokedolls, and I would expect they would use a fairly good exchange rate (since that's usually the case with more jap goods here). I was hoping to get pokedolls for probably around $18 max.

BUT, I was so wrong, according to people who went yesterday, each pokedoll costs $248 HKD (which is around $33 USD)... ||orz

Plan to obtain a snivy for cheap fail >u>

At least, they have that Stunfisk fishing game! Hopefully there aren't too many kids out there, I really want to play that (several times if possible)

cardboard cut outs for sale!

*granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo*

Alright, so I ended up disassembling the Gamestop shelving unit I had... Taking up alot of room, and my collection was overflowing from it already :p I knew selling the whole thing wouldn't be worth it because of shipping, so I decided to cut out the starters and dragons from it to sell seperately. (Jakks Dialga is pictured for size reference).

Hmm prices prices... Have to think on the spot now :p Alright, think I've got it:

Small cut outs (any starter): $4
Medium cut outs (Reshy and Zeky on the bottom): $6
Large cut outs: (Reshy and Zeky on top): $8
(Note that for the large ones, shipping may be more pricey, and I'll have to hunt down a big enough envelope for them :p)

Also, here's my regular sales (in which I hope to update more soon!)

Thanks for looking! :)
Oooh -awe-

Talk-y walk-y bad boy! xD

Hey guys! I have a quick want here for my BF.

He's been searching for a while for a talking Zorua plush. I know they are pretty sought after and hard to find these days, but I would really love to get it for him for our anniversary.

I also have a nice big box coming from Y!J with a wailord in it. Expect more flailing, noodle arms of happiness when it arrives! Also got a few other things, but I won't share. I wanna keep it a surprise!

I am also looking for the shiny pikachu plush that was recently sold at I think it was the pokemon center. I usually don't collect pika things, but come on. Look at how ADORABLE that plush is!

As always, looking for wailord and joltik items. Preferably not flats, and no joltik kids please! <333

u mad? maggyo

muskedeers and maggyo again

pokecen muskedeer plush! they come out february 4th and are 3,300 yen.

i will not be here that weekend :) but i will be picking up them and everything else coming out in february a couple weeks after the fact. so have no fear!

check out this fuzzy chested handsome beauty and his two pals (bias? what? no!):

famitsu magazine also posted a page with info about the maggyo promotion, including a "why maggyo?" question and answer. since so many of you asked that exact same thing... i shall translate and tell you why!

Q: Why Maggyo??
A: (provided by Pokemon company staffer "Mojamoja") "A Pokemon that leaves a strong impression the moment you see it, with such a huge hidden popularity he even has fans who call themselves the 'Maggyah'. I too, am a Maggyah. We have prepared core goods to tickle the souls of all Maggyah!"

Many members are shocked at a Maggyo promotion. But he is actually one of the most popular B/W Pokemon here in Japan -- one could say perhaps, he has gone viral? Not only does the wildly popular Cilan/Dento have one, but his odd face and adorable troll-like behaviour have captured the hearts of many, somehow. I was told long ago by a Pokemon Center manager, "SO many have asked for Maggyo", I don't know why I was so surprised!


Big New Sales Post!!~~ (part one)

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, I am moltres93, a harcore collector of Moltres and Pokemon merch in general. My boyfriend, Yelsha42, is also a huge collector of Pokemon. Last month we moved in together and combined out collections... which resulted in a collection big enough that it needs an entire room in our house (will post pics soon!). While we were sorting our stuff, we found we had a lot of things the same from each of our collections. Hence, this sales post! 8D
And a little commissions plug too..

There's exclusive Pokemon league merch, books, toys, figures, DVDs and more! This is only half the stuff.. I'll be making another post soon with the rest (including a lot of flats). Oh and sales permission was granted by Denkimouse in 2009 :3
Thanks for looking! ^v^
Pokemon - Buds

Sales and update!

omg update!

TCG sales has some holo energies. Normal sales has a BUNCH of $1 and under items, with a few new things since the last time! You should totally check it out. Because you know you want to.

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I feel my commentary was boring today, sorry for that. I sometimes try to be entertaining but could not summon it today.

Yay stuff!


please read the rules before commenting:

-I live in Canada, but will cross the border and ship from the US (the return address will be blackfruitbat's, so if anything happens, it will be sent back to her!). All quotes will include shipping from the US. In some cases, if shipping from Canada would be cheaper, a quote with Canadian shipping will be given. Please note that the next time I will be going to the US will be at the end of January, so I cannot ship things until then.
-If I have something listed in a set (both for_, etc) priority goes to the user that wants the set.

-Payments are to be sent in either USD or CAD, whichever works better for you

-Payment is due within 24 hours. If you ask for a quote, but decide that it is too much, please let me know so I can offer it to the next person interested

-If you ask for a quote, please state your postal code/ country

-no haggling please unless it says OBO :(

-I am not responsible for anything that goes lost in the mail. Purchases going within the US will have an option of adding a tracking # for an extra dollar which will be noted at the end of every quote. Please inquire if you are interested in tracking for Canadian/ other international packages.

-Paypal payments preferred; inquire about other payment methods

-Quotes will include fees. If you don't want to pay fees, please specify you will be paying via personal payment.

-payment plans are ok!

-Sales permission from dakajojo October. 2010

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Clear desu

Snivy I give up!

Ok everyone.., I didn't thought I was ever going to think I want a pkmncenter sleeping plush...but now I have fallen in love with the Snivy!
Unfortunately they are way too overpriced and expensive on eBay and such...
Is it correct that denkimouse sold them for $65 (shipped) each?
So I am asking if someone is selling a sleeping Snivy for a reasonable price! Please let me know what your price including shipping is if you are selling one, so we can talk about it! :D
Thanks for reading. :)

A plee for help to get this :____;

Hi everyone today I ask all of you for your help since I had a small tragedy occur in my collection ;____;
I came home and a few of my zukans were knocked over :( apparently my sis said she wanted to borrow something and knocked some over by accident. All but one were saved and of course it had to be one of my most coveted zukans the Zapdos one whose beak snapped right off :0 since it wasn't exactly a clean cut and it's so thin I can never restore it to it's former glory. The base is fine but now I have no Zapdos to display ;____________________________;

Anyways what I wanted to ask since I don't know how to use YJ at the moment, is if someone can help me find one. I would be super grateful. Or if you're thinking of selling yours pls let me know. I am so upset right now since he was the last I needed to complete my bird trio and of course the hardest one to find. If you can help me out I will seriously give you something nice in return. 

so pls if you have one contact me. It would seriously make my day *hugs* 

Take care everyone!


So a few years ago I took a trip to EPCOT and found this mystery Pokemon thing in the snack market section of Japan. It turned out to be some type of Jello/Gummy snack thing that you make yourself with provided powder and Pokemon shaped molds. I've since been trying to find more with no luck, and I was wondering if anyone else had any of these that they'd be willing to sell? I'd be interested in them opened or unopened, so long as the Pokemon shaped molds are in good condition. I really want to get a bunch so I can use them to make chocolates! :D

Found a picture of what the other packs should look like. >w<

custom kanto starter evo standees auction!



do you like SUPER COOL CUSTOMS?!

than LOOK NO FURTHER! cos we have the AUCTION for YOU!

So! you've seen the pics and you want some of that sweet standee action. 'BUT FIZZYCAT' I hear you cry! 'How can I procure one of these super awesome pokeriffic pokestandees?! (tm)' well, dear friend, come right this way!

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Thanks for reading and your interest guys, and help give my standees a loving home! <333