January 21st, 2012

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collection + sale update

Hello everyone today i come to share some of my collection. See i have lot of stuff, but today i just came to share my charms collection ^_^. Please enjoying it

 Look how cute are them >w<  here's the stickers and bookmark


       and look at this cute bag                            pencil case          &           wallet
                                                                                     V                               V

and come check out my sale post i just update it

Running Zigzagoon

REMINDERS and lowered prices, looking for cards!

Pencil Topper, and Latios Bean Auctions, Sales! THIS LATER TONIGHT!
(only Kyogre, Skitty and Mewtwo have bids! I have also lowered some prices on some plush and figures)

this was the only images i could find to show you what they look like since all of them are in their packaging.:

and Looking for Cards!
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cute pokedoll style altaria
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FFffffffffffff yayayay (Pick Ups #6) in a different store ^0^

So yeah I told myself and to all that I would be taking a break this week ...bbbbutt !
There are two pokemon story in Korea one in seoul and the other in busan I usually went to seoul because it is much closer to where I live buttt today I know that the other store had other pokedolls! :DD TOGEPI and WOBBUFFET all JP re-release versions ! :D
and they hadddd LATIAS pokedoll 0_0 uggh how did I ever missed it? But they only had one latias sorry guys but if they restock it I will sure do another pick ups for it. Acutally they had latios too but is all sold out ;;
Oh and they seem to have the chilarmy emonga oshawott teipig scarggy 3monkeys munna axew back too.
and of course the other old canvas are there to greet you guys ^_^ So no futher do check them out ! :D
I will sure get the togepi so babyish cute!
TRADE and Partial Trade POSSIBLE : lugia jp ver pokedoll mwt, zoroark pokedoll mwt , dx dialga pokedoll mwt
vaporeon canvas mwt dragonite pokedoll mwt

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Thank you so much guys and today is finally SATURDAY !!!! thank you ;_;
and to those in the west must be TGIF !!
Everybody all have a relaxing day ! yay ~!
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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Three Reminders!

(Sales Permission Obtained from denkimouse sometime in July 2009.)
Feedback Here.

Just a few reminders for current things that I have going on!

Firstly, I still have a TON of each BW03 Zukan; I have sets, singles, and more! Please click the picture or the "fake cut" to go to that post!


Furthermore, the Cobalion Set of Kids (Feb. Kids) come out late next month, and I am still taking reservations for them! All the details can be found on that post! Keep in mind that only the first 2-3 of any one kid are GUARANTEED, and then the next 2-3 are 50% or so chance. Click on the picture or the fake cut to be transported! :D

(Pokemon Kids BW: Cobalion Set Orders!!!)

Lastly, I still have many leftover kids over at my post from New Year's Day. Please click the picture of the kids (many of which are for sale) or fake cut to go to that post!


Thanks! All paid Zukan Orders will go out one week from today, meaning January 28th!



Before i do a collection update i would like to get something for emolga collection (its tiny!):

i saw this selling on here for around $10 i would like to pay around that

Rare Latias and Latios extremely soft fleece fabric / blanket pick ups

since when I posted my recent sales post so many people wanted the rare Latias and Latios extremely soft fleece fabric / blanket (it is a blanket other than it's edges are unfinished so it would be considered fabric)  so I am doing pixkups and will need a minimum of 5 people and would cost 30$ if I get 10 people the price will be 25 dollars each to pay for the gas for the four hour trip
Also it will cost about 8$ to ship it in the USA and about 14$ to ship it to the UK according to the USPS website
3 people left pick ups have been made but there are discounts at 27$ each + shipping from the original 30$  

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People I will be doing a pick up for
1. jeffyisaraichu (1st to commit)
2. wildtentacruel  (3rd to commit)
3. legendaryluna (4th to commit)
4. tailglow (7th to commit)
minimum mark 5.
$25 mark 10. doryphish333(willing to commit to one for 25$ only) (2nd to commit)
11. xlittle_sanx (willing to commit to one for 25$ only) (6th to commit)
12.vapore0n (willing to commit to one for 25$ only) (5th to commit)
(might not necessarily be this many left but first come will be the first the beable to get one if they are short on them)

Custom Skitty and Espeon Plush Auction Reminder

Link to Auction--->http://hottiehulio.livejournal.com/7512.html?view=46168#t46168

Hey guys this is a reminder for my skitty and espeon tangled up babies. This auction ends tomorrow at night and so far there are no bids on either one of these plushies. So come by and check these little ones out XD.
Originally I made Skitty, but I didn't want her to play by herself so I made an Espeon to go and be cute with her. XD Both plushies can hold small objects (including my cell phone), but I made yarn balls to go along with each of them, that are not sewn down so that you can make them hold anything you want. Also I want to thank of all of those people out there on the community who convinced me to finish skitty, because if they hadn't she would have ended up being just a head with one ear :(.

Measurements: Both plushies are 7" long and 4" high.

Sales Permission Granted by Denkimouse September 2010

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maractus 2, cute

Super Cheap SALES

Status: Working on homework, will reply in a bit
Thanks to this wondrous thing called winter driving and icy roads, I need money >_<
So, I present to you yet another sales post. Everything is CHEAP and I've reduced prices on most things (unless they were already super cheap to begin with). Seriously, a lot of things are $1 or under so please check it out!

Figures, flat lots, stickers, TCG, Mac & Cheese, and more!

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(Fake cut to TCG sales)

Also, a note about shipping:
I DON'T HAVE A CAR RIGHT NOW so please don't expect super fast shipping. Everything WILL be out by the end of next week (including the Topps cards from my last post). Thank you for your patience!

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(no subject)

A blatant reminder:


My auctions for the featured items end in less than 26 hours from now! So get your bids in now if you don't want to miss out!

Sure would suck to miss out, wouldn't it? Sure, at first you probably wouldn't mind. "I didn't have the funds", "I'll find those items on my own eventually", "I don't collect those Pokémon".
But you know deep down, it's a lie. Day after day you'll mentally kick yourself for missing out. Maybe you'll find comfort in wearing heavy makeup to compensate for the empty feeling of not getting the item you missed out on. Your taste in clothing, style, music and food will drastically change. All care for the world dwindles in. You'll start to think the world is boring and redundant, there's nothing exciting anymore.
Eventually, you're reduced to spend the days laying in fetal position on your bed, writing "forever alone" on the wall while listening to Justin Bieber.

Is that what you want? IS IT?!


While I have your attention, please do go ahead and take a look at what I've accumulated this past year. Mind you I didn't bother to dig out my cards and most flats because deep down, I'm a very lazy person.

The photos behind the cut have a dimension of 800x600. For best viewing of details without getting *too* overboard.

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Thanks for watching! ♥
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Sales post, lots of RARE PLUSH!

I was grandfathered into sales permission by denkimouse when the comm started.
My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/growly/
I don't like to leave feedback until I know your item arrived safely, please wait til then to ask me to trade feedbacks. :)

-Paypal only
-No holds past 24 hours.
-Shipping is from the USA. Insurance is optional, let me know if you want it.
-Some degree of haggling is okay, but not too much.
-Willing to consider trade offers for Growlithe, Arcanine, Vullaby, Mandibuzz, Mienshao, Stunky, Skuntank, and Tepig stuff. Here is a shortened version of my wishlist, there are more items I have yet to add: http://s19.photobucket.com/albums/b181/thegreenmooseofdoom/2011%20Wishlist/
-Will combine orders with my non-Pokémon sales: http://growly.livejournal.com/1279812.html

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Just comment with what you want AND your shipping location, and I'll give you a total. :) Thanks!
Pillow, Eevee

Chupa Chup GB reminder xXx

Hey Guys!!

so I posted a few days ago about anyone being interested in a GB for a complete set of Chupa Chup figures, there are still a few figures that have not been claimed yet and they are going for extremely cheap at $14.75 including P+P each so if you still have a chance to claim :D

The Sellers bidding ends in 13 days (04 Feb, 2012 04.00.56 GMT)

Here's the original post :)

(Click on the pic to be redirected to the post)
Silly Kura Icon

Derp + A meme

Look at the majestic face of this Samurott bottlecap figure:

Majestic, obviously being used sarcastically. XD Speaking of which, this made me think of a meme.

Meme: What official merch do you own that just doesn't look "quite right"?
Share your photos in the comments!

paging lyndsaygorawr and cleanning sales + offers

I still have any reply from [info]lyndsaygorawr since my last entry about her on 16th december.
She was promise me that she will refund me my money for a custom plush paid in august and never reply to my last PMs. I don't get angry easly but I starting to loose my patience about it...
So, do someone have the same problem with her, or heared from her ?

Granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo

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Introduction and Contest Entry

Hi, I'm Pokedexfiller. I'm an amateur collector I guess you can say. Most of my stuff isn't bought over the internet. I usually have to buy it for stores, which is okay even though I wish I could get some Japanese stuff. But that's okay. I'll upload my collection later for everyone to see. So basically, I'm here for collection update purposes, but I did want to try my hand at the contest. It's a very late Christmas photo. Hope you guys like! :D

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aura the mewtwo by dracalitten

end-of-break photoshoot!

Since Winter break is nearing its end, I decided to spend a few hours with my collection - for a photoshoot. :D At first I only planned to include my Mewtwos, but then some of my other plushes jumped in too, and before you know it I had a full line-up of Poke-fashionistas. ;D

There are also two mini-photostories mixed in, as well as a few collection pics. Basically just a whole slew of POKEMON GOODNESS. :D

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Well that's all for now (and it's quite enough XD). Since school starts Monday, I probably won't be quite as active on the comm, so, this is my vacation finale. Haha. <3