January 22nd, 2012

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In case you missed my previous post, the Delicious Burger King GA has arrived, I checked it, reattached all the tags, and weighed it. Tomorrow I'll put up photos and payment totals. Basically you guys won't be disappointed with your plushies! I'm going home on Monday, where I will be a postal ninja and get everything sent this week.
Chibi_flare, your Zorua is going home with me for mailing on Tuesday, don't worry about postage costs. :)

Anyway, I was on the way to bed and spotted this pretty special lot! Every BK toy released in 1999! All 58!
Also almost all of the 151 cards! All toys are new and working apart from Raichu and one of the talking pikachu.

- Auction ends on the 30th of January at 5PM GMT (timer)
- Sales was permission granted by Dakajojo in June 2011.
- Sniping (bidding in the last 15 minutes) will extend the timer for the item being sniped by one hour.

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super rare puracoro dice sales, signed cards, figures, and more! Huge yahoo japan sales~ :)

It's been a while, but I've been excitedly anticipating this SMJ box for months! I got a really nice haul and some new items from my collection (which I will be updating when I have it set up as I moved recently), but here are the extras. ^_^

Sneak peek: keshimon!

Oh, and I am not sure how many of you guys have heard about puracoro dice, but they are stupidly rare dice from a game. They are itty bitty and come in different colours and poses, which is what makes them one of my favourite kinds of merchandise! I wouldn't expect such tiny figures to be so detailed.. you'll see for yourself when you click under the cut. :D

I also have cards from Worlds 2011 that were signed by the President and CEO of the Pokemon Company, and the producer of Pokemon, Ishihara! I met him irl and he seemed like a nice man; unfortunately there wasn't much time to chat because of the hundreds of other people waiting in line behind me, but I'm hoping to meet him and others again this year in Kona~

Lots of cheap cheap figures and flats, reduced from previous sales, but (fortunately) it's mostly new additions! Many many metal collection figures, coins, assorted figures, adorable postcards, metal swing keychains, even a couple MPC. You'll have to browse for the complete list~

So without further ado, onto the goods!

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Zukantastic GA Reminder!

Hey everyone!

This is just a reminder that the Zukantastic GA ends in a little over 24 hours!
We're doing pretty well so far.. but we also need to be prepared for an all out bid war in the final minutes of this auction. There are many listings that are still at their starting bids or with no bids at all, so be sure to take a look before time runs out!

Click either here or the image to be transported to the auction!

The Countdown Timer can be found here 

Jantyl was granted sales permission by denkimouse on 8/4/11. Her feedback can be found here
I will be handling the spreadsheets/threads. My feedback can be found here.

Happy bidding!!
Kururu: yay!

I come with a want list

I'm looking to buy a couple of items, so if anyone have the following for sale, I'm very much happy to buy :D

1) Pichu Pokedoll
I'm seeking for the older release velboa ver. I'd like him to have at least the tush tag and condition not too loved (pilled). MWT would be highly favoured!

2) Walky Treecko/Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Pikachu(small) plushes
I'd like them to have the charms whenever possible.

3) Spring,Summer Deerling kids
If Summer hasn't been released yet, please ignore :p

I am also happy to trade for the above with anything from my sales C:

Since it's the Chinese New Year's holiday this upcoming Monday and Tuesday here, all parcels from my latest auctions will be shipped on Wednesday-Thursday. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks everyone!
spiderlizard plushie

My pokemon plush collection update

I only collect pokemon plush that I like. These are the ones I have so far. I finally managed to get a porygon2 plush. All I need is to get the keychain porygon2 plush. I also managed to get Pansage and axew plush.

When I first got porygon2, which was on January 20, 2012, I felt excited just like when I got the four inch kecleon plush from ebay back in 2008. I got the porygon2 plush from Y!Japan and used treasure japan to bid on it since the seller only ships in Japan.

Silver hugs kotone


I need to go to the post office tomorrow, but it'd be more worth the walk if I had more things to mail, hehe. I still have several very cute Mime Jr. and Bonsly charms as well as many stickers in my sales. Also Eeveelution, poliwhirl, Misty, Oddish, and Wobbuffet felt charms and magnets I made. : D

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Hi! I'm Llarma and i've just joined the pokemon collecting scene. My favourite pokemon are Cherubi, Deino and Mew. I love Pokedolls, but unfortunately I haven't come across one yet. In fact, My current collection contains only 3 plush (And I'm pretty sure that one of them, the cherubi, is a bootie) And a few old cards. I used to have a few good cards, like the holographic charizard (I feel like such an idiot for losing it now! DX) and Latios Star (I got it in a booster pack from the official UK pokemon club I used to go to with my best friend and I still have it! But its in TERRIBLE condition TT-TT) But my brother found a good trading card website in the UK, which i would post, but im not too sure if it's allowed. Anyway, I hope to make friends here.
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Very Small Sales/Auction!

Happy Sunday pkmncollectors! (At least where I am)
I've got two things I'd like to send your way... cards and a cool little Eevee pouch thing!

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7 SEALED booster packs of B/W cards
$23 shipped US/ $25 International

2005 Pokemon Center Eevee vinyl pouch- tail charm included
Used, but very good condition- inside is a little dirty/ outside has some dirty smudges
Auction starts at $15 (also lowest price I'll accept)
OR BIN for $40

happy shirona

I stole some things form a reindeer...

I don't post very often, i think that's because because im somewhat lazy and poor (mostly poor)

But behold!! Still i got a couple of nice high-priority wants during winter "vacations", so without further ado, this is what i got!!!

play by play eevee

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My super last grail ultimate would be that 1/1 eevee *sigh* but oooh...i like my lungs and liver where they are right now.  I'll get it the day the decide to make a 1/1 Wailord plush....

I hope to get a job soon, so i can waste my money properly here.
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Looking for TCG Binders/Portfolios + Zukan Auctions reminder

Hey guys,
Im here today wanting to buy some awesome TCG Binders and portfolios. I thought I could pick some up at the poke center in Japan, but their stock was measly and I was quite disappointed, so I have to turn to you guys once again :)  I've seen some from online shops, but shipping is absolutely ridiculous to Singapore, but I come with some pictures.
Edit: I've heard some negative opinions of the quality of these binders, even if you're not selling, but you've used them before, could you tell me if its worth using :) Thanks!

These are only some I've seen, I wouldn't mind anything that looks nice actually :) So throw em to me, i'm looking to buy a few as long as shipping doesnt cost too much.

Lastly, a note that my zukan auctions will be ending in 2 days. Click the link: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html to get to the auction.
Alola Vulpix
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A very dragon-y auction

Long time no post - I've been busy traveling the world for charms and other Pokemon goodies (literally)!!   Unfortunately my lovely visit with denkimouse was much too short and I'm already settled back at home.

I know there were quite a handful of people waiting for packages from me while I was away - if you paid, they were shipped.  I've contacted you all personally, but in case I missed you or you didn't see the comment, thank you so much for your patience :D

I have a whole bunch of new sales coming soon, hopefully by next weekend everything will be up, but for now I bring you one special auction:

This auction will be for a Year of the Dragon clearfile that already sold out in just a few days!!  

♥ It's brand new, straight from the Pokemon Center, and will be shipped from the US.
♥ The auction will last about a week, ending next Saturday, January 28th at 10PM EST (countdown)
♥ Please only bid if you have the funds to pay on Paypal!!  Payment is due within 3 days of the auction ending unless you worked something out with me before you bid.
♥ Community non-sniping and all other rules apply of course :)
♥ Bidding starts at $10, increments of at least $1 


(I think tagging all of the dragons in this post would be obnoxious but if you want to, be my guest ;) )


And totally unrelated to the auction above, I have a nice lot of plush up on eBay if you want to check it out.  I believe that Manaphy might even be a 1:1?  See it here:

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First Collection Post.

Hello everyone! I'm Chissan.
I'm a University student living near Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan. I often go to Pokemon-Center Sapporo.
Last year, I find this community and LJ, and I was reading to translate this.
I am surprised by there are s many Pokemon Collectors all over the world!!(@0@)
I like to look a collection of all. And this commuity looks interesting, because I post this time.
Now I studying English, Please excuse my poor English.

My favorite Pokemon is Oshawott/Mijumaru! so I'm collecting Oshawott goods.
I took pictures of my collection this time, please look if you like.

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Good afternoon community c:
This is a very minor post for a very minor irk I'm hoping you guys can help me solve:

I own this Suicune kid:
(found the image on Google, let me know if it's yours!)
However, there is some paint on his belly that's preventing me from reading the copyright imprint.
So here's my question:
What year was this Suicune made!?!
I have the Raikou and Entei and can read them just fine, but I can't for the life of my find out the year of this little guy!

If you guys can look at your Suicune kid bellies and tell me I will be eternally grateful c:

emolga 3

(no subject)

sorry for posting so soon but a random question pop into my head:

do they do pan sticker binders? coz i want to start a pan sticker collection and i dont like them on my wall


(also still on the lookout for emolga chef plush!)

CoroCoro Card GB? And a few Wants

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

Looks like someone bought the cards. Still looking for Mew! :(

Would anyone be interested in claiming any of these cards if I did a Group Buy?

Looks like we only need Sneasel claimed and I can go ahead and buy these. ^^

I would be claiming Mew. If all three cards are claimed, it would cost $18.50 per card plus shipping from me to you.

And...since I'm posting, does anyone happen to have Leafeon or Glaceon from the Zekrom/Reshiram EX decks, Luxray or Cinccino from Psycho Drive, or Raichu or Arcanine from Hail Blizzard for sale/trade? Or....a Cinccino TOMY plush?

~ Risha

Wants and hunts

Hello again! I have a few things that I've been looking for recently and was hoping maybe someone could help me! 

First off I'm trying to find a vulpix and an arcanine plush or figures for a friend, I've found it relatively difficult especially the plushes. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money especially since shipping to AU can be pricey on top of the price of the plush, but I don't really trust ebay especially for things that I know are kinda difficult.

Also if anyone has any ceramic stuff they're willing to part with (bowls, plates, cups, whatever) I've seen a few in auctions and sales posts but seem to come just too late!

Thanks everyone!

Hoppip friends
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Parting with personal collection items~~

Hey guys, long time no see! I bring delicious items for sale to you today :3 Sales permission has been granted back in around 2007-2008. Great feedback is here!

1000 items in Floaroma Pokemart! Super cheap boxed Pokemon Kids ~~

I'm parting with many lovely items from my collection; including my Luxio poster, lifesize Snivy plush, many custom Luxio plush and rare official items, Typhlosion coin bank, and... lots of lovely rare items, really! Take a look!

Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Glaceon Standing TOMY identification

Let's play everyone's favorite game- Legit, Bootie, or Reject!
At my local mall there is this anime/Japanese goods store that sells a mixture of 100% legit, semi-legit (think Groundbreakers type stuff), factory rejects, and outright fakes. So when I found standing TOMY Glaceons and Leafeons there today, I deliberated on buying one for a good 15 minutes because I really had no idea what I was getting.

That's where you come in! These things are pretty rare, so I'm having a hard time finding good, detailed photos to compare mine against. Please lend me your expertise in figuring out this snowy fox's true identity.

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Thanks guys for answering my questions. :D I am so crossing my fingers its legit... but I know better than to get my hopes up!
Aerodactyl LP: Music!
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Big collection update!

Greetings, pkmncollectors! It's been a little while since my last collection update… in the meantime, I've gotten lots of new stuff. And by lots, I do mean lots. Under the cut, you'll find 'Dactyls, lovely custom and official plush, and much more. <3

So, without further ado… time to share! Be warned, it's quite long and image-heavy!

Preview pic:

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Zoro Derp

Large Sleepy Gizamimi Pichu for auction!

Hey community! It's been quite a long time.... I have been very preoccupied with real-life things and have barely been keeping up. ;A; Due to such circumstances and some other factors, I decided I want to weed out my collection quite extensively, so expect some pretty specific sales posts coming up, some of which will include fairly rare items!!! ;)

Right now, I bring you a couple of electric plush one rather sleepy electric plush. <3

These large and adorable guys are up for auction with a BIN!

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Delicious Burgery Goodness GA Payment 2! Also sales

Apologies for the delay! I have been forgetful today!
Here is the spreadsheet for the final payment: Linky link! All items paid for in time will be posted on Tuesday, then Friday.
PLEASE NOTE THE PAYPAL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED! And you MUST put your username in the payment memo.

Don't forget that you can combine postage, especially with the Group Auction ALL the things! Burger King GA, which is here: Click

Now for some clearance sales! All figures in this photo are $2 each before shipping, unless otherwise marked!
Items marked with a blue star are $1 because they are slightly damaged, or Bootleg (squeaky Snorlax and Fake TOMY Absol).
Items ringed in red or X'd out are not for sale today. Bigger pic under cut!

I ship from the UK, postage to the USA starts at $3.50 for one figure and is the same for about 5 kids, heavier figures may change it by a few cents. I can give quotes. These will be posted Tuesday morning if you pay before then, Friday otherwise.
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Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Dreaming Snivy and Sleepy Pichu

Just wanted to let you guys know I've got some new items for sale:

Sleepy Notched Ear Pichu Plush 25$ shipped internationally
Dream Campaign 2010 Snivy 60$ shipped internationally

Skitty Charm Set 10$ shipped internationally

Of course you can also visit my shop, the items are listed there as well:http://gsc-fanboy.livejournal.com/1786.html
There's still some leftovers, Snivy line Pokecen Plushes, a Fan with baby Pokemon on it and some other stuff. Thanks for your visit! :D

P.S.: I'm always willing to haggle a little!
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Yukiyo, Trainer ID

Final Clearances

Hi there. :> 
I am semi-retiring from importing lots from YJ! and so all of my leftover items must go!~
To start with I have just listed most of the Kids and miscellaneous figures I have remaining on Ebay.

More Pictures Here

I also have tons of Japanese flats (cards/stickers) which I will be selling shortly. There are thousands of them, and I'm not going to sort through them all individually. If anyone is interested in grabbing a random assortment of them in box or an envelope, please let me know. If there is enough interest, I will put up some photo samples to give you an idea of what I have. :3 Thanks for reading!

*Edit: -More Sales Previews Up-
Last Figure Lot Up For Auction