January 23rd, 2012

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I added some new things to my shop. Please use Ctrl + F to search for your favourite Pokémon. ^_^

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A reminder! Eevee Plush With Flowers auction ends this coming Thursday! Get those bids in!

Also, another post reminded me. Are any of you having trouble mailing into Australia? I've had two packages go missing sent there in the past year, both of which were marked perishable (one had Digimon cookies and was sales and the other was a gift to a friend and it contained a chocolate bar). Neither ever reached their destination, no word at all. The friend package also had something else inside, and I would think if someone was swiping the food, they'd just remove it and send the rest along or something. Is there a high incidence of theft in the Australia post? Or just ineptitude?
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Custom Shiny Pokedoll January Auction!

I'm back to plush making! I finally had the time to do up some plush this month and not just one but FOUR! As I said in my last collection update post, I recently went to New york for the holidays and during my outing with Usakochan, I decided to buy a bunch of the brand new BW pokedolls. I picked a selected few to recreate shiny variations. Thus, my "Nintendo Store Shiny Pokedoll Project" was made! 

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auction reminder + diorama gb + canvas vee offers!

Hi guys! Just wanted to remind you all that my Dragon auction ends at 8 PM PST so that's less than 20 hours from now. Only Altaria UFO is left but she's still at her starting bid!

Click on the picture to be teleported!

I'm also doing another GB for these Diorama figures! Each claim will be $8.94 (US) or $9.03 (International) before shipping from me to you! They can be combined with the In-Case GB claims. :)

& Finally, I'm selling my MWT Flareon, Jolteon, & Vaporeon Canvases.

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Helpful hints!


I'm not sure if this sort of thing is allowed...but ill try it :)

so i've seen people say they struggle keeping track of who they owe money to, or what they bought, or when things ship...
well here is how i personally keep track of all my own personal buys!
i figured this might be helpful for some people

I know people use spread sheets to keep track of who owes them, or for GA's so why not use them for what you buy!?

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Dearest comrades,

please join me in welcoming our newest moderatorS!!,


As some of you may recall I took applications for a moderator who would focus on keeping the organization of the community top-knotch, including the sidebar, various tutorials, indexes, and of course the LAYOUT, which....will it change seasonally? Monthly? Yearly? Gosh! Who knows what these krazy kats will come up with!

These three applied and each showed outstanding graphic design and layout/organization skills, but most of all, all three obviously care so much about the community, having been here a long time, participated in just about everything one can here, and gosh! I've never seen someone more determined and excited to plan a fun community activity as godudette when trying to organize the Secret Valentine... which by accident, and not design, is run by herself, and also allinia and dewott, working together, and who I have seen take this (not easy!) task to heart. Solely for the purpose of the community having fun, with no personal gain in it whatsoever.

As all mods they will also be helping with making sure rules are kept and followed, and clean up any off-topic or rule-breaking posts. Please, for now, continue to direct your questions and concerns towards myself or the other two mods, as these three need to gain their sea-legs...and get this comm nice and beautified :)

Thanks for reading, citizens, and wish them luck!

Australian Sellers, what do you do about postage costs?

First of all, I hope this isn't too off topic but I feel it's important for Australian sellers on here... Mods, please let me know if it needs to be taken down.

I just got back from the post office to get some quotes on Pokemon items I was selling in my sales post. Here are the quotes:
$21 for an empty card binder
$10.50 for a Tomy figure
$44 for a box of cards

These prices are simply outrageous, and I don't know how AusPost gets away with it. It's not fair on buyers, because they can't buy things they need for their collection. And it's not fair on sellers, because we can't sell anything. I really want my Pokemon stuff to go to other community members so I know it'll be valued and displayed in collections. But I'm considering closing my sales post because of this issue. Australian sellers, do you know of any other options? Are there any good courier services that will post small parcels? Or have you just resorted to selling all your stuff on eBay within Australia? And what do you do if someone backs out of a sale due to the high shipping? Leave a comment if you have any ideas.....!

Opinion on a trade

Hello comm, I am just hoping to get some opinion regarding a trade.

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Oh and your shortest ever pokemon activity report... regarding the Pokemon Centre Satellite in Hong Kong

This is EVERYTHING they were selling.. such a small area... and most of the price were outrageous. (like 2 to 2.5 times the original yen price).. I did bought one thing.. though >u>

The Stunfisks obviously aren't impressed, since you have to pay HKD$60 to play the game once, which cost more than my dinner that night >u>
R E D ♦ P O K E M O N

Guess that Pokemon Trainer! :D

Hi pokemon collectors!

First thing's first - for the two people that have me commissioned for turtles :) their progress is going fine, I'm just waiting for some more chains via the mail. ^^

Second is a mini get, from a trade with ! poliwhirl! They came so fast I was so surprised ;w; thank you <333

And I have a contest entry, for the heck of it - although I hope it's not breaking the rules? Since that's how my pokemon are spending this winter 8'D ~ I hope they're not forever alone in how they're spending it lmaojdgslksdgkj

Finally a custom, that I mentioned somewhat like agessssssss ago literally ages ago haha and finally got on my butt to quickly work through it so it'd get out of my mind.




Elesa aka Kamitsure of the Nimbasa Gym!

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Charms question

:3 hello all! How are you today? Today I come with a question. How many people are still waiting on their wave 1 charms? Asking because I received my wave 2 today but haven't received wave 1, and wondered exactly if there were others still waiting too. I know that there are a few and just hearing from people still waiting would really help calm my nerves. XD because I know that gin shipped them during the holiday rush, I wonder if all of us missing charms are around the same area or something. If this post isn't appropriate let me know <3 thanks!
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January Collection Update

I finally got around to doing an official collection update again! ^^

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Ps: Does anyone want to exchange links again? I am never 100% done with my  site but it still has a lot of work done on it!

Magikarp Pokedoll Auction Reminder! + Pokedoll Compilation Image!

Hi guys just a reminder that the Auction for this Magikarp Pokedoll is ending in about 4 hours!

Link --> http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11271737.html


I made a compilation of every pokedoll and some plushplush there are for pokedoll collectors! :D I hope you like and find it useful ^^

EDIT - Updated with DX and more


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Gift and Bootlegs

A friend of mine is sending me a late bday present that they came across, It's something i've been eyeing for a while, but i never saw the point in buying it, since it would probably stay put in a drawer or something.

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Major collection update

when i say major i mean MAJOR. i got a couple of these the other day but today i got about 7-9 packages alone XD the lady in the apartment office gave me my 1 package that i had a slip for but about 5 minutes later brought up the post office carrying box FULL of packages all for me XD so what was in all of these packages........ you are about to find out =]

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and in a few weeks i will FINALLY be getting my grail EEEEEEE

Miltank Plush Auction

I have decided to auction off my Miltank Plush.  She is totally cute, but I think I'd rather invest the money in a Pokemon I actually collect.

Wonderful condition with hangtag.  Pokemon USA, NY.  Approx. 6 inches long, not including tail.
Terrycloth / washcloth type material with beanie filling.

(click to enlarge)

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WHHOOOOOAAAA, hey guys!! This is NIRAPANTS, who somewhat-recently changed her username so something so fabulous, fabulous as a plumber in a racoon suit!

This post is for a somewhat last-minute contest entry, but I figured I could reintroduce myself a little while I'm at it! (✿◠‿◠) I'm Nira, I've been here since late 2009, and I casually collect Pokémon plushies! (I have a bunch of other cool Pokémon stuff, too.) I have over 100 stuffed monsters and I recently enlisted a huge batch into my army... I visited New York City to see my girlfriend, and I came home with a whole bag of Nintendo World Pokédolls... whoops. I couldn't smush everyone into my bag, so I had to leave some under the care of my loving girlfriend and her Oshawotts, but once I get my hands on the rest of the clan I'll be sure to take photos! I got lots of Pokédolls. Lots and lots.
Due to a lack of finances, I've been reduced to lurking here for the past several months, but I hope that this unfortunate fact will slowly change! I really love making photostories and things, so I should make posts about all these photostories and things. Especially since I got a new camera for Christmas! I hope to party with everyone soon!

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ALRIGHT. One more thing before I head out. I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but it's been quite a while (I think), and I am both curious and longing for some interaction with my favorite group of people! How do you accessorize your plushies/figures/whatever else you could possibly accessorize? Don't forget to show off some photos!

EDIT: I just realized that I posed a meme to you guys and didn't even contribute! How silly of me.
I don't accessorize much, but my big-headed buddies get some stylin' when I'm not wearing my hats! (Click the stream of thumbnails for a bigger view!)

Thanks so much for reading, dudes! I'm outta here! ( ´ ▽ ` )╯

Quick wants post for a few Humans!

Hey guys i'm just after a few more Human Bits for my collection, i wouldn't mind getting a few figures based on the Anime since even though he sucks sometimes i don't mind Ass Ash, so i'm after a few figures of him =D

I do prefer Ash during the original Run (Kanto-The End of Johto) but i wouldn't mind something from AG or B&W

Mainly after these guys, I'm not looking to spend alot and i'm open to see if anyone wants to trade at all

Original Tomy Ash (Not after Kasumi atm)

B&W Ass Ash, Not fussed what Pokemon he comes with or in package (Since i want him shipped without packaging to safe costs)

I'm also interested in any Brock stuff or Prof.Oak
And also any Kids of Trainers (No officer Jenny/Nurse Joy Though)

Thanks Guys =)

Must... have... TEPIG!

Ok, so deep regret is beginning to set in about me not purchasing one of the sleeping Tepig's when the giant sleeping starter plushies first came out. I just keep seeing his 'cute wittle face' all sleepy and what-not and it's so darn irresistible! If it's at all possible, I would LOVE to get my hands on one (I've seen several going in GA's and GB's recently but have missed a lot of opportunities) but here's the catch... I can't go above $50 shipped. If any members can help with this, give me a shout pretty pretty please!

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