January 24th, 2012

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Multipurpose post (?)

Hi comm!

First of all, for those who've paid for the final payment of AMAZING! Pokedoll (& assorted Others) GA by last Saturday morning, I've shipped most of the package. The remaining will be shipped as soon as possible :D

Secondly, I am looking for a Shaymin land forme Japanese pokedoll. Hang tag is preferable, but it must have a tush tag. I will spend around $20 + shipping for a tagless one and more for the one with hang tag, depending on the condition of the doll and the tags. Let me know if you have one for sale :D <3

(Image from hardrock-pokemon.com)

Last but not least... since it's Chinese New Year today... here is my candy box (and a greedy landmin)XD
Enjoy the snacks! :D

Thanks for reading <3

Alola Vulpix
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Layout changes and banner opinions!!

If you haven't noticed already, I made some slight changes to the community layout - hopefully everyone finds it more organized without changing the overall feel of things :)

Everything looks good on my laptop but if something looks off for you please let me know.  Right now I'm aware the "Member Contact Info" page is missing but other than that everything should function correctly!

Along that same note, newly minted design mods dewott and godudette and myself are incredibly excited to be working on upcoming community "beautification."  In particular we've been hard at work already discussing what to do with the community banner.  We're aware that it's been up for ages and people definitely want a change - back in 2010 we had a banner contest that had a great turnout (and was the source of our current banner).  We're considering holding a banner contest, perhaps on a more regular basis, but we would like YOUR input on the banner!

Would you like a banner contest? 
Do you want the banners to be seasonal?
If not, what other themes (if any) would you like to see?
Should the layout colors change based on the banner?
Would you be interested in participating in a contest even if there are no physical prizes (besides your banner being used)?
What other banner and/or layout changes would you like to see?
Etc etc etc.

(I'll be editing the list as new questions and comments come in!)

Let us know what you think!  I'm sure there are a lot of great ideas and opinions out there - all three of us will be here and considering anything and everything you have to say :D  We're obviously not dead set on anything since we've only been talking about this for a day... we just want your opinions so we have a place to start.

And since a few members have brought this concern up, any banner we use will contain MERCHANDISE EXCLUSIVELY!!  The banners aren't an artwork contest - we're a collecting community, not an art community.  If you have any similar concerns, please check out the 2010 contest below (since most rules there would apply to any change we do!)



WHY do all keep deleting want posts?

What's the point of having them up for someone to look around, and then when they find something, then I can't help you?
Anyways, whoever was looking for Annie/ Oakley stuff, look at this shop, Ctrl+F for Oakley
IDK if you were looking for flats too, but i think you were, considering you were talking about the the TCG as well in that post.

Secondly, are these backpacks legit? If so, who makes them?

Thank you everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood Wrabbit, signing off C:

Question to plush artists.

Hello everyone!

I am far from being an artist, but I have developed a need to make my own Pokemon plush. =) I plan on starting it within the next week or so and I was wondering, do any of you have advice on which fabric I should use? Please keep in mind this will be my first project and I highly doubt it will turn out fabulous, therefore I am not looking to spend a fortune.

Any advice is appreciated. =)
Thank you.

Last but not least: RANDOM SALES POST, GO!

EDIT!: Thank you all for the advice, I will take it to heart and let you all know once I have completed my project. =)

Magnezone Prime + Charm Arrived

Hi! ^^

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

Today, I'm wondering if there is anyone interested in this card -

I pulled it from a booster pack a couple weeks ago and didn't think much of it. Someone on the card trading site was interested in it, so I looked up prices. It goes for approximately $20 it looks like. So....I thought I would offer it up here to see if anyone would be interested in trading for/purchasing it. If trading, I'd like to get another Ultra Rare in return (or CoroCoro Mew), but I might trade for other cards if you have a bunch that I'd like.

My want list since that would probably be helpful (lol) - Link (This doesn't include newer Japanese cards since the site doesn't have those. That list is here (scroll to the bottom).
I mostly collect Mew, Houndour/Houndoom, and the Eeveelutions. Also most dogs, cats, rodents, ghosts, and birds.

ALSO! Unrelated to Magnezone...MY MEW CHARM from denkimouse arrived today! So the charms are out there! :D EEE! ^^

~ Risha

Final Reminder: Rare Banpresto Slot Machine Coin Bank Prize for

I am closing offers on this tonight at 12:00 AM PST so if you've had your eye on this get your offers in now! :)

click the picture to head to the original post!

On a side note I am very pissed to have found out last night that some very particular cards from my collection binder have turned up missing. It's a very peculiar situation since based on what was missing it seems as though someone had to handpick these cards to take and what baffles me most about it is that my collection was residing at my parent's storage room at their house and not many people would be able to have access or even know where to look or what to look for. This kept me up all night and the most valuable things where left in tact but still a good dollar amount in the cards' value were taken. I didn't even know how to feel or react. I mean these things are replaceable and for a collector I'm not too materialistic it just pisses me off that someone had the nerve to do something like that, I suspect nargles... but it deduces to that it could have one of my friends, little children who came for breakfast for the holidays, or one of my little sister's friends. its just messed up.

hello everyone!

Hi there :]

Sorry to post very soon after my last.

I got a few pokedolls in and wanted to share :).

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I also have a question, I am the type of collector who is VERY picky about tags on most of my plush, especially the Pokedolls I am collecting.
Am I just crazy or is it possible to find a Spheal, Natu and Smoochum Pokedoll with hang tags still? I know they are rare to even come by in general or even in bad condition. I would just like to know if there is hope. C:

And so this post isn't very boring! Here are my larger Pokemon plush :).

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They're so cute and huge!!! And so soft! I recommend them!

Also, 2 bags came with the package..
I didn't order these, but can anyone tell me what they're from? I'm assuming the black / white movies

emolga 2


Hi (again) u r probably all very sick of me but questions keep popping up in my head.

1. what is this book? i saw it on ebay(usa) and said wont ship internationaly it also said they were realse in december. pick ups will be nice of someone

And has anyone got the 2011-2012 McDonald's calendar sticker sheet I want the whole sheet (the big one withe big stickers running down the side) I want to pay around $3-4 shipped

Lastly has anyone seen nanoplasm? They were doing a deal with me and I have been contacting them with no reply



small lot of large plush GA Lost by 0.79$

this is a auction for 5 pokemon plush I will be claiming the 10th Anniversary Pikachu for 15$ (but may bid on other things in the auction) rally274 won't be claiming anything 
I will be doing spreadsheets and threads rally274 will be doing the bidding and shipping from the EDIT I will be doing shipping from the U.S.A. to reduce shipping costs because the seller said it would cost 50$ to the UK now it would be a total of 15$ shipping

- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept payment from Paypal at the moment.
- NO bid retractions or deletions.
- No sniping bids within the last 5 minutes will increase the time left by 5 minutes
- Any other community rules
- count down timer here

12" Pokemon Center Groudon starts at 10$
pikachu starts at 5$
giant Play by Play togepi starts at 5$
Kyoger pokedoll starts at 10$
Plusel Pokedoll? starts at 7$
we raised a total of 67$

we lost by 0.79$
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Cherrygrove City - Weeding Times!

I've been buying a little too much seeing as how I got to get all this stuff home to UK so some collection weeding sales here!

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I also have auctions going on. These include a MWT Dragonite Pokedoll, Oversized Minun Pokedoll and 10th Anniversary Charmander Pokedoll.

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And thats it for now!
Next time, I have some awesome pikadoll updates so keep an eye out on what new cuties I got!

TCG Wants & Collection Update

Hey there everyone! Thanks to so many of you my card & Plush collection are off to a VERY awesome start! Since it would take up way too much space to post pics of ALL my cards, I'd like to share a site thatrisha_moon showed me! You can organize all your cards in a sort of virtual binder and even make wants lists. If any of you TCG collectors are on there, please add me as a friend.  apparently you cant do that! So just let me know so I can compare our wants/haves lists! This is also where you can find some of my TCG wants. I think it is a very neat little tool for pokemon collectors!

Also here is my small fire type plush collection so far nothing special - besides Flareon and Charmander (who I am quite proud of). Don't mind Kirara, she wanted to join in and she seemed to fit. ^.^ 
I had to take a small break from collecting because of financial troubles but this week I have 2 very very exciting things coming: a new vulpix canvas to replace the old one that was missing tags - I just love canvas tags dont you?

I also recently got the kanto and uhhh 3rd gen starter canvases. To be completly honest, I feel like these new canvas doll didn't live up to my expectations. Except Mudkip- he came out adorable. What do you think about the new canvases? Do you think they compete with the details seen in the Eeveelution and Vulpix canvases?
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wants and old/new contest entry

Hey guys. I come with some wants tonight. I’ve been lying low on the collecting front for a couple weeks, and somehow missed a few Excadrill things, which is unacceptable! So I’m wandering if anyone has the following:

New Excadrill attack kid (from this set)
↬ Excadrill metal figure (from this set)

I know these metal guys are quite elusive and chances aren’t great but I’m wondering if anyone picked up a set of attack kids or metal figures lately and happens to have Excadrill floating around. /hopeful/

Here are some other things I am needing to expand my collections a little more. If you have anything of these pokemon, link me and I’ll reply to you if I need it. I have found this to be quite effective. I may be editing this once in awhile if I think up more, haha; brain is shot right now.

↬ Garchomps, Gabites, Gibles
↬ Umbreons
↬ Aerodactyl
↬ Luxray

Also, if this winter contest is going on (it’s the 24th for me right now), I’m going to go ahead and enter:

This photo from my post back in December. In lieu of tagging this one, I’ve gone back to tag the original post you can see here (if you haven't before), that will be my official contest entry! I hope this is okay. I know I said in the comments back then I was thinking of doing something else, but if I couldn't think of anything I'd enter this...obviously I never got the time to work on another one, so what the hay, I've decided enter this one for fun. It's a waste to have it just sit around. If it's not too late.

I know want lists are becoming annoying...But

I am looking to do a fast purchase since I was beat to the punch line for a plush that I wanted.

Can someone please sell me a Oversized Zekrom Pokedoll?


The reason I am asking is because I saw this on Lovedbyahero's sales and was beat to it by another comm member. Thanks for showing me the link guys but that one is practically sold already because that comm member has beat me by a minute. >.> That is why I am asking for another seller. Worse comes to worse I will go to ebay.
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A new member appeared!

As the title may suggest I'm a new member :D I actually only joined livejournal yesterday so I could be part of this community haha

I'm a collector from Germany and only recently started getting interested in Pokémon merchandising, especially Pokédolls. Therefore, I don't have any Pokémon plushes at home right now..but I ordered some and am waiting for them to arrive :D I'm telling myself to hold back as much as possible since my room is pretty full already. However, it seems kinda hard since there are so many cute Pokédolls!
I will most probably post a Wanted List in the next weeks because I can't find some plushes anywhere...and if I find them I'm not sure if I can trust the seller. Also most on eBay are really overpriced @_@

I hope I can make some new friends here :D
That's all for now :3
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

My new wants(including a grail!) and shop remains sale(including eeveelution Pokedolls!)

Well well, it's been quite a while since I've posted a wants list :3 I've got pretty much anything I've wanted thus far, but I've found some new things I'd really like to have. Here goes!(all photos taken from PokePlushProject!)

First off all, the Pachirisu Valentine's Pillow, mwt! This one would be my new grail :3
 The second thing would be a mwt Shinx Canvas Plush, I don't care much about which release it is, they're both really adorable!(although on the photo the latter one looks a tad cuter XD)(weeeee got one!)
And last but not least, a japanese Land Form Shaymin Pokedoll. 

Now onto the sales, there's not that much stuff remaining, but I want it gone really bad, so I can finally use the hidden part of my display case again!

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They're so sleeepyyy GB~

Hi all! Some of you might remember me.. (I'm planning on a re-intro/collection tomorrow)

Anyway in the mean time I'm going to host this GB for the adorable sleepy starters!

!!BEFORE you claim please read this!!

I cannot tell you a definitive overall final price because I'm buying these from Y!J.
There will be fees and shipping costs.

These are the extra costs we will be expected to pay~

Shipping from the Seller to SMJ > SMJ commission fee ($10) > Shipping from SMJ to me > Shipping from me to you > Paypal fees

Usually these things wouldn't be a problem but because the items are so large and because there are only 3 of us I fear shipping may be a tad more expensive. 

You MUST be ready and willing to pay all of these fees. I can roughly estimate that the total cost will be somewhere between $65-$90 but please please do not hold me to it. I just want to make it absolutely clear I will not be held responsible should the fees amount to more. As such, negative feedback will be left if any of the fee's are refused to be paid.

I will be shipping your plush from the UK so please keep that in mind.

Right! Sorry about that! Onto the claims..

Each will be $50 before shipping and fees. 
I am claiming Snivy and will pay exactly the same as the other two participants.

Oshawott - herar
Tepig - projectlivewire

I received sales permission from denkimouse

My feedback is currently empty but I have held several successful GB's/GA's in the past. I also have this page full of possitive feedback, EGL feedback andddd eBay feedback.

Thank youuu!

My First Collection Post ~Cacnea & Mijumaru~

Hi everyone! I joined a few months back but have yet to post collection picks, so TA-DA! its time for my 2 main collections Cacnea and Mijumaru (For whatever reason, I hate the name Oshawott, so I use JP name for all my collection purposes)~ I apologize for the picture quality of this post though.. my camera is a piece of junk. I'm just posting my main collections today, since my entire collection is scattered across different places. I will sooner or later get a new camera and post my other large collections of Zorua, Pikachu and Mime Jr. as well. Just wanted to thank everyone in the community for sharing your collections and helping me expand my own!

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GA Reminder! + Question

Hi guys! Just a reminder that this GA ends in less than a day! So go get your bids in! :D


Link --> http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11244697.html

EDIT - Question! :D

I have a question for anyone that has the Pokemon Time Wailord plush and the Pikachu Osaka Pokedoll.

-Which one of the two do you like the most and why?
I'm debating on which one to get! I like both but I can only get one ;_;

Thank you for your help! :D