January 25th, 2012

My ultimate goal for the New Year: obtain all 150 pokemon zukans :3

Hi everyone! as many of you know I am an avid zukan collector. *I have become addicted to collecting these beautiful figures*
Realistically I don't expect to catch'em all but my goal is to get all Pokemon from the Kanto region since most of my favorite Pokes are 1st generation. ^^ I excluded Onix since he was never made into a zukan *If someone has any info as to why pls lemme know I'm very curious ^^* Anyways I'm really happy we won the  recent Zukantastic GA since I managed to win an Ekans/Arbok line  and I have a Venusaur zukan on the way as well :D Once I get these in I will finally post my zukan collection for everyone to see :)

The chart below is what I use to keep track of the zukans I own and still need
*black circles on the Pokemon mean I have it, the one's untouched are the remaining one's I need. 

Charizard is my ultimate grail! I will pay a very good price for a mint one or trade one of my rare plushes *maybe even my beloved Vaporeon canvas ^^*

If anyone is thinking of selling any of the above Pokemon zukans not highlighted, pls feel free to contact me :) I am pretty optimistic I can reach my goal since alot of you have been ever so kind and helpful :D If it weren't for you I seriously wouldn't have any of this in my collection so I am so grateful beyond words :) Love you guys and this community!! *hugs*

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Rhinobunny update!

This update only contains my nidorinos; most of my collection is packed away still [I just had to get these rhinobunnies out <3] and I don't have room to get out my space wangs Palkias and pitcher plants Victreebels.

I've been part of the comm since early '09.. but I've been hiding! Hi to everyone who's new!

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RAISPARK! i own this cel.

genga auctions

let's cut to the chase -- i have some REAL, HAND DRAWN BY THE ANIMATORS! Pokemon Anime genga for sale!

they are from:
-episode 20, the ducklett trio episode
-and finally one lonely diamond and pearl :)

all of my sales rules and feedback can be seen here!

if you have interest in owning one of a kind, literally, these are hand-drawn and not photocopies, they are literally one of a kind items, check below the cut!

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Yes, this does mean a production art collection update soon.... but I have only about 20 pages of genga from Movie 14, the rest not yet unveiled ;) Though don't expect too many other Pokemon, I mostly bought them for Dento B) No, no Zekrom. Maybe someday :)

Enjoy! And Thanks!

A very unusual request

Could someone (or a couple people is fine) measure the circumference of the 2009 Canvas Eevee's neck, or more accurately where the head meets the mane. I don't have one so I can't do it myself.^^'
I'll delete the post once I get a couple of answers.
Thanks to anyone that helps!:)

If something like this isn't allowed let me know and I'll delete the post.

Whapaahhh! My contest entry

Hey guys! I've kinda been away from the community for a bit, but once again I hope I can get back into it! So what better way than to spend my time making a contest entry photo! Very last minute too! ;D

Here's a sneak peak:

I took over 200+ Photos worried I wouldn't get one I was satisfied with, so here are some that I took just for fun! :D

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The Grail Christmas Present that arrived a month later

Hey guys, I have received my package of the year today :) (I MEAN Of 2011 not 2012, it was won in 2011 so it counts then!). It was my biggest shock when I came back from my vacation in December (near christmas, hence the title) and my friend told me he had won something off Y!J for me. Here are the lovelies:

(Note the one on the right is my plusle that I got earlier in 2011, the left 2 were won together)

I think the picture encapsulates all my joy on this pair of cuties. And I don't know how, but it was won for only 2000 yen before fees etc, which was even cheaper than my single plusle canvas alone, I don't know how that happened really.

But anyways, since I have a spare plusle, I will be auctioning off the one on the left at a later date, so stay tuned for that.

On another note, just an update about me. My name is Brandon and I live in Singapore. Yes I am a guy, that's part of the 15% of the comm XD.

I will be entering into the military end of this month, as i've just finished High school end of last year, 31st Jan 2012 to be exact, so I will be less active on this comm, but don't worry I come back on weekends so I'll still be hosting pickups and GB's, but not GAs. Also note that you would have to wait till the weekend till I respond to your comments, as I only have internet access then, at least for the first 3 months until I buy myself a blackberry or iphone without a camera. Also I'll be staying there from 31st Jan for 2 weeks, so I won't be able to reply for the next few weeks too :)

Lastly, all items bought within the last week has been shipped out :) Thank you very much for reading!

Sales Plug: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

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Walking Kura Icon

Can anyone identify this for me?

I got this little guy in the mail from an exchange:

I was just wondering, what is the official name for it? I think it may be one of those racer things from 7-11 but i'm not sure. It was made in 2011 according to the bottom.  What brand is it also?

I'll probably delete this post after I find out.

Edit: He is confirmed to be from 7-11, but I don't know the brand yet. So if you know the company that made this, do share! =D

OMGEH COLLECTION UPDATE! Plus help me find whismur ;o;


i always wait till im a bit flooded with stuff before i update @_@ makes my posts less boring and less frequent and i think ill stop there and OH MY GOD CHARMS...........................OMG....................!!! THERE SO ADORABLE @##$@@@@@!@%

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pokemon: mamo!


Please read this post if you have claims or on the waitlist in the final wave!

The final wave is coming up on us in about a month, February 25th! This wave is going to be possibly the biggest one; Unova are by far the most popular guys! We felt it was necessary to double check some things just in case of mistakes, and to clear any misunderstandings.

-Please double check your claims to make sure they are correct and that you are everywhere you're supposed to be!!!

-It is high probability Gin will go 3 for 3 and pick everything up on the waitlist along with the claims! Please check the (now public) waitlist to make sure you are down for Pokemon you are indeed still interested in!

Leave a comment RIGHT AWAY on this post if you feel there has been an error somewhere!!! Please link to your original comment on the claims post!

-Gastrodon, Giratina, Shaymin, Deerling, and other Pokemon with various formes of some kind are most likely getting charms of each forme at this point! Since it was so unknown at the beginning, it's likely that some claimers weren't expecting to have to pay $25 for a Deerling set. Leave a comment RIGHT AWAY on this post if you wish to drop your claims for any of these!

-Combining with Sunyshore orders: please refer to Gin's post on the subject of combining with upcoming February goods!!

-The claims post will be closing (for good!) FEBRUARY 10TH. You have from now until then to claim more charms if you choose to do so!

Again: Leave a comment on THIS POST if you wish to cancel some claims or waitlisted charms for any reason, OR if you believe there has been an error somewhere! It is absolutely no trouble at all if you wish to cancel your claims, so please feel free to do so if you must. :)
Commenting to confirm you're still interested in your claims and waitlisted charms is not the purpose of this post, so rest easy there!

Thank you everyone for being so pleasant and cooperative throughout this whole promo! Remember to expect the final totals post near the evening of the 24th and to pay ASAP!! :D
Giovanni&#39;s nidoking

even more sales!!!!

so many!!!

i found some super old stuff today and you know you want to buy it


1) i ship from canada! this means shipping COSTS MONEY
2) non-flats start at $6, flats start at $2. SMALLER NON-FLATS CAN BE $2
3) if you are asking for a quote, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU WORD IT CORRECTLY. eg: if you say "dat squirtle to 90210" that means you are buying the item, not asking, and if you back out you will get NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. time and time again people have not paid attention before jumping the gun!
4) i will hold and haggle

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Zukan Please!

Hi everyone! I&#39;ve just started using this as a way to search for zukan sales... so I am not too clued up on whats going on... here&#39;s a list of the zukan I am after or interested in. Any help with potential buys will be appreciated aswell. Thanks a lot... Ashley

Hoppip line
Oddish line
Growlithe line
Krabby line
Pickachu line
Ghasty line
Drowzee line
Bellsprout line
Abra line
Magikarp and Gyarados
Meowth line
Geodude line
Ponyta line
Voltorb line
Horsea line
Sentret line
Togepi line with Togekiss
Misdreavus line with Shukkle
Swinub line with Mamoswine

Finally the Johto starter lines. (Chikorita, Cyndiquil, Totodile)
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YAY! Mewtwo is FINISHED!

Hi there!

Just posting picz of my custom mewtwo doll that i have been working on for AGES! lol
Started him in September and with studying and all that i've only just got him done:S
He is quite big as u will see a pic with him and my other mewtwo plushies.
My Gran also knitted me Mew & Mewtwo plushes lol

  • knoka

Another annoying want post!!

Ok so...I saw this charm a few days ago and practically died inside.

So I officially need this charm!!

It was available in 2009. :) Johto Dex charms!!

It was recently quoted around $10-$15 from another comm member  in the last few days so I would like to pay $15 shipped.

If you do have this charm let me know!! 
I also have TCG I can trade if you are interested in those. :) Thank you!!

  • epicaz

Zukantastic GA Payment 1

Attention all Zukantastic GA Participants:

In case you haven't heard already, we not only WON this auction, but we got some incredible discounts!!

With this, I bring you payment information:

There will be three payments: Item total+Noppin fees+paypal fees, shipping from Noppin to poliwhirlshipping from poliwhirl to you. She will be shipping from Hong Kong.

All payments should be sent to swadloon@ymail.com

Please leave in the title and memo: [zukantastic ga][payment 1][username] 

Payment is due within 72 hours of this post. Failure to do so will result in negative feedback.

For those who are interested, click here for the invoice screenshot

Click here for the spreadsheet

Once paid, please let us know in a comment!

poliwhirl was granted sales permission by denkimouse on 8/4/11. Her feedback can be found here
My feedback can be found here.

Thank you for reading! :)

Ampharos Pattern

Hello Fellow Pokemon Collector's~

I'm new to the community as I just joined yesterday =] I normally go by Karma online but you can also call me by my real name too, which is Danni. I'll be turning 20 in february and I live in the UK =D
I've loved Pokemon ever since I was a kid mostly because of the merchandise you could buy and the movies/tv series. I didn't start playing the games though till SoulSliver came out >< But I was instantly addicted, especially with Black XD
I joined the community not just to help my collection grow but to also meet wonderful people such as yourselves you share the same interest as me. I'm new at "officially" collecting so my main target pokemon havn't got much in them yet.

My favourites tend to lead more towards electrics and fire types. But as you can guess by my username I'll definitly be collecting Joltik and Galvantula. Other pokemon I'm hoping to collecting is the Deino line as well as various items for the Cyndaquil evolutions, Growlithe/Arcanine, Blitzle/Zebstrika and a few other favs on the way. As well as trying to maybe get some eeveelutions and the legendary beast merchandise, though it will be few, I really want to try and fully collect the Muskedeers!!!. I think their new plushes that are coming out is what did it for me XD

Ok now that I've bored you with that long introduction, I'll get to the interesting part.... My collection!.... Or the tiny amount of stuff I have so far anyway XD

Warning! It's pretty long!

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Last of all I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions of mine. If you could thankyou so much your too kind =)
-First is about paypal. I really want to buy from you lovely people but I've never used it directly to send to adress. I've been looking at some of its functions but I was wondering if someone could be kind enough to maybe PM me and give me a little run down on it and which option is best to use when sending others money. I'd be so grateful in advance =)
-Second is about ebay sellers. Is there a list anyone somone knows of that tells us who sells booties etc as I'm kinda paranoid about ebay with that lol Also has anyone ever brought from the following buyers and gotten really good service and know they are legit: mina-green2008, poly_100, magbshoop, animeraro_com (I think this one might be)

If you answer those questions thanks so much in advance <3
I'm still organising my wants list so I won't spam you with that till at least a month's gone by lol
Though I can easily say I'm bummed that I missed that lovely halloween promo. Baby joltik will one day be in my arms soon ;w;

I hope I didn't do anything against the rules, if I did just say and I'll sort it out =) Thankyou for reading and I hope to get to know all you wonderful people in the future and thanks for having me ^^

cravin' some rodents!

At the beginning of last September, I took in two small little gerbils because I had missed taking care of and being around animals since coming to college, and decided they would be my best bet. I had read they weren't too time-consuming to take care of, but nonetheless, intelligent and social, which sounded just perfect for me in my small apartment (that doesn't allow any sort of pets, by the way). I had no idea how connected I would become with them. These guys, Brussel and Haize, although small, cheer me up when I'm feeling gloomy, make me laugh when I'm overly stressed and are just filled with so much personality. They welcome me every time I come home from a long day of either classes or work, and jump up on the hut hoping that I'll come and pick them up (and maybe give them a treat or two C:). Anyway... so, to get to the point of this post...

I want to start a collection dedicated to them! :)

And since I've always been fond of Rattata and Raticate, and they are, indeed, rodents just like my little gerbs, I've decided that's who I will collect :)

So, anyway, at the moment, even though I'm currently trying to save up money, I would like to get my rodent collection started now! Does anyone have anything rat related for sale? At the moment, I am most interested in figures, but if anyone has some neat flats and/or stickers I'd be interested in those, also. :)

Unrelated to this post, the rest of the GB Stamp items and and my sales will be shipped THIS WEEKEND. It's nearly impossible to get to the post office during the school week, and finding a ride there is even harder. But by this weekend, they'll all be shipped out :)

Here are my two little cuties saying hello!!! (it's so difficult getting a good picture of them since they are running around so much!)


Re-intro and Collection update!

Hi all c: a few of you may remember me, but I thought I'd re-introduce myself and my collection!

My name is Nick, but my online alias is TerryRose. I'm 20 and from the UK~! 

Rather than collect just one Pokemon, I have a great love for all pink Pokemon! My biggest collection is Audino, even though my favorite is Flaaffy. I also have a lot of side collections! 

Apart from Pokemon my other loves are Lolita, Rilakkuma and Tokidoki

Last time I did a collection update was Feb 2011! Here's my collection then..

And now..

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One more thing, is there anyone here on Tumblr? I'd really like to make some pkmncollecting friends over there and I'm a lot more active than I am on LJ~ my tumblr

Thank you c:

looking to buy reasonably priced growlithe plush

Title says it all~ I've looked all over the interbutts for the canvas Growlithe and come to the conclusion that $70 (shipping not included ><) is too much, even for an adorable Growlithe. I'm not sure if they're out of production or very hard to find or something and that is legitimately the price that they should be going for right now, but it can't hurt to ask.

Anyone who has one to sell or is able to obtain one from a store or something comment or PM me. I am a poor college student who just spent about $300 out of pocket on textbooks so if the price is too steep for my wallet don't hate me. x___x

For the record the shipping would be to Texas so if you could give a price that includes the cost of shipping that would be super duper. :3

I'm back

After a long hiatus, I'm back. I was having trouble with all the buying I was doing, so I decided to take a break until I could feel that I could be part of this amazing community without having to buy everything in sight

I'm really happy to be back, and look forward to interact with everyone again!! :D :D

And as a token of joy, I give you some unova starter goodies!! :D 

BTW can somebody plz tell me how did the community reacted to the stop SOPA/PIPA/ACTA wednesday last week plz?

Thanks :)
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