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28 January 2012 @ 12:16 am
Hello again, everyone! I've received one of my grails in the mail today, so I thought I'd share!


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28 January 2012 @ 01:46 am

So there seems to be good interest in dialga, as of this moment is still open to anyone to trade or buy for $18 plus shipping and paypal

I am mainly looking for a lucario plush (preferably pokedoll, but can be any plush), yet i'm open to offers of any type meanwhile they are reasonable

for the rest, the only item that has sold is a snivy patch. I got my price list >> here << if anybody is interested in checking the items. All items are open to trade and sale =)

Thanks for reading 
28 January 2012 @ 09:09 am
Hi Everyone! I've updated my sales post with more items such as a Generation 4 Preorder DS Holder, TCG coins, Black and White Promo Pins, and a Darkrai+Pikachu tattoo. As always I am still doing Pokedoll pickups at the Nintendo World Store!

Click the Worlds Cards or here for Sales
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its karli <3
28 January 2012 @ 09:29 am
so i was searching randomly a few days ago, im broke though XD but i found this...

as far as im concerned, i've never seen this for sale besides this post on ecrator. 
(atleast, for me)

anyways i've also noticed i haven't really seen anybody on this site with one of them in their collections :O

so if anybody wants it, heres the link: (its a bibarel ^^)


28 January 2012 @ 10:05 am
Hi fellow collectors! I'm tyrani_zard. I joined the community about mid way through 2010 but have been absent for the best part of a year as I have been working overseas, but I'm back now and hope to be around a bit more.

Today I thought I would share with the community my charm collection which has grown quite large with the introduction of all the new charms. I'm a bit funny about my collections so all my charms are in their sets and in the original packaging. I hate having a charm and not the rest of the set so I do my best to avoid it.

Without further ado let me show you my charms.

Use cut for a lot more charmsCollapse )
28 January 2012 @ 10:29 am

I receive a Giratina UFO I won on a GA <3 He is soooooo cuuuuuute >< He is little and cute cute cute !
And the 3th January I receive a Giratina Magnet for fridge (omg it's so cooool) and I buy the DVD of Pokemon 11th yeaaaaaaah ! He is new !!!! I don't open it, I buy it for 5€ (6$) <3


My want list :

At the moment I love draw Pokemon with watercolor. I play at Pokemon Blue with my GBA SP yeaaaah >///<
When I have 10 positive feeback, I hope people of Pkmn Collectors could like to trade ACEO card with me, because I want MORE GIRATINA huhu.

Thx for reading <3
And sorry for bad english. :/
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28 January 2012 @ 11:23 am
Hi! I have loved pokemon since I was a kid.I am so glad that I have found this community,but I still have a lot to learn.Okay,so I have a lot of cards but not a lot of plush or merch.I joined this community to make friends and expand my collection!~I am mainly looking for pokedolls,especially the elusive eeveeloutions(which I have none of right now).Yeah,I wish I had more money lately.I usually pull in about thirty dollars a month around the house,sometimes more.Like I said,I have a lot of cards.The pride of my collection is a holo first edition charizard! I might sell it someday,but not anytime soon.I am not too familiar with how you pay for items here,though.Could somebody please inform me? :) PS. as of now I have 1 pokedoll with two coming in the mail from another website.Can you guess what they are?Unfortunately,I got two bootlegs for christmas. :( they are shaymin sky and umbreon.not a single official pokedoll for christmas.I hope my first post went well!
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28 January 2012 @ 12:09 pm
and I got my charms! Actually, I got them on Thursday!

28 January 2012 @ 12:12 pm
Hey, I updated my shop with a bunch of stuff! More cards, wrappers, TCG codes, figures, cut outs, and a couple Pikachu plush (one which is a mystery to me 0_o Maybe someone could help me identify it?) I also dropped some prices on some of my older items :) I also fixed up a bunch of things to make the quantities more clear, since I know that was confusing people before^^ Sorry!
So come click the banner and check it out^^

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
28 January 2012 @ 01:33 pm

Wow, it has been forever since I last posted. Sadly, I have slowed down in building my collection thanks to finances being tight but I have not given up on collecting Pokemon 100%. Though, today's post is not a collection update I'm afraid. Don't worry, I will have one of those soon, I am just waiting on a certain purple kitteh Zukan to reach me first...;)

To the point of the post, my male brown basilisk, Sage has grown way faster then I expected since I feed him so well! So, that means I need to get him a new enclosure which costs money. In order to raise a little money, I decided to put some plush up for auction here to the community!

Sales Permission & Feedback:

I was Grandfathered in and I have been a member of this community for over 4 years now!

Here is a link to my spiffy feedback:


My long-winded rules & policies!Collapse )

The Auction Block:

Auctions are behind the glorious cut!Collapse )

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28 January 2012 @ 04:14 pm

Hello, community~ <3
I've run into some serious financial problems that require immediate attention, so, I'll be selling this lot of 58 KIDS FIGURES. I'm looking for $127 SHIPPED for the lot! Bigger picture under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

In addition, I've completely revamped my sales post! Tons of stuff under $5. And, due to the new shipping costs that I'm sure everyone is loving... Time for a sale:
Offer is valid for a week. Click the banner to be transported.

Thanks so much for reading!
::drag0n aura::
28 January 2012 @ 05:10 pm
Before you go "WAHHHHH???", I mean on one of my card collections lol.
I put this up for offers once before a month or two ago but got no replies.
I'm gonna try one more time before I do something else with it. XD

I am putting up my collection of 200 English Reverse Holo TCG Cards for offers.
This will be the last English card collection I have to get rid of before I become exclusively a Japanese TCG collector.

click here to view the details!Collapse )

~ Oh, and collection update soon... and look out for my next post: I am getting my boxes of Dragon Selection soon and I AM SO EXCITED!!! XD I'm gonna have a ton of doubles so if you are looking for any cards from the mini-set, I will definitely be selling them. =3
Good evening everyone! Just here to make a quick reminder post. Laying Pikachu was snatched up rather quickly, but Gizamimi is still up for auction. :) She's still at her starting bid! The auction ends tomorrow, the 29th, at 10 pm EST.

Look at that adorably sleepy face!!! How can you resist?!?!? Click here or the pic to go to the auction post!
28 January 2012 @ 07:19 pm
Here's my updated and permanent sales post! Please take a look!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo 10/2011

Old feedback:

New Feedback:


Also my Wartortle and Charmander banks are still up for offers!

28 January 2012 @ 07:20 pm
It's been long time since I last posted a "complete collection" update, but now I think it's time to do it again, this time with more stuff I got from you guys yaaaayyy!!! I have now brought every toy from my old house into my new one in the event we may have to rent it out, so now the gang's all here.

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Hey guys! Just a small post today!

My standee auctions for charizard, venusaur and blastoise end in 2 hours! be sure to get your bids in, and don't forget about the SUPER MYSTERY STANDEE offer!

I have also lowered the mini blastoise standee that's on direct sale!


and secondly I met up with captainangel to exchange belated birthday presents and she handed me this sexy piece of gaming history...

we exchanged a bunch more stuff which will be in my big collection update before I go on holiday, but this is just...I can't get over how mint it is ;A; I have always wanted one of the game boy pokemon games still sealed, and the fire red/leaf green remakes of red and blue are as good as it gets next to the original game boy releases. Thank you SO much captainangel, I can't express my gratitude enough ;;A;;

and finally, to finish up, a very touching story about a seller on ebay...


28 January 2012 @ 09:32 pm
I went to the thrift store today and my eye saw something yellow and it was pikachu. Actually it was a pikachu calculator and it works but here it is ( this image is borrowed from ebay since I didn't have a camera on hand)

 On another note does anyone know how to turn it off because I can't figure it out and I don't want to run the battery out.
28 January 2012 @ 10:52 pm

Alright guys. I need a very special plush in my life. However, I am probably the pickest plush picker outer ever! The only plush I'm not picky on are the official legendary dog plush (as some of them do look extremely goofy). I need a serious plusher with talent. If you are up for it please respond with links to examples and such, preferably human plush ;P (so no it's not going to be an actual pokemon per say).

Moving on. I'm willing to give up pokemon to achieve this plush. And basically I'm willing to give up items such as Mew plushies, clear kids (such as clear eevee, clear vaporeon, clear jolteon, and clear flareon), the Reshiram and Zekrom large mall tour plush and other such pokemon goodness. Or I can just throw some money at you.


I don't really know who are the more experienced plush makers around here, so even if you're up for the challenge of pleasing probably your pickest customer yet, but not open for commissions, I'm willing to wait and bid for a shining spot in line when they open up again!

Lastly...I'm not sure if this is even allowed? and to make the post less boring and more pokemony

My boyfriend and I just hit a rough spot and just recently got through it so this is to commemorate it :) and this is my new herp a derp entei figure:

28 January 2012 @ 11:01 pm
Hey everybody!! So I'm finally back from Japan (at least until April) so that means I'll be doing runs to Nintendo World again! I won't be able to do weekly runs because of time constraints so it'll probably be ever two or three weeks depending on the demand. I've also updated my site with the most recent stock so without further ado click the cut below to be taken to this weeks run! ^^

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Tits McGee
28 January 2012 @ 11:51 pm
My final Noppin box for awhile arrived! What a glorious day in the Pokemon world! It's now "ok I got what I wanted now take the rest" time!
All community rules apply.
No sniping/name calling/gum chewing/hair pulling
Auctions will end on Thursday at...um...lets say 4pm central time!

Mini tomy figures. Very rare!
Start @ $3 each

Moltres DX and Lapras DX
Both start @ $10
Lapras in good used condition
Moltres is in good used condition (end of nose has paint rub. No damage to either)

Straight sale:

eevee, bento erasers, bobbleheads, figures!Collapse )

I also have a lot here: Check it out :)


If the price is unreasonable please let me know! D: