January 29th, 2012

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Rare ponjyan tabs and leftover sales!

Hi all! Just before I get to my post, could I please ask that everyone is careful when leaving feedback to spell usernames correctly - if in doubt, copy and paste! If you mess up just contact me or a mod and ask for it to be fixed up (include the permalink to the wrong feedback), but do check your spelling - it just makes things easier for us! I've been away for a couple of weeks but do have several planned updates to make, one of which should help with this. Also, in your dashboard there's a box with a link you can give people to leave feedback for you - if you ask people to leave feedback either directly through that link, or from the link on your feedback profile page, it'll avoid them having to type your username in - you wouldn't want your feedback to go to someone else! I do go through manually once in a while and fix things, but I'm sure you can understand this takes a long time, haha.

Now to sales: I'm selling a bunch of rare ponjyan tabs plus what's left of my glow-in-the-dark magnets and can badges today. Hit the cut for more! :D

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Sales again!

Hey all, I have some things that I hadn't listed yet as I was trying to get most of the non-flats in my sales last time, so get ready for some adorable gen 1 sticker flats and mint in package mini notebooks with their stickers included. :D
Everything here is new stock, so none of dem "shameless sales plug" shenanigans.

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o6. n-n-ninfia!
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A couple of wants...

Hi, I'm looking for this plushie. AGAIN. I'm really bummed that my credit card died on me last year a few days before I got the chance to bid on one and it took 2 weeks before I got a new one. ANYWAY. I'm looking to buy the Pokemon World's 2011 Skateboarding Pikachu. I would like to buy him in the 25-35 dollars range and was disappointed when I saw someone selling him for 30 and it was already sold. -__-;


This is what he looks like.

Other than that I'm looking for an Oshawott Japanese Pokedoll [and perhaps some other Oshawott plushs in general] to go with my recently bought shiny modded pokedoll version. Other than that, I'm looking for the American Treeko pokedoll - new or not. If anyone got the Snivy and Tepig shiny modded pokedolls for sale, I might be interested in buying as well.

Other pokedolls that I'm looking for, though not at the top of my lists are:
Mostly looking for anything cheap with those, since I'm in no rush. So if anyone is wanting to get rid of theirs, I'm willing to buy if the price is cheap. With the two pokedolls I listed above, I mean.
Glowy Evil Merm


Hello, community!
I've been on the quiet end for a while now. However, I'm here with a couple of wants.
I'm looking for any of the following:
-Talky Emonga plush
-Talky Snivy plush
-Talky Tepig plush

I'd like to get them for as cheap as possible, box is totally unnecessary, and they can be used.

I can also offer any of the items from my old sales post for trade: Click here
Not much to choose from, but who knows xD
Or, I could do an art trade for a custom hat: Click for my gallery
I'm mainly looking to trade though.

Let me know if you have them, or are interested in trading/selling :)

Also, to make this post more interesting, here's a project I took on a little while ago.

A client asked me to restore these two plush, and I did so to the best of my abilities :D
Shroomish Dance

~Shiny Pokedoll Auction Reminder~

[Click the Picture or this to be led to the Auction]

This is my first and only reminder that my four custom shiny pokedoll auction ends within the next 48 hours.
The auction will end on Tuesday, January 31st, at 6:00 PM PDT.

Shiny Cubchoo and Shiny Drilbur are still at their starting bid! And the others are still pretty low. Be sure to get your final bids in the next couple days! Give these shiny pokemon a happy home and be sure to see more this upcoming month!~ <3

Also small Emolga wants:
I'm looking for the GOLD version of these metal figures. Its the last one I need!

I really want to get my hands on the Emolga soapy! I've been after it since November and seem to be not catching a break when trying to obtain him. D: Same goes with the Emolga sprite pin! And I'd love to buy the Battrio pogs from people on the community instead of buying really over priced ones on Ebay. Thanks in advance!

Happy Bidding!


MPC :)

the january MPC set is here! i really love this set.

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note: the sunyshore pokemart IS mostly down until feb 18th! but you can see all of the goodies we will be opening up to preorder. over 50 items! prices are also all listed to help you prepare if you want anything.

check out sunyshore pokemart!

now i prepare to travel to worlds beyond, with my travel buddies big flatz and not so big mac! no storm the ferret, no :(
(and please dont derail comments into pony talk just because i'm traveling with one XD dont make me regret it!)
snivy with hat

Pokedoll Photo Shoot

Hi pkmncollectors community ^^

Unfortunately I'm not here for a want list (seeing college did eat up my wallet again) or nothing but noticed that I never got a chance to share a photo with just my "pokedolls" ONLY w/o the ones from Takaratomy, "red" tag pokemon center ones, canvas and banpresto.

Total of 17 so far, so may I ask the community how many do you guys have?

So under the cut would be some photos of them, enjoy and thank you for looking/reading.

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Hello, i am new to the site, and new to collecting pokedolls, ive always collected pokemon, but recently have been wanting to start collecting the pokedolls. Ive seen so many nice ones on here for sale and cant wait to start adding to my collection. Any advice on how to start and where? Thank you

(no subject)

Just learned that I have to move at the end of March, and that means moving all of my collection! I've acquired a lot of new things this year, which means some stuff has to go to make room and money for mailing stuff to myself...

Also, even though I need to make space, I am always looking for my grail, which is the DX Snorlax pokedoll! Let me know if you've seen it anywhere, please! :D

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[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Double Pokemon of the Week!!

SO i forgot to post pokemon of the week last sunday, so this week we will have TWO pokemon! Let's go!

The pokemon of the week are: !!!

#41, Zubat!! (Golbat and Crobat too!) and

#311, Plusle!!

Show us your batty collections! Or your positively shocking Plusle collections! Even if you only have one item, take a picture and share! Don't be shy, just come on in and post! :) Let's give it up for the Pokemon of the Week!!

Return and Sale

Hey everyone, just letting you guys all know that we're still alive and well. We've ran into some issues and had to take a rather long break from Pokemon. To all the people who have inquired about merchandise, we will be doing a complete revamp of our sales so please be patient with us as we try and get back into the grove of things. Also look forward to a huge update of my Pikachu collection that I'll be posting as soon as I'm done reorganizing.

We are going to clear out a lot of the cards we're holding on to so please take a look at the link. All of the listed prices are original, so disregard them for now and feel free to make reasonable offers.

If you guys have any specific requests for cards please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Thanks everyone!


Looking to commission

First, thanks for the super fast answer to my original question. It is a shame that there is no other gatr than this one

In this case, I would like to ask if anybody takes commissions for pokedoll sized plushies, as I am really interested in a gatr plaushie, but, as I was saying on my sales/trades plug the other day, I cant home anything larger than 6"


Here is the original question for those who still would like to read it, as it may answer your own questions :)

I've been looking for a few weeks for a 6" feraligatr plush, but my searches on bootleg friendly ebay have taken me to the banpresto/ufo plush that costs $155+

This guy ^

now here is my question: is this the ONLY kind of feraligatr plush that exists? (meaning that there is no pokedoll, pokemon center plush, other banpresto or jakks or other brand) at all?

Please let me know because I really want one, and I can trade or pay

Thanks in advance :)


PS:  The items I listed for trade and sale are still waiting for a new home, will you be their new home plz? 


Told you all that I had more coming! And here is just one of those. My ADORABLE I<3Pikachu Super DX plush. It is soooo cute! Soooo soft and really what I consider as 1:1. I love it so much and was so excited it came. I got it from [info]nanoplasm . Thank you! 

Here he is:

And I still have more coming too! So look for that post to come! =]

Sales Update + Price's Lowered on few Items!

I have updated my sales with more Eeveelution stickers I had kept away,I rather them go to a good home then collect dust!Also added some older items I had and PokeWalkers. Prices have been lowered on some of the plushe's that were in the previous sale. Click on Kio the Dark Eevee! To be taken to my sales x]!! Thank you


Hi guys! I've been lurking for months, and finally decided that's it's time to introduce myself. I go by PikaFreakRachel, though my husband and other friends and family call me "Chu". I'm 22 and I've been obsessed with Pokemon since it first came out in the US.

Over the years I've collected a few things here and there, but in the past year I've started seriously collecting. I really have no idea how many items I have. At last count, I had over 1,500 figures, mostly Tomy, Zukan, and Jakks, with a few booties thrown in. I would guesstimate my plush collection to be around 100, I only started collecting plushes very recently. I would say all together, including flats and other items, I have at least 5,000 items. I try to focus on Pikachu and other 1st generation Pokemon.

I would love to post pictures, but unfortunately the majority of my collection is currently in boxes until I get more shelving up. I have no idea how long this will take, the shelves are expensive, and it seems like every time I save up some money for more shelves, I end up spending it on more figures. Oops. I do have some random pictures of different parts of my collection here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.254644037894963.84484.100000481068779&type=3&l=8a471d7c86 and videos here http://www.youtube.com/pikafreakrachel

I don't really have a want list right now. My grails are the Pikachu Volkswagen car, which I know will probably be impossible to find. I plan on saving up to eventually customize my own. I WILL own this one way or the other someday! My other grail is one of the Pikachu mascot costumes you see at official events. If you saw the one on eBay a few months ago, I got SO excited that I bought two. Guess what? Don't buy stuff from unreliable sellers in China. What I got was cheap material hot glued together, and no refund since it cost more to return than what I paid.

I'm really looking forward to making new friends on here, and maybe getting a few wants when they come up! I did read every inch of the rules, so please let me know if I make an oopsie.

Edit: Just remembered that I had a couple other facebook photo albums, one to my wall scrolls http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.287045561321477.90969.100000481068779&type=3&l=0872dbb703  and one to things I had signed by the original voice actors http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.274108592615174.88249.100000481068779&type=3&l=55a0a4a1de

My Very First Sales Post!

I've never sold before - so please let me know if my prices are unfair, too low, ect. 
Well feel free to browse! I have some kids, some pokedolls, and other Misc. items! Cards will be added later once I sort  um' all out :3
Click Below to be Transported!

Permission by EntirelyCliched 24 January 2012)
Also- I was lucky enough to win a new Charmander Pokedoll 10th Anniversery Edition with tags, so feel free to shoot me some offers for my old one, it doesn't have tags. I may decide to keep them both though because it was my very first plush grail get! :D

My card collection is doing SO WELL!!! Theres huge dent in my goal to collect every card ever made. So now I am seeking a lot of Rare more expensive cards. If you have a card thats worth over 20 USD (example Shining Charizard) I probably don't have it and would really like to trade for it. So check out for my sales for that too!


for anyone who has bought something from me since the beginning of the month forward, all of your things will be shipped this coming thursday! school and work caused delays earlier, but this time i'm delaying it on purpose because i will have a chance to mail from the US instead of canada, since our prices keep going up. it's getting crazy all up in here

anyway today i am offering you some very special custom items

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Wants your Pan Stickers + Whimsicott Charm + Skitty Fever

I am looking for some Pan Stickers if anyone is selling some, I would love to take a look through them

Also I am looking for the Whimsicott/Cottonee Charm from the Pokemon Center,, if anyone is selling one or can do a pick up I will pay 30+ For it!

Also if anyone is selling anything Skitty let me know =D I have been Skitty Crazy Lately <33

Thanks for the help guys!

My two grails

Okay, I know all I really post are wants.. I'm sorry.. I'll have a collection update post in a few weeks, I'm just waiting on a special item.

Speaking of special items, I wanted to ask if anyone has a 1:1 Laying Pikachu or a 1:1 Dittochu. I saw both recently on auctions, but by the time I saw the posts they were already BIN'd.. ;.; I'd be willing to pay up to $200 before shipping on each of these. My only problem is that I currently only have about $80.. Hopefully someone out there has one of these and would be willing to work out payment plans for the rest of the money? Id really love to get a grail before my birthday.

Also, a teeny extra want, but if I can't find either of my grails, does anyone have a smaller dittochu? My boyfriend is a Pokemon fan as well, and Pikachu and Ditto are his all time favorites. I originally wanted to give him the 1:1 dittochu for his birthday back in November, then I realized how much he was.. So, I'd really like if I could find him a smaller one as a little Valentine's Day gift. I have no idea how much they go for though..
  • knoka

First Group buy!! 2009 Charms :)

Super excited to bring you my first GB
And the claiming is done now! If you are wanting one of the last two after this is posted message me and we can work something out. :)
 Thank you all!!

-NO backing down!!! I will leave negatives!
-First come first serve. :)
-No inquiries about shipping.
-I WILL NOT purchase this lot until EVERYONE has paid. 
-There will be ONE payment.
-Paypal ONLY
-I have spoken with the seller personally. Any questions you have I can relay to the seller immediately. :)
-Feedback HERE
-granted sales permission on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched
EDIT: I will be collecting everyone's part AFTER all are claimed!
-I require payment within 48 hours of the GB claiming closing. Preferably 24 hours so we can get the package shipped immediately. Negatives will be left if no response and your charm will go back up for claims.

-The price is $12.5 a charm. This includes the shipping TO me and Paypal fees.

-The price to ship FROM me to you will add an additional $3.  (Canada and US will apply for this)
I will charge $6 for international
 (These include bubble mailer.) -This is no matter how many charms you purchase.    

You purchase one charm, price will be $15.5 shipped. ($18.5 internationally)
You purchase two charms, price will be $28 shipped. ($31 internationally) 

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Also important: the seller is shipping from Australia so please understand it might take a week or two before I get them. :)

Any questions or comments just post below. :)

Only 2 more left to claim!!!
I want to get this completed by 6pm MST so if there are no claims on the Larvitar line I will personally purchase them and put them up for sale later. I'd hate us to be stuck on them and want us to be able to order the charms ASAP.

rUPDATE: Charms are shipped!!!

Shipping completed! Let's deal with unfinished business!

Just finished packing the last order.  Sorry it took so dang long! =P

The only paid item that's not shipped is the unreleased TFG, and that falls under unfinished business (the request was to dig the rest of them up from storage). XD

Since it's been a whole month since my last offer post, I do have new Tomy, Banpresto and PC stuff to offer (no dragon type clear file, sorry), but I will do that next week after I've taken some time off and deal with any open discussions with community members.

So if I haven't replied to your post, or haven't provided you a quote, or just being a meanie in general, please post them here (or PM if it's the private nature)! ^__^

Oh, I will answer any new/old Pokemon question, because I do love to blab!

yeah, and I am also here to show off the new "snow forest" background and Vanillite Pokedoll I won this month on the Pokemon roulette. (only took like 8 precious gold coins =P)

Papaiyacoffee, where art thou?

So it's been a while since some of us have bought canvas plushies from Papaiyacoffee. We are aware that she was going through a hard time -- which was why she decided to sell some of her plushies -- but so far she has not responded to any of our Pms regarding our plushies. We don't know if they have been shipped, if she remembered that she sold them at all so... If anyone knows how to contact her, or what's happening, we would really appreciate a tip or any news.
Thank you!