January 30th, 2012

Question about Noppin

Hi everyone.
I'm thinking about bidding on a Skitty plush on Noppin, but I've never used it before. How much is shipping generally on a 16 inch plush? Do you recommend using Noppin? Any helpful tips would be welcome.

new sales post!

Hey guys! Sorry about the double post but I've been waiting for my post to leave front page and my bf is demaning I go to sleep, so just posted it in a hurry! In preparation for my holiday to new york in two weeks, I'm clearing out some space for some new pokemerch :D come take a  gander at my wares old and new! Each order will also come with at least one freebie!

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thanks for looking guys! Before I go a quick want:

I'm looking for a certain charizard pan sticker if anyone can help me! The charizard labeled A in this pic:

(credit to toz/happyjolteon for the pic!)

If anyone could help me I would be very grateful! Thank you!

PKMN: Sailingtoed

Get, Want, Meme!

Short post is short (for me) 'cause I'm in a bit of a rush. If you're waiting on a reply from me I'll get to you tomorrow! ♥


Got my wave 2 charms a few days ago! No ticket for me, but the charms are definitely enough. *o* I also got two other packages which contained the Wobbuffet figure you see from leafeon_420 and an adorable sticker sheet from meguroco! ♥

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'toed stickers!

I already have the one in the bottom left (thanks to puyro ♥), but I'm after any of the others pictured -- or ones not pictured? If you know of any not in this image please share! I want them all. :D Though, I'm really only looking to spend $1-$2 max per sticker right now. ♥ Multiples from the same person are best, otherwise I'll probably only get one or two from different people. Shipping to Canada! Plain white envelopes are fine.

So, I was thinking about this the other day and I wondered what you guys thought. What makes you happiest: finding an item for sale of your collection-of-choice Pokemon that you don't already own, or finding an item for sale that you do already own?

I figured the answers were probably varied and interesting, and possibly change the more you collect! For me, I get happiest finding something I do own, because it's like... yay, I have Politoeds! XD (Also, yay I don't have to spend much. e_e) But I think once I have more Politoed it'll make me happiest to find items I don't have. So what about you guys? How do you feel at this moment in your collecting life?


Edit: Forgot to add a collection site plug. XD I finally finished bringing it back up to date. So, would anyone like to share collection links? :D My site's here:

Also, if you have any information about an item that is lacking on my site, please do tell me! Same goes for corrections, or suggestions to fix my site (especially if you find a typo or some wrong info).
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(no subject)

Hi folks, this is a pretty boring post but I have some questions about calculating shipping fees. I'm going to be making my first sales post relatively soon (Keep an eye out if you like Zukans!) and was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how they calculated shipping. Do you typically just ask your local post office for rates on bubble mailers, or does the USPS website have fairly accurate prices?

I was also wondering if anyone had either of these guys for sale:

Thanks everyone!

*EDIT While I'm here, does anyone have this Tomy Vs figure?

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Small get and question

I just had to show off my most recent get! This Victini is pink, but still pretty adorable. It is definitely a bootie, but it was so cute I couldn't resist! The back has "Pokemon" stamped on it, no é, tm, or any other markings.

My question is about another members question they posted a while back that I can't seem to find to link to right now:

Could we do a metal charm or badge design contest?

I was thinking about it when I saw the post, and since I was bored I decided to try and make a design! I am an Animator/Illustrator/Web Designer who is currently unemployed so I have a lot of time on my hands to play around in AI...

I know of a quality custom charm maker nearby me(Chicago) that can do metal charms as well as plastic ones. They are Printsess, and their prices seem pretty reasonable. I am going to use them soon to print out charms I am going to sell at a convention.

I would be happy to order and ship out charms if we did the contest, even if someone else won the design contest. They seem to only do charms though, not badges. So it would depend on which route we wanted to go.

So... badges or charms? I think either way this is a cool idea!

EDIT: Prices would depend on how many are ordered. If we wanted charms Printsess prices would be $4.50 for 100 2 inch charms. The more you order the more you save, so 500 charms would be $3.50 each. They can have three different sizes: 1 inch 1.5 inches and 2 inches - so prices vary by size and amount ordered.

Looking to buy Gira stuff

As in title! No flats though.

I don't have many figures at all of Giratina and I don't have many Banpresto plush.
The two items I'm especially looking for are the 2009 TOMY plush and the 6 inch round Banpresto plush.

For plush as long as it's in good condition I don't care about tags. I'm pickier about figures; I can't stand a moderate amount of paint rubs and loss.

Origin and Altered forme items are fine; I like them both!

Let me know what you are selling and the price and I'll get back to you later. Thanks!:)
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Payments for Kimewaza Kids 2 GB + Extras for sale

Hey guys, the attack kids have arrived and I need payments.

Note I will be shipping them out in 2 waves:
1) For those who pay me on the 30th Jan Singapore Time will be shipped before I enlist in the military
2) For those who pay me after the 30th Jan Singapore time will be shipped with some delay as I am confined for two weeks in military, but don't worry I will get them shipped out the moment I come out

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Also, I have a few extras for sale:
2 X Zekrom
2 X Klingklangs

They will be $8.50 shipped each and for GB Participants $7 extra if you got something.

Well that's all. I will not be replying to any comments from the 31st of Jan to the 15th Feb as I will be in the military, sorry for the inconvenience, I promise you will get your items though :)

Update: All payments from now on will be in wave 2, I apologise for the wait. Also I will only be able to reply on the 15th, 16th or 17th of feb depending.

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Tomy Ducklett plush? + Chikorita Laughing at Things!

Hi guys! <3

I'm just asking about a future(?) release of a plush I've had my eye on. It's the Tomy Ducklett plush (which is being released with Rufflet and Archen). No, this isn't the MPC plush, as the bill is a bit different, as do other features of this plush.

Anyone have any idea on when this plush (or the plush set, really) will be released? A source said it releases in January or so, but I have yet to see this one on sale anywhere yet. Only the MPC one. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Also, I haven't forgotten about Chikorita Laughing at Things! Here's the next image installment of this silly photo series.

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Updated sales

Hi guys, quick sales plug as I have added some more things and I am doing a big postal run this week and wanted to see if anyone would like some stuff =3

I also have a question for all of you.
What kind of Customs do you look for or prefer?
I'm wanting to play about with types of customs that are not artwork. I'd love to get into scuplting figures.



So i've finally got into gear to do a collection update due to the fact one of my Longest wanted grails has arrived! and also i've been on the comm for over a year now!! So i've gone and takes photos of everything i consider part of my collections! 

Reintro: My name is Spideyroxas! But people can call me Spidey! I'm a 21 year old (soon to be 22) guy! who works full time in a boring ass job, I love collecting, it's a great hobby! I collect alot more than just Pokemon, Like Resident Evil, Dragonball Z, One Piece, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy & Video games/Video Game Merch. I'm a very easy going guy most of the time so i enjoy talking and chatting to other collectors alot! I live with my partner who couldn't care less about Pokemon or collecting XDD but he doesn't mind me collecting, which is good! I even use the spare room as my collection room =P, but enough about me now onto my collection... WARNING There's alot of images! so it's not for the Faint of heart/People With Heart conditions/Pregnant women/Pansies... 


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So that's my collection! I hope you enjoyed looking through my post! here's to another year on the community! I'm waiting on so much atm so i'll probably do an update in february XD

As always i'm looking for ANY merch i don't have for my main Lines Cyndaquil Line & Hitmonlee/Chan so message me if you've got something (don't feel bad if i reject something, it might be it's something i've already ordered or not interested in at this time!) i'm also open to seeing what you have for my side collections too!

Until Next time guys!
Bon Voyage!

エモンガ Emolga Talking Plush

I did some research and they all roughfully cost about $100.00 maybe even more on ebay.com. I can't seem to find them on Noppin and I am all out of luck. Any one selling one?

Also, Pokemon collectors of every age. Which do you prefer collecting. I originally thought about collecting just Torchic plush, but then I thought- "What's the fun in that?" Are flats (What are those?) and figures also fun to collect.

Also (again sorry) I see some people post their collection up. Which gives me ideas-- should I go out and buy a book case to display my pokemon collection? Is this good or bad? What do you display your pokemon collection on?

Thanks in advance guys.

Pokemon - Omnomnomnom

Next Destinies!

Yeah, so over in my card sales I have some Next Destiny cards for sale, along with my older cards with new and improved price changes. And stuff.

And yeah, my normal sales are still there but nothing is new or changed so it doesn't get the fancy banner treatment today.

Not in my TCG sales page is the fact that I have tons of commons/uncommons from the new set that I will also sell!
(I do not have any rares that are not in the sales post, nor do I have any Skyarrow Bridge or Prism energy)



I got my two boxes of Dragon Selection today.
I think I could have just gotten away with buying one. Oh, well. That means more goodies for you guys! XD

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If you are interested in purchasing some extras, click the banner below!
Keep in mind, I only opened one box, so all you see in my sales is from that one box.
If you want more copies of one, just ask and I'll open the next box!

emolga love her afro

(no subject)

Hello everyone!!  Just a few things from me today. :)

First off, I have updated my sales with a few more things! Look for some pickachu, movie goodiebags, and reduced prices! I'm moving on the 7th so every little bit helps! Offer to haggle if you're interested in anything!

(I will get a banner. One day.)

Second off, speaking of moving, HOW DO  YOU GUYS DISPLAY YOUR STUFF WHEN YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER HATES YOUR PILES OF POKEMON? He's forcing me to confide it to a tiny little corner somewhere. ;----; I think I can get him to agree to a corner bookshelf-type thing in the computer room. My collection isn't too large so it would fit, I guess, but I want to see what you guys recommend! Any pictures or links would be wonderful! Or advice to make your boyfriend love Pokemon.

And so this post isn't HORRIBLY boring, here are my latest gets! I got them from donny9 while he was doing pickups. SO CUTE, LOOK AT THEM! (They are the only two things that aren't sitting in a box atm.) ;--;

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful-rest-of-your-winter!
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Multi-est Post Ever!

There are quite a few sections to this :3 

First of all, a collection update :D

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Okay, now that my collection update is done, I have a photostory!!  I hope you like it, I spent a long time taking pictures a few days back. It was really nice out, so I had a lot of fun :3

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Okay...only a few more things xD

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Finally, I had a question...does someone have a list of all the Throh merch? (Besides cards)

Thanks for looking!! Have a great day!!!

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New Mail New Collection Updates

Wellll I got some new mail, and finally decided to make a new collection update! There are so many new members here, and I've not posted in a looong while.

I'm lampent, formerly fernchu! My main collection is Umbreon, but I also love Garchomp, shroomish/breloom, deerling/sawsbuck, and the litwick line (lampent being my favorite)

I recently got some cool new things so lets see what they are!


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Anyone know about this mysterious two-pack?

So I was browsing on ebay out of boredom and eventually stumbled on to this:

I am surprised THIS exists because all this time, I thought Hasbro stopped importing Tomy figures for their Generation III lineup, but it seems they were able to import some Tomy's for their Master Quest line before they started making their own toys.

Any of you guys here ever get a chance to get any of these and/or do you know if they were able to import more? Thanks.

And speaking of Hasbro, I've never actually bought Hasbro's Tomy figures before. Did Hasbro ever print their name on a Tomy figure for their releases?

Thanks again.


I got a new Camera. SO. This post is going to be..painfully long, it will contain an overview collection update, and pictures of some more repaints that I have done, as well of pictures of various qualities since some of these pictures were taken months ago.

For anyone that...doesn't know who I am, that's unsurprising, you can do a filter search on me and come up with maybe three posts, which I recommend for those that want to compare what I had to what I have, it's pretty nice. But, as of next Thursday I will have been a member here for a full year! Which I am proud of. Anyway, onto pictures, older ones first I think.

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So! Yeah. That was....not fun. But! I hope...it looks nice atleast lol

Pickups for Elusive HTF Pokedolls

So this week I had my very first sales post! Yay me! And I noticed a lot of you were very upset to see the the Cleffa Pokedoll go! Well I know where I can get more for all of you who seek it!

So here are slots for the following Pokedolls along with prices- they may not be the best deals but Im not very sure what all these guys go for on the community. I just took the price and added 3-5 USD for commision.
*All are new with tags of course*

Cleffa Pokedoll : 35 (4 slots)
Noctowl Pokedoll : 40 (1 slot)
Magby Pokedoll: 35 (5 slots)
Mime Jr. Pokedoll: 35 (5 slots)
Togekiss Pokedoll: 30 (5 slots)
Igglybuff Pokedoll: 35 (4 slots)

I;m taking 5 USD commission on each so if you want more than one let me know and Ill give you a deal by cutting my commission :3
This is an hour long drive so I will only be doing this run once and it may be next week or this week.
If not enough people are interested then I wont be doing it :(

Sales permission by EntirelyCliched 24 January 2012