February 1st, 2012

collection update, wants, trades, opinion

Hello wonderful community :3

1.) I'm looking to expand a very small collection, and weed a very large collection.
Yep, I've gone Oddish and Wooper crazy and have tired of Mew. Too much competition! So I honorably throw my towel in and will let the rest of yous duke it out over that pretty pink kitty :D

And I have too much stuff XP:

(if anyone wants close-ups for their wants list or what not, let me know :))

So, here's what little I have of Oddish (and Bellossom!):

And my happy poketat (points to icon :D)

And the laughable Wooper collection! Where all da Woopers at?!

2.) Now, as for wants, the main things I'm looking for are plushies of both, mainly
and this: 
(photos from poke plush project)

-But any plushie, any at all is wonderful. I have plenty of monies now that Mew's on the back burner :p
-Figures, eh, might be interested! Definitely want the zukans though.
-Flats are trade only. I don't like spending anything on a little picture, haha.

3.) Speaking of trades, I went through my collection and have compiled a couple of things that I am willing to ONLY trade for. Including some rare Mew stuff, a Vaporeon MWT canvas, a set of Vappy, Flareon, Jolteon minky pokedolls, and some Dittochu stuff!
(only trades) (sales 1) (sales 2) (TCG)

4.) Opinions for all!
I bought this yard of omgkawaii fabric and have no idea what to do with it!

It's only 3ft. by 2ft. I can't make it into a pillow or any kind of bedding... my cats have a tendency to knead everything -_- So any ideas would be SO welcome <3

Thanks you guize!
(PS if I put too many pics up let me know and I'll HM01)
heatmor stefan
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(no subject)

I'm desperately seeking the MPC Heatmor doll. I will kill for this baby. Anybody have one up for sale? I'll pay a pretty penny for him. I'm even looking to buy two so I can have one for pure display and one for playing with, so I'm taking all you got. Please help a brother out?
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Sales time!

Once again I'm desperately trying to clean my room. So if anyone wants cheap flat lots or some fun random things, now's your chance! All prices are negotiable - if taking a few dollars off the price will make you buy it, I'll be happy to do so! :3

- sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland
- Paypal only

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I also cleaned up my permanent sales post a bit and reduced some prices - click the banner! :3

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Glittering Hoard Group Auction!

Bidding has ended. please wait for results.

Okay, I swore that would be my last for a while, but gosh if this isn't the prettiest heap of things you ever did see... So let this be the best night one ever!
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo.
- I am looking for one co-runner to double check my maths, keep the spreadsheets up to date, and help with reminders. I will be shipping as the seller only ships to the UK.
I would prefer someone with GA experience, but anyone with some free time to spare, from any country  is very welcome to enquire. :)


TOYS (more than pictured here)

Oh my gosh, Wolfy why do you keep finding BK things?

Also whatever these are:

You must click the cut for Rules and more photographs.

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The ALL THE THINGS GA eBay seller has not posted the parcel yet, so I am waiting to see if they will. I will let you know as soon as there's an update.
The Delicious BK GA has been mailed. Two were posted today (choppii and couchpotatonet), the rest went last week and have already started arriving in their new homes!


Birthday update!

Hello community! I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Today just happens to be my birthday, and while I have only got 1 new item Pokemon related, I figured I should make a quick update to show what I have been up to. Under the cut you will see my 1 item update and a custom I am working on. =)

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Lastly: Sales plug! I have a few plush, figures, and other items for sale. Just follow the link. =)

Small collection update, big want list!

I've developed something of an obsession with Pokemon Center New York items, in particular the limited edition, grand opening merch. This is what I've managed to get so far:

Postcards (not really grand opening, but I'm counting them) mug, limited edition pin and limited edition keychain.

I want anything to do with the grand opening that isn't pictured! Even if you don't have it for sale, please let me know about it (pics are highly appreciated!) so that I know what to look for. The only thing I'm aware of is a sticker, which I really want. 

I'm really interested in pretty much anything Pokemon Center New York. I couldn't get everything together for a shot, so let me know if you have anything for sale.

Other pics and wants under the cut!

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I would also like to ramble on a little and say THANK YOU to everyone for welcoming me so warmly, and for so many positive comments on my collection! I've never been part of a Pokemon community before, so I'm used to hearing "You collect WHAT?". This has been such a breath of fresh air for me. Thank you all!

sales -reduced prices on everything!

Just a couple days before I leave, so I've dramatically reduced the prices on everything! I need all of this gone!

please read the rules before commenting:

-I live in Canada, but will cross the border and ship from the US (the return address will be blackfruitbat's, so if anything happens, it will be sent back to her!).

-pkmncollectors feedback here

-Priority goes to straight sales/ people that want the whole lot, etc.

-Payment is due within 24 hours. If you ask for a quote, but decide that it is too much, please let me know so I can offer it to the next person interested. If I do not get a response within 24 hours, it gets passed to the next person.

-I am not responsible for anything that goes lost in the mail. Purchases going within the US will have an option of adding a tracking # for an extra dollar which will be noted at the end of every quote. Please inquire if you are interested in tracking for Canadian/ other international packages.

-payment plans are ok!

-Sales permission from dakajojo October 2010

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I also have this guy for sale! Almost forgot about it @_@
Wailord poketime pillow is mint condition with both tags! after the exchange rate, I paid around $95 cad for it, so I'm selling it for $100 OBO

Small Collection Update

Hello Everybody,

Sometimes I need to learn when to stop purchasing plush, but I love collecting. Which always gets in the way of saving money. However, all of my purchases have been worth it. Recently, I received a package in the mail from Noppin, and I wanted to share what I have received.

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Belated Christmas gets and new Eeveelution contest!

Hey guys! It feels like forever since my last collection update. Anyway, I've acquired a handful of awesome Pokemon merch over the Christmas holidays and would like to share them with you!

Top row: Talking Victini, Reshiram and Zekrom figures by TOMY. I have to say these are probably the best looking figures of Reshiram and Zekrom. I like them a lot more than the large TOMY ones. The sounds they make leave a lot to be desired though...
Middle row: PokeCen Dot 2 figures! When I first learned about these figures, I knew I had to get them. They look like Legos which I absolutely love.
Bottom row:  TOMY MC figures and Battrio of Kyurem and Volcarona. Two of my favourites from the Unova region. Last, but not least, Pokemon Cafe cookie cushion. I'm not entirely sure why I got this in the first place but I'm so happy I did. It's incredibly soft and really comfortable to rest your head on.  I've also acquired a ton of plushies but I'm not sure if I'll be keeping those so they might go up for sell one day.

Secondly, there was a member on here that was looking for a Whimsicott strap/charm? I can't seem to locate that post so if anyone knows who it is, please let me know. Thanks!

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my cardboard life: it&#39;s ready

(no subject)

Grail get and Pokecen run :O

GRAIL TIME!!! I'm so excited! I finally got one of my grails that I've been looking for for a couple of years now...

Can you see it...? :D


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Second bit of business! I've decided I can't live without a lot of things being released on the 11th this month with all the Sewaddle, so to try to make up for the cost a little, I've decided to do some pick-ups when I head to the PC that day! To keep things easy, I'm just picking up stuff from the new releases, and I won't be picking up any of the XBOX HUEG or fragile items.

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Anyone Interested?

Hi guys, I have found someone who has a Theater Limited Deck 5th Movie Set. I would only want the Annie's Espeon and was wondering if anyone would be interested in the rest. If so then I would make a GB out of it. I would purchase the set and then when it arrives I would ship them out. I would only charge one shipping fee (from me to you) to be fair.

If any one is interested then please post the card(s) you want and how much you would be willing to pay for the card(s)
(so I have an idea if this will be able to go ahead or not)

(Click here to view the cards in the set)
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(sales permission granted by Gin in 2010) Just got my new set of venusaur line charms that were released last Dec. I only wanted venusaur, and originally was going to put bulbasaur and ivysaur up for sale, but then i saw the Aggron line was released. I only want Aggron, so first i was going to see if anyonr had an extra Aggron charm they would be willing to sell, or trade for either bulbasaur or ivysaur?
Bulba and ivy are for sale, $10 shipped :)

Looking For Plush! and quick small sale.

hey guys im looking for these plush here:

swinub jakks
plusle plush
snover pokedoll *cant seem to find this adorable plush anywhere :C*
kutakuta sentret beanie <3*high want* and hasbro *really overpriced on ebay as well :S*

also curious as to how much a floatzel plush is going these days? ive been looking for one but the only one ive seen is on ebay and seem EXTREMELY overpriced. :S
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also even tho i've been MIA a bit lately due to constantly being in the doctors office due to health issues with my tyroid I hope you are all doing well and will be looking forward to my collection update i will be posting sometime in the future :) have a great night <3
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yay Blastoise!

Times are good in Turtle Land for having some turtley gets! :) I don't usually post about this kind of thing, but I am so happy and mellow due to the below find today!

I found this cool Toy factory Turtwig plush at the Thrift store for $2.98!!
And this awesome Kamex/Blastoise handkerchief for $.98!! It has a little sticker in the corner which says SHOPRO 4, does anyone know anything else about it??

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I got some other stuff recently, but they weren't like OMFG stuff. ^___^ I'll wait to update my Turtle Charms pics until Wave 5 brings my Tirtouga/Carracosta ♥.

Anyone who was in my "Big Penguin GA," the last of the international stuff was shipped Tuesday!

I'm looking for Tropius stuff, not anything too expensive (over $20) since he just recently waddled into a side collection for me. And I always look at turtle Pokemon stuff you may have, the more unusual/rare the better. Thanks!