February 2nd, 2012

Eevee Collection
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figure questions

I have for a long time loved Eevee and his evolutions, among other Pokémon, but I have never collected figurines of any kind. I may be interested in starting to collect them, but I have no idea how much they range in price. Does anyone know how much the Zukans go for? The Bandai Kids? 2" Tomys? MIP vs loose? Any price guidelines are greatly appreciated! :3

February Customs!

Hello everyone :D
I decided to open my monthly slots while I wait for some packages to arrive. I'll make a collection update soon, I have gifts from my secret santas, late trades and im waiting for my secret valentine to gift me something aswell <33

With everything I owed made, shipped and most already arrived it's time for a new batch of plushies!
Im still not accepting bigger plush orders cause it's so time consuming and im not at my best mood atm (personal issues) so I wanna make cute little stuff that keeps me busy and makes people happy!

So I'll be making Petit Charms and Poke Nyans! :D

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You can order here, or you can go to my official permanent slot post in my journal HERE!
I also have some left outs custom plush for straight sale and very cheap HERE!
^featuring jolteon, vaporeon, mew and joltik :D ^
Clear desu

Small (Snivy) wants

Hi there!

I'm still looking for a cool Snivy plush to add to my collection!
The one I REALLY want is the 2012 Sleeping Snivy...I know
they are really hard to get now, but I can still try. ;;

After the sleeping one, I really like the big head/size Banpresto Snivy. You
can see it under the cut. :)

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I only like this one (the non-'shiny' version) and I prefer it with tags, but if you have one without we can talk about it. :)

So, if you have these for sale let me know so we can talk about the price! <3

And you can always look at my regular Pokemon wantlist on my journal if you
don't have these Snivy's for sale: http://gallade007.livejournal.com/

swizzie, anthro

Long Time No Post Collection Update

This is my 2nd post here, after lurking this comm for about a year haha, but yay!
Just wanted to show my collection and how its been growing and ask you guys what some of your awesome thrift store/craigslist/random place finds have been. I've been getting lucky lately! :3
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Thanks guys!~
(PS let me know if something is wrong with my post, I'm still trying to get that part down ><)
rainbow tyranitar

Pokemon Collectors Wiki


So, I took some time today to edit/clean up some parts of the Pokedoll and DX Pokedoll Wiki's. I am by no means an expert, but I added and corrected that which I knew about. Btw, mad props to sui_kune and all the editors who work so hard to keep it up and running!

If there is anyone else out there who knows a thing or two (and is proficient in html) you should stop in and contribute your knowledge. There's sections on figures and other merch too. Do it for all the 'soon to be' collectors, so when they are just starting out they have a resource for up to date information. Every little bit helps. :)

PS. Just since it comes up from time to time, Whiscash is not a
Pokedoll. He is a Pokemon Center Plush. Here is a picture with the hang tag visible.
Photo credit to syunrii.
A y a t o
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C ustom Pokemon Time Eevee + Collection Gets + Commissions (Multipostwww)

I've been wanting to post these for a while, but have been putting it off. However recently I've finallyr eceived my special custom Pokemon Time Eevee Plush!! 


You know you want to see him 8'D
Also all the other custom eeveeloutions that I managed to score, around the end of last summer/beginning of fall.

Also other collection gets is, Pokebox and Emonga! 

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And now in completely other news - I am opening my customs for this month!

I will be opening four slots and this will be for pokeparfaits or squirtle melon breads.

I have decided that I will make more Squirtle melon breads at the moment, however ;;; please do not ask for my past creations. I am only opening this for pokeparfaits or squirtle melon breads. 

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^^ Thank you for viewing <3 
  • dezchu

A Giant Auction


All Auctions end February 5th 2012 at 7:30 pm PST
*All Community Rules Apply ( Bids 5 minutes before ending add another 5 minutes to the auction end )
*Payment will be required within 3 days of purchase
*I will leave negative feedback if you buy and don't pay.
* Please bid in increments on 1.00
*Here is my feedback C: - http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dezchu/#fb1406
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

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Plush collection. <3

I managed to get me plush collection photos together and nicely organized ( somewhat XD ) and well, of course it is time to post them! Most of my plush are of the first couple gens; as a matter of fact, I don't think I have plush of anyone after Ruby/Sapphire! I'm quite positive that's going to change after some buys here in the community, though. :P

First, a preview, and also the visual embodiment of myself as a person, and my personality: a little girl who is happiest buried in her plushie pile. :3

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I hope you all enjoyed my collection. <3 A question: What do you all recommend as the best way to display plush? I don't have anything whatsoever for them, and I really need to find something. I hate cramming my plush into my closet. ;_;

P.S. A grail coming in the mail soon... I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED I FEEL LIKE I AM GONNA BURST!

valentine get!

I got my valentine gift today from Rythen! Yay! So I'm here to show them off with happiness.
(It's also my one year anniversary today XD)

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Okay, I'm done again. I'm excited to see everyone's Valentines gifts arrive and get shown! XD
Another Huge thank you to my Valentine buddy Rythen!!