February 3rd, 2012


Want: Snorlax Charm

Exactly what the title says: I'm looking to get one of the Pokemon Center Snorlax charms. I need it minty, but I don't need the package or Munchlax. Anyone willing to offer? :3? I need it shipped by valentines day (bit of a procrastinator :P) so I'd prefer from the US and under $10 ^^" Feel free to make offers up to $15!

vvv This thing vvv

Image from hardrock-pokemon.com :)
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Looking for Liepard merch!!

Alright so I have decided to have a solid collection for ONE and ONLY ONE pokemon. Decided one from the new series would be the best since I can be up to date. Well my favorite elemental type is Dark! I chose Liepard because I absolutely adore her. She has been in my team and is as hard to kill as the initial Victini giveaway! (AKA pretty tough xP)

So my hope from you guys is to see if there is anymore, or if you guys have gather Liepard merch that I haven't already purchased!!

I have;
MPC Liepard UFO plush

Both cards as regular and reverse holo of these

The 15th Anniversary Kid(ish figure) AND Card set unopened.

Liepard/Purrlion Zukan

I'm going to attempt to grab a charm when they come out since I was asleep when Gin's slots opened. :S

So what else do you guys have? I'm more or less not looking for stickers...however I might as well see what ALL is out there for the Liepard and decide from there!

New gets and sales reminder

So I got a package (well actually two, but the other one, I had to ditch the box of the other at the post office so there is no unboxing for golem, sorry)

But anyway, I thought I may do a little photo story of the unwrapping :3

Cynda, one of my most cherished pokedolls decided to co-host the opening of this rather large piece of mail goodnessl

Cynda: Whats this?
Me: Let's see

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Thanks for watching this photo heavy unwrapping!! I hope you liked it. BTW I still have a ton of stuff that hasn't been sold yet. I got a few ppl  interested in some off the items, so if you still want them, plz let me know

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 07/02/11

 Please click here for sales plug 


Selling my Bidoof and Raichu items on eBay

Just tossing out a link for some items I'm selling on eBay right now.

I have a big lot of Bidoof and Bibarel items, plus two versions of the Super DX Raichu plush up as well! (one a factory reject I've touched up and made spiffier, and one an authentic fuzzy version)

Listing of my items for sale here!

Edited to add: Sales permission granted on 22 July 2010 by lineaalba

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Offers and New Sales!

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 4/24/2011
Old Feedback Here
New Feedback Here
No Feedback in the new system yet :O
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I did a lot of collection weeding and I have some league supplies from my league leader that I am selling at much lower than I have in the past! YAY REDUCED PRICES!
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Also My Plush sales can be found Here: PLUSH SALES

Thanks Everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!

Small TCG Next Destinies Sales Post!

Wow, it has been a while since my last post (not that anyone probably knows or cares that I was gone lol) but! I am waiting to receive a few nifty things (Impatiently squirming and awaiting my Squirtle Canvas among a few other tiny things I bought around).

But for now, just a small sales post to make up for a bit of my spending!

Received Sales Permission From denkimouse On January 27th, 2010.

New Feedback Location: *Coming soon, have to find the link*

Feedback Located Here:  anthonyjg10.livejournal.com/1889.html (Old)
http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/anthonyjg10/ (New)

 I accept PayPal, Concealed Cash (At Your Own Risk!), And Money Order.

 All Prices Are In USD And Do Not Include PayPal Fees or Shipping Cost.
  All Items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.

 I Ship From NJ, U.S.; Gladly will send everywhere! But I will not responsible for lost of cards/damaged cards. I keep all receipts from the post office to show I sent out, anything other than that is out of my hands (Sorry!).

 Please feel free to send me a Private Message or message on AIM (S/N can be found in my profile) with any questions, concerns, comments, or offers.

 I Ship Out As Soon As Possible. It Will (Try to) Never Take Me More Than 1 Week For You To Get Your Order Shipped Out.

 Due to the raising shipping prices, shipping now starts at $1.50 for within the US, and $3.00 for international and up depending on the amount of cards.

 Haggling is always welcome! But please do not be upset if I feel its too low and refuse it.

 I would GLADLY Accept Trades; Sandile Line Wants Located Here: http://anthonyjg10.livejournal.com/3295.html 
Squirtle Line Wants (Outdated by quite a bit; But still a good amount of stuff I need is there) Located Here: http://anthonyjg10.livejournal.com/2233.html
And ANY Tirtouga + Carracosta merch/items!

Also looking for a Gengar Pan Sticker (the cheapest one I can find would be great)

Without further adieu here are the cards:

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So that is all for now ladies and gents! Thanks for reading, viewing, buying, selling, whatever! Until next time where I show off some of my recent turtle stuff!
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Collection Update, Sales, and Pickups!

Okay, after my coding exploded which took a while to fix... xD let's try again.

Hello everyone! It has been a looooooooooong time since I last posted a collection update. (2010 xD;) I have acquired quite a few things since then, so here is a really overdue Collection Post!

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In other news, I have a few new sales today~

Click here or the image to shop!

Update includes: Figures, keychains, charms, plush, aaaand I have put together two small lots! I am calling them Valentine's Day lots. x3 I have a Skitty one and a Treecko one. Both come with a Pokedoll, a gashapon food playset in their theme, and also a bento eraser figure! $20 for each lot, please click the above banner/link for the pictures and other stuff. n-n

Lastly, I am still doing Pokedoll pickups from the Pokemon Center WA kiosk if anyone is interested. I will combine shipping with sales. :D Starts at $17.82 for one Pokedoll to the US, and I ship internationally!

Click images or here to go to Pickups!

Whew, that's everything. Thanks for looking!
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Zukantastic GA: Payment 2

Attention all Zukantastic GA participants!

poliwhirl has gone ahead and paid for the shipping costs from Noppin and the package is on its way!
With that, we're now collecting payment 2.

Click here for the spreadsheet
(Payment 2 will be highlighted)
For those who are interested, click here for the new invoice screenshot

All payments should be sent to swadloon@ymail.com
Please leave in the title and memo: [zukantastic ga][payment 2][username] 

Payment is due within 72 hours of this post. Failure to do so will result in negative feedback.
Once you've paid, feel free to leave a comment!

Shipping is calculated based off of how many zukan you claimed. The lot of capsule zukan was was charged for 1/4 of the total shipping cost as it accounted for a large portion of the package's weight. This is just to be fair to all participants

poliwhirl was granted sales permission by denkimouse on 8/4/11. Her feedback can be found here
My feedback can be found here.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post containing
final payment information and the unveiling of all of the mystery zukan!

(sorry for the fluctuating font sizes.. the post was having problems fitting on the community for some odd reason)

Pokemon - Purugly - Celebration

It is time for a reminder!!

I'm posting a friendly reminder about the plush I have up for auction here on the community. The auction also has a new edition, a somewhat fuzzy Psyduck Tomy plush! Some plush are still at their starting bids while others have no bids what-so-ever! I went ahead and dropped both the starting bids and BIN prices of those Pokemon lacking interest. As a reminder, the auction will still end Saturday 2/04 at 2pm EST. So, get those bids in and help me to get my lizard, Sage a new bigger enclosure!

Here is the link:



One big want, two small questions.

This is something I want more than anything else right now:

(image from Google, let me know if it's yours and you want it taken down/credit)

REALLY want this! The Pikachu umbrella from KB toys is #1 on my wants list right now, and has been for a very long time. If you have one that you'd be willing to let go, please let me know and we can talk about a price. I'm fine with loved condition, so long as it still opens and looks decent. Willing to pay top dollar!

I also have a question. How do you count your collection? I plan on doing a full count of all my Poke merch very soon, but I'm not certain how to count certain things. Example A:

There's 10 stickeres in the pack, and I have about 10 packs, so 100 stickers. I was counting it as 10 items since they're sealed, but husband says I should count it as 100 flats. What would you do? Do you include stickers and cards when you count your collection? I was also counting Zukan sets as one item (so a set with three evolutions I was counting as one figure) but husband says that should also be counted as three individuals. He wants me to be the best like no one ever was.

I thought I'd ask this while I'm at it, since I mentioned the big umbrella above. This guy! Does anyone know anything about him?

Jakks plush for size reference.

It's about 8 inches from to to bottom, not including the ears. Considering the ears, pink cheeks, and the "Made in China" label on the inside (that's the only label, no brand or anything), I'm guessing bootleg. I got it on eBay and they didn't know where it came from. Ever seen it before? Where?

rat wants!

I made a huge checklist image of what I don't have and could find a picture of online. Here is a mini-sized image of it and a bigger image will be under the cut! Let me know if you have any of these Rattata/Raticate items or any other figure that isn't on the picture because I craaave some more ratties in my apartment. ._.

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swampert scarf


First, and most important... I got a package in the mail! (Two, actually, but the contents of the other will be revealed later.)

What could it be?!

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Alright, now I would like to page lucario. I did remind you about the Mudkip plush I had on hold, like you asked, but haven't received a reply for that message. It's not a major deal as long as I get some reply back, so don't fret. I just need an update on how things are going, and the sooner I'm contacted, the sooner I can pay. You're the only transaction I have pending left other than a charms claim.

(I'd also quickly like to add in here that I am waiting on feedback from poliwhirl- for the first transaction we had- and from donny9, but for the latter I know life may be hectic right now so if you don't get around to it that is perfectly fine.

If anyone is waiting on feedback from me, please tell me immediately. I keep track of those things but my notes could be faulty. Remember if I haven't received the package yet, I don't leave feedback.)

Now, I will be on vacation from tomorrow until Monday. I am going to Pennsylvania for my grandmother's 70th birthday. I won't be able to check messages as frequently or send payments (don't trust the hotel wifi as much, my home wifi is heavily secured) during these few days. So if you message me and I don't get back to you for awhile, don't panic!

To make this post less texty
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Thanks for listening to my rambly post! To make it more interesting, one final question- Do you guys eat the candy that comes with kids? I personally don't, because I have no idea what the ingredients are! Tell me if you guys do, and what it tastes like even.
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Kimewaza BW2/Dragon Selection Sales!

(The Zukan were mailed out 6 days ago. If you get them, please leave feedback here.)
Heya everyone! My boxes of Kimewaza BW2 Kids came in, and I have a load of extras to share!! :D

As usual, each kid will go for $9.50 ($6 for Pikachu...), SHIPPED, which is a FLAT fee for everywhere! I have the following Kids!

4 Pikachu ($6!! :O)
2 Zoroark
3 Zekrom
2 Oshawott
1 Pansear
0 Scolipede
0 Emolga
0 Victini
4 Klinklang
2 Beartic
1 Zebstrika
3 Haxorus
0 Excadrill
0 Chandelure

As previously stated, each kid is $9.50 shipped anywhere in the world. Please comment if you'd like to buy some kids. Anything on this post can, of course, be combined with things from my sales post.

Also, I have some Dragon Selection stuff for sale. Since a few people have already posted singles for the set, I won't bore you with any more of those (if you ask me in a comment below, I do have every Pokemon in the set for sale, but I don't want to list them all here, so just ask. :)); however, since the set is so small (I ordered two boxes, and after just ten packs, pulled a full set orz), I have the following for sale:

5 Individual Booster Packs (Contains 5x Holo Cards from the Dragon Selection Set): $4.50 plus shipping PER 1 Pack

Booster Box: 15 Packs of 5 Holo Cards Each: $60 Shipped in USA, $65 shipped outside.


Mudkip trade + sales

Hi guys. Long story short, I'm determined to own at least one plush of my favorite Pokemon. I recently bought a Mudkip Pokedoll (US velboa), but after seeing the Canvas, I'm not loving it so much anymore. XD I would like to trade him for another plush if anyone's interested.

Here is what I would trade for, with the main wants starred:

Pokedolls - Skitty

Canvas -   *Charmander

PC Plush - *Axew

Or if anyone wants to buy him, I will let him go for $15 shipped in the US and $16 for international. Also, here's a sales plug.

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Glowy items and KFC figure offers! And sales update :3

More glowy items up for offers!

Also I've successfully cleaned up my KFC figures from last time, so they're now up for offers too :3
I suppose these one are quite rare because they are only released within Asia in...15 years ago? xD Now I regret not buying them all from KFC when they were available ;v;
At least I've got myself a Wartortle from [info]pokepalace! Still waiting for it to arrive~

Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011. My feedback thread is here :3c
Offers end at Wednesday, 8 February, at 12:00 pm (GMT+8)! Countdown is here~
I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping starts at $2!

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Last but not least, I made a small update in my sales post! Some prices have been lowered too~

Click here or the above preview pic to the sales~
PKMN: Sailingtoed

Sealdass goodness!


I cannot contain myself. ;u; And I also wanted to share some scans I thought maybe someone out there in the interwebs would enjoy. Other than that I am unexciting in the pokecollecting front for the moment, sorry. XD (Good news is I'm getting better at working with my new editing program so maybe photostory sometime in the near future?!) Though I did get more than just this in the mail today, I'm hoarding up my 'toeds for one (hopefully big) update at a later time! But this one is just too cute and I love it too much.


The resemblance is uncanny, no? |D (This 'toed even has red eyes teehee.) I got this completely adorable Politoed TOMY from eledora, who took great care to ship him safely so he would survive the cold weather without going bald! I can't stop looking at him, he's sooo cute. XD I've been wanting the TOMY Politoed for many months, and the only other two I saw were in GAs that I didn't participate in (and I believe lost anyway, or at least one did). I even acquired a bootleg in my search for one. D: I wouldn't have been able to get this one at all if not for my friend polkadotie thoughtfully asking the seller to hold him for me while I was asleep. ;w; It's not coming across as strongly as I'd like it to, BUT I REALLY WANTED THIS THING AND NOW I HAVE IT AND I LOVE IT AND YAY.

If there's one thing I enjoy as much as getting 'toeds in the mail, it's getting 'toeds in the mail with more 'toeds:

HOW CUTE, RIGHT? I couldn't stop awwwing at the package. XD Thank you so much, eledora! I'm keeping that drawing and I promise your old 'toedy friend is in a very warm and loving home. <33 I'd share more photos but, again, the hoarding. e_e

Now, I mentioned scans, right? I don't really know how many people will be interested in this, and for all I know jumbo sealdass aren't a big deal (I actually don't even know what they are, just a fancy sticker sheet? I SEE POLITOEDS AND ACT NOT THINK OKAY IS THAT A CRIME). Regardless, I thought this was utterly adorable and I figured other people would think so too and could maybe use it for graphics purposes like me (see: icon).

Mind the fact that these images are pretty large file sizes so if your connection is slow you might have some issues, thus the links rather than a cut!

Front || Back
Left Page || Right Page

For the curious, these images contain (this list includes EVERY Pokemon visible):
Politoed (of course), Pikachu (also of course), Clefairy, Seel, Raichu, Charmander, Togepi, Poliwag, Psyduck, Pichu, Marill, Lapras, Squirtle, Shuckle, Totodile, Slowpoke, Bulbasaur, and a microscopic Gengar trolling the other 'mons from a boat.

Massive thanks go to caffwin for this sealdass. <3 I had no idea Politoed was included in something SO FREAKING CUTE. ;A; I can't stop staring at it. Definitely a treasure amongst my flats. ♥ If anyone would like a version of any scan with more vibrant colours or other edits feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do! My scanner did eat some of the saturation, but the reason I didn't try to bring it back very much is because the file sizes got gigantic. XD;

Weird collection update and Sales

Hey Collectors! I have an interesting collection update for you all to see. So far, only one person has seen this collection, and that would be my spouse. So, I give to you all, my most special collection.
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Also, I have added a few new figures (collection weeding)and stickers to my sales post and have scanned all of the cards. That was a pain lol.
Trading cards are at the top of the post, they are very picture intensive, so be mindful of that.