February 5th, 2012

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Few quick charm wants

I've recently become addicted to getting charms, which stinks as a lot of pickups have stopped or stores have sold out of the ones I wanted, so I was wondering if you fine people would be able to help me! I'm currently looking for a few sets;

Nidoking Evo line
Nidoqueen Evo line
Eeveelution set 

I'd prefer them all new and sealed, but can deal with it if they're open, come separate etc. I know the full Eevee set might be a hard one to find, so I'll also take some of those separate too.

If anyone could help me I'd be thankful! :D

I got my first Pokedoll!

I got these a few days ago, but I've been lazy in posting. lol Anyway.

3 items today: 2 are a set.

1. Emonga Pokedoll!! I'm so happy right now! I finally have my first Pokedoll (I know, it's sad really....) But I'm so happy! He is sooooo cute! And now, when people ask for a size comparison to a Pokedoll, I can give one. XP

2. Pika Lovers (that's what I call it) Pillows. These pillows are pretty big as you can tell. SO soft, made with minky. They were a must get for me.

Here they are:

All are from denkimouse. Thank you!

Tomy bootlegs?

My very first collection was Tomy figures, and I think it's the hardest to collect, because 90% of what you find oline, especially eBay, are bootlegs, and some of them are dang hard or impossible to tell from the little bitty pics you see.
So here's my delima. I was dusting my Tomy's, which I thought to be all genuine, when I noticed something. The majority have the stamp indented into them, but one that I knew 100% certain was a fake had a raised stamp. The more I got to looking, the more raised stamps I found. Example:

Sandshrew has the indented stamp that I was talking about, while Electabuzz and Jynx are both raised.

So can legit Tomy's have raised stamps, or does it automatically mean it's a bootleg?

Long time no see! Sales and some gets!

Hey, guys! How is everyone? I've missed the comm so much these past few months, but life got in the way and limited internet access trumped the little time I could have had on here. So, I think I'll post a little re-introduction to myself and my loves, as well as a collection post soon.

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I also have some sales here, as I found a small treasure trove of dog tags and some slider figures at a flea market today! There will be small discounts for multiples, as well as adding a slider to your order. :)

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Quick Ralts Line Charm GB!

Hey everyone! I really need the Gallade charm for my fighting type charm collection! I have all fighting type charms from wave 1 & 2 besides Gallade! Since i didnt manage to get a Ralts line... And i really don't need the others!

So! Ralts, Kirlia & Gardevoir are up for grabs! 

There will be a single payment of $9.34..Which covers Fees & shipping! I'll be shipping to you for free =) i know this may seem expensive to some, but these charms are already selling @ the higher rates.. and they're sold out at the Pokemon Centres.. (Hence why i missed out on a pick up) 

Sales Permission was given on 03/10/2011 by denkimouse
Feedback thread: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/spideyroxas/


Ralts: irethsune
Kirlia: nasija
Gardevoir: schenzi
Gallade: spideyroxas

Comment below if you want any! (You can claim more than one!) once all 4 are claimed i'll purchase the lot.. but if not all are claimed i can't afford to buy the rest myself.. so it'll be disbanded.. (So if thats the case in the end, anyone have a Gallade i can buy?) 


collection weeding

Hey there everyone. I'm in the need of some spare cash thus I am doing some collection weeding. Sales include zukan, megabloks, stampers, charms, figures and more. Click the image or the link below to go to the sales.

I also have a super cute Charmander 151 Pin up for auction!

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Auction Reminder and questions...

Hey everyone. :D This is just a small reminder that my MWT Canvas Umbreon plush is ending on ebay in less than 2 days. :) Click the image to go to the auction.

Also, I MIGHT be parting with my Vaporeon canvas plush so that I can purchase a Nintendo 3ds (and Zelda, Nintendogs + cats, and the Pokemon Brawl or wutever it's called... has anyone played it?) I'm looking for $220+ not including shipping, so if you're interested, make offers. Otherwise it'll end up on Ebay with Umbreon. I LOVE my Vaporeon canvas and would really like to see him go to a new home. :< I can provide pictures if need be.

Next, I have a couple questions. :3 My fiance's employer is a REALLY cool lady and found a nifty little pokemon item in a storage lot that she purchased (anyone seen storage wars? Yeah that...). She gave it to me as a gift and I am wondering what it is....

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I'm also expecting some things in the mail so expect a collection update from me around Valentine's Day. :3 (btw grats on everyone's secret valentine's gets. I REALLY wish I could have participated this year. ;__;).

Thanks for reading. :D

Recent gets!

My birthday was last month so I got a few things and I bought some stuff from here. So here they are (apologies for the slightly cluttered background, I'm in the process of packing):

The Osha bag, talking Prinplup and Zekrom bottle cap figure that came with cards were my birthday presents. The ToyFactory Piplup(first piplup!) and Turtwig are form ebay, and the applause Bulba, the Prinplup figures, and the Seadra BK plush are buys from the community (this place is dangerous for my wallet!).
Not pictured is My lati blanket I recieved fromgengareric
Soon to come are : some charm (don't know which pokemon I'm getting yet), Empoleon plush, More BK toys, and possibly some kids.

p.s. I am looking for a Plusle beanie plush (I think it's hasboro) I have the Minun. I am also looking for some charms!

A Secret Valentine Post

I received my gift earlier this week, so I thought I'd share it all with you. I know that I'm way, way, way overdue for a collection update and perhaps a reintroduction, but I know that will take me a long time, and I wanted my SV to know that it arrived.


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wants/ MLP repainters/editers

hey everyone. i have a few wants right now.

1. Jakks vaporeon- if someone has one for sale let me know. (any condition)
2. Vaporeon Zukan piece- please let me know if you have an extra one or have one for sale. (any condition)

let me know if you have one for sale or are willing to trade for something. (can't spend a whole lot on either of them right now but idk what they go for)

also collection update soon. just waiting for my SV gift to come =]

also i have some filly MLP figures that i wanted edited into my 2 pony OC's and a blitzle. i was wondering if there is anyone that does MLP edits/repaints? i would send you the pony figures. if there is anyone here that does those let me know. here are pics of my pony OC's in case anyone is able to do them. Snowfall: http://liahmew.deviantart.com/art/For-A-Friend-279910379?q=favby%3Axdecemberxlovex%2F45564557&qo=2
Beanie: http://liahmew.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Adopts-closed-278835362?q=gallery%3Aliahmew%2F34702036&qo=28
(beanie doesnt have a cutie mark and if someone wants to tackle her you dont need to include the beanie or scarf. only if you want to)

Wanted: Wailord Time Plush

Ok, it took me a while to catch onto the Wailord craze, but I've finally caved in >.< I'd really like one of these plushies, but preferably not have to pay the extortionate ebay prices if possible :) If anyone has one for sale, please let me know ^.^ Thanks!

Charm Update, Meme, and Wants

Charms from the one and only denkimouse. No ticket, but the charms are gorgous. There was also a cute little pokemon center pikachu bag that I've decided to hang on my wall. :3
And now for pics of the charms! :D

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Also, does anybody have these for sale or are willing to part with?

-Buneary pokedoll MWT
Image is from Usakochan. Hope it's alright, if not I will take it down right away!

-Shinx pokedoll ( butt-tag )

Edit: These would be a lovely addition to my collection as well! XD
-Luxray kid

-Mismagius pokedoll

Long overdue gets update! and some wants!!

We've been meaning to post all of our gets, and just haven't had a chance! We received quite a few packages from the community in December/January!

Anyone who's tagged in this, if you could please leave feedback here:  http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/bennybellsprout/ I'd really appreciate it!!

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Flygon plush before Valentines Day!!

I'm looking to buy a hasbro Flygon plush to give to a Flygon obsessed girl on Valentines day xD.
I know this is very last minute with the 14th day being 9 days away so i'd be willing to pay for expedited shipping if necessary.
I know they come in 3 sizes but any size should do.
Does 40$ plus additional shipping and fees sound fair? o.o
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