February 7th, 2012

early valentines <3

The mailmain woke me up today, but with a pleaseant surpirse!
My valentine angel thingy had the shape of papercaked and she sent me such awesome things <3

She sent me a lovely letter, a custom litwick sculpt wich is the cutest thing ever and two piplup plushies <333 (pokedoll and jakks)
Wich makes me really happy, cause this is the first actual pokedoll I own, I had that bootleg one that is supposed to be japanese xD


Seeing the awesome gift I got, and everyone elses I feel I should have sent more stuff. I really didn't think of it at the time but I promise I'll make an EPIC gift next year or next gift sending event :)
Like candy.. im like "Y U NO THINK OF SENDING CANDY" to myself T__T
I hope everyone is having a great week and all, sorry im posting so soon but I had to show you guys my gifties x3

Pokemon live!

I absolutely love the cheesy goodness that is Pokemon LIVE! It's just so tacky and cheesy and.. well, I just love it. Were any of you able to see it live? And more importantly.. was there merch?!?!? This is what I have so far:

The uber rare cd (anyone know how made were made?) cost me.. a lot. I don't want to say, because people already think I'm crazy. It was one of those eBay finds that you don't sleep for the week before. Keychain was also a eBay find, so I'm not even 100% sure that it's legit. So if there was merch, and more importantly, if you are willing to sell it to me, please let me know! I figure there had to of been a t shirt or something that they sold, right? I didn't actually get to see it, so I need more merch to fill that void in my life.

And just incase I'm not the only one who loves the cheesy goodness, some kind hearted soul posted the ENTIRE LIVE SHOW on youtube. HERE is part one of seven. There's also a making of video HERE that I am currently watching, and is what inspired me to make this post.

Plush Sewing Patterns and Collection Photo Shoot

Hi everyone.

First I have a question. I'm looking to make my first attempt at sewing a pokemon plush, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any patterns that I could use. I want to start with something simple, like maybe Snorlax or Furret (at least they seem simple to me). If anyone has any tips or patterns that I could use, it would be greatly appreciated!

Now to my collection so far. I do have a few more plushes coming in the mail soon, but as of now, this is what I have. Just thought that I'd post the photo shoot I did with them.

 Custom Delcatty plush made by hottiehulio. She did a fantastic job! I think that if an official Delcatty plush existed, this is what it would look like.

 Lila and Delcatty. I know the Delcatty is slightly out of focus, but Lila kept moving, so this was the best shot I got.

 Milo and Delcatty.

 Muffin and Minccino.

Eevee Collection
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rate my poke plush!

For anyone who would like to know, Brian in Japan has just launched his new iPhone/iPad app called Rate My Poke Plush. You can take photos of your Pokémon plush in any creative way possible and put it up for others to view, rate, and comment! There are new photos added daily; take a look here for more info! Sounds like fun, right? If only it was free to view!
N &amp; Snivy

Question about card binders

This may be a stupid question, but are card pocket sheets made for 4 pocket ringed binders? Or are 4 pocket binders made with the sheets sewed into the binding? I'm asking because I'm getting ready to sale a lot of my TCGs and only collect a few, so I want to downgrade to 4 card pages instead of 9.

It sounds crazy, but a lot of the binders I have looked at didn't have the rings where you could insert your own sheets. I'm hoping I can find a ringed one for a reasonable price if anyone has one for sale.

Icon by me, Art by ryunwoofie

NYC Nintendo World Run

Hello, everyone!

I've done this before and will be doing it again if there is enough interest. I will be going to NYC in the next month and a half or so and am willing to do a run for Pokémon merchandise similar to the ones I have done before.

Once I have gauged interest levels and have a specific date set for my visit, I will do an official orders post with the store's current in stock inventory listed. :)

Pokemon collector youtube channel

Hello people, Just joined today and wanted everyone on here to know about my channel, www.youtube.com/pokedancollection

I show my growing pokemon collection and do reviews on pokemon items too, i hope you check out the channel because if your a pokemon fan im pretty sure you will like this channel.
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Blue &lt;3

I'm calling you out, collectors!

Which one of you has this? I know someone does.

This is a darling Vileplume pencil sharpener.
I used to have one as a child, and for a while, Vileplume became my favourite Pokemon.
I do not have any moneyz (sniff), but I still would like to at least know if someone here has one that they can part with SOMETIME.
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

BW2 Attack Kids, Dragon Selection Cards, and Search

PKMN: Sailingtoed

Seeking a Snivy beanie baby

and someone willing to wait until the 14th for payment ♥ XD Paypal takes foreverrr

I want to get this Snivy plush for my friend's birthday, but since I'm not sure how easy they are to get now I'm asking before my transfer clears just in case I have no luck this time around. Minty condition with all tags please! And I need it shipped to Canada, but I'm going to ask it to be shipped directly to her house so I'd really appreciate it if you'd be willing to write (or even print) a personal note from me to include with the plush (and maybe use my address as the return address? Is this a bad idea/illegal? I don't know, tell me if so XD). I'd have it shipped to me and then ship it to her myself but it's already going to be late since her birthday is on the 16th. >o>; So I'd like to try and have it there before February is over, at the very least.

Visual reminder 'cause photos grab the eye:

If I haven't replied to you I'm not ignoring you, I swear. DX I've been busy and then I had a root canal yesterday and I feel all lightheaded and ick today. :x

probably a really stupid question/want but here we go

Okay so, im in tears right now watching Pokemon Live with Fizzycat. I literally can't believe how painfully pants this is LOL.
Tears of laughter or pain, im not sure what i have right now.




Above you can see theres a Zubat and Golbat puppet used in the live show. Golbats wings flap and... well Zubat just looks like hes on a stick LOL. I would pay, thousands for these, id pay anything for these.

ANNYYYY info on the costumes/props of this live show would be awesome. Its a long shot but, WORTH ASKING I GUESS?

Thanks guys!! ;0;


EDIT!!!! Thanks to the lovely Spideyroxas, I was able to get in contact with the company that made the puppets for Pokemon Live. They were really nice, and said that the whereabouts are unknown of all the puppets, and if i wanted a replica made i would need permission from Nintendo. I REALLY dont think i could get such a thing so, only thing to do is hope to god i can find 1 Zubat/Golbat puppet in the world out there xD

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Collection Update, Wants, & Poll

Hey everyone, I just realized that I have a bunch of new stuff and it's been a while since I collection updated ;D I'm proud to say I made some really good progress with my shuppet collection and I can't believe I'm keeping up with the candle line merch! =;w;= Anyways, come have a look!

Collapse )

As for my wants, I've redone my list so if anyone knows the whereabouts of these items, let me know! ;D

~Steelix Metal Swing
~Steelix Thinkchip
~Duskull UFO
~Duskull/Pichu 5th Movie Sticker Holder
~Shuppet Retsuden Stamper
~Shuppet Metal Figures
~Halloween Sticker Sheet
~Giratina Movie Charm set B
~Gold & Copper Metal Giratina