February 8th, 2012

Paypal Emergency!!

Okay has anybody ever used paypal and realized that they payed for the item the wrong way and wanted to switch how they bought the item? When you change the payment method do you need the other parties consent or does it work automatically. I need the answer asap otherwise my bank account will go in the neg.

Edit: Is this pokemon related because I did use noppin to buy a pokemon? Mods if this is inappropriate I will take it down, I just really need the advice because I never used paypal or any of these sites before and I don't mean to be a pain.


For those who run into the same problem as I did, no fears. Noppin saves all! YAY, thank you noppin for savin my grail
pika cap2

Search of pika-grail

Greetings everyone I've been on the search for this Pikachu plush forever I'm in love with Pikachu because he's so different from the other Pikachus and I would love to have him do maybe somebody here can help me out so if anybody has him for sell or trade please let me know.

This image I borrowed from hobbyvalley.com
angry Pikachu UFO plush MY GRAIL!!!

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Hello everyone! Greetings from the sandbox!

I haven't been updating much since I've been deployed, but I am happy to announce that the first set of charms I ordered arrived, safe and sound! Unfortunately, there was no golden ticket, but that's fine, as I now have a chain of the Blaziken line and Skarmory decorating my desk space, along with the Torchic canvas that CorinthiansRose (thankfully) sent out before she rage-quit.

I look forward to getting the next half of my order of the Samurott line, Durant, and Reshiram! I can't wait to get my first piece of ant merch, along with the MPC! ^^ Though it is my hope that they make him a pokedoll, or barring that, snapping up a slot with Usako-chan! I'm also looking forward to getting the fluffy-chested Cobalion to be my cuddle buddy at night!

So that begs the question: What ONE piece of merch would you absolutely froth at the mouth for if it was made officially? A re-release of some rare, obscure plush? A life sized Tyranitar? Go nuts!
  • jujufox

Hot Topic GB anyone?

Hot Topic has exclusive Pokemon merchandise, and some are online exclusive so I though maybe we could do a group buy? HT doesn't ship internationally, but I do! :) They are having a BOGO 1/2 OFF sale on some of their t-shirts, and any other Pokemon t-shirts are on clearance. BOGO 1/2 OFF is marked for each item it applies to. It only applies to t-shirts not on clearance, and not on any long sleeved shirts or hoodies.

Who gets the BOGO 1/2 OFF discount? Everyone who orders an eligible t-shirt! We will split the discount so that means everyone who orders a BOGO t-shirt gets 25% off. That means if there is an odd number of shirts I will buy another shirt to make it even.

You have until 5:00 PM CST on Friday to place your order.
Sorry! I have to bump this up to 12 PM CST on Friday due to schedule conflicts!

There will be only 1 payment, and I will post the spreadsheet for payments on Saturday.
Sales permission granted by [info]entirelycliched on 10/29/11

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  • nyukins

Collection update :)

It's been a while since I did an update, but I got a few things yesterday that I bought from someone at my university. So some cool things.. and also some things I am hoping can be identified as I don't know what they're from!

Love love love these capsuale gashapons :D

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Conspiracy - Wynauts Ruin My Day

Collection Update - Lots of Great Gets!

Okay, so I really went a bit shop-crazy in December and after my birthday in January... and because everything isn't in yet, here's most of my gets since my last update! It's long overdue, but I'm thinking about making these updates once a month, depending on the amount of gets arrive...

So without any further delay, let's see what's new this time around!
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Thanks so much for looking! I can't wait to show you more... that is, once they get here... but I do have a quick question for the comm! [as if this post isn't long enough already - my bad..!]

I'm thinking about finally buying my first Pokedoll on the comm [I have looked on eBay, but I trust buying from you guys a lot more!], but I'm not sure which one I should get. I like a lot of different Pokemon, but I want my first to be a special Pokemon or at least one that means something to me. [Unfortunately, they never made Swablu or any of the Lake Trio into Pokedolls yet... ;_;] Anyone have any recommendations for a Pokedoll newbie... and what was your first Pokedoll?

Thanks for all of your help!

- Juuchan


Hello everyone!

In the spirit of tax season I come to you with some some quick wants. I only have a few things I am looking for at the moment, so if you have any of these items up for sale please let me know. If there is a line through the item name, it means I have found it. =)

Articuno Zukan

Pokemon 2000 Articuno Pin

Metal Articuno Pin

Pokemon Center Articuno Holiday Mug

That's all for my wants, please let me know if you are selling any of them. =)

Lastly.... Sales post, I choose you!

Thank you, and take care!

Quick Pichu Wants & Now Sales!

I will be leaving for Sacramento tomorrow morning so I won't be responding to messages until I come home on Sunday!
Edit: Just kidding. It turns out that the hotel had free wi-fi for once.

So I've decided that I'm not going to hide my love for the Pichu Bros. any longer. I want to start collecting merch of them! So of course, number one on my wants is
1:1 Tufty Pichu! I've actually been wanting one of these guys for a really long time, but either I'm too slow to comment to buy one, or it turns out to be an auction(I really like to avoid those when possible. I'm not the competitive type.) I'm looking to pay $60 shipped for one or around that price if possible. I'm also open to trades/partial trades! Found one~! but now I need funds. XD
So that means...Sales!

Here's my very small permanent sales: http://noxxbunny.livejournal.com/6380.html
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My first collection post!

So this is my first collection post! Since I started out with just my little custom bulba/ivy/venusaur a little while ago, after some fervent collecting (possibly a little obsessively...) to the disappointment of my bank account I now have a collection! WOO! Mostly plushies at the moment since I can't resist them pretty much EVER...But anyway to the disappointment of my husband...

Collapse )Thanks for looking! And thanks for being awesome guys ^.^ I love this community <3
strawberry jolt

Collection update, kinda re-intro plus collection weeding :D

Hello Everyone!

After some time of lurking i thought that i should post a charming collection update, plus a re-intro and a collection weeding should be applied aswell sadly...

So first things first collection update time :D

Chaarrmmmmss :DDDDD
I must note really image heavy...

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And lastly the sad part of collection weeding...

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Thanks for reading ^^

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Valentine gift!

I received my Secret Valentine's gift a couple days ago! They really did their research by looking at my past posts and my wants list on my private journal. They got me all things I didn't have and still really wanted! I am so happy with it all! <3 It's perfect! They also got my Shinx bug back so I need to add a wants at the end of this to finish that collection! :DD

[info]tsuki_no_eifie!! Thank you so much! You did a great job picking for me.

They made me a beautiful card. Drew Victini on it and had a very sweet message inside. Love the envelope too! Everything came wrapped up in tissue paper all nice and neatly :) The candy in the tin is gone haha. I was so excited when the pan stickers fell out! My Victini collection is so close to being done now! *hugs*

Also got my GA item from pantherotter. She gave me a Charizard kid I was looking for and an awesome doodle! <3 Don't you just love the bow she gave him? :D

Thank you to the mods who planned this and to everyone in the community who made this a success! :) This was a lot of fun!


Clipping figure and kid! *stole pic from denkimouse cause I am a petty thief mwahahahah*
dragon shoe
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New Groundbreakers + new camera = ??

Here's my first collection update of 2012! Woo! I've added four new Groundbreakers to the roster and a nice new camera to take pictures of them with!

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Groundbreakers! Yeah!

Unrelatedly, while I'm here, I'm still looking for some charms, or people to trade charms with when wave three is in!

Linoone, Magikarp/Shinykarp, Butterfree, Kabuto, Lileep, Piloswine, Wartortle, Shelmet, Gallade

Pikachu, Charmander, Porygon, PorygonZ

Karrablast, Armaldo, Wailmer

I dunno what I am going to do with my hordes of charms yet... Right now I'm hanging them off my plush net in chains, which is fun but kinda pointless! I want to wear them and show my nerd pride! I tried making a charm bracelet but it turned out too bulky for my tastes. :C Back to square one!


So I met today with miss10 and conducted a trade that we had on the talks for a few days. She got my bottlecap reshiram and my drilbur plushie, and I got her totodile squirter and her spinarak. We both also traded 5 cards

I gotta say that miss10 is an AMAZING person. It was so cool to meet you and trade with you, even though I wasnt being very smart at all the whole time, I just wanted to thank you so much for being there and dealing with me xD

Now to the fun part:

Again, miss10 thanks a lot!! you are amazing!!

Btw: all packages that I had due to send, are on the mail. Please if you have received them, please dont forget to leave me feedback as well as your feedback link

Thanks :D