February 9th, 2012

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Upcoming TOMY merch and new PokeCen straps!

Hey guys!

A wave of upcomig TOMY Pokemon BW merch have been announced! The discovery is courtesy of AAPF

[ Monster Collection Figure (MC Series) ]
  • Movie 15th main Pokemon (21 April 2012) 
  • Audino (19 May 2012)
[ Soft vinyl figure ]
  • Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion (5 April 2012)
  • Movie 15th main Pokemon (28 April 2012)
[ Tuning Neck Plush  (movable neck with battery, new series) ]
  • Pikachu, Snivy, Oshawott, Emolga (21 April 2012)
[ Plush regular size (N-30) ]
  • Movie 15th main Pokemon (28 April 2012)


Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion (5 April 2012)
Movie 15th main Pokemon (28 April 2012)

WHAT?!?!  Hyperventilating at the soft vinyl figures!! I hope they don't turn out to be crappy looking like other figures in the past. :/

Anyway, the information above is a bit confusing because it seems a whole bunch of Keldeo merch will be released in April...but many people are saying it'll be revealed this month. Perhaps even by the end of this week. Wouldn't it make sense to release merch right after its reveal? I would really hate to wait all the way till April for the Pokemon Company to finally reveal Keldeo...

By the way, someone posted an image of a Virizion strap in an earlier post. AAPF was able to find pictures of the rest of the new strap releases. Here:

On the hunt for these...

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some rare plushies yet again, these particularly:

-Absol Pokedoll -- I just lost a bidding in a GA for this guy, I would really like to adopt one! (so willing to pay a lot--I'd go up to $250 if MWT)

-Spheal Pokedoll -- apparently impossible to find but we never know! :D

-Minun and Plusle Canvas plushies (willing to pay highly as well for these)

-Shiny Magikarp Plush

I know these are all expensive, just name me a price!

Thankies!! :)

Regular Sales and Custom Sales! :D Also my Valentine's Gift!!

Hey, everyone! I'm trying to replace a lot of money I've been spending (lol) and to try to save up for a grail of mine that has popped up! :D (Also, sorry if some of the picture sizes are wonky, photobucket has been a pain in the rear-end lately!)

Regular sales include new items and lower prices!


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Ahhh, got my Valentine's gift today too!!!! Thanks so much to tailglow!!!

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WANT POST! Want this guy.

I've been walking tall grass (aka searching every walmart, target, TRU etc) for the Jakks Pacific 5" Electronic Garchomp action figure for a long time, but Jakks Pacific themselves had informed me that this was only available in other select regions. Then just a few minutes ago, while window shopping on ebay, I stumbled upon an auction for one. But due to a sad twist of fate, the auction already finished and I was too late to do anything about it. So now I come to all of you and ask, do you have one you're willing to sell?

Per the rules, I am willing to pay about $35 total (same as how much the auction ended for), and any condition is fine, really:

-Doesn't have to be in the box, in fact, I prefer that it isn't boxed
-Paint smudges/scratches, dust, play wear, bent parts, broken voice box, whether it's from a smoke/pet-free home or not, are okay
-If it has any accessories and is missing any (instructions, missile blasts, etc anything optional outside the figure itself), include them if you want but I won't really need them
-As long as the figure itself is complete (all arms, legs, poseability, etc), I'll take it.

If this price seems fair, please send me a message as soon as you can. Thank you.

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Lugia Want + Turned multipost!! 2009 Charms are here!!!

I did a post like this about a 2 months ago and have since found and bought 5/8 of my wants.
The quest for this Shadow Lugia plush continues. :)

I already have the 2009 red tag version.

I am wanting the 2005 Japanese pre-order plush still!

The tag looks like this;

Please let me know if you guys have one. Last one that was sold in the comm less than a year ago sold for $40 shipped.
I paid $36 shipped for the 2009 US red tag version.
I'm willing to pay $50-$55 shipped. Must be MWT. (I'm a VERY anal collector) also the tag HAS to be factory attached. I despise my tags being taken off.

:D Thank you guys! I have faith that this comm will bring me closer to my lugia lovin'!


Ok the 2009 charms weren't supposed to be here until next week!!
Unfortunately that also means I can only send Tailglow's out tomorrow since I do not have the bubblemailers.
If you DO want me to send them out tomorrow and do not mind me recycling old bubble mailers I will add a pokemon card or two in there to even out the price from what you paid. :) Let me know!!

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EDIT: Tailglow, Havvaiibabe, Wutastic and Areica96 your packages are in the mail and will be sent out at 12pm MST time!!
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PKMN: Sailingtoed

Snow Day

I've been wanting to take pictures of some of my Pokemon in the snow for a while now but just never got around to it. ktmonkeyj's photo post the other day inspired me to finally do it before the snow started melting! So I spent my Wednesday freezing outside while almost falling in the snow and soaking my pants.

Mind you, I'm not a great photographer or anything! Some of the angles are really repetitive, and this is just my back yard in late afternoon so don't expect extravagant things. XD I put as much effort into it as my sleep-deprived brain could, but that's not saying a whole lot. I hope you can still enjoy them regardless. ♥

Wobbuffet invites you to take a look!

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I've gotten some really lovely things lately, particularly from the always sweet lady_miriya, but I'm saving that up for its own post when I get the rest in the mail (if I can wait that long fff). ♥ I'm excited. XD
Pokemon - Pickles - Sweatdrop - WTF?!

Secret Valentine Get 2012 Staring The One And Only Pickles!

I got my Secret Valentine this week!! So, I decided it was time for a photo story staring the one and only Pickles! There are many new members in the community now, so maybe I should take this time to quickly reintroduce Pickles to everyone?! A fellow community member was doing a PokeDoll run to Nintendo World in 2009. For some reason, I was compelled to ask them to get me a Giratina Origin PokeDoll, though I did not collect Giratina at the time!

On March 25th a package appeared in my mailbox, from the moment I opened it and saw Pickles I knew she was special. Not only is Pickles my travel buddy but every time I look at her, I am reminded of our many adventures. Pickles has also appeared in a few photo stories that I have put together and shared here in the community. Here is a link to one of my favorites:

Legs in Love?!

Now to the point of this post! A couple of days ago, a mysterious packaged showed up in my mailbox.

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I really enjoyed everything about this exchange and I would like to give thanks to those who worked hard putting it together! I hope that the community will hold another in the future...;)


Valentines get! & Wild Pokemon Appeared!

Hey guys! I got home from work to see my secret Valentines package had arrived! It was the awesome cluw that sent me mine!
Thank you so much <3 i love it!

How can you think i'd be unhappy with the charms just because they're doubles?! I LOVE CHARMS! So having these doubles means i can use them! (Since i'm really anal and love to keep dex charms for my main/side collections in their packages unless i have doubles) So now these two will probably don themselves on my 3DS or some shit! I adore the Elekid Strap! It's so cool! It's going straight in my Elekid stuff =B & the drawing & letter are really sweet <3 thank you!

I also got another package today which was a lot of figures off ebay! I wanted the Shiny Tyrouge Hasbro, so i'll be getting rid of the others! (I have Latios, Latias, Lucario, Mudkip & Squirtle Jakks & A Giratina Preorder Figure up for grabs) But i got a spare Mudkip Jakks.. So i decided i'd give him to my Parrot to play with...


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I'll have a collection update soon! with alot of new stuff coming in! (And my Fighting Type Dex Charm chain so far!)

Bon Voyage!


mini sales!!!

This includes quite a lot of TOMY, FCS (I believe?) and miscellaneous figures! And all for very cheap!!!

I got sales permission during the summer years ago by denkimouse.

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- And please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is.
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.
- I ship from the US.

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Introduction C:

Hi everyone C:
well, I guess I should introduce myself.. well, my name is Beth, and I'm a huge Pokémon fan! h.h I have been watching it since I first saw it on Cartoon Network when I was four, and have been in love with it ever since! I currently have a few plush and a huge Pikachu pillow! C: and a few other bits and pieces.. I hope to get to know everyone and become apart of the community, and make a few friends along the way! well.. I'm not sure what else to write.. so I'll post a few photos, sorry for bad quality.. haha I took the photos on my DSI XL ^,^"

I'm not sure what you class as image heavy.. but there are a fair few photos

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TCG Sales

Hi guys. I've done some much needed weeding in my TCG collection to make room for new cards, so I have put them up for sale:

They can also be combined with any of my other sales at no extra shipping cost: http://acciolucius.livejournal.com/

Some of you have asked about my bottlecap commissions. They are currently closed except to those who I've replied to and have pending sales. My pre-made keychains are still for sale. Just ask about them if you are interested.

Also, for those that have purchased from me lately, your packages should be shipped out sometime next week. I knocked my jaw out of its socket recently, so I have not felt like going to the post :/ I will soon, though.
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An Introduction :D

Hey there! :D I've been putting off introducing myself to the community for a while; so firstly my name is Paul. I joined the community a few weeks ago, but I was just lurking around, but I finally decided that I should go about introducing myself... >.> Anyway, I love all aspects of Pokémon (the games, collecting, all that good stuff ^.^), it's definitely nice to see a community filled with similar people :) I'd like to get to know everybody in the community and I'll be sure to post my collection at sometime or another. :)
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Multiple Charm Line GB // Plush Trade? // Full Art Kyurem

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

All charms from my Eeveelution Charm GB2 have been shipped. ^^ Thanks to everyone that participated in that. When charms are received, feedback would be awesome. XD!

I've decided to run another charm GB, this will probably be my last one (at least until Wave 3 is released).

It will be for the following lines: Aron, Feebas, and Houndour.

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Also, I doubt it, but does anyone have a Shadow Lugia, Houndour, Suicune, or Entei (in order of priority) Pokedoll or a Cinccino Tomy Plush that they would be willing to trade for another plush? If so, please comment with a list of English release Pokedoll/Cen you are looking for. I might consider purchasing Shadow Lugia or Houndour depending on the price...if anyone is selling. <- this part is kind of canceled but if anyone does have one of those plush for sale/trade, feel free to let me know 'cause I am still interested. I just wouldn't be able to trade any pokedolls (unless you want a Blitzle) until March.

Edit: And...I totally forgot Dezchu's auction was ending at 10:30 tonight so I missed out on bidding. Does anyone have the sleeping pachirisu tomy figure for sale/trade? ^^; Or a Houndour one (that wasn't part of the auction but I just remembered to ask about it. lmao)?

Edit2: (Friday) I just bought 10 Next Destinies booster packs. I pulled a full-art Kyurem EX. This is my first full-art pull. O: I am unsure whether or not I want to keep it. If I decide to trade, would anyone be interested? I would primarily be looking for the full-art versions of Raikou EX and Shaymin EX...possibly the shiny Zoroark card (and the Japanese promo Coro Coro Shining Mew as always). I may consider trading for other non-full art rarer than rare (Super and Ultra rare) cards. So...I guess lemme know if you're interested and what you have that I might like.

It's this card, btw -

<img src=" Thanks for reading, Risha
Happy Klyde

Snivy stuff updated+ 2nd month anniversary

Hello community,

Just wanted to say today marks my 2nd month here and have to say all thanks to this community my Snivy collection has grown a lot and can't wait to get a chance and purchase more and hopefully get a chance to at least get trade permission soon there is a lot of stuff I'm willing to trade including stuff from 2nd generation the most.

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No Way! Shiki

Looking for some eevee and mew related charms!

I ALWAYS miss the chance to get the charms I want in all these posts so... I hope someone who still has the charms I want will be kind enough to reply to this post of mine. XD

What I really want is these leafeon and glaceon charms! As well as this mew charm and other eevee charms I found pics of online.

Also ANYTHING Eevee x Mew!!! My boyfriend loves them both and I wanna get him somthing with both of them together!

And Also if you guys have anything custom made that's either leafeon or eevee x mew I would love that as well. XD

*** This is my first post btw. x_x Let me know if I have done anything wrong lol.

Edit : Got the leafeon, glaceon, and mew charms!

Super Kid GA Payment 1 needed ASAP

I hate that I'm still on the front page...but it is still the next day and I won't have time to post this tomorrow. So we won guys! Yay! Be happy! :) That was a close call. So we managed to raise $146 at the end there and won for 102.50. Link is Here to the winning auction! Not a huge discount...but it's still something. Anyways, double check to make sure you have all the correct ones you won for the right amount. It's late but I really don't have time to do this tomorrow. You have 72 hours (3 days) to pay or negative feedback will be left!

Price breakdown under the cut

Also, we need more claims on Truxtor's GB HERE! I can combine shipping from this GA with the GB. Thanks for participating guys! We have 60/118 claimed! Let's keep it coming! :D

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Budew Pokedoll

Alright this will be my last post for awhile >:, sadly i know how when you want something realllly bad you kinda get buggy so i understand some of the community members. Since i havent just posted a wants post this is my last try for the Budew Pokedoll for awhile. So sorry if im bugging you guys ;_; thank you for putting up with me...

Anyone willing to sell him to me? Or know anywhere i can buy him? Thanks so much appreciate it a lot!!