February 14th, 2012

My 1st ever post, wants and my collection so far!

Hey everyone! :)

I have been a huge fan of Pokemon since the very beginning and was collecting everything back in the day ... Unfortunately my mum told me to get rid of all my Pokemon things as I was getting too old for them. Why did I listen to her?!?!?
Anyway I saved a few things from back then and have decided to start collecting again. Ideally i'd like to stick with collecting plush only but chances in ill get sucked into collecting allsorts

I came across this site while googling randomly and decided to join up, good chance to get a good collection going and befriend a few people who have the same love for pokemon that I do <3
After only using the site yesterday for the 1st time I have already managed to buy a Growlithe Canvas plush and a Zorua Pokedoll ... so I am eagerly waiting for them to arrive (Can't wait to have my first ever Canvas and PokeDoll!)

However not looking forward to seeing my bank balance >.< aww well what can I say, its my 21st birthday in 2 weeks so think I deserve a little treat :)

Here is a photo of my collection so far :)

Wants :
.Zoroark Pokedoll (hopefully get her by the end of the month - please message me if you are selling one!)
.Mr Mime, Persian, Cubone or Marowak Plush  (custom, tagged untagged I don't care im just desperate for these)

it's poképin commission time!

So the last batch has been done (pins being made, on their way to me)... except one member has still not approved their designs. >_<
If this is you please contact me ASAP!

Anyway, I needs moneys for the upcoming BW5 dragon sets so I will be having commissions for both February and March (what a surprise XD).
I will be opening 5 slots for each month, but only slots for February are open right now.
If you're interested in getting some cute, awesome pins, click the button below!
(please do not comment to this post if you're asking for a quote or wanting to purchase pins, please ask on my pins page)
Past examples of commissions are also available on the page. =3

February's slots are now closed!
If you are interested in getting some cute pins, please check pkmncollectors for another commissions post early March! :D

EDITS / I'll also be posting a collection update soon. I ran out of room for Pokédolls again even after adding two more shelves so me thinks it's about time. XD
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Duckie love pic + more!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you all have a good one. <3

I've just got a cute short photo story today. I would do it later in the week, but the occasion is just right. I also think I may be posting too frequently, but after this, I'll take at least a week break from posting. This post is actually not just about the Ducklett love pic, as there's also another two of my plushies who found love! =3

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pissed off

Beware of using debit/credit cards with Noppin!!

So, I just had a major scare today with my bank account. Seems someone got a hold of my debit card info from Japan and charged a hefty sum of money on it. I went to the bank and they told me it was from Noppin. I normally use Noppin for my deputy services and have never had a problem using them, even from way back when they were called Crescent.

Turns out the extra charges were from them. Last I used Noppin was about a month and a half ago, and my purchases were already shipped to me. I've had my items for quite sometime, and paid everything I needed to. From my experience, they do not ship until all charges have been paid/cleared.

It seems they may either have a security breach, made a mistake and charged me double (And then about 100$ more), or they may actually have some theft going on. I'm letting you guys know, only because many of us use deputy services and I do not want this happening to anyone else.

Please be a little on guard, and check your info! Only way I found it, was by checking my account daily.. sometimes more then once a day (I obsess over it at times.. ^^;). Thankfully, I went to the bank this morning and they are fixing the issue. They said it was good to check and that I did the right thing by coming to them immediately.

If this post is not allowed, please let me know and I will remove it. I just want to get the word out about it so you can be on guard and not be out money!

Pokemon - Kissy

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More cards! Mostly Next Destinies additions, and I have a bunch of holo energies~

Added a custom Leafeon and Flareon sculptures, Zoroark/beast trio Shitajiki, and a Zoroark/beast trio mini tin!

Happy Valentines day guys!
(or, if you'd rather, happy day before discount candy day!)

Introduction~ ^_^

Hello, it's nice to actually get a LJ and join the pkmncollectors community!

I'm pretty much refereed to as Osaka by everyone, so yes..

I've been stalking the site for 2 years, and it's finally time to come out of the shadows.

Sooo... my Pokemon collecting started when I was 5 or 6, and I got the 4th movie, because I played smash bros Melee with my brother, and I liked Mewtwo and Pichu, and the 4th movie came with that promo Suicune card, so.... I went overload Collecting the TCG after that, and the Anime of course!

Then..... I learned about the Games, and my brother of all people bought me the remake of Red, Fire Red, when I got my first DS.....

Now, I collect really anything that Range from Plushes, Figures, Holo TCGs, Zorua, (Maybe Suicune and Victini in the future!) and anything that looks unique to me.

Here is MOST of my plushes up to date except 2:

  It really isn't neat like I wanted it to be since I was in a rush, but thanks for your time everyone~ 

I'm Sick Of Jakks' Poor Distribution

So here we are in February, and still no sign of Jakks Series 4 plushies, I'm tired of going into stores and seeing Munna, Pidove, Woobat, Drilbur, and the entirety of Series 3 minus Zorua. I remember the wait between Series 2 & 3 was a month (at least where I live). This time last year stores were getting in the last DP Series with Zorua, Celebi, Togekiss, Buneary, Pachirisu & Happiny. Target never got that set in, so it went from the series with Teddiursa to the first BW series. Jakks needs to get their act together, seriously.

Collection Update~

Hey guys! First off, Happy Valentine's Day! If you don't like/celebrate Valentine's Day, then Happy... Tuesday? X3

Okay, I promised I'd make a collection update this month. Since my birthday is tomorrow, I decided it would be a good time to post an update now ^^ (I'm going to NY on the weekend for my birthday though-expect some new gets by Monday! XD)

Hm, what's this? A box in the mail too? Looks like Chubs wants to help open it!

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PKMN: Sailingtoed

Politoed hugs for all!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day, collectors! ♥

I've always been a big fan of this holiday, single or not, because I love sweet, love-y things! You don't need a boy/girlfriend to celebrate, in my opinion. You can love far more than just a partner! Parents, siblings, friends, fictional characters, pets, plush!! My mom used to get me little plush or candy on Valentine's Day and it always made me so happy. Love is limitless and comes in all shapes and forms. ♥ Plus -- chocolate. Need I say more?

In celebration, and maybe to cheer up some people who really need to go grab some chocolate and hug a plush, I made a somewhat short photostory featuring Noritono the Happytoed (Nori for short!) in something of a predicament. He's not sure what to do for his sweetie! :C Read on to find out his resolution. But first, allow me to abuse these heart emotes some more while I've got the excuse: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

(Check out the story to find out what the heck this ^ is XD)

Apologies in advance for somewhat large file sizes and slightly grainy photos. I'm still trying to make GIMP bend to my will. >:/ Also, I haven't got my tablet working so I had to do the edits by mouse. It was not fun. XD

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If there's anyone who's willing, I'd aboslutely love to see photos of your Pokecouples in the comments!! C: I had a ton of fun pairing these guys up. ♥

Wants!!! Shiny kids and regular kids!!!

Hello again pokemon community:D i just realize how awesome shiny pokemon kid figures are! If anyone is selling some shinies, please let me know:) i am mainly looking for final evllution kids. Please send me the actual price you would sell them. Also, i really want a magmortar shiny. If anyone would be kind enough to sell me that for $20, that would be great!!! And if anyone has a huge kids sale that isn't posted, please send me the link to the sales:D

Updates, Wants and Goals

Decided to write a little post to list my updates, wants and my goals for 2012

First of for updates:
-I have decided that for just now my main collection is going to be of the Canvas plush series, I hope to one day have them all. They are just soo cute that I can't resist them!

-I have made my first canvas purchase ... I bought the Growlithe Canvas off ofusakochan I also bought 3 McDonalds figures off her as I guess the UK wont get them :( but I am currently waiting to recieve them, I was told earlier that she will be posted them today so I am super excited about that! 

-I bought my first ever pokedoll (Zorua) off of havvaiibabe I am currently waiting to hear about the staus off that but I had to get Zorua, he is a little cutie :3

-At the end of the month I plan on buying 6 Canvas plush off of cyritic I plan on getting Raichu, Pichu, Vulpix, Lapras, Riolu and Dragonite ... ahh then I will own 7 canvas! (this is a birthday present to myself as I turn the big 21 on the 27th)

Thats it for updates

Wants :
- Obviously it goes without saying that I am after any canvas I can get my hands on. Please message me if you have any on sale, or going on sale! (mostly at the minute I am wanting the Pikachu and lake guardians)
- Zoroark Pokedoll, I love zorua and zoroark and as I have got the Zorua pokedoll I have to get the Zoroark as a companion XD
-Any Plush of Vullaby or Mandibuzz (I just love them!)

Thats it for wants

Goals for 2012:
-To have at least one of the eevee evolvutions canvas (I hope to get them all but at the moment my goal is to have at least 1)

Thats me done ... Please message me or comment if you have any of my wants etc! <3 x

Next Destinies gets


Well I went and bought a mewtwo box today and some packs, and got really nice gets :D

My cute grumpy lobster who I call Red decided to help me show the gets. Please be aware that Red is Not for sale, as he is one of my favorite figures :D 

Here are the gets:

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Anyways, yeah that's what I wanted to show you (and I don't think I had showed Red to the community :3

BTW: I still have loads of cards for sale on my Card Sales Post

Thanks for watching :D
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Secret Grail Get and my last want!

Something amazing just arrived today and I thought i should share it with everyone :3

An Oddish PlushPlush! I've been looking for this since I first joined this place and was so surprised to actually find one, by chance to boot! It's fabric feels so amazing X3 And the tag is in perfect condition as well! It pretty much completed everything I could have ever wanted... Well except for one thing^^"

I'm desperately looking for this very cute Pachirisu Valentines Pillow(it's from 2007) in good condition and with its hang-tag. It would be pretty much grail worthy for me :3 The Buneary Valentines Pillow would be fine as well, but I think I prefer the Pachirisu version a little, cause it has that little pink bow X3 Any help in finding it will be greatly appreciated! Ohh and there's another collection update incoming sometime this month. Have a nice evening/day/morning/night everyone :)