February 15th, 2012

Sales Post - Huge assortment of Monster Collection figures for sale + many others

Hello Folks,
Its been quite some time since I have posted, but i'm ready to involved with this community again :)
I am sorry if it seems I have ignored any of my PM's, I have been extremely busy since Thanksgiving.

Anyway without further ado, my sales post...er well sort of.

Please check my website here ----> Simplytoyz.com

Its a lot easier to post a link to my website with ALL my current offerings for over 500 pokemon toys than to post everything individually here.

Please note for international orders - extra shipping & handling may apply.

If any of the tomy figures are out of stock be sure to add them to your wishlist. That way, when they are restocked - you'll receive an email.

By the way, sales permission granted sometime early last year by denkimouse

Updated Sales!

Hi Everyone! I've updated my sales thread with more Next Destinies common and uncommon cards, a Worlds 2010 bag, and other goodies. I still have worlds cards and pokedolls for sale too. And of course my items are negotiable should you see something that you like but its priced to high.

EDIT: Due to the amount of photos on my sales thread, I will be making a couple of entries to separate the number of pictures on my sales thread due to the lag. I should have it fixed later today. Thank you for your understanding.

Huge eBay Lots For Sale!

Hi everyone! After a couple of failed sales posts attempts, I've decided to sell all my spare Pokemon stuff on eBay as lots. It's not much use trying to sell stuff one figure at a time when Australian shipping is so overpriced =/ I have up for sale, games, DVDs, toy lots and more!

Here are a couple of the things I'm selling:



You can see all my listings here. If anyone wants to GA these to ease up the shipping costs, please feel free! :)
Absol EX

New here!

Hey there! :) I've been lurking here for a long time, and finally decided to get in on the action. I've been a fan of Pokemon since the RBY days, and I never could quite give it up. x3 I love the canine Pokemon, especially Mightyena and Manectric. Other favorites of mine are the legendary dogs and deer, Skarmory, Milotic, Blaziken, Meinshao, Scrafty, and Latios. I'd looove any cool figures of these guys, but I'm not so interested in plush as they take up too much space.

I can't wait to start collecting! Expect to see me poking around your sales posts soon. xD

I also  have a tiiiiiiny bit of an obsession with Florence and the Machine if you couldn't tell. x3

Wanted: Obscure Rattata/Raticate

It's been a while since I have, so I'm tossing out a feeler to see if anyone has some of the more obscure Rattata and Raticate items out there, and would be willing to sell them? I'm very much set on common items like kids and cards and such, and it's getting harder to find new things - but I'm sure they exist! :)

Clearfiles? (I know at least a Rattata one exists)
Marbles? (I have a few colors, wouldn't mind getting more)
Metal figures? (ditto above)

Other items maybe I'm not aware of yet? (Even if you don't have one for sale, maybe you can make me aware of something that I don't know about!)

Thank you!

Gets and Wants

Since joining the community I've spotted so many bulbasaur plushies and couldn't help myself
This is a little update :)

I'm also looking for a Bulbasaur pokedoll and my grail the bulbasaur 2010 walky plush
I'd like the charms with the walky plush though :3
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Images are borrowed :3
Hope you are all well 
Raichu Card Icon

New Valentine gets, card trade (?) and booty question. :3

Hello everyone. :D

I promised I would do a collection update around Valentine's Day, so BEHOLD! Here it is. :3

I unfortunately could not participate in the Secret Valentine this year (because I didn't know customs were allowed and I was broke QQQ) so hopefully I'll be able to participate in the next gift giving event. :3 But that being said, my Valentine's Day was amazing anyway. :3 And here's why...

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I also went to a job interview (and failed :<), and afterwards picked up some boosters of the new set. Wanna see what I pulled? :D:D:D:D:D

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And my final question regarding a bootie.....

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That's it for me today. Sorry my post was so long, but thank you for reading. ;^^
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Re-Intro + Collection Update! Plus a short question

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted..my classes this semester are so busy and work-intensive, it's nuts! But I finally got my last item I've been waiting on in the mail, and have a little time to spare, so I figured this was good time for me to do a little collection update :D And a re-intro, cause I never really "properly" introduced mysef ;P

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some wants

hi guys. urgh.
after much resistance to collecting anymore...i have decided to fully collect the Vanillite line. i have all of the plush, and now i need other things. ._.
After weeding my collection lots, i will have to do so -quite- a bit more to fit these guys in. but that will be at a later time.

i said i wouldn't post until my birthday (in a week!) but sdlkajflkflj
anyway! i'm looking for things (not just Vanillite)
bold = most want

i really like to TRADE, aswell, so i will gladly trade things in my sales post,
or trade custom items like from my etsy (click here!), or for stuff i've never made before.

This is, of course, if you have enough feedback to trade.

- Sewaddle Kid.
- Sewaddle Strap. (I believe this JUST got released in the Pokemon Center?)
- Vanillite Kid.
- Vanillish Kid.
- Vanillite Dot Sprite Tin.
- BOTH Vanillite Straps (thin strap and the thick strap)
- Bulbasaur Pokedoll.
My entire wants list can be found here: clickclickclick

OKAY this should be my last wants post for...a long time. >_> I've been cutting down my collecting significantly, but I'm sure you guys understand how hard that can be. :c

And a PS: I had meant to go to the post office today, but when I woke up and my alarm didn't go off, it was already after the post office closed. >_>
But I am definitely going tomorrow - I will be sending out my January MPC GA items, and the rest of the things from my sales.

I still have plenty of things in my sales post:
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Help me ID this thing?

First and foremost, apologies if I'm not doing this right. This is my first community post and please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong!
Mods, feel free to adjust/delete this post if I am in fact stuffing up big time ^_^''

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Hama-chan's Slowking?

Hello guys, I'm new to this com, so please forgive me if I'm doing something not allowed or something, I read the rules but you can never be sure enough. If I'm doing something wrong you're free to delete/edit anything dearest mods.

I'm not a hardcore pokemon collector but I try to buy stuff I like when I have money, so I have a lot of asorted stuff, mostly the slowpoke line, meowth, bidoof and buneary and I collect Yuka Morii cards.

Anyways, I recently discovered that there's a slowking illustrated by Masatoshi Hamada that was part of a japanese promo I think? Anyways, since Hamada is my favourite comedian, slowking is love and the illustration is hilarious I wanted to buy the card, only I haven't found it...

According to bulbapedia the card name is Hama-chan's Slowking and it looks like this

Is anyone here selling it? or could someone point me to where to look and how much to spend on it?

Thanks a bunch in advance <3

Whale grail get! and valentines presents!

That's right. Not a whale grail want, but a GET! My husband bought this (huge) baby for me a couple months ago. ZUKAN WAILORD! Limited to 1,000. Freaking yeah! Actually, he hasn't actually given it to me yet, it's supposed to be a birthday present (which is in April) but for part of my Valentines Day present, he let me take pics:

That's a Tomy Pikachu because I can't do a post without somehow involving Pikachu and if you can see the tiny green dot under Wailords mouth, that's the Zukan Caterpie, who was sitting next to Pikachu, then rolled underneath the immense weight of Wailord. Actually, he's solid, so he is pretty heavy.

Other pics of Wailord and my Valentine gets under the cut!!!

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houndoom and slowpoke

Crochet Plush Commissions- Waitlist only now!

Hey there, community! <3 I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day yesterday. :3

I'm waiting for a few more things to come in the mail before I do any more collection updates, but for now, how about come crochet plushies? :D

Yup, I'm opening up more slots for crochet plush commissions! I'm opening three slots this time, and its first-come, first-serve. Slots are full, but I can put you on the waitlist if you're still interested! Please click the banner above to go to my commission thread; I'll only accept commission requests from that thread. <3 Please be sure to read all the rules and guidelines!

(Also, feel free to check out more examples of my work over on deviantart.)

Prices range from $45-60 and vary according to the complexity of the Pokemon (ex, Voltorb would be a lot cheaper than, say, Reshiram, lol). $15 is needed upfront to reserve the slot and pay for materials; shipping charges are determined at the end. Please don't hesitate to ask me for a quote for a certain plush! :D

Thanks for looking! :3
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Never finished posting my collection!

Now it's my cards' turn.
My previous collection is posted to my journal, if interested. c:

I don't have too many cards, nor do I have buckets of super great ones.
But nontheless, I still enjoy them. I've begun collecting TCG cards just last year.
I'm not basing my collection necessarily on what's the most rare, but rather the cards I enjoy!
I love me some cutesy artsy cards.
I do have some awesome cards that aren't all about the cuteness though, you should definitely look.

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(no subject)

Hi i recently won an auction over on eBay and want to know if they are bootleg or not. The seller said they were rare nintendo victini stickers. Any ideas what they actually are?

Thanks, and also look out for a collection update soon because nearly all of my packages have arrived!

Parfearie Sabi

PayPal "Temporary Holds"

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you all a heads up (will delete this if necessary). I just received a partial refund and PayPal has put my entire PayPal account funds in a "temporary hold." It seems I can send money just find (except to the one who sent the partial refund) but cannot receive any money without it going into this hold.

I just wanted to let anyone who maybe being put into this situation. I just had to front all the money for a rather expensive GB because of this and have no idea when the hold is going to be lifted. Anyone with more information about this would be great! And anyone looking to do a partial refund...be wary of how quickly you do it. PayPal is claiming they have not received my banks payment for it yet (even though it was deducted out 3 days ago and the put the hold yesterday at 6pm so I find this hard to believe). Anyways, to make this post less boring my GB was for this:

I got suicune and entei and the other got raikou :3 they're all minty with tags too! How awesome is that!?
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Small Update and Want, +Extra

Hi, thanks for looking ^-^  I just had a small update and want for you guys today :> I hope you enjoy!


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Next we have my want. It's not a big one, but I saw it in a post earlier, and I sooooo wanted it. It might replace my suicune as my travel-buddy if I get one, but maybe not. This is teh main part!!!

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And here's your sad bonus stuff that nobody cares about anyway ;_; xD And no, no free stuff...(maybe a virtual prize *hinthint*)

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Thank you for reading my potentially boring post! I hope you enjoyed ^-^
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Date for NYC Trip

I promised to keep everyone posted, so I'm doing so!

I'm going to NYC March 22, so I will do a post roughly a week before then for orders. I will post a list of the inventory at Nintendo World at that time so people will know if the things they are interested in are in stock.

I'm doing a post this far ahead of time so people have plenty of time to gather whatever funds will be necessary.

Keep your eyes peeled!