February 16th, 2012

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B/W: Next Destinies Sale!

I know you guys are getting sick of these, but it's that time again... B/W: Next Destinies Sales! Mmm, so many delicious cards in this set!

Super cheap cards for you!
Rares only $0.50 each!
Uncommons only $0.25 each!
Commons only $0.10 each!

I've also got some sealed booster packs, Online code cards, and US Promo bottlecap figures!

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I was just writing to ask if everything available on yahoo japan is legit or if you still get botties there?
(I dont use yahoo japan myself but was just curious)

Also how can you tell if somethings a bootie if they only have a pic up and you can't read japanese?

One last thing I saw this pic of an eevee canvas but wasnt sure if it was the 2006 version or the 2009 version, looks like the '06 version to me but what do you think?
Never mind lol lack of sleep is seriously messing with my head, I can clearly see thats the 2009 Eevee -_-

Updated Sales Post! No Lag!

Hi everyone! I have revamped my sales thread and now everything is separated into its own sales thread now so you don't have to wait forever for the pictures to load. I have a lot of new items so come check it out! Click here to be transported to my sales. Remember all my items are negotiable in case you see an item that is priced to high!
Pokemon - Purugly - Celebration

One long overdue collection update!!

I am really overdue for a collection update and I apologize! Life has just been keeping me busy and like I mentioned before, I have not been buying as much. So, where to start?! How about with some of the things I received for Christmas?

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While I am at it, let's have a sales post:

My Lizard Needs A New Tanks Sales

I went ahead and lowered the prices of the remaining plush from my previous sales. I also added a Japanese Legends Entei/Suicune card set. Thanks...;)

¡Wild newbie appears! Hey :)

Hey everybody, my name is Saúl as you can see, I'm from Chile, and also a new user here. 
I started to collect this year Pokemon Tomy figures (I did it when I was young... but there were few survivors for the years XD). I have like 50 or more from the first generation and a few from others upper. 
I also collect Pokemon TCG, especifly Pokemon Gold Stars, Shinings, Golducks/Psyducks and Suicunes. I want all of them. Also have mini collections of alakazams, mewtwo, and pokecats. No big deal. 
Amm... I'll like to get some Zukan ones, but I haven't seen so much of it, so I dont know wich ones do I want (obviously I'll like suicune's, golducks, psyducks, umbreon/espeon, and if there are porygon complete evolution set). 
Loved to play the gameboy and nintendo 64 games! The last game I played was Pokemon Diamond, what a work breeding Pokemons there! Effort Values and Gens... hahaha funny thing. 
Here are some photos :) 

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I find this site cause a girl in the facebook group of Pokemon Zukan!

Hope get some good things here, make some partners and be happy with this site! Also hope to learn all the rules hahahah
PD: Sorry for my bad english, I don't speak always and sometimes I dont know how to join ideas XD
. And sorry if I'm doing something wrong, I espect you to tell and help me. Thanks!


Ok so from time to time I like to buy pokemon card booster packs, because they're fun to open and I tend to get good pulls, even though I don't collect the cards nowadays and don't play the game.

I've been trying to find the mewtwo box for next destinies at my local target. No luck, so I bought three packs of the cards instead.

Check what I got from my first pack:

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Piplup Innertube

My Kids :D

All of my Kid Figures :D.

Kid Figures have been my favorite type of figures ever since I got my first two-Joltick (Traded for a Cubchoo Kid) and Frillish. Ever since those two I've been hooked on them >.<

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Until Next Time :)
ALSO I'm getting about, 5 more Kids soon :DDDDD

want to buy: pracoro dice and metal figures and marbles.

Yee old school.

Basically I managed to pick up a few mint-in-box battle dice which was a mistake because I really like them and now I want more. = 3= I have Charmander, Snorlax, Meowth, and Beedrill (I'll post a picture of the poses below a cut) and I just kind of want to expand my rainbow. Arcanine would be super but I am actually kind of looking to collect all of the things.

Metal figures and marbles are also a want... Again, Arcanine/Growlithe are thebomb.com but I got a Ninetales metal figure from an awesome user named 99reddriffloons (I have no idea how to tag people .___.) for my boyfriend and it's cute and he told me to keep it with my collection for him and I want moar. ;______; I have a bajillion marbles already but I like them so meh.

If you have any of this stuff for sale, show me what it is and throw a price at my face and I'll let you know if I'm interested! Some species I like more than others so if I turn down your supermegaultrarare Ratatta you're selling for $50 don't hold it against me. ; o ;

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Good and bad news about GAs

I'm afraid I cannot get the seller from the GA ALL THE THINGS BK GA to reply to me, and I have not received a parcel. I think we can assume the guy is a crook! I am going to start a Paypal dispute with him to get a refund for the members who paid. I'm sorry guys!

(pics enlarge)


In good news, the Glittering Hoard GA seller has finally marked the items as posted! They will be trundling their way to me soon I hope!

All the best,

One get and a little more

Well, I checked the mailbox on the way to sending cards out tonight, and found I had a mid size mailer. I was a little disappointed that the self-service computer wasn't working, so all packages will have to go out tomorrow.

Anyway, so today I will be helped by my dear grumpy looking, but soft hearted dewott Dewey

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PS: I still have lots of cards for sale as well as some other goodies here
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