February 17th, 2012

Absol EX

Wanted: Muskedeers!

Does anyone have any of these guys for sale? Or any other figures of these guys, for that matter? I need some legendary deers in my life.

I have some awesome things coming in the mail soon, so a collection update is on the horizon! :D Thanks to everybody who sold me stuff for giving me an awesome experience so far. <3

Pokemon merch in the vancouver area?

(Vancouver BC, not Washington that is!) Also I consider the whole surrounding area (from the ferries to Surrey) as 'Vancouver area' :p So with that in mind, where are some good places for Pokemon merch that I may not know about? I'll be going in a few weeks for a while, and I go to visit there every several months, so I know the area pretty good. So far I know about these places:

-Sakura Media: General anime store, nothing really Pokemon except for manga, plus I was sad when I found out the OSTs I bought from them were bootlegs, since they sure looked convincing >_<

-T&T Market Metrotown: This is the ONLY one of the chain where I have found and bought Kids!

-Crystal Mall: Now I heard (I think it was from okapifeathers actually) that there is a store in here with lots of Pokemon merch! I have never been here before, and looking on the site I assume it's the toy store? What sort of items do they carry and are the prices good?

Any other places around that I might have missed? I know the usual TRU etc, but I'm only going to check those out to find old TCG blisters and tins (I can out with a great haul last year!) I'm not sure if I'll even be able to make it to Burnaby and stuff, but for if I do, I'll definately want to poke around at some places^^

A second chance?

A year ago I registered on this journal thing. great to see that other people also (still) love pokemon.
I'm still hyped about pokemon, so here is like a re-entry post or something? please forgive for my bad english, i'm dutch. 
yeah, that's right. the country also has a lot of pokemon lovers (:
In the year that i've been gone i accomplished:  school(finalsthis year)
                                                                     get a girlfriend (:
                                                                     collect pokemon.

I still collect pokemon. joined this community to see other collections, not to buy or sell anything. 
in the Netherlands there is a site called: marktplaats (market place) which works like ebay does, but you can delete your bid.
while i was hunting on that site, it felt like i was missing something. real pokemon stuff, with real pokemon lovers. 
my collection is quite big now, but still something is missing...

so in the cut: my collection so far, and the one question that really needs an answer! (:

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wanting more kids!

I'm looking for some cheap kids! I'd love to build up my collection a bit, as I only have one. It's a Spiky-Earred Pichu and I just think it's sooo cute and needs some friends!

I'd especially like pink ones~

Also any Jigglypuff merchandise! Feel free to link me to sales or anything or just post your prices here :)

Here's a picture to make it less boring :)

Updated plush pile~


Next Destinies Promo Wants


Short want/question post today.

First: does anyone have this card for sale/trade. Also, even if you don't have it for sale/trade, does anyone know if it's holo? I don't think it is, but I'm curious.

Second: does anyone know if these two blister packs are out in the U.S. yet?

Okay...I can't find a pic of the second one so here's the card - Link

Also, I still have the Mewtwo bottle cap figure and online TCG code for sale/trade if anyone is interested.

If I was to purchase a poliwag line charm set, would anyone be interested in the original 3? I'm trying to get Politoed. ^^;

And...general wants plug as usual:
Please note - I am not looking for links to ebay auctions, I am looking for people within the community selling/trading these items. Thanks!
Pichu Jotho-dex charm
Politoed charm
Pikachu couple charm (one that comes with the tails) - might be getting already
Minccino Jakks figure w/o paint missing/scuff marks for around $8 shipped
Mew TFG or Bottlecap figure
Eevee walky plush (is one of these about the size of a Pokedoll?)
Vaporeon and Leafeon plush (UFOs...maybe?)...and maybe Jolteon but I should get getting the Pokedoll soon
Zorua and Celebi jumbo promo card
****Houndour plush - would like to get before my birthday next month
****Coro Coro Shining Mew promo card - would like to get before my birthday next month


potential gb?!

Hello! I was wondering if someone would be willing to host a GB with me. It'd be for one of those cute stamp sets that come in a box--unfortunately, all I'm interested in is one little stamp. :Da

I don't have sales permission, BUT I can make any posts, compile the necessary spreadsheets, and all that fun stuff, just as long as someone would be willing to handle the money and likes. I WOULD BE IN YOUR DEBT. FOREVER. 

Waaaaay too long overdue major collection update

Hey there, long time no post! My last post was actually back in August, and I started buying stuff again in October, but kept pushing my collection update back like a lazy person that I am. So now:

~Major Collection Update~

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Eevee Collection
  • zoroark

who's that pokémon?

Today I randomly decided I wanted a Mewtwo Collection Box. So I went to my local Target and couldn't find one anywhere! Disappointed, I decided to be impulsive and just buy three Next Destinies booster packs instead. And boy, am I glad I did.
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  • aleyina

Couple card wants

I'd like to get these all from the same seller if possible to save on shipping. If not I understand

Like them in English please!


Any seen here:

Thought these were in the next destinies packs but they aren't. What set are these from and when will they be released? :/ I'm so confused! I want them in english but don't know when that will be. I may wait if anyone knows! :)

I have this to trade if anyone wants to trade. If not it's $3
Moltres rev. holo

Note to all the people who bought from my last sales post:
I am packing up everything now! Sorry for the small delay. I had 2 exams to study for and they killed me @___@ But you should get your stuff soon! :) I am taking it to the post office tomorrow!
  • donny9

Finally back! AWESOME Auctions + Pickups Resume

Hey guys, Im finally back after being in the military for 3 weeks. From now on, I'll be able to come on the internet every weekend if all goes well, so my communication should get better.

Now for the long awaited Auction!

Don't mind the foot it isn't mine XD
Up for auction are 2 sleepies and the canvas Plusle!

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Next up, my pre-orders will be be opened for another week once again until 25th Feb (same day as end of auctions)
The following will be up for pre-orders

There are also some new items that will be available for pre-order at a later date such as the May, June MPCs and BATTLE MUSEUM FIGURE (Yes get ready for it!)
Click this link to get there or any of the pictures:http://donny9.livejournal.com/1520.html

Lastly, those who ordered the I Love Pikachu mini plushies and Rufflet MPC Set, it will be mailed out early next week

Sales Plug: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

Current mental state and Banpresto Goods from trade shows

I am not dead, or ran away with your money/items/promises.  I am just too tired with "side jobs" that I shouldn't have commit in the first place; wish I have more time for this comm. =(

I apologize if I've missed your deadline for birthdays, holidays or other plans.  And the Chillarmy talkies are still waiting to be shipped from Japan (the only option to safely ship them ATM would cost too much right now, hopefully the situation changes soon). >_<

Any agreement worked out with me will still be honored, or can be canceled at your discretion.  Please give me sometime to re-motivate myself and I will get back to you previous request. =/

If I screwed up an order/shipment or there is a life/death emergencies, please contact me at my paypal e-mail address.  Or you can reach me on MSN with it.

Also, animeraro on ebay is always a good alternative place to pick up all of the Banpresto/Tomy/Clearfile Pokemon stuff if you want someone more professional than me in my current mental state.

In closing, here are some pictures of Banpresto new series and movie goods.


Have fun collecting!
[Pokemon] Kangastar
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Lots o 'Cots!

Hello pkmncollectors!! I came to share a story of a lot I won on yahoo!japan. This lot was supposedly for an entire set of Minicots, MINT IN PACKAGE, plus extras! I was so ecstatic, finally my MiniCot collection would be complete!! But as it turns out, it wasn't the complete set after all... So my quest continues!! I did however, keep 5 of the minicots for myself to add to my collection. I kept 5... out of 91

Which means THE REST GO TO YOU GUYS!!!

EDIT!! I MISSED A FEW IMAGES!! more minicots added including: Hoppip, Jigglypuff, lapras and skitty!!!

I'm taking offers on the four pictured here. (Typhlosion, Eevee, Kyogre and Charizard.) All of the other minicots are up for straight sale. THESE ARE ALL MIP!!! Ask for availability!

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You may also combine shipping with anything in my sales!!! Comment here if you are interested in a Mini-Cot, and then let me know what else you'd like from my sales. You can find my sales info and feedback on my sales page!! If multiple people claim certain items, it will go to whoever's comment time stamp is earliest, regardless of where it was posted! (either here on this post or in my sales!)