February 19th, 2012

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Card wants

Greetings everyone this is a odd post but those cards I really want to get mine hands on these so if anyone willing to sell or trade I would love that

Starter group carddass 
I REALLY want this card I love the art I don't if it has small bends or creases
as long as art is alright I don't care I'll take it

Pokepark 2  valentines I don't where these can't from but I would like two sheets of them

I'm also looking a poster from Nintendo power that has Pikachu,bulbasaur line,charmander line and squirtle line it says coming soon to game boy 

Thanks for viewing 

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Disney Question!

I'm on winter break this week, so my family is going to Florida for my siblings' and my birthday! The vacation is going to include a trip to Disney, and being the dork that I am, of course the prospect that excites me most about that is... Pokemon! Because I've heard that there's a Pokemon Center store in Epcot... is that true? Is it still around? If anyone could tell me some more about it, I'd be super grateful. :3
Sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question! ^^;;
(Also, just as a bit of a side note, I've been a lurker on the community for a long time, but I just never... actually post. So hi there, everybody!)

Sales Update!

Hi everyone! I have updated my sales thread with some more trading cards! I still have pokedolls if anyone is looking for any. And as always my prices are negotiable should you see something but feel is priced to high. Take a look here!

Merch in NY?

Hey guys. If this isn't allowed, I'll take it down. X3
So, just wondering if anyone knows where to buy Pokemon in New York (besides the obvious Nintendo World. I went yesterday XD).

Maybe A Mext Destinies booster box? The only place I've found it so far is Nintendo World, and it's $145..

Pokemon in China?

Hi guys!! I was wondering if there were in pokemon centers in China? Why I ask is because my friend is going to China and asked if I wanted anything. Only problem is I want legit pokemon plush/figures and not booties. I am that person who HATES booties since it raises the prices of real pokemon merchandise. So could you guys help me out if you know?? Thanks everyone!!
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Pokemon Merchandise in the San Francisco Bay Area

I'm not sure if this is allowed (if it's not I'll delete it), but I was wondering whether anyone knows of any good places for Pokemon toys in the San Francisco Bay Area. I know there's a store in Japantown that carries some Pokemon merchandise but they're overpriced and the selection is very limited. I looked online and didn't find much, so I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Pokemon of the Week!

Pokemon of the Week!! Let's give it up for these very special pokemon!! Randomizer, go!!

This week's pokemon of the week IS:

#85, Dodrio!! Which includes Doduo too! :) Share your collections, photos and stories!! Take pictures! Let's show everyone as many over-sized kiwis as we can!
Piplup Innertube

Pokemon In Arizona

Hi everyone : )
I've been wondering if anyone out there in Arizona who knows where I can buy Pokemon Figures. And not expensive ones, because I have no clue where to find those kind of stores.
I'm looking for stores around the Phoenix area.
Thanks ; )

Introduction and Keshimon Holder

Hello there everyone!
  How's everyone doing?  Long time Pokemon fan here, saw this community, and figured I'd join!  I started playing Pokemon way back when Red and Blue first came out.  Me and my best friend had the day off from school, each picked up a copy, he got Red and I got Blue, and we went to town on it.  Eventually, all the guys in my school had a copy, and it was the cool thing for awhile.  But as with all things at that age, the fad died down.  Personally, I didn't start playing again until much later when my friend convinced me to pick up Diamond, and eventually got me HeartGold.
  Recently, I was cleaning out some of my old stuff, and I found something I had gotten during my original run with Pokemon, this Keshimon Holder with a little rubber ball and metallic Raichu inside.  I have no idea where it actually came from, I had traded a Venusaur figure I had gotten from Toys R Us, which I somehow remember, with a friend who had this Keshimon Holder.  Honestly, now I feel like I cheated the poor kid, but he really liked Venusaur so at the time he was happy to make the trade.  But anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get any more of these little guys?

Here's a picture of mine, a little beat up, but hey, I was real young at the time I had it and threw it around a lot.  I'm surprised I never lost the Raichu inside.
Galvantula and Joltik
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Offers and massive sales time part 1!

Hello there again!

My room is already super stuffed (I didn't even open all boxes x__x), and this one will be first sales post part so far. Need some money as well to get some of the new promotions that will come out at the PC! <3
Since I am going to the PO tomorrow (and Tuesday), I think this is a perfect opportunity for it! I have over a hundred items to get rid of! :D

OFFERS! I am putting up my MISSTAGGED Mew Hasbro plush (who thinks she's a Clefairy), my MWT Grass Plate Arceus plush and some creased Banpresto Totodile, who needs your love!
I will take offers on these until Saturday at 2AM EST!

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Plushies, figures, keychains, notebooks and a lot of other things for sale!

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Also, the aluminium charms I still own, I am putting them now for 1.5$ each instead of 3.5$!!! The bigger ones will be for 3$ instead of 6$!!
Please ask, which I have available still! :D

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Thank you for taking a look! :D

Shipping Update + Sales Plug

To those who have bought from me recently, I'm planning on getting all packages out on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I would go tomorrow, but NC is finally seeing some snow! And it's a federal holiday. But more importantly, snow!!

And here's a sales plug:

TCG Sales: http://acciolucius.livejournal.com/4494.html
All other items: http://acciolucius.livejournal.com/4023.html

Introduction/ Collection/ and wants!

Hello and greetings from Michigan! I am krezajosh, and like many of you, I like to collect Pokemon. I've been into Pokemon ever since it first came out in 1999(usa), i fell out when the mainstream audience lost interest, but my love was re-kindled about my freshman year in high school, and I've been hooked ever since. I've missed a lot in that large gap, and I've spent quite a bit of time trying to catch up.

I found this site about a year ago, and got really into collecting plushies. I also have a small collection of the tomy MC figures, and I've tried to start a zukan collection, but plushies are my passion; and well, I'm a student on a budget, so most of my collecting finds go into plushies.

i have a few big plushies.

As well as many small ones!

I also have some cards. most of them are in storage, and are fairly newer, but I do have them more important one in my room, which are the one I received as a gift from my friend Micheal. Apparently he was a ruthless trainer back in the day, and told me that  his set contained all of the pokemon available for the original Pokemon cards(the orignal trading card game, not the jungle and fossil expansions). I checked out the list and he was right! Here's a shot of the holo's and a few rares. I figured you guys would like those the best.

Now, on to the wanting. Out of all the plushies out there, my favorite to collect are the pokemon center canvas plushies. right now i'm looking at sdding some to my collection. More specifically, I'd like a Glaceon and Leafeon to call my own. Preferably ones with tags.
(images are courtesy of hardrock Pokemon)

Now I do understand that these are expensive and hard to come by. I do have the money to back up the want. If anyone has any reasonable offers, or any offers at all; if you are willing to bargain, i'd love to hear them and quite possibly do business with you! I have a price in my head for one, or both, based on what I have seen them go for on this website, and for what I've paid in the past. Also If you see something you like and wish to trade, Feel free to ask.

Well, that's all.I hope I did everything right. (pictures, html, manners, grammar, etc.) I look forward to hearing from you all and I'm happy to be a part of the community! Thank you for reading!
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Small Update & Umbreon Sale!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Permanent Sales

YAY VEELUS! Some more pics, gauging interest, and questions under the cut below :D

Also got lots of kids and zukans and more plush! :D

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Selling this Latias vs card! Looking for $35 shipped OBO
You can see the rest of my card sales here

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Also doing some much needed collection weeding!