February 21st, 2012

  • knoka

Fuzzy Eon GA Status

This is a terrible day for Allinia and I.
Unfortunately the listing we were bidding on was removed. :/
We are both extremely bummed, we were looking forward to these awesome pokedolls. :(

I'm very sorry to everyone!! 
If I can possibly find another with tags, (There is another listing however it was used without tags :/) I'll relist another GA hopefully with Allinia. :)

[pkmn] pokefriends~!

FCS & Random + Yawaraka GAs final payment!

First off, I want to apologize for the long wait. I honestly thought this move would go much quicker (as compared with my last move), and I'm sorry it took so long for me to post this. :( 

But here it is, the final payment for both the FCS and Random GA plus the Yawaraka GA! 

For the FCS and Random people, there are quite a few extras up for grab!

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Shining Cards GB Reminder!

Hi, PKMNCollectors! ^^

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

One and only reminder for the Shining Cards GB Reminder! ^^ 5 of 9 cards have been claimed. ONLY 4 LEFT! Registeel, Deoxys, and the 2 Celebi still need claims. Doesn't anyone want to add these shiny cards to their collection? XD!
Update! Only Registeel and Shining Celebi need claims!
Someone is interested in trading for Celebi but I would much rather get the money to cover the price. But...Registeel definitely needs a claim. O:

Since no one seemed interested in Registeel, I went ahead and sent the seller an offer without it...and they accepted! So WE WON! EEE!

Images found on google.

Claims and pricing info here -> Link

The auction ends Friday morning, so I would like to get all claims in by Thursday if possible. ^^

PLEASE NOTE: All cards in GB are in ENGLISH! (except Mew) I used Bulbapedia stock photos for the card images above.

Cards are described as mint to near mint.

Really hope this works out. Mew is a birthday present to myself. lmao.


So this post isn't entirely a GB Reminder. I'm excited because I will soon have plush of all the Eeveelutions except one! I never thought this would happen. lol. I'm still looking for one of Leafeon. I'm hoping for the UFO (if one exists?) since I got the Glaceon one for about $26shipped.

Also, how many people out there are interested in TCG wrappers? I recently came across some really old ones (Fossil...Jungle...maybe some Base (don't remember). I'm planning on selling/trading them over my Spring break (which starts March 1st). Should have more for sale, auction, and TCG trades during that week as well.

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~ Risha
Galvantula and Joltik
  • hebilea

Another stamp GB + Long lost siblings?

Well herro there....another post after two days X'D
For the people of the other GB of stamps and also from my sales, all packages were sent out either yesterday or today! Only one more that I need to send this week! <3

I am doing another stamps Group Buy!

- This time, each of these will be 2.67$ for each of these! I am claiming the Serperior stamp, Scrafty stamp and the ink pad with starters!
- There will be two payments again! Prices + shipping to me and then only shipping from me to you! :D
- If it happens that we might not get enough claims, I am always willing to claim some of the rest like last time!
ALL CLAIMED! Thank you guys! :D

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And now..I have gotten a very special package today....or in fact two. Before I tell you, let me tell you this small story:

This a very cute ACEO art I have gotten as a Christmas present (if I remember correctly) from shinygolurk! I have pretty much thought that these must be siblings...a big brother and a little sister. karoia told me that it's what it was meant to be of course! So what did happen?

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And the second package I got!

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Thank you for reading as always! Should be my last post for a while hopefully, haha!
Pokemon - Buds


More Mewtwo stuff!

Jumbo Card, promo card, and figure behind the cut!

A lot of new cards in my card sales!
(Full-art Zekrom, legendary birds and beasts, more awesome rares, holo energies, and a special on trainers (reverse holo and non!))

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I ALSO HAVE A QUESTION, dear comm members!
Does anyone have any kind of list (a picture list or montage or something would be fabulous) of all the Mewtwo cards in existance? My friend is in the process of collecting them, and a checklist for us would be fantastic. Thanks!

Ha... that was an obvious answer, but thank you x'D
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Two items for sale and remaining wants

Hey there guys... Yesterday a package arrived with type focus goods and something else, a Shinx Canvas Plush. But I'm somehow not really digging it D: Guess I like the 2009 version better after all. So yeah, I'll sell it if anyone has interest.
Sales permission was granted by Dakajojo on 09/25/11 btw.

I'm looking for 35$ shipped for it, be aware though that the hang tag has quite a few creases, they haven't damaged the printing though.
The Pichu tin is also for sale, I'm looking for about 15-17$ shipped for it. If anyone has interest, please let me know. 

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So regarding my wants, there's only 2/3 things I'm looking for.
- 2009 version Shinx Canvas Plush(the sitting one)
- Pachirisu Valentine's Pillow (or the one of Buneary)

I'm looking only for items with their hang-tags although I don't mind if it's detached. A few tiny creases are okay as well, but they shouldn't be too noticeable :/ Thanks for watching!

pokemon rollers GB

Found this lot and thought itd be fun to do a GB.

Sales permission given by Denkimouse 
Feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/myvampirelust19/
  • There will be 2 payments
  • I will be claiming Raikou, suicune and Entei
  • These are priced at $1.38 each!
  • First come first serve basis and please be ready to pay once all are claimed!

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  • raz2b

Um... First ever collection post!

I don't have much by ways of Pokemon stuff, as I collected most of it a long time ago as a child ;w;.
Upon joining this community however, I find myself getting back into buying Pokemon stuff, in a big way! (I have, so far, three plushies, and seven figures on their way to me @_@)

So... Without any further delay, here's what I have so far!

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the Stein look

Looking for Sigilyph MPC plush

Hey all! Just a simple wants post; I'll have something to really update about in a few weeks, looking forward to some items coming in. I may have to do a reintroduction at some point too considering I've been gone so long, but regardless!

I am looking for this:

(image from pokemonplushproject)

If you have it..name your price and we can haggle?

I also got this in the mail today

I haven't had a new Zukan in so long; I forgot how lovely they are to receive. This one is also very nice beautifully painted!

I am always interested in Sigilyph and Desukarn(cofagrigus) items I don't own.

That's it for now! Short and simple.

Edit: I got the plush! Thanks for the tip in where to pick it up I got a good discount. <3 Still looking for other general items so I'll leave this up.

Piplup Innertube

Cards :D

Hi community :)
I just wanted to show off my cards I got a while ago.
Your probably saying "What?! Milo doesn't collect cards!" 
Well, I got these by accident. I got em on ebay, and without realizing, they were cards! I though they were figures >.<
I think these are interesting and in Japanese (Which I wish I knew >.<) + I think there rare :O
Take a look for your self ; )

*NOTE* All these cards are in mint condition :D

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So, what do you guys think?
Leave a comment :D

  • dezchu

100 Figure GA is in :3.

Yaay Packages :3,I wasn't expecting it for another week <3.

I will be taking everyone's packages to the post office tomorrow so let me know if there is anything you want to add :3.

Most of the figures had small nicks in the paint :).

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Look at this neat book I found :3,it has some really cute and unique art.There were 5 left so I could pick them up if anyone's interested for 10+shipping and also ask if they have more.

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