February 23rd, 2012


BW swing figures? And a lot of cards for sale...

Hey guys, question.  Does anybody here have any idea what happened to the BW swing straps?

From what AAPF said in one post, these were supposed to be released around the end of January, but I've only ever seen one set of these on Y!J. Did they make a screw up and say January, but was supposed to be the end of February or what? Thanks for the info guys! So they're coming out in a few days or so. :)

Also, I recently bought me some packs of Next Destinies (12 to be exact), between the 8th & the 14th of February. Unfortunately, I did not pull any EXs, secret rares or anything like that, but I did pull one card I wanted:

The Reshiram rare. :)

So, as I am not interested in any of the other cards I had pulled, I put them into a lot with other cards I pulled from other packs (8 Emerging Powers packs from the Reshiram & Zekrom Box, and 2 Noble Victories packs I bought, in all with the Next Destinies packs would be 22 packs) and will be up for sale.

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Thanks for looking! :)
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Question About Time Wailord

So I've been mulling over the idea of getting a time wailord cushion...I'm just not sure how I want to go about it. I don't think anyone is doing pickups and ebay is a bit pricey, so I've been looking at y!j. Here's my question:

Has anyone bought a time wailord with smj that is in the US?

If you have, did it batch ship or did you have to order it from japan?

I know wailord time cushion is really big and it just made me wonder if it would need to batch ship or not.

Legendary Dog Collection Update! *will add some sales/auctions later*

First up is the Update

Mr. Grump Face (Thank You Shaggy Griffon!)

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Now adding sales and auctions

I'm auctioning off my clear kids and straight sale on regular kids.
sales permission granted by denkimouse August 18 2011
feedbacks here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/doryphish333/
The Super kid GA is here BUT since the majority of you also got things from the truxor kid GB, the deal is, I got an e-check for the biggest payment and it doesn't clear until the 28th of February. You are more than welcome to wait and combine shipping OR pay 2 separate shipping charges. It's up to you (I'm open to taking pictures for you if you are interested). Anyways on to the sales:

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Old TCG cards!

My husband was digging around a box of old Star Wars cards to find his Magic the Gathering decks when he came across something I though was pretty cool! I was hoping someone can take a look at this set and give me come insight as to whether this is a 1st edition set?

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Oh and check out Gengar! My husband bought it because he loves the ghosties, and yes it is most definitely a bootie.

I swear I didn't Photoshop this! Gengar actually emits an evil aura. >__>
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Umbreon Offers Reminder! + Custom Slots!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Permanent Sales

Your one and only reminder that I have this 2004 Velboa Umbreon with a free ATC up for offers!

Click to teleport!

Also, if you like the ATC I decided to take 5 slots here!

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Also selling this Latias vs card! Looking for $35 shipped OBO (not looking to trade this, sorry!)
Is Zoroark and Legendary Pokemon really selling at $30+ now? Is anyone interested in buying it for $25 or so? ^^;

Also the other day these guys came!

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Seeking a $13ish Karrablast mpc or $15ish Whimsicott pokedoll still! Or $4ish Cottonee & Whimsi kids (preferably together or atleast bought with something else). I know these prices are wishful thinking but I am open to trade/partial trades XD;

Thanks guy! Have a wonderful week/day/evening etc :D

February customs reminder

Hello everyone, this is my only reminder about my custom slots for this month.
Here's my latest samples, you can go to the original customs posts by clicking the link below.
Prices and all the important info there :)
There's Poke Plush Charms(with lil bells) and Poke Nyan Magnets!

Remember, no auctions. Just straight slot sale :D
Click here to go to the Customs Post!

I also have some left outs custom plush for straight sale and very cheap HERE!
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Still Looking for N Dot Sprite Pin + Small Collection Updatestory

Just so you guys know how my quest for the N Dot Sprite pin is going, I got my Sunyshore package with another 5 pins. In order, I got: Archeops, Archeops, Archeops, Sawk, and Hilbert. I then proceeded to drink some orange Fanta.

So if anyone has an N Dot Sprite pin they're willing to part with, please let me know! :D

So that this post isn't just another "wants" post, I'm here to share more info on N merch (since I haven't seen a post like this yet). If anyone is on the fence about getting the N Dot Sprite note cube...here are some extra pics!

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And to finish this post, a touching story: at my college, we have to have our IDs everywhere. Without them, we can't buy food, we can't get on the buses, we can't get in the building or in the dorms...so how can I keep my ID on me, while having it easily accessible and still looking stylish? The answer? Use a Pokemon. And if that don't work...USE MORE OBVIOUS POKEMON.

Bus Driver: May I see your ID please?

Me: -pulls out Stunfisk-

Bus Driver: o_o

Thanks for looking, everyone! :D

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Charmed by charms!

Hey guys! So, I bought a blank silver charm bracelet for use with my Pokemon charms. ...but I only have four (with maybe 7 on the way), so now, I super want a lot of charms!!

I'll list Pokemon I'm interested in below the cut (you can ctrl+f!), so if you have some for sale, feel free to offer? ♥ I like lots of unpopular ones, so if you have a set (or a set on the way) and are looking to sell an extra, I may be your woman. Lastly, I'm not only looking for Johtodex/Zukan charms -- I'm happy to hear what you have for other charm types, too! :) (E.g., I have a Christmas Foongus on the bracelet already, and I love those Pokemon Rumble Blast charms too.)

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Also, it's break!! Maybe I'll finally get around to a collection update?
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You asked for change, you got it!!  Without further ado, I introduce to you...

(artwork by the lovely dewott)

Our current banner is beautiful but we've had it for over a year now - and we're calling on our talented members to design a new one :D

Here are the deets, PLEASE READ THEM ALL!!  Then read them again!  Any entries that do not follow the rules will be screened and disqualified :(

★ Banners must contain MERCHANDISE EXCLUSIVELY!!  No drawings or artwork please, this isn't an art contest!!  This time we will allow artwork OF merchandise, but this is a very narrow exception and we vastly prefer photos.  If you decide to use merchandise artwork, you MUST draw it yourself - no using art without the artist's permission.

★ Banners must be 800x235 pixels - this is wider than our current banner, please keep that in mind.

★ Banners must be simple and contain our tagline - Nothing too crazy or crowded please!!  Our tagline is "PKMNCollectors @ Livejournal. Buy. Sell. Trade. Brag."  Feel free to punctuate that as you see fit, but remember to include it :)

★ Banners should contain a VARIETY of Pokemon!!  You can choose a theme if you'd like (some suggestions are Pokemon type, Pokemon Center promotions, etc.) but please don't only include "popular" Pokemon.  A random smattering is best!!  Also, if you choose a theme, please keep in mind that the banner will be displayed for probably at least a few months.  We haven't quite decided how often to change it yet but a holiday or seasonal banner probably wouldn't be appropriate this time around.


To enter, please post your banner in .JPG or .PNG form in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW.  Either a link or the image itself is fine.  Please do not make an entry to the community with your banner, such posts will be deleted.

Multiple entries per person are fine (but please put full effort into each banner and don't spam the contest page!)

You have until April 1st APRIL 10TH (in whatever country you're located) to submit your banners, and then we will vote on ALL banners!  The winner will have their banner featured on the community as well as be credited on the community profile :D

**The winner will also get a Pokedoll (or item of equal value) currently in stock at the Pokecen!!**

If you want to see what members have created in the past, check out our 2010 CONTEST HERE to see the old entries.

Thanks for reading and please comment with any questions you may have~!
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Error cards

My obsession with 'mon merch of all kind escalated to the point that I dug out my old TCG cards and sorted them out. I was also curious to see if there were any first editions (only the Base Set holo Machamp, non-shadowless - and it was only ever released as 1st ed) or shadowless cards (none).

I also stumbled upon some error cards from the Base Set, Jungle and Team Rocket releases.

Most of these cards aren't in great shape, but I'm holding on to them for their uniqueness.

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Do you have any error cards? I'd love to see pictures of other cards with mistakes on them. :)

Source for error card descriptions: Bulbapedia

Small (in terms of item size...not value..XD) wants post :) + update on ginormous GA

Hey guys,

Recently I have been sucked into the world of TCG, and being an eeveelution collector, of course the first thing I am going with are eeveelutions. So if you have any of these cards, please let me know and your asking price.

The main cards I am looking for the Shining eeveelutions, but if you have other eeveelutions--including eevee (holo/reverse holo), do let me know.

Below is a list of all of the cards I still need (of the cards that I know about): For the early sets, I dont know if there is holo/reverse holo for some of them. But if there is, I only want the holo/RH

Jungle 51/64
Team Rocket 55/82
Gym Challenge 51.132
New Discover 38/75
Promo 11
Skyridge 54/144 RH
Delta 68/113 RH
Delta 69/113 RH
POP3 13/17
Melee 17/16 (I dont know if there is holo or RH, but if there is, I want the holo/RH)

Jungle 3/64 Holo
Team Rocket 35/82
New Destiny 46/105
Skyridge 8/144 Holo and RH
Sandstorm 5/100 Holo and RH
Unseen Forces 5/115 Holo
Delta 5/113 RH
Delta ex 108/113
Pop3 2/17 Holo
Majestic Dawn 19/100 Holo
Rising Rivals 19/111 Holo
Vs 89/141

Jungle 4/64 Holo
Team Rocket 38/82
Gym Challenge 28/132 Holo?
New Destiny 48/105
Skyridge 13/144 Holo and RH
Sandstorm 6/100 Holo and RH
Unseen Forces 8/115 RH
Delta 7/113 Holo and RH
Delta ex 109/113
Pop3 3/17
Majestic Dawn 23/100 Holo
Rising Rival 26/111 Holo
Jolteon STAR

Team Rocket 45/82
New Destiny 52/105
Skyridge 33/144 Holo
Sandstorm 25/100 Holo
Unseen forces 19/115 RH
Delta 18/113 Holo and RH
Delta ex 110/113
POP3 6/17
Majestic Dawn 34/100 Holo
Rising Rival 34/111 Holo and RH
Vaporeon STAR

New Destiny 4/105 Holo?
Aquapolis 11/147 Holo and RH
Sandstorm 16/100 HOlo
Unseen Forces 102/115 Holo and RH
Delta 4/113 Holo and RH
Majestic Dawn 18/100 Holo and RH
Rising Rival 18/111 Holo
Undaunted 81/90 Holo and RH
Call of legends 4/95 RH
vs 56/141
Neo discovery 1/75 holo
Neo discovery 20/75 holo
Vs 76/141
5th Movie 7/18
Espeon STAR

Aquapolis 41/147 Holo and RH
Skyridge 32/144 Holo and RH
Sandstorm 24/100 HOlo
Unseen Forces 112/115 Holo and RH
Majestic Dawn 32/100 HOlo
Undaunted 10/90 RH
Undaunted 86/90
vs 91/141
New Discovery 13/75 holo
neo discovery 32/75 holo
P promo 25/47
Umbreon STAR

Majestic Dawn 5/100 RH
Majestic Dawn 20/100 Holo
Rising Rival 41/111 Holo
lvl x 98/100

Rising Rival 45/111
Undaunted 17/90 RH
Call of legend 13/95 RH
lvl x. 99/100


Next thing on the agenda is the enormous GA, paypal has been very buggy for Spideyroxas, and he is unable to pay for the GA just through the money in the paypal account. So he has to transfer the money to him bank before he can make the payment (which takes a couple of days). So just keeping oyu guys updated/in the loop of things.

Once the Spideyroxas receives the items and such, I will post a thread on here with payment #2.