February 25th, 2012

funny/strange tcg pulls stories

Yup! It's storytime again! I'm not sure how many replies/stories I'll get for this, but I'm sure there's some people that have experienced some sort of oddity in their tcg-pulling days :p Anyways, today I got a couple.. interesting pulls in a row... (and I'm curious to know if anyone have had something similar that has happened).

So, I finally bought the boxset that comes with the Zekrom bottlecap. I've already bought so many blisters and boxsets of Emerging Powers by now, so I don't have too many missing cards from the set. I know I had REALLY good luck with the B&W base set by getting full art cards, but this time...

So, I open a pack up to get... a Beartic holo! How disappointing though... I already have one of these, in fact, I have two already because one's for sale. -_- 3 Beartics and none of the other holos I'm actually missing... Ok, open up the next pack... "You MUST be kidding me!" I said outloud. A holo Braviary. ...I already have one of these... in fact, I have TWO of these, since the other is in my shop. Just... like... Beartic...

No fair!!! There's a good number of holos, and I keep getting TRIPLES of the same TWO CARDS?! What happened to my full art card luck from before? :( Another similar story from Noble Victories: when opening up several packs I pull: a holo and reverse holo Landarus in two different packs, AND a holo and reverse holo Terrakion in another two packs... -_-;;; I don't understand...


....anyone else have any stories like this? (and as a second question, anyone want to buy a Braviary or Beartic holo? I have two of each.... -________-)


so i got home to find a ton of "you missed this package" slips. i HOPED i knew what one would be... AND IT WAS... my secret pkmncollectors valentine!!! from the uber-talented gappamaki!!!!!!!

LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE STUFF!!!! can you believe it??

the card -- so cute. the cards -- i needed a mint in package version of that. the button... MY FAVOURITE. i don't even know if i can put it on my bag. it might go on my big shinx fatso's bandana instead, to keep it safe from any harm.

THANK YOU so much gappamaki ;_; it is all the perfect gift. i'm so happy <3


we have charm totals ready to go and i and my teammates are prepared to go into battle tomorrow in about 9 hours! actually less, as we are lining up with a silly amount of earliness. i know you are wondering and this is the answer.


the rules are the same as last time... except the odds are a little more competitive, since i only have 5 tickets left. oh boy!!!

also, as far as i know, 2 of the wave two tickets still have not been found, meaning they might have accidentally been overlooked, or did i miss the posts?! basically, if you pay in the first 24 hours, you are automatically entered whether you care or not, so if you really don't want to play, just pay in the 25th hour, or... you can put a note! but everyone is welcome to play and warmly invited to do so, so please play the golden ticket game with us!

HAPPY CHARMS GAMES... and may the golden ticket odds be ever in your favor!

PS: i did add type-focus plush, straps, and washcloths. the other stuff will come after charms are completed. too much chaos! if you do order something now and say "combine with charms" i can do it for you :) be sure to include your LJ name.

Does anyone have this?

hey pkmncollectors members, just wondering if any of you guys out there have this pokemon balloon promo notebook that you would be willing to sell to me. This is the last aipom flat I need to complete my collection. 

much appreciated, 

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Heartland karp figure?

Hi all-
I found this Karp/Shinnoh starters on AAPF manufactured by Heartland, and was wondering if anyone had more info on it (distribution-wise)/had one for sale?

I'm also looking for any and all Grass, Water, or Bug Zukan! Or any blue or green Pokes, really.
Also willing to pay very generously for either of these figures:

Thanks everyone! Sales update soon :D
Piplup Innertube


Hey community.
I knows theres a huge buzz about the new Zekrom and Reshiram Forms
I'm excited too :D

But, this entry is about my new gets :D
And its some good ones ;)

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Thanks for looking :)
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New Customs and Shipping Update

For those who have ordered from me, I have sent out the majority of the packages already. I will be avoiding updating my sales until I get them all out so they should all be shipped by Monday! I only have like 7 packages left. I would have sent them all but both times I held up a long line and felt really bad so I split it up. xAx

Also I decided to pick up drawing again and I have been doing art cards. For some reason I can only colour with markers and they are also the most expensive medium to work with ^ ^" But I made a few and was hoping for some feedback from the community. I am considering making custom hand drawn art cards and doing them for 5$ which includes fees and shipping and everything :)

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Looking for an Umbreon

I've recently received an eevee pokedoll from amandajo567 and eevee is amazing, very cute and adorable. :3 But I would like to get another eeveelution so she won't get lonely.xD So if anyone has an umbreon pokedoll they would like to sell, I'm all up for it. I would like it to be the US version, to match eevee, and come with the tag with umbreon's pokedoll art on it. There are a lot of bootlegs on ebay so I'm looking for a legit one here. If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated!^^


Hello, all! It's been a while since I last posted here (work hours were getting longer and my bank balance was running a tad low) and I would like to get to know some more people this time around, so I'd like to reintroduce myself.

I'm acidtowatta, a guy from California, and I just turned 19 a little bit ago. I collect (almost) exclusively plush; I started out with just a Celebi at first, but things kind of got bigger from there, especially once I found this comm. I don't collect specific 'mons, but I do have a soft spot for second-generation Pokemon like Furret and Ledyba. I tried going for just one of everything, but Pichu is just too cute, you know? '~'

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Crustle Cake

Pokemon Time USB Mouse

I'm fairly new to the community, (not an introduction post, but maybe an official one in the future when i have pictures of my Pokemon swag) but I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me:

I'm thinking of buying a Pokemon Time USB Computer Mouse, but I was wondering if anyone owns one or has used one, and can give me a review on it before i do.

If i buy one, its definitely for use, and really want to know its performance before I sell my current one and spend at least $50 on it. Pretty much, like, is it ergonomically and how the middle wheel functions and whether or not the buttons stick. :P Haha, that sort of thing. It's kind of important for me.
So if anyone has used it before, I would really love your opinion on it. :)
Conspiracy - Wynauts Ruin My Day

Fire pigs, lake sprites and god llamas - oh GETS!

Yay, it's been a while since I've made a post - thanks much in part for working on a costume commission and busy with working - but I have gotten a lot of great gets from the past couple of weeks that I'd like to share with you all!

Fair Warning: This post is very image-heavy... but it's also very cute, so it's a win-win. XD
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And one last thing: it was a snowy day here last weekend [woah, we got 6 inches!], so have a snow shot I managed to snag of Mesprit and Tepig looking at their first snow. [I would have added more plush or done a photostory outdoors, but I was lazy and it was freezing! Next time, I promise!]

Enjoy and thanks for reading and looking!
- Juuchan