February 26th, 2012

Shoppe time!

Hiyo all ^-^!! I decided i needed to sell stuff xD i was going to do this a long time ago but i had some bad luck with the timing. Anyway! fear my doodle logo as Daisy my whismur shoppe worker of doom hosts my shoppe o.o~ Ill fancy it up later XD; make a new logo and all that too. Ill be makeing a customs post as well too including Coasters, Felt keychains, clay cheap :3. Anyone interested in custom Ds stylus for pokemon? i was thinking of making those but im not sure how popular they would be X3 let me know if your interested in that o.o~

So just my shoppe for now ill do my collection update soon 8D i got a lot of goodies plus waiting for a couple more things in the mail before i update also ^-^

FeedBack New Old
Granted sales permission on December 31st by [info]entirelycliched

Click the banner or click Here

Thankies ^-^!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Still Need Some Kids Payments and Only Reminder for Extras!


black kyurem and white kyurem

so pokemon black 2 and pokemon white 2 have just been announced by my best friend on pokemon smash. there are two new legendaries -- seemingly kyurem mashed up with zekrom and reshiram. their names are black kyurem and white kyurem.

the question for you fine folks is....will you collect them?? jeez... imagine the plushies O_o how do you even? how can? what?

(PS: try to go easy on the poor things ok? looks like they've had a rough lot in life).

EDIT: OH HEY! those three mystery MPC!! these guys and meloetta mayhaps?

on the fence? have another shot:

and HEY!! charm payments ARE up and it's still within 24 hours of posting, so golden ticket is still optional!

we have also been hard at work... *wipes brow* but now the REAL fun begins.
Two Buis

Buizel update!

Hi, pkmncollectors! It's been a while since I posted a collection update. I have many new items since my last post, but this post is all Buizel, since I have some really awesome, rare things that I have been lucky enough to obtain. :)


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I'm so happy with how far this collection has come! I'm always watching for new items! Please check out my wants list if you have any Buizel, Seel line, Spheal line, or Zangoose stuff for sale to see what I'm after. I'd love to get all the pan stickers, but what I really, really want are Buizel Pokedoll items. I know of a charm, stickers, a pen, and a figure, so if you happen to have any one of those you'd like to sell, let me know! I'm willing to pay quite a bit for those items!
Flareon smoosh
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Belt buckle?

Hi there! I've looked and looked but I can't seem to find this in existence so I thought this community would be the best place to ask. I was wondering, does anyone know if there was ever a pokeball belt buckle made? I've been wearing belts lately and I'd really love to have a nice metal pokeball belt buckle to slap on my belt. And if it does exist-- does anyone know where I can find one?

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Rare 2003 Banpresto Absol plushie auction reminder

Hey guys! This is my first and only reminder that my auction for the Absol plushie as pictured above will be ending at 9:00 pm PST today. I also have a lot of stuff left from my sales. Just click on the image above to be transferred to the original post. Thanks!

Secondly, AAPF has discovered something that might be important.

I'm sure most of you have seen Nanoplasm's post about the upcoming merch from Banpresto. Well, in the pictures, there are many Pokeballs scattered through out the display. They're not there for decorations, but are place holders for unreleased Pokemon and forms! So according to APPF, there are 5 Pokeballs..With yesterday's revelations, we can safely guess 2 are reserved for the two new Kyurem forms, the other 2 are for Meloetta and its alternate form? But what about the last one???

You can see more pictures here

Cool find

Hey guys I went to a flea market today and picked up these guys for a whopping two bucks! They're from the NYC Pokemon center. I want to clean them because they were in a bucket with a bunch of other toys and I want to make them look nicer. How do you suggest I do this? I've never cleaned plush before and I certainly don't want to toss them in the wash. 

thanks yo

so many mudkips

Collection Update!

Hello all! Now that it's Sunday and things have at least temporarily stopped coming in the mail, I figure this is a good time to do a collection update. Previous update is here.


Click the cut for more!

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Anyways, that should be all for now! Happy collecting. (Just a quick question though: are you supposed to leave feedback multiple times for people? For separate transactions of course.)
Piplup Innertube

Shiny Gastly Kid? :O

Hey Community :D

Yesterday I posted my Gets.
One of them caught lots of attention.
It was my Gastly Kid:

In the comment section, me and 2 other members of the community were comparing kids.
We couldn't decide if mine, is shiny or not!
Anyhow, could an expert on Kid Figures take a quick look and see for themselves?

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So, if someone could answer my question:
Do I have a Shiny Gastly Kid?

Thanks :D

Some Zukan For Sale...

I need to get some money for some people and I owe some payments. So, sdaly, I must part with some zukan. The images are all here:


Bear in mind that there are some I will not sell under any circumstances. Please post below if you are interested in some with an offer.

My typical rules and whatnot...

Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
-I will only hold items for 24 hours. I may allow longer holds depending on the situation.
-Paypal only please.
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
-I ship regular first class mail, any upgrades will cost you more.
-Tracking will cost more as well.
-All community rules apply.
-I will not be taking any trades at this time.
-Ask questions below in the proper thread.

Things to keep in mind...
-I ship from a home with dogs and there is smoking in my house.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail or broken during shipping, if you want insurance, ask.
-Payment is expected within 24 hours of expressing interest, otherwise it goes back up for sale.
-Shipping is not included in the sales prices.
-International shipping WILL cost more.
-I ship from the US

My feedback post is located here. (I am yet to make one of the new feedback threads)
I will leave feedback for you if you give me a link to it. ( I know I missed some people so if you post the link below, I'll leave feedback)

Reminder for the Rare chou auction + want

The last 24 hours before the auctionq end ! Espeon still have no bid.

Click on the picture to be transported.

I'm also looking for a Zorua pokedoll. I don't know what is exactly the difference between the us and japanese one, if someone have the 2 please show me a comparizon picture !

thanks. ♥
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spring tcg tins

I don't think I've seen anyone post pics of them... So here they are, when I was browsing Toywiz's site, trying to see if the Next Destinies' blister packs (the one with 3 packs, promo card, and Munna coin) were in stock yet, but no... (anyone see these on sale yet??)

It says the release date will be sometime in March. It IS Toywiz, so that date might be a little off...
I know I plan to eventually pick up all 3, as a tin collector :) Although, it does look like they are using EX cards from ND, instead of putting in new promos. Well, that makes those easier to get ahold of then! (But I guess that means I'll be getting an extra Reshiram EX card, since I just pulled one... Boooo another downer for my 'strange tcg pull' topic >_>)


tcg for sale! and pokepin commission announcement

Hello members!
I have quite a few TCG for sale. They are all reverse holo from the HGSS, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant and Call of Legends sets.
I only have pics of a few pages of them, but all of the ones pictured are MINT, meaning no scratches WHATSOEVER.
I have not finished going through my collection so there are more I have that are completely mint.
I also have some that are with a few minute scratches but are still what some sellers consider mint (I'm a very nit-picky collector myself, so when I mean minute, I MEAN minute).
If you're looking for reverse holos that are in the sets that I mentioned above, let me know and I will take a look for you!
So without further ado, the cards:

Sales permission granted by [info]denkimouse on August 3, 2011.
Please read the rest of my rules here: http://drag0n-aura.livejournal.com/2169.html

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Remember that everything here can be combined with stuff from my sales.
I still have a lot of cards from the Japanese Dragon Selection mini set, BW4 Dark Rush cards, BW3 Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard Cards, TCG accessories and Pokédolls among other things:

Ooh, one more thing.
I will be taking commissions for March Poképins starting Saturday of this coming weekend! =D
If you are curious to know what they are, click the banner below!

TCG Get + Pikachu Reject/Bootie

Hi there guys!  Today I opened some packs (eight, to be exact) packs of Next Destinies and got a few cool cards!  These included a Gardevoir, both Arcanines, Muk, Raichu and a Reshiram EX!  AAAAAH.  I love this card lots and I'm very excited to have it in my collection sduoiihsdjklfsdfsdsfd.  I can't wait to buy a box to get more EX cards!  They're all very beautiful.

Anyway, under the cut contains pictures of a Pikachu reject/booty that I bought before joining here and being informed of the dangers of Ebay and booties.  They're kind of derpy, with eyes that point in awkward ways, little holes under their chin and fake tags that I hadn't noticed until after I bought the things.  WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY

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pokemon: mamo!


It is now past the 48 HOUR mark, and these payments are still needed!

rally274: Piplup ($13), Tynamo ($13), Stunfisk ($6), Rufflet ($10) +$8 shipping = $50
chakichu: Bidoof ($10) +$6 shipping = $16
sorcererhuntres: Cherubi ($13), Petilil ($10), Zorua ($10), Shinx ($13) +$8 shipping = $54
lucklessprince: Purrloin ($10) +$6 shipping = $16
likeatruck: Gothita ($13) +$6 shipping = $19
kingkougra1: Shinx ($13) +$6 shipping = $19
jyxxie: Snivy ($13) +$6 shipping = $19

You can find instructions to pay HERE! Please comment if you believe there has been a mistake or to notify us of reasons for delay. You are not in trouble (yet... *thunderclap*), this is just a post to remind people that payment is due ASAP at this point!

Thanks!!! (And I still gots stuff for sale here!!!)