February 28th, 2012

Hopeful Relicanth


Hi guys, this'll be quick.

I've just finished going through my repayment post and everyone who contacted me through that post has been repayed or have their items shipped (with the exception of slothyshroom who never got back to me about an amount, if someone can point them to this entry I'd appreciate it!)

I just went through the new negative feedback and contacted the three users who had left feedback there but didn't reply to my entry via PM (I didn't see their feedback before, but I might have been looking at the old post?)

I took care of two of the users, so waiting on one more reply from sakusha
So ultimately, what this is about, is anyone who has slipped through the cracks. I feel like I've contacted everyone, but I'd really like to be thorough.

So if you (or anyone you know) has been looking for me (by this name, or my old screenname glanth) please contact me through this post or my repayment post linked above.

I'm really happy that I think I have this almost entirely resolved.

Thanks a lot guys.

photo time

hi collectors, hope you aren't tired of me posting more pictures
we don't have "winter" in So.Cal, so I can never find snow or icey area around here.  My pictures are always sort of sunny and I can at least hope you will feel the California sun wherever you are when you see these pics :)

So, I have some new gets, more BW pokemon figures! speical thanks to herar for selling them to me, and now it's time for more Pokemon Photos!

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thanks for looking!
u mad? maggyo

Stunfisk Pokedex ・マッギョずかん

It is time.

I present my Maggyos!!!

As their own website!!!!!!!!!!

All descriptions, silly things, prices, sizes, are there on that site. But! Wanna just see the pics without all my attempted-witty banter??? You betcha!!

Witness all 28 Items in the Stunfisk Pokedex Pokemon Center Promotion!!!

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and that my friends, is how electric pokemon history is made.

"I want to buy those Maggyos..."
I will restock them when the Center does... I promise! They led me on to believe they'll restock, so cross fingers. I'll get cushions and mats too if I can!

"I was going to buy Type Focus things from you, but the shipping was ridiculous."
Yeah about that... heh heh the weight input was ridiculously off. Thanks to a member pointing it out to me, it's been fixed. Type-focus plushies, keychains and towels ahoy!

"Hey, what happened to the 900 charms you bought us?"
Oh those? Well they are ALL FRIGGIN PACKED THAT'S WHAT!!! If you paid, that is. Or weren't combining with something I'm waiting on still.

PS: pay for your charms, you people! please :D

Remember this Group Buy Update, Super Kid GA Final Payment for Some, and Extra kids up for grabs

EDIT: Going to go work out, be back in about 2 hours!
Hey guys! Remember Truxtor's GB?

And this Group Auction from eBay?

Well the e-check FINALLY cleared and I just sent him the payment for the lot so it can be shipped to me and everyone can get their kids from their group buy and auction from eBay (which I've had btw so if you want pics of your stuff I can get you some :))

Some of you did not buy from the group buy and owe shipping payments from the group auction and I'm assuming since no one asked they didn't see it in my last post with the sales of the extras. I'll put the extras and shipping quotes for those who deserve to have their kids shipped to them under a cut.

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Han and Leia

GA Payment 1 Due!

Payments should be sent to Kassia9 at cityblackout@yahoo.com. Label it GA Payment 1, and include your username and what you won.

Pay the bolded amount as that is your total with discounts + PP Fee!! The first column is what your bid was, the second column (bolded) is what you're paying with discounts + Paypal fee. If you had more than one item, I colored you a different color to keep things organized. Let me know if there are any questions! And if you'd be so kind as to comment here after you pay so that I know you've paid, that would be awesome! :)

3 Charm Set Lisa/Rin  akeyma $104.00
Big Skymin  blackjackrocket $104.00
Wynaut (with apple)  doctoreevee $2
Pikachu with Leaf  doctoreevee $5
Pichu with Grapes  doctoreevee $23.63
Black Bag  firevie $72.89
Pikachu and Pichu Book  h1n1vulpix $21.04
Sewaddle  happyparasol $155.86
Mantyke Patch Thing  hebitheivan $21.04
Bigger Shiny Zorua  jantyl $124.75
Piplup  jeffyisaraichu $62.52
Zubat and Onix Charms  kassia9 $155.86
Small Skymin  Rax $8
Mini Celebi Head  Rax $2
Cards in Folder Thing  Rax $2011.42
Pidove  schenzi $41.78
Vulpix Charm and Johto Photo Frame  skdarkdragon $155.86
Zorua Bag  toda $41.78
Pikachu on Pokeball  yaoi_queen $12
Cyndaquil  yaoi_queen $139.57

small wants list

hey everyone i have a small wants list

vaporeon jakks figure: looking to spend about $10-15 with shipping if possible
cyndaquil pokedoll: looking to spend about $35-40 with shipping if possible
a custom mock pokedoll plush: would be willing to spend about $35-50 with shipping

collection update coming soon

lost pokemon! help wanted!

Today i bring sad news. After i got off work today i checked my mail, like i do everyday hopeing sometimes i ordered arrived.
Today...something did....ish....
sadly the package i got today was opened and all the items are gone. The person i got it from has shipped me items before so im not worried im being scammed. I know it has to do with USPS
I called their customer service line and the lady told me to take the package to the closest USPS location and to contact the seller. But she doesn't think that we will get back the items.
Has anyone else had this problem? im super upset! it was $82 worth of canvas plush :/ i dont know what to do. I contacted the seller, and i know they will help me with whatever they can, i trust them completely, i just dont think there is anything for either of us to really do. Any information that would help would be awesome and super helpful :/

thank you everyone for your help! at this point i'm just waiting on the seller to respond and hopefully together we can get things solved! you've all been very helpful and i feel much more optimistic that things could turn around! (or we could get the money back) OR SOMETHING!
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Noragami - Punk Yato
  • toda

Lost contact?


This is a shout out to haemseuteo.
It has been three weeks now since I paid for my $400 order of card and I have yet to receive a package. I am getting a little worried and I see that other members who bought from you around the same time have gotten theirs. :/ I have tried contacting you via PM and through the post itself to see if there has been a delay in shipping or if by chance my package was lost in the mail. I know LJ messaging via email notices have been off and aren't reliable so I wanted to make a post here on the community to see if you see it or if anyone who might know another contact I can try. With such a large order, I really am concerned!

Another reason I'm concerned about lost contact is that I have moved and I NEED to change my address! I won't change it until I find out what happened to this package. :/
If worse comes to worse and I don't hear from you, I'll have to contact my credit card company and cancel the payment which is something I really don't want to do since I can't open a dispute.

So PLEASE, if you see this or if anyone knows a better way to contact haemseuteo, please let me know ASAP!
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  • slatias

Poke box is here today!!!~~

Hello everyone, for those people who have order the poke box stuff from me i have get the items today~~yeah~~~
i know i have promise to make the spreadsheet this week but becuase i have lot of school work to do this week so please give me more days to do the spreadsheet. I promise i will done by finish it this weekend. Im sorry to make you be patient.
Also i still have slots for the stickers, Donut-theme bank book and "Game history" zipper purse
        <-------here is the quick picture (sorry my camera wasn't that good )
P.S. Also some people have ask about the size of the stickers i have update the post please come check it out ^__^
http://slatias.livejournal.com/4149.html       <---------------Please click the link here
Pikachu ; Gyuuuuu♥

Want: Joltik Kid

I'm looking for a Joltik Kid~

I have the limit of $8, sent to the US, 13601. I'd like the box and card with it, but if that's not possible, that's okay.
If anyone has one for sale, please let me know! ;w;
Thank you!

Small collection update + question, wants, and sales reminder

Hello everyone. :3 This is just a small update on some new thingies I've gotten recently, both Raichu and Emolga related. Whatever could they be?

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I do have a question about the stock of the Washington Pokemon Center kiosk...

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Also, I have a few wants that I wanted to throw into this post...

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Finally, I've updated my sales post removing things that have sold, etc. I REALLY need this stuff gone and I'll probably put whatever is left in my shop by next week up on Ebay. Feel free to make offers on ANYTHING!

Trades welcome! :3

Also, I'm working on a HUGE TCG sale in an attempt to get rid of all my Pokemon cards, so keep watch for that. Taking decent pictures of cards is difficult. ;^^

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...so expect a HUGE update from me here soon. :3 I'll probably post the things I get at the kiosk on my bday too.

Thanks for reading! <3

sales update

Hello again :)
This weekend my fiance and i finished raking through some boxes (we moved into our new house 3 months ago and still haven't fully finished unpacking x() and came across more of my pokemon items :D a lot of these items couldn't find a shelf, so for the same reason as last time, they are being put on my sales post for a chance to find a loving home with you lovely people.
There's still a mint without tags banpresto arcanine plush, a 2006 canvas eevee, a milotic zukan, Raikou TFG, the original clear ninetales kid a whole load of  lucario items and much more :D
All items that where bought previously and any bought before thursday 1st of march will be shipped out on the 1st :)