February 29th, 2012

pokemon: mamo!


Hi guys! denkimouse is doing another charm run, and asked me to run the post for her!

This run is for Wave 3 ONLY! Multiples of a single set ARE allowed! 50 slots! Payment will be due Thursday night (Friday afternoon Japan time.) Do not reserve any charms if you are unsure you can pay within 24 hours.
Please add up your total and include shipping to be added!! (and to make things easier on me!) Your total will be adjusted if there are sold out sets.

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Also a FINAL REMINDER for missing payers from the last run! Unless you have notified us personally before, unpaid charms WILL be released if they are not paid for by the time of this run. Please pay ASAP guys! Thanks!
Emolga Canvas

~Chef Emolga's Cooking Show + A Ebay Lot~

Its time to turn off whatever your watching on day time television and give all the ratings to the hit show "Chef Emolga".
Where he has tons of tasty treats to show and teach you. ~
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I just put up a huge ebay lot of PKMN stuff I've been trying to weed out from my sales post but now its all in one place! 
There is pokedolls, banpresto, Jakks, Clipping figures, Kids, a plamo set, Cards and lots more in this lot.
Any bids would be appreciated. ^-^

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The GOLD Emolga variant of the metal figure series. Its the last one I need!

Any Emolga items you have feel free to show them to me! I'm sure I can take them off your hands. ;3

Wants Post !

Just posting a little wants post so it would be great if you could help a collector out :)

I'm mostly interested in Chansey/Blissey items in general (not interested in Happiny merch atm)

For Kid Figures I am looking for THIS version of Chansey. Its most noted by the white mouth and the lighter color.  It seems like its the first release of this particular kid figure. http://toys.qee.jp/pokemon/pokemon_ALL1_1.htm#046

I am not sure if i misread this site http://pkmncollectors.wikia.com/wiki/Pokemon_Kids
but it said there is a clear chansey available. I am going to assume atm that it is not the chansey image i posted above. So if anyone knows or has seen anything about a clear chansey (even if its just an image) I would love to see it, as well as perhaps purchase it. 

I am also looking for  the cooking Chansey figure as shown below.

Also the item i've been desperately looking for. Do let me know if you are selling it or it being sold somewhere. I have a difficult time finding one. Its more common to find the happiny version than the blissey :(
This is my most wanted item so if someone has it, you have a buyer right here *points at self*

In addition to Chansey/Blissey items, I am also interested in these Jynx kid figures (clear jynx, jynx first release, action jynx, and christmas jynx )

Also on the side I'm looking for Charizard keychains, pins the sort of thing you can put on a person's backapack. (Its a little gift for my brother)

Do let me know if you are selling or saw something similar. I am not always online so I miss out on a lot of good stuff, so any info is always helpful :)

Top 50 Pokemon First World Problems

In honor of the new game I decided to spend 15 hours editing and shooting a video that speaks about first world problems from our(pokemon fans) perspective. I used all of the stuff I bought from here (plushies, pokemon balls etc) Let me know what you guys think! n_n

I also posted this on the Pokemon board.

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I would like to request a rotom charm set, shipped to Canada. :)

These are secondary wants: Rotom KeshiPokes
Rotom Zukan
Rotom Chou Gets
or anything dealing with Pokemon Center promotions.

I would be willing to pay $25 for the set, if that's possible. I know I'm past the 50 mark, but I still wanna get my foot in there. :D
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super fast leafeon sale!

I have this really random but really cute wooden Leafeon stamp in a box of items. Since leafeon is so cute and popular, I figured I should sell it!

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otherwise not much today. still have a box of other random items I want to put on ebay in a few days.

OH WAIT let me share something I got in the mail today. a very strange Marill pin a fellow community member pointed out to me on ebay. It must be bootleg or something, but it's still charming in it's own weird way XD


Zukan Looking for List

Hello! I am looking for these zukans. If you know someone who might have them for sale! Contacts me please! Willing to buy for reasonable price. :)
- Arbok
- Rapidash
- Kingdra
- Absol
- Manectric
- Mightyena
- Milotic
- Garchomp
- Flygon
- Ninetales
- Aggron
- Swampert
- Seviper
- Arcanine
- Skarmory
- Giratina (mouth open/ action pose)
P.s. I am also looking for these Kids figures as well.
- Houndoom
- Absol
- Manectric
Thank You for any help!! :)
Noragami - Punk Yato
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Expert advice

I know this may sound a little off topic but it sort of isn't?

Anyway, I am interested in making a collection site to show off brag what I've been able to obtain for the few years I've been collecting merchandise along with helping people who collect the same PKMN with their want list by bringing them nice, clean pictures of individual pieces. However, I can't do that...

Because I need a good camera!

I've seen wonderful, professional pictures of collections here and even on sales posts and I had no idea how to obtain such nice, clean pictures of still items. My camera I have now is a nikon something something or other and it was about $150? However, it only takes nice pictures if I'm outside or strangely, if I'm moving. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what kind of camera I can get that will take nice, crisp, clear images of small items to help with showing everyone my collection. I don't mind putting in a lot of $$$ if it's a good, durable camera. I'm tired of using flash that makes images just horrible but when I take the flash off, everything gets blurred.

Also, I was wondering if anyone would recommend light boxes? I've never used them before but I've seen them advertised and I believe some people use them here and they look great!

One last thing:
I was just sniped for a wonderful Mexican bottle cap auction and I was wondering if it was anyone from the community, if you're not intending on keeping the Haunter, I would be so grateful if you could PM me so we could work something out. ♥
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Wants Post and Collection Site Update

Hey everyone =0w0= I finally got around to updating my collection website! It's got so many pages and I didn't realize just how many till I updated the icons for the candle line pages and I was thinking about adding another page...=0v0;= Anyways, since I do believe my wingull collection is complete, it is now up to date on my website so everyone can check it out =0w0=

Click Here: Collection Site

As for my wants, I updated them just a little bit:
~Onix/Geodude Mirror Keychain
~Onix rings
~Metal Shuppet Figures
~Shuppet Retsuden Stamp
~Steelix Metal Swing Keychain
~Steelix Thinkchip
~Gold and Copper Metal Giratina Figures
~Giratina Movie Metal Charm
~Purple Vaporeon
~Purple Flareon
~2009 Halloween Stickers
~Duskull Pichu 5th Movie Bottle Cap