March 1st, 2012

Introduction/Wishlist (Pokemon Center Shiny Magikarp Plush)

Hey Pokefans,
Let me introduce myself. My name is Chris and I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since Red and Blue versions were released in Canada. I don't consider myself to be a collector, though. I'm mainly into competitive battling, but slowly playing the games less. I had a good run. Pokemon has been a part of my life for quite a while.

Personally, I find this golden plush the most amazing thing I'd like to have in my possession, even if it's the only Official Pokemon Plush I've got. I've always been a fan of Magikarp. Reason being the Pokemon it evolves into.. but I spent many hours fishing for shinies with the good old rod, and always bought the Magikarp in the Pokemon Center outside Mt. Moon. I guess you could say, if I were to have only one item to represent Pokemon in my life, it'd be this golden Magikarp plush.

If any of you have a Shiny Magikarp Plush you don't want, I'm interested in buying! Send me a message!

Thanks friends!

Shipping Update/Sales Reminder!

ATTENTION!!!!! if your username is: echizenakira, rypeltajaroll, or sneadres then I have not shipped out your item(s) from my last sales post! :O But rest assured, it will ship this Saturday (the 3rd). I had a financial emergency that had to be taken care of immediately, so it hindered me from being able to pay for shipping for your items until this week. I'm not sure if the international forms are traceable or not, but when I ship your items, I will give you the individual number for each.

Also, my previous sales post is still open (even though its been about a month since its been up lol)
I refreshed the stock numbers and I put a couple of things that didn't get offers up for straight sale/OBO.

Take a look here!

Eeveelution Collection Update and Birthday GRAIL GET

Hey guys! So my b-day (feb. 28) was the other day, and glacidea was nice enough to sell me something that I will love forever and ever....

Is that what I think it is!?

Beware, image heavy!!

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Thanks so much to everyone that has ever sold to me~! You all deserve one big freakin hug<33

Also, if anyone has a Glaceon or Leafeon MWT, I was looking to get around $50 for them. I know that spideyroxas is selling their vees, but I'd rather not have to bid war, plus those started at $60, and I wanted them for a tad cheaper if possible. Thanks<33

And a big special thanks to the community as well! You guys really are awesome! Almost every time when someone posts a want, they get it, and it's all thanks to you guys! Big round of applause to everyone! <33

That's it for now! See you collectors around! <33

Quickie want...

Sorry to post again so soon. O_O I know I posted a small wants list earlier in my last post, but this is kind of a last minute thing...

Here in the upcoming weeks I'm going to be with my fiance playing some Magic at a few tournaments around Washington and would like some Pokemon sleeves to represent! *fist pump*

Namely these...

Does ANYBODY have at LEAST 2 packs of these sleeves for sale? Or know where to get them? I can't justify spending $30+ on card sleeves when I can get a regular (NON-pokemon *glare*) pack of sleeves for under $4. I would REALLY like 3 packs of them (so 96 sleeves total) just in case some break, but I'm looking for at least two packs. I'd like to spend around $20 for them shipped if at all possible, but I honestly am unsure how much they are going for. Please let me know if you have any or if you can point me in the right direction toward some (that aren't super expensive on ebay.. :F)

Thanks! <3
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Hiyah friends~ I got some customs this week and I just wanted to share them! ^w^
i also have a question or two for you guys. :3

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OKAY! i'm going to leave you with my sales post. i haven't updated it in a few weeks, but it will be updated next week.
I have everything previously bought sent out. I am also looking to trade - anything Vanillite, Groudon, or Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny. I may even take custom items depending on what it is. ^w^ (NO flats!)
atlantia zorua

I need dat Zorua charm!

I need it in my life. I missed the 50 slots last night that was so graciously offered by mamoswine. (That's a lot of pick-ups!) D: I was at work and unable to get online.

I am looking to purchase the Zorua charm. I know it comes in two with Zoroark, but I do not collect him at all. If anyone would like to split the cost with me, or has a spare Zorua I can take off their hands, that would be fantastic. But if you are looking to sell them together, I will consider it as I really want Zorua. :)
If you offer to get me in on a run you are doing to the center, I will of course pay for the two charms as they come together. :) Thank you so much for reading this and helping our a Zorua collector! <3
I will post collection update eventually. XD

Edit: Thank you killmeneko! <3

I also wanted to thank jujufox! I just got my Zorua T-shirt today in the mail. I love it! Thank you for getting it! I'm wearing it right now. >u<

A few other wants while I'm here:

Zorua Lotto plushes
Coro Coro Zoruas
Custom Zorua plush

Sleeping Snivy plush T_____T (soooo much money)

Quick wants UPDATED: bootleg check

Quick wants post! This definitely isn't everything, but I'm curious about this Infernape plush:

It looks like the Banpresto UFO to me. Would anybody happen to be selling it? And if yes, what is your asking price?

Thanks much!

Full wants/collection update coming soonish! :3

EDIT! Just wanted to check and see if this Piplup "Pokedoll" is a bootleg. The tag matches another plush I got off eBay, which I'm convinced is a bootleg...

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indiffernt quagsire

All of the things in all of the worlds!

First: Thanks everyone for buying from my kids sales. Everyone who bought from me, your kids are packed. I’m still in the process of addressing all of them, but I will be leaving feedback and shipping in the next week or so.

Anyways! I have some Tales From the Web concerning Poke Collecting!

I recently re-activated my SMJ account (very bad idea btw) to acquire a few Ditto and Quagsire things that I have been looking for. I found almost everything I set out to find! So EXCITING… however …

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If you have any of these for sale shoot me an offer :D
pokemon: mamo!

Charm run payments!

Hey everyone! Charms were got! Here are your totals if you reserved a slot. PAY ACCORDING TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

SEND TO: denkimouse (at)
SUBJECT OF PAYMENT: JUST your LJ name please!
PAYMENT NOTE: copy and paste your charm list from your totals here into the note.
make sure your address is included!


If you'd like to combine, please do so! Take -$3 off your total if you have an order on Sunyshore (that has not been sent out) and include the order# in the note!

If a set is struck out, it means it was sold out. :( Sorry for any disappointment!

Be sure to doublecheck your total!

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This is the final reminder to non-payers in the last run! If you do not pay by tonight, your charms will be released.
(Also if your name is still on there but you have paid, please don't worry; I've been lazy about updating it... :'D)


Massive (and I mean massive) Card sale

Well, I think I beat my previous card sales. Here I bring over 240 Unique cards, with most starting at $0.20, and even a $0.15 card

Please click on the banner to be transported (or click here =3 )
Sales Permit granted on 07/02/11 by dakajojo

Old feedback thread (just to see my FB)

New feedback thread (Please post new feedbacks here :) )

BTW: has anybody gotten their cards from the previous sale? I have a gut feeling I may have forgotten to ship somebody's cards, but I can't know until everybody checks in (plus international shipping can take from 2-4 weeks)

Please keep me updated. Thanks :)
i can see forever

A little question

I remember that when I first found Pokemon Collectors, I would keep this site open on one tab and F5 really often, to try to get my hands on some of the rarer stuff that occasionally gets put on sale here. Of course, I missed most of them anyway :(

As I snagged more and more of my wants, though, my visits started tapering off a bit to once per every couple of days or so, mainly to check out others' collections (and do some showing off of my own) rather than to purchase things.

So my question is this: How often do you visit this comm, and why?