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03 March 2012 @ 06:31 am
Hey guys

I have a rather bizarre question in regards to these custom badges currently being sold on eBay:

Does anyone know if these are the seller's own drawn images; or if they have been lifted from someone else?
I really like Raichu (duh); but I don't want to fund someone who may have taken someone else's images.

Has this ever concerned anyone when buying custom badges? 
Has anyone ever actually bought custom badges from eBay?
03 March 2012 @ 09:34 am
i just got pokemon fan volume 21, and it was pretty lackluster RE: merch. no news we didn't already know, and lots of pics from the maggyo and type focus promos that came out...a month ago?? come on dudes!!

there was this tho. the next pokekids set we did not yet have pics of! enjoy!
(click to enlarge)

What kind of Movie 15 merchandise are you hoping for?

-pokedolls of the muskedeers and kyurems! semi-DX size perhaps?
-revelations of all the movie zukan pokemon. come on, maggyo!
-what the kids of the kyurems will look like. i know they'll come out... i just love the designs and love seeing them!

how about you?
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03 March 2012 @ 09:36 am

What do you do when you want to waste time?
Myself? I sort hundreds of cards OTL....
Literally... Like... SUCH A HUGE WASTE OF TIME! But well worth it ;)

Drowzee used hypnosis!Collapse )
03 March 2012 @ 09:38 am
Hey guys! It's been quite some time since I've posted an update.
I was going to do one after Christmas, but then things got hecktic and I didn't have everything I wanted to post about yet anyway haha. But now I think is a good time! C:

Charms and More under the cut! Pretty (bad quality) image heavy!Collapse )

Thanks for reading my collection update! <3 I've certainly had a great five months of collecting on here! C:
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03 March 2012 @ 09:42 am
I came across a high want browsing eBay. Something I haven't seen listed in a long time. Unfortunately, the seller only ships to the US. Is there anyone willing to middleman for me? 

Middleman found! Thanks guys!
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03 March 2012 @ 01:49 pm
Its the time of the year again and I will doing the GB for the Virizon Kids set.

Rules Prices Claims under the cutCollapse )

03 March 2012 @ 02:21 pm
H-hi pkmncollectors!! ;; ohgoshohgoshohgosh

I'm completely new to Livejournal and this community. I've been lurking for a looooong time but I was always too shy to join and didn't have an account. The temptation got to me though, and well... here I am? I'm tewz and I come from the tiny country that is Holland. I really don't have much of a collection (yet?), but I have some picture of the things I do have!

Big pictures?Collapse )

That's all I have right now. As you can see my collection is still super random and not really focused on a certain Pokémon. But! I would really loooove to start a Wooper, Joltik, Trubbish and/or Scraggy collection! Evolutions are very welcome too! They are my absolute favourite Pokémon, especially Joltik! I do not collect cards but besides that, I'd pretty much be intrested in anything! I'm especially looking for that Joltik halloween plush. I can't seem to find it anywhere...

S-so yeah! I hope I can meet people here and make some friends! I really hope I did everything right, and I apologize for my newbiness and any mistakes in tags/HTML. I'm still new to all this. Thank you for letting me join and I apologize if this post is a bit big... and for any bad grammar/spelling as my english isn't that great. Please take care of me! (*´∀`*)
Tits McGee
Am I the only one not getting comment notifications emailed to me anymore? They are 2-3 days delayed and then I still don't get them all D: I am not ignoring you guys. If you haven't received your item, I owe you money (like an item I pre-ordered came in), you need to ask me something, etc. If I don't respond in 24 hours please email me here: smokey560@hotmail.com
I don't know what is up but I am still here :) I check my computer every day even if its just for 5 minutes!

So I just recently got a boyfriend that didn't run away when he saw my Pokemon collection. He isn't up to date on Pokemon though and he said some of the silliest things tryin to impress me. Thought I'd share since everyone here will get it <3
Him: Who is our favorite?
Me: Eevee
Him: Oh, doesn't he evolve into this? *points to Victini*
Me: hehehehehehehehe

Him: Which Pokemon was the one that could talk?
Me: Meowth
Him: Oh yeah wasn't he part of Team Battlestar Galactica or something like that?
Me: Close enough

Happy Birthday pantherotter

I updated my sales too if anyone wants to have a look!
Prices lowered, new things added!

03 March 2012 @ 02:55 pm
Hello my loves. :3 Just a quick wants post! I have been going nuts for a couple months now searching for the Raikou kids figure, and missed two of them in the last two weeks. XD So now I am as longing as ever for the little guy, and have just enough money left from my paycheck to be able to spoil myself with one! However I can only do that if one of you folks would be willing to sell me one. I cannot pay Hardrock's ridiculous NIP price for one, as I do not need one new in package. And I can't spend $30.00 on Amazon for the Movie Set that includes Raikou. If anyone here would be so kind as to sell one to me, or knows where I can get one for a decent price, please let me know. I am willing to pay up to $4.00 for the kid itself and then the cost of shipping of course! Thank you so much guys. He is definitely my highest want right now *coughbesidesPokeCengiantRaikouplushcough* ( lol in my dreams ;_; ) and I would be so freaking happy to finally find one here!! <3
03 March 2012 @ 03:56 pm
hi community!
I'm not sure if this post is allowed, but I have decided that i want to start collecting the Pichu brothers Merch, now I know that they are hard to come by.. but I have only seen plush, and I was wondering if there is anymore than just plush toys? If there isn't well, that's fine, as I would like both of the plush too xD
oh, and would someone be able to post a few photos or link me to some.. as I can't find any decent photos of them ;A;
Thanks a bunch!
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Hi all!

So I was wondering if anybody has already made a GB from the Toy Factory for the super large pokemon plushes. If so, I'd like to know how it went and any information about the purchase. I am considering putting together a group buy, but I'd like to gather any information anyone might have. Of course, if I decide to do it, I will apply for sales permission. I've only been a part of this community since the beginning of this year, but I'm completely addicted! It's great to be a part of a community that loves Pokemon just as much as I do! So if anyone has made a purchase that could tell me how it went, it would be greatly appreciated!  :D

Also, here's a collection update. I have purchased more since I took these pictures, so expect to see those soon as well. Hope you enjoy.


03 March 2012 @ 04:20 pm
Hello Pokemon Collectors

***Follow me whilst we go under the Cut***Collapse )

I have  a few questions to ask : 
1st is about Noppin, I have just won 4 auctions (all of them for plush) anyway there are 6 plush in all and I was wondering what to do about shipping etc? Im totally new to the whole Noppin thing so please help. 
I have heard shipping through EMS is a nightmare, so what about Airmail or SAL? (Ohh I am from the UK btw)
Its not the shipping fees that are annoying me, it is the customs fees. My items amount to £55 ($88) and really don't want to have to pay like double just to even get my items, is there anyway to avoid the custom fees ? (well not avoid them but pay less eg: if the item is posted through SAL will the customs be less?)

Also I heard Aipom has a canvas plush, is this it? 

Now onto my collection,  I have ordered a few things recently so I am still waiting for them to come but decided to upload a pic of my collection so far : 

Since joining the Comm I have bought the little Growlithe Canvas (named Bob), the little Cubone (named Pudgy) and the 3 Mcdonalds toys (Zoroark,Reshrim and Zekrom)  ... like I said there are more items coming (another 17 plush) <3 can't wait! 

I have my wants: 
.Mandibuzz MPC
.Cubone Applause Plush
.Zoroark Pokedoll (Japanese or American)
.Pikachu Canvas plush (I have Pichu and Raichu on the way so need Pika to complete the family)
.Flareon Canvas Plush (I want to complete the 1st Gen eeveelution canvas 1st)
.McDonalds Pokemon toys Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pikachu and Zorua (think there is 8 altogether?)

Goals for 2012 :
.Get at least 1 eeveelution Canvas Plush .... Got 3 Eevee, Jolteon and Vaporeon <3

Thanks for reading my rant! 

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03 March 2012 @ 04:58 pm
Out of the 12 Next Destinies packs I've opened I've only found one EX card, and sadly it isn't a full art. I'm looking for both Reshiram EX cards. I just collect TCG cards for the artwork for the Pokemon I collect(Victini, Tepig, Reshiram, and a few others).

I am looking to trade this Regigigas EX card for a Reshiram EX!
EDIT: Found someone to trade with! Look at the pretty picture!

(click the pic to see it in high resolution!)

Check the details here!Collapse )

Also, several sparkly Pokemon stamps in my GB with tufails still have not been claimed! Check out the Super Sparkly Stamp GB if you collect Munna, Tepig, Cubchoo, Gothia, Lilligant, Snivy, or Pansage! :D
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03 March 2012 @ 05:13 pm
Hello comm.!
I come today with a small update and a question! c:

KIDS!!!!!!!!! Collapse )
And now a quick question about this:
I bought this really neat flat when I was very, very, very very young (we're talking over 10 years ago!), and it's just the neatest thing. I've had it hanging on my fridge in my apartment for a while now set to the Charizard panel, and it's not until now that I realize this comm. can help me figure out exactly what it is!

Super cool flappy flat thing YEAH!Collapse )
03 March 2012 @ 05:37 pm
Togekiss plush (fake??) pokemon tcg badges and a pikachu ds case.

Enjoy :)

M R ☭ R I O T
03 March 2012 @ 06:17 pm
Hello community! I have a pretty mulipost for you~

Quick Want://
So the lovely puyro has invited me to go to Conneticon with her this yea and though I really should be saving my money for my trip to Disneyland in October, I said yes! I've been dying to go to a con again especially with the new B&W PKMN out and the new KH game coming out as well. Either way, I have some retired cosplays that I just don't have the energy to get myself into nor the money because I would like to keep it cheap so I can spend more at the dealers room/artist alley.
ANYWAY, I decided that I will be cosplaying as a Team Magma grunt and would love to have a little mascot to prompt up on my shoulder or something.
So I am looking for either a Houndoom line, Poochyena line or Groudon plush! I really don't want to pay more than $15 shipped and can be a bootie.

Nabbed one!

For those of you who are on the PKMNcommunity chat, I believe my wonderful jadekitty777 gave you all a spoiler, haha! It is really all thanks to her that I was able to get this amazing grail, which honestly, was probably my only one after the Haunter throw plush! So without further adoooo

Good thing no one lives with me or they would think I was getting murdered when I CUT the box openCollapse )

I have been buying quite a bit of cards lately and when people ask me if I have an wants list, I unfortunately cannot give them a straight answer because I have so many cards to shift through that still don't have a home in my binders! Now you can actually SEE what I mean:

So when those few cards are sorted through, I will have my list for you, haha! @~@/
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03 March 2012 @ 06:34 pm

Hi everyone! I have been keeping quiet on the collecting front lately, but I'm gearing up to come back in full force. Just today I've been rearranging things and fixing up holes in my room so my pokemon have a nicer place to live.. But that's for another post.

Today, I will be opening up slots for my foam magnets! I haven't been able to do these in few months, so I'm really looking forward to making things for you guys again. A couple details have been changed so I've written up a new spiel beneath the cut - please read up if you are interested! To start with, here is a picture of the last batch:

This way for details and whatnot!Collapse )

♛ Update time!

I don't have the time to put together a megapost these days, but I do want to show off a couple of exciting gets!

Honey, you should see me in a crown.Collapse )

I'll end here. As always, thank you for looking through! ♥
03 March 2012 @ 07:21 pm

Sales permissions granted by dakajojo
My Pokemon sales has been completely updated! I took all new photos of everything (but had to go to work so couldn't take all of them in nice sunlight :|) and I have added a bunch of new items and there are LOTS of lot deals including Eevee, Charmander, card, TFG, zukan, and etc.! Please check it out! Haggling is OK but of course please be reasonable!

I am also still offering customs with examples that you can see from my old post CLICKY
They are art cards of whatever Pokemon you choose in a simple background for just 5$! This includes fees and shipping and all that :) Feel free to combine a custom with any of my sales.

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Hi guys

IDK if this is still legal (if its not, I'll just delete it) but (Thanks for the fast answer!! :D )

I wanted to remind everybody that there are still lots of cards at my massive card sale waiting to go to a new home, and most starting as low as $0.20 :D . There is also a Kyurem EX looking to be rehomed 

To check the cards out, please click the banner below

Thanks :D
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Lati Queen
03 March 2012 @ 08:20 pm
Hi everyone, most of you probably don't know me or remember me T.T however even though I don't post and comment like I used to I'm always lurking (kekeke.) I'm definitely going to be a bit more active since Keldeo merch is starting to emerge and I wanna collect him! (Not Lati stuff lately :c)

Anyway I'll re-introduce myself later! It's nearly Spring and it's time to clean up and sell some merch I have laying around! All info under the cut!

Mini Sales under here!Collapse )

Thanks everyone! I'll be making an update soon :)
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Looking to start a new collection and this is what I came up with.  Frillish and Jellicent. It was pretty much love at first battle!
I'm looking for all kinds of merch, minus the TCG. So post them and I'll throw mah moneh at you~

For my question: 
  What's the best way to display flats? Or better yet, how do YOU display your flats?
I've run into the problem where they pretty much are lined on my new bookshelf, taking most of the room. It just looks crowded and messy to me. :/ Of course, I put all my TCG in a small card binder. That I have no problem with. 

Thanks, all. I think I've got a pretty good idea on how I'm going to display them now!

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03 March 2012 @ 09:02 pm

collection under hereCollapse )

Until then if you have any items of these two that you don't see here; (besides the 3rd wave charms those are on the way; and a retsuden stamper for Sigilyph) let me know! I'm looking for both Sigilyph cards in Japanese.
I don't know if I am missing something, but....I check Hardrock sometimes and just came across these new beautiful pokemon With You items featuring Pika, Snivy and Victini (why only them though? They are the mascots of the Tohoku PC, but Brian says they are available at every PC?) and also some Keldeo merchandise. I did not see any review on these guys YET, am I missing something? XD
From what Hardrock was saying, Brian said he got them March 2012 from the Pokemon Center...so did they come out in other PCs or not? I hardly doubt they wouldn't XD
Pictures do NOT belong to me, I have taken them from Hardrock!

Click here to see what is available!!!Collapse )

I hope these guys will be picked up at the PC! <333
03 March 2012 @ 10:32 pm

According to @Coborico on twitter, these figures will be released by banpresto in July!!

And as you can see in the corner, the Subway Masters, Ingo and Emmet will follow!

more!Collapse )

03 March 2012 @ 11:25 pm

I've updated my sales! Just some new cards, nothing too fancy. Just a reminder, anything in my sales post that isn't gone by March 15th is getting donated to a local anime convention as prizes, so if there's anything you want, get it soon! (I do accept full and partial trades and haggling, by the way).

Second, I'm looking for Sewaddle merchandise! All I have so far is the My Pokémon Collection plush and the cards, but I want more! :D Specifically I'm looking for:

The Takaratomy plush

The Kids figure!

Also, anything else Sewaddle related. I'm not particularly interested in flats, but other than that, show me what you've got!