March 11th, 2012

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Hi! My name is Zoe, and I'm a bit of an idle Pokemon merch collector, I guess. :)

I'm here with a question - my aunt was a fan way before I'd ever played a video game in my life, and today she gave me some old toys from that point.

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sale update

Hi everyone i just update for my sale post come check it out. There are lot of new stuff i just add up. <-----please click the link  ^__^

I am also looking for the payment for dinomuffinbot and spideyroxas (if you forget or have some problem with it please send me a message to let me know about it....)
and for those people who have participated pokebox pick up(already send the payment) i had ship all the item out. if you have anymore question you can leave a common here or send me a message to let me know about it

Thank you
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Shipping and Sales Update!

Altaria Pokedoll Reminder

Hi guys. Just wanted to say most items purchased from my sales were shipped a few days ago. The ETA on the US ones were Saturday, perhaps you already received them? Though there are a few I need to package up and get out, so please check your mailbox for them. International, you should see them soon! And don't be afraid to leave me feedback here if everything was alright :)

Also, a reminder on my 2005 Altaria Pokedoll up for auction! He ends March 13 at noon Central time. So 48 hours from when this post was made.

Also, a high want for me. A Meganium UFO plush. I could have swore I had one..but I can't find him. So I'd be willing to purchase him if someone is willing to sell. And here's a link to my wants page.

Thank you!

Shameless plug

Galvantula and Joltik

It's that time again! Giveaways!

Hello there again!

Since I was doing a giveaways post last year, why not do it again this year? Last year in August, I was doing a large giveaway post, where people could get themselves some very nice items for free and just pay me for the shipping, packaging and fees. It has been a really successful one, and many items got themselves a home! So rather keeping the items closed in a box, I would love it again, if people would give them a nice loving home! So I took most of the items from my sales post, retook some photos what's up for grabs! And I thought...since it will be my Bday soon, I love rather giving away presents rather then getting them, haha XD

Please, READ THE RULES before you claim items. If you will not follow them, it will be your fault you didn't go after them and will miss the items you want! It should not take you more than 2 minutes. If you will comment incorrectly, that will show that you did not read them. If you will not read, you will not claim. As simple as it is.

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Read them all? Here we go!!! :D

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Thank you guys as always! :D

★ Ground type TCG wanted!

EDIT, EDIT, EDIT! Wow! So many offers! Thank you so much for being amazing and super-helpful you guys! In the spirit of trying to minimize repeats, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to buy cards in Lots, but what I will do is post up a more detailed list of what cards I have left that I need plus specific names too.

In the meantime, while I'm making up the list, I'm also going to have to ask that pictures be included or at least be very specific (put down the number of the card like 29/100) so I can tell them apart and not buy repeats. All I have to rely on is memory.

It may be best to wait to post your cards for sale until after this message is struck out.

Okay! New list is up. Please use that one from now on as a reference for what cards I still need. I'm no longer buying anything else that's not on that new list.

Original post started here:

My dream is to be a ground-type pokemon collector. What I want is one kid of every ground-type there is...but I don't have the funds to pull this off at the moment. But then, I can't just sit around and not collect ground-type pokemon any longer! What I thought I could do for a start is to get a nice deck box, and collect cards of ground-type pokemon. =)

I know there are many of you here selling TCG. It would be great if you could sell me your ground-type pokemon cards! But to save on shipping, I'd like to ask you only to sell to me if you have 5+ (preferably more) cards. I don't really want to buy one at a time, unless it's something rare. And I'm not after every card of a single pokemon, just one of each.

TLDR; if it's a card, and if it's got a ground-type pokemon on it, SELL IT TO ME. Just respond to this post with what you've got (photos are nice) and/or a link to your sales. And for your convenience, here is a list of them, since it's easy to forget if a pokemon is a ground-type or not (like Camerupt).

NEW LIST of Ground-Type Pokemon (I still need):

* Here is an updated list of either cards I want, cards I’m still missing, or cards I still need. Please use this one from now on! You now need to specify the number (like 29/100) of the card IF it says “(show me)” behind the Pokemon name. Otherwise, just let me know if you have them or not.

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List of Ground-Type pokemon (by generation):

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And are there any ground-type collectors out there would like to share their collection with me (for inspiration)?

★ One final thing. IF you have kids of ground-type pokemon, and IF you have more than 10 of them, I might be willing to buy them from you. The reason I don't want to buy a few at a time is because shipping adds up... This is the only way I will buy them at the moment!

Thank you for reading!


HELLO PRETTY BABIES. I'm sorry I haven't been super active around here she says for the millionth time, who knew the last year of high school could be so busy BUT ANYWAY.
My birthday's just around the corner, and I would feel like a failure of a human being if I didn't get some Pokemon presents. SO I WAS HOPING YOU GUYS COULD HELP ME OUT.

The main things I'm looking for are terrycloth beanie plush. Kutakuta plush, those little beanie ones with the buttons on them? You know? What, you want pictures? FINE.

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I'm also tentatively looking for the Pelipper UFO Plush. You know, this dashing beast:

I haven't seen him go for much (about $25-$30 shipped), so that's round about as much as I'd pay for him. Though obviously if I'm able to get some terry cloth plush, I may not have enough left for durp burd. IDK WE'LL SEE, YEAH?
Thanks you guys. ;u; I'll do a real update when I get some new pretty stuff in. <3 YOU KNOW.

MWT Jolteon Canvas

Hi guys, long time no see. Some of you may remember me posting a few months back about possibly selling my Jolteon Canvas. I'm going on a trip in a few weeks and in light of me being broke because of car payments, I'm going to put him up for offers because I really need the cash. It kills me to part with him, because he is a great little plush, but it will hurt less to know hes going to a good home and to someone who really wants him for their collection :)

Jolteon is mint with tags and has been displayed on a shelf since the day I got him. He comes from a pet friendly home, so please keep that in mind. I'm looking to do a quick sale on this and I'll have him shipped out asap. I ship from NY, USA. I accept paypal only. 

I was granted sales permission on 06/07/2011 by denkimouse

Please excuse the crappy phone pic, I don't have my camera at home and I wanted to snap a picture of the tag real quick (I can provide better quality pics of the actual plush if needed)
Offers start at $100
BIN for $150

(prices do not include fees or shipping)

Also, my ancient sales post, in case anyone is interested, can be found here:

Pokéball wants!

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a few items to complete my Team Rocket Grunt cosplay.

POKÉBALLS! I need 3 to 4 regular Pokeballs of the same size. Yes, they have to be all exactly the same size and color! Consistency is key here! I already have 1 of the Korean "easter egg style" balls that had these types of pink and yellow erasers in them, so if you have 3 of those that would work! If you have 4 of the same Pokeballs of the same type for sale let me know! I won't consider any type of ball that has feet on it though. They have to be able to hang off of a belt, so they can't be too heavy either!

Also, I'm looking for a cool Pokemon Lanyard for my convention badge. Anything red or black would be perfect, but show me whatever you have!

If there is anything else a Team Rocket Grunt would wear that you can think of let me know, especially if you have something for sale!

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Batgirl Year One

SK Wants to Buy Stuff

I'm getting that hankering ... that hankering to collect stuff! And I'm trying to avoid buying from Y!J right now, so I thought I'd poll the community instead. :) Maybe you've got some stuff you're wanting to sell, and maybe it's something I want to buy! Also, I've got a list of charms available for trade if you'd rather trade than sell.

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Unrelated, but Kassia9 and I are working out the GA Shipping issue and will update the post when we've come to an agreeable solution. If you've already sent in your payment, don't worry. We'll get it all worked out! Thanks for your patience.
houndoom and slowpoke

Pika Pairs Wants

Hey there, community! <3 So I'm here today just with a few wants.

I'm looking for stuff from the Valentine's Pikachu Pairs Love promotion, namely the phone charms here:

I may also be interested in the small ball chain plush pair, if any of you have them for sale. <3
Thanks for the help! TAKE MY MONEY. :D
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Sales Post

Sales Post. o(o)o 
Updated and added some items.
A new shipment came in with a few more pokemon goods!!!! So I gotta sell of some things that I have put away and  don't really display or want. Everything must go because I am in need of trying to get my license and need to pay for the classes.

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Sales update, reduced prices and a raffle!

Hey guys! This month I've noticed that I got quite a few things coming up all at once, (convention, wedding, medical needs, taxes, tailoring needs, other wedding, etc.) these things under usual circumstances I'd be able to easily handle on my own, but there's just too much going on this time at once. D: But this is just good news for you guys! Means that I've added new stuff and reduced prices a bit on my sales post!


But the more fun part about this is that I've decided to start a bit of a raffle! Click under the cut for more info!


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Hey guys longish time no post. So Im looking for rare pokemon cards.when i say rare i mean like the set rare not like base charizard rare lol. Anyway I'm looking for rares. I'd love links to sales with them, I'm not to interested in trades and they can be old or new Id just like to see some cards :) any link would be appreciated. thanks for reading and the help.

question/wants !!?

First Weird find !!

Last week I was SURFing the net searching for some pokemon figures and I found THIS !!
an awesome rare weezing talking figure from hasbro

I searched in ebay but I couldn't find it anywhere

please if any one have this figure please post a pic and some info.

Second I want to ask if there any DX tomy figure for Torrterra ? what is the biggest Torrterra figure anyway ?
also the biggest figure for Ho-oh ? I want a ho-oh figure that fit with a 10inh+ lugia figure and a 3inch Ash figure.
nobody loves weedle ;_;

Osaka pickup! :O

Hey, pokepeeps! I'm headed to Osaka next weekend to be that creepy fan go see my favorite band play, so I'm doing some Osaka PC pickups to try to make up for some of the cost of running around the country for the weekend. :O Will be picking up Osaka goods and some new/recent releases, so check it out if you're interested!

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Buggie Wants!

hey guys! Id like to let you all know i have a goal, of getting each bug-type kid figure, in its clear version! So im just gonna ask, if you have any bugtype clear's, please let me know! :D Id love to see others/buy some i dont have! (i only have 6 atm i think) So yeah :3
And if some1 has those cool metal B&W coins of bug-types, or B&W metal figures of karrablast or other bugs, id love to know! Thanx everyone! :D

Also, for those waiting on clay figures, im sorry i havnt gotten them done yet, lack of motivation cause of irl troubles :/ But im trying to get them done as fast as i can!

Have a good day/night everybody! :3
(and sorry for any misspelling or such <.< xD)

Spring Collection Update

Hello everybody! I feel like it's been ages since I've had time to post a collection update, and I've added quite a few new members to my pokemon collection. We've also added two more Ikea cabinets to display them better.

The first new addition is my sleeping Pikachu...he looks so peaceful napping up there, lol.

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