March 12th, 2012

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Groundbreakers (and Magnemite) TFG Sales / Offers

Some more sales to get more money to finish off unpaid dues. I'll be selling some of my spare Groundbreakers figures and a Magnemite TFG that is really so hard to find anywhere. They'll have a price but you guys can offer or suggest a price that you think is right. I will be taking the best offer in that case. The offers end until I get a price that I think is fair or until interest wanes. 

So without further ado, the figures!!!

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Pokemon of the Week!

WOW this is an incredibly late update! I nearly completely forgot about it too! OOPS... I missed the last two sundays as well, so UH.... Let's just get to it! We'll have THREE POKEMON this week!! EXCITING!!

And the pokemon of the week ARE:

#510, Liepard!

#210, Granbull!

and #28, Sandslash!

All of the pokemon pictured above are included! Don't be shy, take photos of the items you have and collections if you have them!!
adeku wave it off!

major sunyshore update ahoy!

i have updated sunyshore fully for the first time since charmageddeon ended!

we have... keldeo goodies!

pokemon with you goodies! all at shelf price!

nobunaga goodies!

and other stuff!

next up.... i redid my entire bedroom, which means new PLUSH ARRANGEMENTS!!! for being my "large plush overflow room" and not my main collection room, it's got quite a lot of stuff... heh. previews!

i also have the last two MPC sets to post. i am so slow!

thank you comrades!
Galvantula and Joltik

Multiple GB of stamp sets!

Well, herro there!

First thing!

Everybody who has paid so far from the giveaways, has their packages ready to be shipped! They will be sent out sometime this week! :D
For those people who would like to give other guys a home, it's not too late! You can still claim some!

Second order of business! pantherotter, you have still not paid me for the shipping for your Emboar and Samurott stamps! They will be 2.60$ to lea(DOT)shiroihebi(@)gmail(DOT)com, thanks! :) Paid! Thanks! <3

Now the Group Buy!
PLEASE PLEASE read this first!!!!!! Everybody has a chance to get whichever stamp they want, even though it might happen you will be slower than the one before you and whatsoever! Also, boxes can be now claimed as well! :D

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Read them all? Great! Here we go!!

Stamp set 1! Each stamp, ink pad, or box will be 1.91$ each from this set!

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Stamp set 2! Each stamp, ink pad, or box will be 2.50$!

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Stamp set 3! Each stamp, ink pad, or box will be 2.23$!

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Stamp set 4! Each stamp, ink pad, or box will be 2.5$!

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That's it! Thanks guys! :)
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Ok so I know I've been slow with getting blackjacksales back up and running after closing it to sell at a con, but this time I have n actual reason--severe backache! I'll try to get it done in the next few days.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows why the fundraising Pokemon With You line was never released outside Japan. Wouldn't they want as much fundraising money as they could gather? And it would be entirely unobtrusive, since I know they had problems with foreign agencies coming in after the quake.
Icon by me, Art by ryunwoofie


Hello, everyone! It's that time I posted about roughly a month and a half ago!

I'm going to NYC at the end of next week and am doing a Nintendo World run. I've done a successful one before and am ready to do another!

I called Nintendo World just now and they gave me a list of the Pokédolls that they have in stock. I missed a couple since the fellow was reading so quickly, but you can find all the ones I managed to jot down (as well as procedure to order one) after the jump!

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Any questions, please comment in the questions thread found below, or email me at Orders will be accepted until March 21 at 12PM EST.

Collection weeding

Its that time again! I need to weed alot of my collections to make space for collections which spark my interest more than just being side collections! So this is pretty much everything left from previous collections etcetcetc Some are for sale and some are for auction, so please, click the cut to check all pictures out and what not :) 

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Pokemon - trans am
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collection weeding auctions and sales!

Hey hey, I've had to resort to a lot more collection weeding and there's some items I'm unsure of pricing so they're up for auction! Look under the cut for a Pokemon Center Christmas plate, the elusive Hasbro Shiny Zapdos, an unreleased Taillow TFG and an English TCG Kyogre Star. :D

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of time. See my feedback here!

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I've also updated my sales with lots of plush, kids, and other figures from my collection- please give them a good home!

New member :) + Big Pikachu!

Hi everyone :) I'm new here to pkmncollectors, but not old, lol. I've been looking at pkmn collectors everyday, saved it as a bookmark for 3 months now, and I just decided to join in :3. I just collect Pokemon plushies and will post here and there and what not. I especially like BIG plushies. :D 

But anyways to the point here, I just wanted to show you guys this BIG Pikachu I won at my fair! I went on Saturday and when I saw him I almost cried because I had about 2$ left and couldn't win the stupid ring toss game :(. So I went back to the fair the next day JUST to go in there and get out with that Pikachu. Had to pay 12$ too just for admission to get into the fair just to get him -.-. But I went back in there loaded with money because I was going to do what it takes to win him!
So.. I DID! :D

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