March 14th, 2012

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Ebay scam UPDATE.

Hey Poke-Friends! I made a post almost three weeks ago (see previous post here) about someone ripping me off on Ebay for that coveted Mewtwo EX full art card 98/99. The buyer received the item but said it was "severely damaged" (although it was protected in packaging), and wanted refund without return.
Ebay told them to return the item for a refund. They made a UPS label on Feb 26th but never shipped it out.
Well, the case was FINALLY resolved.

After I called Ebay for the third time, I got an email saying that I was going to receive my money. Woohoo! :) Now you know that Ebay won't let the seller get scammed ALL the time.

And once again, thank you thank you thank you for all of the wonderful advice.


Auctions reminder!

just a reminder that i have 3 6" plush auctions and 3 miniature plush auctions over at my journal!
the three miniature plush slots are still at their starting bids of $20! and all these auctions end tonight at 5pm MST, so hurry over there and bid while you still can!
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FINALLY the most overdue MPC update of all time, perhaps!!! MPC expert big sucky and i are prepared to bring you.... THE MPC UPDATE THAT BREAKS THE 100th MPC BARRIER!!! but who is MPC 100...? let us find out.

also pay attention to all the kinds of lighting in this post. a sure indication i took these photos all at random times on different days. talk about being distracted.

first, the special namco set that had only three MPC, a first!

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it was not them. which leaves ONE OF THESE FELLOWS.

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until the next shocktastingly shocktascular update...see you comrades!

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ellow pokemon collectors~

  Recently charms has been a big hit and i know alot of people are getting them, as well as i! but i was their like some gallery or link to see ALL the pokemon charms, like some checklist or whatever and pictures of each and every charm.

i want to collect all...hah...but i would like to see how they look and so that i can keep track of them as well.

could anyone help me find a whole list of them?
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Looking to spend my money!

Wow it's been forever since I've posted here; I am planning on doing a re-intro and collection update around Easter.

Anyways, I want to surprise my SO with a box of Pokemon goodies. I've got a few items already but I need some more (nothing really expensive as I'm seeking quantity over quality, so I can fill the box). 

He collects:

Team Rocket (+any of their Pokemon)   etc.

Just let me know what you have and I'll throw money at you. ^^
And as usual, if you have any items with Slowking on I'll be up for buying them as well.

Extending shipping sale on new inventory + eBay Kids lot!

Good afternoon, community!
Due to a rather urgent need of funds, I've decided to extend my shipping sale on a newly updated sales post. I have hundreds of items, many under $5 and nearly all under $10!

As an added bonus, any items that are bought today will be shipped tomorrow! Click the banner to be transported~

I also have a lot of Kids on eBay for a new lower price! Great for resell or for any Kid collector. Clicking the picture will take you to the auction!

Thanks so much for looking~ <3


Hello everyone! I just joined the community. I'm a 23 year old (yikes!) graduate student living in Kentucky (so howdy all you Southerners!) I love Pichu and can't wait to see some of the stuff you all have of him. ^_^! (A couple posts down mention charms and now I want one.)

Thank you for welcoming me to the community.

Plush Identification and possible jacks prototype plush

well I got some plush recently an 3 of them I have questions on

First up is this tiny terrycloth Turtwig

second is this Torchic with embroiderer eyes felt like wings and non soft fabric head plume

Third is Buizel as you can see the left one seems to be a jacks Buizel but it's snout is shorter eyes aren't at a slant head fin farther back darker hand fins and most of all the back spots are felt not the sticker like material stuff could it be jacks prototype for buizel?
buizel has been identified

also a auction/ sales reminder click here or the picture to go there

Clear desu

Pichu plush that won't walk + Small update.

Hi everyone! I'm really looking for help from people who have the Banpresto walking Gizamimi Pichu plush from 2009.
Yesterday I received my package from Noppin and I was really glad I finally got the walking Pichu because it's so freakin'
cute! XD
Then I noticed a problem.. I tried to let it walk (by pressing on his left arm) and it faceplanted a lot. XD But suddently he didn't walk anymore, while the mechanism/feets inside his body, that can make him walk, still works!!

I have tried a few things:
-I placed new batteries in him, because I thought that was the first problem. But no, it weren't his batteries I think, it worked all the same.
-I took the mechanism inside it body fully out of the plush. Then I turned it on and it walked just fine! But when I placed it back, it didn't walk, so it looks like something hooks on the robotic feets.? I couldn't find out what, because i placed it correctly back into the plush.

When I looked at the robotic legs/feets, you could see one foot stands a bit higher than the other one (the other is a bit lower)
I don't know if this is correct to all of those Pichu plushes? Because of that my Pichu is also standing a bit awry, is this also correct?

I'm desperately looking for some help and wanna know how others are assembled and why they walk perfectly. D: I feel so sad mine can't walk...

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Thank you for reading my post and I really hope someone is able to help me.~

Magikarp has been caught! + small wants post

Hello, fellow collectors. :)
It's been a week since we've joined the community and it's been really fun so far! We've started purchasing and participated in a group auction where we had an insane bidwar over a Grimer pokedoll. xD And thanks to you guys we learned how to purchase things from Y!J. ^-^ We just want to share with you the special little guy we just received. Here he is :D

He's amazing! We know he's not that uncommon, but we really really wanted him. :3
And we'd love to get our hands on these pokedolls:
Grimer, Bulbasaur, Butterfree, Jigglypuff, Croagunk, Bidoof, and Wailord and Pikachu(10th anniversary). Perhaps you may also provide insight in the possibility of attaining some of these.
Thanks bunches! =]

Pokemon+Pokeball Auction reminder

Just a quick reminder that this Pokemon+Pokeballs auction will be ended within a day/15 March at 12:00 pm (GMT+8)! It's about midnight in Wednesday if you live in the US.

Some of them are still at their starting price, so time to grab your chance if you're interested :3c
You can always combine them with my items from the sales too~

(Click here or the above pictures to be transferred!)

Gary and Eevee

Searching Pokemon Fabric

Does anyone know where to get/have Pokemon fabric? I am looking for some to make some bags out of. I don't really want the 90s sheet fabric but something more like this. I used to have a fabric with Pikachu, jirachi, and torchic as well. But I can't find any anywhere. Especially at a decent price. : (

What Makes Your Collection Valuable to You?

Hello. X3 I just wanted to ask a simple question, kind of a meme I guess. What makes your collection valuable to you? Is it how much merchandise you have, how varied it is, how valuable the items are, sentimental value, etc?

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Btw, quick little mention about my sales: Little Jolteon Canvas didn't get any bids... ^^; So, he's up for sale for $140. I also added a Shiny Emboar card, along with a few other cards. I'll add the rest someday... X3

MASSIVE TCG and more sales, and advice wanted!

Hello guys! Its me again :D

Before we get to the HUEG SALES AAAAAAAAAA I'd like to show off some small gets :D and get some advice!

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and here is what I would like some advice on...

Collapse )Collapse )

okay, now the part you've all been waiting for. HUGE SALES! Including TONS of TCG and an ultra rare flareon cap!

PLEASE!!! Read the rules! ESPECIALLY if youre buying TCG! there are some specific rules you need to follow!

Collapse )Collapse )and now...super massive TCG SALES FFFFFF

(click the banner or this fake cut to be transported!)

to finally finish I have a mint replacement, I have a mewtwo star for trade!

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OKAY! that is EVERYTHING! Thanks for ploughing through my post guys, I love you all loads! :B

More Zukan for Sale!

So I have some more zukan for sale today. They are:

Bidoof line (European, no Pachirisu) - $10
Porygon Line - $15
Cherubi Line - $6
Sentret line - $25

Haggling is fine of course. Sales Permission was granted by dakajojo last year sometime. To the people waiting for the delcatty and whiscash zukans as well as the metal figures (they got overlooked, sorry) they'll be shipped out with anything bought here sometime this week likely. 

Quick Plush Wins

The pictures above are the only lots we won.

Swampert lot - 152
Reshiram lot - 71
Dialga lot - 23
Manytke lot - 64
Plusle lot - 57

All payments are to sockmehard(at),Please include your username :3 and comment here when payment is sent.

mewtwohavoka 48.38 US or 48.89 INT
toastly12.67 US or 12.80 INT
andrew1374158.00 US or 159.65 INT
truxor 32.28 US or 32.61 INT
jr89054.22 US or 54.79 INT
kyogres 14.26 US or 14.41 INT
bandanna_boy_1714.77 US or 14.92 INT
intervivos_25.46 US or 5.52 INT
lisul 11.12 US or 11.24 INT
firevie 3.91 US or 3.95 INT

raz2b I have that bonsly and wobbuffet in my sales :)
daskryuu I have tentacool in my sales :).
lamento - rai + konoe

wants + meetup

Looking for any and all official Scolipede merch! I think I have most of what's been released so far, but if you've got something you're looking at selling, I'd love to take a look and possibly buy it from you! I'm also interested in any customs anyone has to offer, if anyone feels like undertaking a Scoliproject :'D But mainly looking for any official merch I may have missed... I feel like there's some out there I've neglected to purchase, even though I've been as vigilant as possible! ;A;

Also, not sure how many people here are attending FWA this weekend, but we're organizing a last-minute pkmncollectors meetup! It will be held at 4PM on Saturday at the "pool atrium", near the lobby -- where Don't Hug Cacti's photoshoot will be earlier in the day. We'll probably have some Pokemon plush with us, so if you're at the con, come stop by!