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15 March 2012 @ 03:42 am

Quick reminder for my auctions which will end in around 24 hours! So its your last chance to get your bids in. 


Also I have a question about all these stampers. The pokemon site says they came out at the end of January this year but Ive never seen them for sale anywhere?! Could any possibly give me any info on them? Im mainly looking out for the Virizions and Terrakions...Any info would be much appreciated! <3

15 March 2012 @ 08:53 am
Hi everyone! I'm sorry if this is a commonly discussed thing here -- I just joined this community again yesterday after a very long LJ absence. ^^;

About a year ago, I purchased a Raikou Pokedoll from an eBay seller in Hong Kong with good feedback. They notified me that they shipped it within a couple of days, and, well... I never got it. :(

For various reasons, I chose not to bother them about it. I know packages get lost a lot and in all my years of buying crazy items from around the world I've actually been really lucky to have never lost an international package until then, so even though it was expensive, I felt like it was about time I got burned like that. They also had language on the listing saying they were not responsible for packages getting lost in the mail, and I thought that seemed reasonable since it's not like the post office is going to compensate them for an uninsured item, so it's my responsibility to eat the cost if I don't choose an insured shipping method.

And so, since I thought there was nothing that could be done and I hate complaining, I never even told them I didn't get the item. I just moved on.

Was that the wrong thing to do? Should I have at least let them know? I'm just so afraid of sounding like I'm complaining, and I was really uncomfortable with the idea of emailing them and going, "hey, no hard feelings, but I never got this thing, but don't worry, I'm not filing a PayPal dispute or anything!" Like, what's the point? Why make them feel bad? But maybe they did want to know. Also anyone else I share this story with thinks I'm insane and I should have at least tried to get my money back, but I don't see how that would have been fair to the seller.

What do you guys think?
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15 March 2012 @ 09:03 am
so i have a plush of larvitar holding a stick.

(image from ebay, mine is missing the tag and plastic hangy dongle but is otherwise clean & fine)

and i'm considering selling it. but i don't know if there's any larvitar collectors out there. the guy on ebay is selling it for 125$, but if people are interested i'd like to hear offers. 125$ sounds totally crazy to me, so just throw your offers at me :o if i see one i like i'll contact you.

like most plushes i find deep in the recesses of my old closets, i'd rather this go to someone who legit likes larvitar and collects it than some goon on ebay i don't even know

some possible FAQs...
-i'll ship wherever, international etc.
-larvitar may have some cat hair on him, i do own a cat. allergic collectors beware.
-paypal is my prefered payment acceptance system
-sales permish grandfathered by denkimouse from forever ago
It's finally time - to reserve your Kyurem, Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion zukan from the Zukan BW SP1 SET!

Yes, Kyurem is BIG! The other three aren't small either - they will be BIGGER than your tomy MC figures!

Cut for details!Collapse )

Also, to all Unnamed plush GA participants. Most packages have been already shipped, any unshipped packages will also go out within this week, thanks for your patience!
People who have sent packages to the US, did it ever happen to you that you sent out a package that had the RIGHT address and they send it back to you, stating the package as "Return to Sender, undeliverable as addressed, unable to forward?"

(crappy photo with my cell phone, because my camera is not working)

Five such packages that were sent to members of this community (you know, who you are) got sent back to me like this. 

I am getting more and more upset about the US shipping. First, some of my packages I have sent from the US got lost in the mail, then they change the shipping TWICE in a year (and now 3$ for the lightest package international, are you mad?), and then this happens. Wat.

I have been to the post office yesterday to solve this issue, they said they did not understand why they have sent it back to me either. I have asked them if it would be possible to get a refund back, they said no, because it definitely prooves through the sticker that it was sent to the US. I then asked, since the stamp and everything is still attached to it, if they can redeliver it. They said no, they unfortunately can't, because every letter/package gets a stamp with a date on it, and post offices in our country are supposed to send out packages on the same day the stamps are given from that date :(
So no refund for me or resending either :(

Good news is, every package except for three people have had sent out the packages yesterday as well! The others should be sent out tomorrow! Again, thanks for giving so many items a home! <3


We are very CLOSE to getting every one of these stamps at least once!!! However, there are still some that need claims!! I will reclaim some stamps myself and sacrifice some money for you, but I can't cover everything, that's why I am asking you to do the same, if you want the stamps you want to get!! Otherwise, if there will be some stamps unclaimed, would it be ok for you to pay a few cents extra, so we can get every one of them? Please let me know, after this, we will see what we can do! :)

Here is the post, so claim some if you can: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11698462.html

Thanks a ton guys! :)
Hey'all, my name's Merm. I joined the community about a year ago. I've made so many amazing friends, and I love you all so much <3

Click the cut to read my story, view my collection, and indulge in some gorgeous jewelry :O

This is the most fascinating and entertaining thing you will ever read in your life everCollapse )
M R ☭ R I O T
15 March 2012 @ 12:01 pm
Hey everyone,

After coming back for a month or so, I have doing a lot of impulse buying and decided to knock it off (the best I can, haha) and really just focus on my top six collections and my cards. So I decided that when I get my official post office scale, I will be doing a major weeding sale, not only with the BW stuff I apparently gathered but also with older plushes that I collected over the years that are not in my main collections. This includes my talking Mijumaru, talking Emolga, 1:1 plushes and much more. But until then, I'm letting go of my newest purchase: My Keldeo merch. I have decided on just collecting his plushes at this time.

Looking for $85 shipped in the states
International base prices is $80 and shipping depends on where in the world you are.
Detailed pictures can be found here
Everything is mint/in package

- Sale permission from denkimouse - 2009
- Feedback can be found here
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15 March 2012 @ 12:18 pm
It's that time again!

This is your chance to get some kids for dirt cheap! But this sale is only good for Today and Friday! After that any kids not sold will be given to the neighbor kids.
(U.S. Only! Sorry, I'm tired of filling out customs forms.)

Super Lowe Prices!

Ending the Kid Sale Early. I've sold plenty. If you have already commented, I will take your order and any additions, but no new comments for the kids or tomy figures, thanks!

I also have a few auctions:

And some Tomy figures, a couple Zukan, Pan Stickers and more, all super cheap! check under the cut!!
Basic Sales RulesCollapse )
Auctions, Open to International BuyersCollapse )
Thanks All!
15 March 2012 @ 02:21 pm


4/28 guys! :D they are regular sized dolls.

on 4/14, keldeo also gets his first plush, a larger-sized pokemon center plush, and strap, and some other things!

more keldeo goods: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2012/03/120315_p03.html?i001=news
you can see a tiny pic of keldeo's MC figure too!: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2012/03/120315_c02.html?i001=news

(yes, i will pick up all of it :D)
15 March 2012 @ 03:00 pm
well I have been asked about some of my figures being for sale so I put some of them up for sale

figuresCollapse )

also a link to my other current sales and auction and shipping can be combined

Alice Lorna
15 March 2012 @ 04:56 pm
Hello all :)

My good friend is looking for an Eevee plush! I'm not a great expert on the rarity/value of most of the Eevees out there, but she's looking for one that has a fluffy collar :) I sent her a link to the PokePlushProject collection of Eevees and her fave is this one:

Advanced Generation Eevee

Company: Tomy
Set: Advanced Generation
Year: ????
Size: Medium
Made in: Japan

Does anyone have any info on this cutie? Such as how commonly it's found/price tag or even have one for sale? Or have any other fluffy collared Eevees for sale?

Thanks for your help! x
Well, I've been looking in stores for several weeks with no luck and looking online, and finally I found an answer to what happened with it... it's one of those bad news/good news things.

The bad news... North America will NOT be getting those blister packs... No wonder why the only people I heard that could find them were from UK. I found a TCPi rep answer on the Pokegym forums:
"For, uh, reasons, the Next Destinies 3-Pack Blister wasn't released in North America. Those cards will be used in some upcoming Dark Explorers products."
Along with:
"We're shifting up the product layout (you'll see in Dark Explorers) but due to how things get committed we needed to keep the 3-pack going for non-North-America."
(The full topic can be found here.)

The good news? Well as said the promos WILL be coming out eventually. The more badish news? Well, I wonder what'll happen to that Munna coin :( I hope they bring that over too!

Also, the next blister pack for Dark Explorers will be this (from PokeBeach):

Rather disappointing I find... A coin release, and more BW rereleases, but in that blocky holo form. Sad there is no promo in this pack, the Luxio and Riolu would've worked! I hope they release other ones...

Well, I hope this clears stuff up for others who have been wondering!

Hello Everyone!  I have been behind the times recently popping in here and there to buy things so you can bet I have a pretty fabulous collection update for you all!  But this is not that post...I have to find my camera charger first. ^.^' 

I know this is super late, but I wanted to give a shout out to pancakelulu for my adorable Valentine gift!  thanks so much, he's super adorable! 

I've been going through my things and think it is time for some spring cleaning, So below I have some very small sales, including a MINT Walking clefairy and Lotto Zekrom Keychain.  Along with some TCGS.

Sales and infoCollapse )I also have a few nights free this upcoming week so I'm opening up a small amount of slots for Minions and Pillow dolls.

Minions ahoy!Collapse )
You can find other works and examples in my DA, feel free to inquire about anything. =3Gallery

Thank you for your time!
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15 March 2012 @ 06:38 pm
I've updated my website with a few new things so check it out if it interests you!


And today I've been in kind of a bad mood(I just found out that my new phone's delivery has been pushed back a day for some reason too.) So I decided to take a picture of 99.9% of my plush together. XD My poor Pikachu backpack got left out of all the photos...

See that under the cut!
Edit: I forgot to mention that I will also be scanning translated instructions for the talking Emonga plush for your convenience!(It should also apply to Chillarmy.) I will edit again when I have those up on my site! I'm scanning them right now~
Here's the link to the instructions!
Even if you don't own Emonga, these can be useful as they provide the "timer action"(as my mother's friend translated it) for each of the talking plush with the exclusion of Chillarmy. I also figured that I'd add the instructions for my Pose De Ippai Oshaberi Pikachu too. They are currently untranslated, but they include all the different motions and reactions you can get out of Pikachu and/or Piplup. That can be found here:

Tons of plush!Collapse )
15 March 2012 @ 07:13 pm
Hi guys, it's me again.

Today's post is going to be quite short. I have a small (and I mean SMALL) collection update, and a new custom I'd like to show. To see my gets, click the cut below.

Itty bitty updateCollapse )

...and here's my newest custom. :3

Piggly WigglyCollapse )

Thanks for reading. <3
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15 March 2012 @ 07:52 pm
Hello all! I recently created my own collection site, called The Cave of Origin! (Which I'm just now realizing someone probably already has as a collection site name... ah, oh well.)

It's slightly empty, but there are photos of my entire collection, and I'm looking for affiliates! Please comment if you'd like to exchange links! Hope you all enjoy browsing it.

Since this is a pretty short post, go under the cut for pictures of charm gets!

*scissor noises*Collapse )
15 March 2012 @ 07:58 pm
Just wanted to share some items with you all! Only some of these items are new, but most are just ones I haven't shown off or have displayed differently and I just want to share it all with you :) It's actually not ALL Marill... I'm showing off my tiny side collections of Lugia, Ho-oh, Legendary dogs, and the Eevelutions. And some new Deerling items! But of course there are some new Marill items ;D check it out under the cut if you'd like!



also, am I crazy, or was there an azumarill jakks figure released?? I swear I've seen one before but I can't seem to find any images... I'd love to have one someday and it'd be nice to have a picture! if you have one, could you please share? *o*
15 March 2012 @ 09:09 pm
Have you ever bought or made something with the intention to sell it, but you ended up keeping it? I kinda did that the other day. I told my husband I made something for myself, and I wasn't going to sell it. He gave me a look and said "You never do that!" Right now I am making a lot of amigurumi for a convention(hence why I am not taking commissions right now). I wanted to take a small break and try something out, so I decided to make a Victini... and as I was making it I wanted to keep it more and more. I never make anything to keep for myself, and I usually don't use felt for the eyes, but I wanted to try this out...

EDIT: There should be a picture ^here^ but LJ keeps screwing it up!
Well that's all! I just wanted to show off my newest Victini. This rust colored orange was the closest orange I have, but if I had to make it again I might consider trying to buy a brighter orange/red yarn.

Now for a small reminder! I still have an amigurumi Dittochu, and a Lottery prize Pikachu up for auction over here! I also got a ton of cards(starting at $.10 each) and other things for sale here in my permanent sales post if you're looking to buy!
15 March 2012 @ 09:20 pm
Hey everyone,
Would anyone be willing to offer middleman services for me on an item listed on Ebay Germany?
I have spoken with the seller and, sadly, she is unable to ship internationally.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks. ^-^
15 March 2012 @ 09:20 pm
Hello again everyone! Sorry for posting again so soon, but I wanted to make a separate post about these guys! I got them in the mail yesterday. =O

They are Psyducks, but...they look funky, especially with the yellow beaks. I was thinking they were bootlegs (cause I didn't find them on PokePlushProject), but I decided to get them anyway. XD

More pics under the cut!

Silly Psyduck Pics!Collapse )
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TRIP update under the cut!


Gastly used cut. WUT?Collapse )
15 March 2012 @ 10:08 pm
If you paid, and I am positive that everyone did, then everything from my sticker sales has been sent out (actually sent out on Monday). So you can look forward to those arriving soon.

This is kind of last minute, but  Shuto Con is coming this weekend (an annual anime convention in Lansing, Michigan) and my friends and I were wondering if anyone here was planning on going. We could do some sort of meet up to take pictures or something.
You will be able to recognize us in our last minute BEAUTIFUL Magneton Cosplay. We plan on dressing up on Saturday though.
Tomorrow We will be dressed as 'Pokemon Trainers' aka too lazy to dress up. But We will be toting our plushies with us.

So excited for our first convention x3

And to make this post less boring, I will post the one set of charms I got.

PicturessCollapse )
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The title is a song lyric from "Unwell" by Matchbox 20, in case you didn't know (it's in my head for some reason...)! Aside from the song being catchy, I did choose that line for a reason!

Some of you may recognize me as a Piplup collector! And that's what I usually show off whenever I post pictures of my collection. But I decided today that I should show the other side of me instead of focusing on Piplup!

My poor, neglected Sandiles and Growlithes. :C

First off, as you may have noticed, my username is meguroco, and in English, Sandile. When 5th gen was being revealed, and I saw Sandile, I instantly fell in love! Then when the shiny form came out, Sandile was made essentially out of two of my favorite colors: green and blue. I couldn't resist the blue tummy, and I decided to also collect Shiny Sandile! There isn't any official merchandise for his shiny form, but I've had the pleasure to commission some plushes of him. C:

Gu-roco!Collapse )

And next are my Growlithes! A lot of people think that Piplup is my favorite pokemon, but it's actually Growlithe! Whenever I saw Growlithe in the anime, I just loved it. I loved how they were so loyal and so sweet (oh god.. James and Growly... WHY DID YOU LEAVE GROWLY, JAMES?!... ahem).

Grooooooooooowlithes 8DCollapse )
Well, that's all for now! Hope you guys were at least mildly amused by this post. x)

I did receive some new Piplup merch and some new customs, but those are for another time! <33
15 March 2012 @ 10:34 pm
Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 4/24/2011
Old Feedback Here
New Feedback Here
No Feedback in the new system yet :O
Rules Here!Collapse )

I did a lot of collection weeding and I have some league supplies from my league leader that I am selling at much lower than I have in the past! YAY REDUCED PRICES!
Badges, Patches, and Other things under Here!Collapse )
Offers will have a reminder in 72 hours, and after then, they will be up for 36 hours :O
Please make your own post for the offers. if you see that it already has a post, then please comment after that person so i can keep track :D

Also My Plush sales can be found Here: PLUSH SALES

Thanks Everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!
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15 March 2012 @ 11:10 pm
So I was sorting through my box of Pokemon stuff that I've collected so far, finally arranging them onto shelves when I noticed I had absolutely no merchindise of my favorite legendary, Cresselia. Not even a single figure-what a tragedy! So I figure it's time to ask the community to sell me some. >.<
Mainly looking for the two known existing plush of her (Pokedoll & UFO) and Zukan. However, I'll most likely be looking towards other stuff as well. With the exception of charms, I'm not really going to be looking for flats.

Onto my other wants, Frillish and Jellicent! 
What I have so far or are on the way:
male Frillish domino piece
male & female tiny Jellicent puffy stickers
female Jellicent Dot Sprite pin
Pokemon Center 2012 Jellicent Frillish Set of 4 Charms
male Jellicent kid
What I need:
male Jellicent MPC plush
male Frillish kid
male Jellicent Dot Sprite pin (was on other list but haven't bought it yet)
everything else! What's out there?
(btw, not looking for TCG or flat-flat stickers)
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