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Welp, I've put a lot of thought into this and finally decided to sell a huge chunk of my collection, along with a lot of doubles I don't need. I decided to only keep my Emolga's, Shrooms and Sloths along with a lot of close items, kids, tomys and zukans. :3 I actually don't even need the money or there wasn't a huge crisis that happened in my life, I just felt I needed to make room for the new. Don't be sad for me, I'm actually happy about this decision and want to start a new this year. I'll still be around to buy all your emonga's!

I have a huge lot of plush on Ebay.

[Click The Picture Above or this text to be redirected to the Auction]

I also put up the other figure/toy/plush/pokedoll lot up again if anyone is interested. I decided to take off $100 dollars off of it. :3

[Click the Image above or this text to be redirected to the auction]

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16 March 2012 @ 02:12 pm
The Pokemon Center is re-releasing popular Pokemon charm sets from waves 1 and 2 next Wednesday, so denkimouse is doing another pick up! They explicitly stated the Eevee set and starters, but if you missed out on getting other sets from these waves in different runs because they sold out fast, you can probably assume that one will be there, too!

-Request sets for Waves 1 & 2 (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn) ONLY! Feel free to request sets that might not constitute as popular, of course! Multiples of a single set ARE allowed! 100 slots!
-Payment will be due Tuesday night (Wednesday afternoon Japan time.) You are not paying now. Do not reserve any charms if you are unsure you can pay within 24 hours of that time.
-Please add up your total and include shipping to be added!! To make things easier on me, I request you format your charms request like this:
Pokemon ($##), Pokemon ($##), +$# shipping = $##
Not required though, just a simple request. :D Your total will be adjusted if there are sold out sets.
-If you have a current processing order with Sunyshore, or plan to make one this weekend, you may combine! Be sure to leave your order number here so I can take off your discount, and if you plan to order, just make a note that you are combining with charms!
-If you got an Eevee set in other runs held by Gin, we ask you please do not request another here, and while we have no way of knowing if you plan to do so, to please not request any multiples if you plan to resell!

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16 March 2012 @ 02:22 pm
Firstly, just a reminder for these plastic pencil boards with large round stickers and Pokemon Center Tokyo metal leaf coin:

The coin and one of the boards w/ sticker still has no offers on ;-; You are free to offer slightly lower than my reserve, I will most likely accept :P
Click the pictures above or here to be transported!


Small Wants:

I came across these card sleeves on ebay today:

Looks ordinary you say..? Look closer!

;o; Foongus!

All wants Sorted, nothing under the cut :PCollapse )

16 March 2012 @ 04:01 pm
I need to get a lot of projects out of my hair, so I'm putting all of my Pokemon projects and customs up for auction. I am putting up all of my pre-made bottlecap keychains as well as some other items. All photos, info, and rules are under the cut.

Please, do NOT comment or bid until all threads are up.

Threads are up.

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16 March 2012 @ 04:07 pm


it's a sticky post on a community!!

how many times has everyone said, gin, sticky that! and i said, i can't! we can't sticky!



what do you all want me to sticky here?

obviously: the rules, but most of them under a cut, to not annoy the crap out of everyone. it WILL be kept to ONE sticky post which will basically not change, unless it's something major going on, a vote, a current hopping news event, thing we could keep stickied for a short while that we don't want anybody to miss out on. but i don't want to sticky things until the entire community is really really angry at me -- like this current (temporarily) stickied post -- so let's only sticky what we really need to.

don't worry... only one sticky post per community... it won't get out of hand! i'd only edit whatever one we keep on top with those current events!


gosh!! i'm so excited!!

EDIT: FAQ'S!! already!!

ONE!!! by important events i mean, posts like we've had in the past talking about merch for new games/new pokemon (our own way of discussing such things on-topicly) or contests. even those things would be just links at the top. important events is not "my GA for a plush lot" or stuff i'd have to keep updating daily. just keep in mind it's still a human who'll be taking care of our brand new itty bitty ickle baby sticky post.

TWO!!! to those of you worried the sticky post will be gigantic/annoying/full of images. here are good examples of what the sticky post will NOT be:
1. this post right here
2. my own LJ's sticky post

i re-iterate! it will be mostly under a cut, featuring cool updated links to ongoing events.
16 March 2012 @ 04:24 pm

Hi community

After seeing so many of you posting your new charms couldn't wait till mine came, and it did today. YAY!!

So here's a little photo to show you mine

Charms photo Collapse )

Thank you for looking/reading ^^
Risha Moon
16 March 2012 @ 05:38 pm
Hi, Everyone!

I've been stalking the Dragon Blade/Blast Card scans for awhile. I just noticed today that ALL the card scans for the sets are up. I like quiet a few of the cards (about half of each of the sets, the entire Garchomp deck (minus the trainers), and probably over half of the Hydreigon deck). BUT! Four cards stood out above all others for me. I know some of the community members tend to pre-order the new Japanese sets, so I'm hoping someone might have these up for sale/trade. I would LOVE to trade for them.

Images Under Cut so I don't spoil new cards for anyone browsing the front pageCollapse )

I don't have too many rarer than holo rare cards anymore (Shining celebi from neo genesis, Tornadus EX from Dark Rush, Heatran lvl X from one of the older sets (not the promo version), and possibly a Regigigas EX from Noble Victories (but I would have to discuss that with sorjei since we jointly own that card). I also have a TON of other cards that I would trade. And, I even might be willing to part with some cards from my personal collection...maybe.

Alternatively, would anyone be interested in splitting some boxes/decks with me? For all four, it would be about $120. So $60-ish for each of us plus shopping from me to you. With that, we would each get 130 cards. We wouldn't have to get all for things though. And, we would have to decide beforehand how to split up the cards/packs


P.S. Also, since I saw that someone verified that the Next Destinies promos won't be coming to the U.S. anytime soon, I would LOVE to trade for Luxio and Riolu. And, of course, the Meowth that never got translated into English.
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16 March 2012 @ 07:16 pm
Hey guys!

on my way out to dinner:) just a quick reminder that i have my Pikachu Movie necklace up for auction. it ends tomorrow night at 11:59 PM Arizona time. it has NO bids! also still lots of goodies up for sale;)


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16 March 2012 @ 07:33 pm
Just a quick wants post! I'm after some TCG cards! I've been looking through my binders and they've started to look more and more complete (I collect only specific Pokemon) and i've decided to add Jolteon to my collected 'Mons since i just got a Mint Jolteon Star card today! It's gorgeous, so i've made room for his card in my binder!

This time i've decided to use pictures & a Text list.. since when i've provided text lists hardly anyone comments =/ but i notice more people comment other peoples wants when they have pictures =D

I have a few things i need to say though, im not hoping to spend a fortune on cards! Obviously offer what you have within reason, for example please dont ask for $2 for a common card... that's ridiculous.
NO REVERSE HOLOS i hate them >__<
Im open to trade too =D


Pictures of wants under here!Collapse )

Text list hereCollapse )
Thanks for the help again guys ^___^

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16 March 2012 @ 09:09 pm
* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site
* Permanent Plush/Figure/Etc Sales
* Permanent TCG Sales

Quick Collection update first!

Pupitar charm, Munch sticker, cards that i traded for! It really reminded me how fun it is to trade, so under the cut below you'll see some stuff I'm hoping to trade :)
Ducklett was from eBay (and now I really want Swanna MPC and Ducklett kid lol) and Purrloin kid and Bellossom tomy (who I will paint shiny because it's the only legit shiny I've ever own..)!
Purrloin is is so precious and it's making me want more cat things ;3; I need a Glameow kid and Liepard kid, and I'm trying to decide what Purrloin plush I should aim to get. So Purrloin collectors out there, do you have a favorite plush? I was thinking of getting the Canvas but it's really hard to decide!

Also, I took the time to get photos of all my kids and zukan for my collection gallery, check them out!
kids and zukans
Hope I have time to do the rest of my figures and plush sometime this month ^^;
If you want to swap links, let me know <3 Feel free to use my photos for wants/etc!

Check out all my things for sale and trade, along with my wants at the very end!

But First, New Kid Shelves!Collapse )

I want these gone sales/trades!)Collapse )
Strictly Sales!Collapse )

When in doubt, get a POKEMON ASCII DRAWING!

| \.,,,__________
/ __!!/
|(%) (%) \
() . () |
\ ,., /
/ \
\"/ \''\ |
\ <_/
\ <_,|
.,..,,/"/, /\\
\ | \____/ \\
"" __//
_____ ||''
/ / \\||
/ / \,|
|__| \/


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16 March 2012 @ 10:29 pm

Its been a little over three months since I joined the community and the flow of packages has finally come to an end.
So hey, why not take this opportunity to show off all of the lovely items I've gotten since joining?

Warning: Amateur photographer with 2GB of artistic freedom. It will be image heavy!

(So artsy)Collapse )
16 March 2012 @ 11:45 pm
Hi everyone. 
(If this is not aloud I'll remove it)
This is a question I've been pondering for a while now:

Why are Eevee and it's evolution's merchandise so, pricey?