March 20th, 2012

Epcot Stock List

Hey everyone,

I went to Epcot today, and of course I went to Mitsukoshi, and here's a list of all the plushies I saw:

Pokedolls (old gen ones are Velboa unless otherwise stated):

-Pikachu (Minky)
-Spiky Eared Pichu (Minky)
-Entei (Minky)
-Lugia (Minky)
-Turtwig (Minky)
-Chimchar (Minky)
-Piplup (Minky)
-Pachirisu (Minky)
-Mime Jr.
-Riolu (Minky)
-Dialga (Minky)
-Palkia (Minky)
-Giratina (Altered Form) (Minky)
-Shaymin (Both Forms) (Minky)
-Arceus (Minky)

All Gen 5 Pokedolls are Minky


DX Pokedoll:


Small Pokemon Center Plush:


Medium Pokemon Center Plush:


Large Pokemon Center Plush:


This is an 100% accurate list. I came home with Eevee, Jolteon, Metagross & Lati@s.
Tsu Painting

Pikachu Card Hoard

Hey guys! At a recent anime con I ran into an artist who does FANTASTIC shadowbox-style art by stacking about 5 of the same card and cutting out parts of it on different layers and making it into a 3D scene. It's hard to photo and I wish I could link to his art, but he doesn't seem to have a website! Anyway, being that I have a large collection of Pikachu cards, I decided that I should get it done to a common Pikachu card to make a very unique item in my collection.

I'm looking for as many copies of this card as I can get. I'd like to get between 15-20 of them. I'm going to give priority to the people who can give me the most at once. I'm willing to pay about .25 cents per card. I can go a little higher, but not much, cuz these are pretty darn common. If it's the holo version, I'll go up a bit, but I only want one of those.

I'll be sure to post it when it's finished. And hopefully by then I can share the guy's website in case anyone else wants to commission the fellow. Thanks everyone!
Chanseys & Jessie read

Charms solution!

Coolest buy ever!

Like a lot of you, I really loved the charms. I've got a few sets now and I was thinking... what should I put them on?
Well, my problem is solved! After a little searching on Etsy I found this :

The person who runs the shop will make an Unown on a charm bracelet with your initial :o
So hopefully I'll soon have the perfect place to keep all of my prized Pokemon Charms! :D

Here is a link to the shop. It was $7 with $2.50 shipping.
(I'll be sure to post a photo of my bracelet with the M Unown and charms ASAP!)
And to make this post interesting... I'm going to show off my Chansey embroidery!
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Jakks Series 4 GB - aka Woobat needs a home

If you are like me you are probably tired of waiting for the Jakks Pacific B/W Series 4 plushes to arrive at the local stores(mine haven't even gotten rid of all the old plushes yet). I have found a site that has them in stock, and their prices are pretty reasonable. The only catch is... if no one claims Woobat I'm not ordering the set! Woobat needs a home in order for this GB to work!

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Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 10/29/11 - my feedback can be found here

Claims Set 1:
Victini - jujufox
Woobat - tewzi
Deerling - jadekitty777
Patrat - snowflaika
Panpour - aguazul08
Lillipup - rypeltajaroll

Claims Set 2:
Victini - eternal_rena
Woobat - snowflaika
Deerling - shirohikarikaze
Patrat - yellowmudkip
Panpour -
Lillipup - jadekitty777

big charizard plush want!

This is one of my most wanted wants.. XD The huge Charizard plush that's about 27" high. I have the 18" high Charizard just like him, but I want the bigger version of him too :) I love big plushies! 

This picture isn't mine, it's one off ebay selling for 115$, but I can't pay that much, and was wondering if anyone has one, and is willing to sell um, under 115$?
.. haha. :) Thanks!

No Way! Shiki

(no subject)

Iv'e gone and made a collection site!

Yeah I know I don't have much there but I had fun making it.

By the way I am looking for sky form shaymin and leafeon kids. I have no leafeon kids so I need.... well... all of them. And I only have the normal shaymin and attack shaymin kid. So I need the rest of those.

And then I also REALLY want the Jolteon canvas plush with a tag! Lemme know if you guys have any of that stuff and what your prices will be. I will NOT offer. :D You must tell me what you want for it if you are willing to part with it.
Eevee Collection

stuff for sale, display case pickups, and others

Hi everyone,


*Anyone who has already ordered something from me - your item will be shipped out as soon as possible.

At this time of writing, I have used up my bandwidth on photobucket! Sorry! If you want to see a picture of something you're interested in, please click here and enter the password - "Zoroark".

I have some stuff in my sales post that is taking up space on my desk, so I would like to post them here and see if anyone is interested! Feel free to make offers disregarding prices listed - I just need these guys gone!
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And, in order to make this post less boring, I have a picture to share with you all:

(Thank you pheonixxfoxx for my awesome new Flareon, Leafeon, and Glaceon!)
(Sorry for the horrible picture/random crap in the background! XD)

An awesome display box exclusive to a nearby store here! It's amazing and fits Kids and Tomys perfectly, and I'm even getting one for when I acquire some Mega Bloks. The "stadium seating" is such a perfect way to display figures and small toys! You can even arrange the rectangular bars in different places to fit the needs of whatever you're displaying. It is quite large too, as you can see it's easily possible to fit at least 5 figures on each row!

If anyone is interested in a display case, I WILL do pickups for them! The one pictured above - a "Multi-Level Display Case" - will be $15 each plus shipping. The case measures approximately 10" W x 6 3/4" H x 5 3/8" D.

The store has display boxes of all sizes (you can see one of my unopened boxes above, awaiting my Raichu Canvas Plush)! Under the cut is a list of boxes that I can get - if you're interested in any, please copy and paste the corresponding line(s) below in your inquiry/comment!
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Derp, sorry to end this post with more sale-type things! I shall be receiving a few more additions to my collection in a week or two, so the next time I post I shall have more interesting stuffs! XD

Thanks for your time, everyone~

Collection weeding and custom perler bead commissions open!

Hey, everyone! Convention season is upon us and I plan on going to ACen at the end of next month so I need to do a little collection weeding to try to get some money raised up to help with some cosplays!

collection weeding

This and more behind the cut!

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I am also opening my commissions for perler beads back up! :D

I'm offering a special! Spend $30, get a free walky sprite! :)

custom perler beads

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TY Beanies $10 each! Also small sales!

Prices for shipping: Inside Europe $3.00 / Outside Europe $3.50
Shipping for additional beanies: $1 per beanie.

2 x Oshawott
1 x Snivy
1 x Tepig
1 x Axew
1 x Pansage

1 x Pikachu

Banpresto DX Zorua (MWT) $25 - Free postage for entire sale!
Minun (MWT) - $10 / Banpresto Pikachu (tush tag) $15 / BK Psyduck $2
BK Charizard (booklet and hanger included) Offers over $10
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Sales permission granted by Dakajojo in June 2011
OP_Riolu [best combo]
  • shiome

Last minute sales - FREE SHIPPING :)

Hey guys! I'm moving to Japan in a couple of weeks, so this will be my last sale post for a while... I'd like to clear out the last items in my sales before I leave!
So, until April 1st, I'm offering free shipping to most locations (USA, Europe) and a big shipping discount for any other country! :)

I have a few pokedolls (Charizard included), a laying Shinx beanie and my Japanese Soul Silver game still available over here, take a look... under the 30-seconds-banner :B

Sale post this way!

(disregard any mention of shipping quotes in the actual sale post :'D) Thanks for looking!

Has anyone seen... + Epcot Trades

Hi, Everyone!

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And, so this post isn't just a "have you seen" post - After seeing all the Epcot talk earlier today, I asked my mom if we could go this weekend since we never went for my birthday over spring break. I'll be going this Saturday. ^^

I will NOT be doing a full out pickup. However, I am looking for some particular plush that I would do a trade/partial trade for if anyone is interested. Does anyone have the following plush they would be interested in trading:

Houndour Pokedoll - doesn't have to MWT but would like it to be in good condition
Shadow Lugia Pokedoll - prefer MWT
Leafeon Pokedoll - this is less important since I just bought a bootleg one...but I might consider trading for a legit one
Pumpkin Spiky-eared Pichu plush

Those four are the most important. Also looking for -
Female Pikachu - trading with 99reddrifloons
Arcanine UFO
Sleeping Pichu
Mew purse plush
King Purrloin musical plush

And these two cards - and

Might also consider trading for a DX Houndour TOMY (is there a DX Houndoom? oO")

If you have any of the above that would be interested in trading for any of the plush listed here - Please comment mentioning which plush you have for me, condition of plush, link to feedback, and how many Epcot plush you would want in return. Keep in mind...Epcot Pokedoll/cen with tax are going to be around $16-17 for me.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

-- ppl trading with me know I'm not ignoring them -

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Once my trades are finalized. I plan on having a HUGE card sale (including shadowless and 1st editions) to raise money so I can get a box of Dragon Blast cards. XD!

~ Risha

P.S. Everything in this post still applies if anyone is interested in the Poliwag line charms, the Victini box set, or has any of the wants -
pokemon: mamo!


Hey everyone! Charms were got! Here are your totals if you reserved a slot. PAY ACCORDING TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

SEND TO: denkimouse (at)
SUBJECT OF PAYMENT: JUST your LJ name please!
PAYMENT NOTE: copy and paste your charm list from your totals here into the note.
make sure your address is included! If you are combining with an order on Sunyshore, include your order number(s) in the note!!!


If a set is struck out, it means it was sold out. :( Sorry for any disappointment! I tried to update totals and shipping costs to reflect this, but I may have made mistakes. Be sure to doublecheck your total!

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PS: A little birdy told me that are six more shiny Rayquaza charms listed on Sunyshore... :D (which anyone who got charms here can combine with!)

And let's not forget other shiny Rayquaza items: clearfile and stickers!!

a few new gets, offers reminder and updated sales!

Hello everyone B:

first of all, all orders from my last sales have been shipped! Be on the lookout for your packages :D

secondly, I have a few gets to show off!

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secondly, offers for my flareon hat end in 3 hours! (midnight GMT) Its still at the starting bid of $20! Dont miss out on this very rare piece of eeveelution merchandise!

I have also added a whole ton of new TCG cards and added some non flat merchandise!

(Click the fake cut here to be transported!)

okay, thats all for today! thanks so much for reading and have a good day <3 LOVE YOU ALL AAAAAA

Updated collections!

Hey everyone! For those who dont already know who I am, I'm a 15 year old Swedish guy, and im OBSESSED with pokemon. (xD ) My favourite pokemon is Deoxys, but today im going to show you what my side/other collections looks like, and how they have grown since my first update (and only i beleive x) )

First off, the lovely fighting frog, Poliwrath, an his evos Poliwag and Poliwhirl ^^
(this will be sorta before: after: thingy :3) Im excluding every collections flats, which maybe will be shown later on ^^

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Magnets for sale + pokedoll & kids & wants again!

I'd really like to post a collection update but i'm still waiting on various items so maybe next post. :c

Sales permission from Dakajojo quite some time ago!
I ship from the UK.
I do ship internationally! :)

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Edit: Bed time here in the UK will get back to messages in the morning :)

Still looking for the following plush, doesn't have to have tags or anything I just really want these ^^'

Also since last time I have decided I would like a minky marill pokedoll if anyone has one spare <3


BW5 Dragon Blade / Dragon Blast Sales!

They're in! XD
I got my BW5 boxes in and one of the theme decks, and I am here to get rid of my extras! =D

I managed to pull a secret rare in each box and in one of them I even got an ultra rare! XD
I was so happy to have pulled them, as last time I got nothing, and was even missing a regular EX card.
I had a couple of my friends come over to help me sort all the cards since I barely have time for even myself these days.
Oh, and I unfortunately I didn't pull Rayquaza EX (the rare one =_=). If anyone has it, I would be willing to trade for or purchase it.

Anyhoo, click below to go to my sales:


small wants post

So I have a new addition to my little family... which means a new side collection for me. :) Although she's only been living with me for about two weeks, her importance to me isn't any less than my gerbils! Her name is Scarlet and she is a Rose Hair tarantula, and is the cutest little spider you could ever meet. :) She marks an important moment in my life; the moment where I overcame my fear of spiders. Just a month ago, I was so scared and creeped out by spiders that I couldn't even look at pictures of them online! But after weeks of desensitization (looking up pictures and videos daily) I finally built up enough courage to go to an exotic pet expo to look at these creatures up close and personal. After having the chance to hold multiple tarantulas, I still felt on edge and antsy about them. I truly never thought I'd ever come home with one, but the moment I held her it was like all my fear of these small creatures washed away! Anyway, I could go on and on about her, but my main reason for this post is because of my future side collection, Ariados!

If you guys have anything Ariados related, let me know! What I'm most on the lookout for is the tomy figure!!! I'm just so fascinated with spiders now I can't help but transfer that obsession on over to something else I love :) (which is obviously Pokemon). Well, let me know if you guys have the tomy figure, or any other interesting things spider-related! :)

How many other people have had the experience of holding a tarantula and what was it like?
And most importantly...does anyone else in the community own one? It's always good to know a fellow t-lover! (and so far I don't personally know any ;_;)

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