March 21st, 2012

PKMN: Sailingtoed

in which i kill your internets with images

HELLO MY POKEFRIENDS! I have MANY PICTURES because I've been lazy and stuff has piled up as a result. I was going to include a photostory in this entry as well, but this ended up so long I decided I'll post that in a separate entry in a couple days. It will feature a newbie named Prescott, who you get to meet in this entry.

I figure it's been a while since I made a large post and there's been lots of new members since then, so perhaps a little re-intro is in order!

So, hi. 8D My name's Megan, but the majority of the internet calls me Toady or Toedy. I'm a 22-year-old girl living in Canada who aspires to be a published author of YA and fantasy novels. Maybe it's the writer blood, but I talk way too much. Sorry. |D; My favourite Pokemon for ever and for always is POLITOED. <3 I've loved frogs ever since I was alive so that explains a lot. My second favourites are Palpitoad and Bonsly, and my tertiary loves include Turtwig, Stunky, Gible, Bulbasaur/Venusaur, and Wobbuffet. My childhood loves were Raichu and Marill, so I've still got a soft spot for them as well.

I've been a Pokefan since the first gen and I still remember the joy when my parents surprised me with Yellow. I've got fond memories of Pokemon Snap and Hey, You! Pikachu!, which induced my 12-year-old self to sleepwalk out of my bedroom one night, where my dad caught and scolded me for being awake and I complained in my sleep that I just wanted to play the game. I sort of fell out of the craze with everyone else but still played the games. Diamond/Pearl are the only ones I've never played (but will soon!).

Other than Pokemon, I collect Frog Style, and everyone gives me frog stuff which = MASSIVE FROG COLLECTION that I have hardly added to myself. XD It's pretty awesome.

If you read all of that, thank you. C: And now... let's get to the rest of this stupidly massive post! WITH PICTURES. I'm so sorry dial-up users and my Aussie friends. Please still love me when it's over? <3 I did make sure all of the photos are around 50~70KB, though I think there's one or two that snuck into the 80s and low 90s.


FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS. Everyone loves charms, right?! That's what I thought. I guess mail carriers think otherwise after so many deliveries. :C


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I couldn't resist this little fellow who had been living in shiny_vulpix's sales post for a very long time. He's seen much better days and has a (very manly) battle scar. I thought I could give him some TLC and make him feel loved again.

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QUESTION! Does anyone know the exact release date for the March batch of MPCs? I've been prowling a little for the Palpitoad but I don't see any sign of it yet.

I (finally) leave you off here with the knowledge that my boyfriend's 7-year-old brother recently pulled a MEWTWO EX and FULL ART RESHIRAM card. Kid's only been playing the TCG a couple weeks. My jaw dropped. XD

Super Kid GA and Truxor's GB Final Payments...Finally! Yay! XD

Hey guys! Sorry it took so long for me to get crap together. Although, I'll have you know I got accepted in to my University's Nursing Program!!! YAY! :D I'm finally home to enjoy the rest of my spring break and to mail everyone's kids! :D So pay ASAP and I can have everything shipped out this week!

I have pictures of everyone's kids so you personally can look at everything and make sure everything is in shape! :D Everyone who has 5 or more kids and am shipping to within the US will be sent via small flat rate box with delivery confirmation included. Everyone within the states who got 4 or less will have delivery confirmation included as well. This is due to the fact that paypal has been hitting down hard on those who don't have validation that everyone's items are received! Alright moving on! Please send ALL payments to and PLEASE check your pictures and lists to make sure everything is in order. I am not to be held responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail OR incorrect orders as I am showing you now what I've got ready for you!
Also I have TONS of extras! Please take them off my hands! Any extras MAY increase shipping unless you have a flat rate box in order in which weight does not matter!

All Extras are $1 regular/$3 clears & attacks for participants and $2 regular/$5 clears & attacks for non  participants!

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A small update to my shop (including some cute Poké Box stickers). As usual, please use Ctrl + F to search for your favourite character(s). ^_^

I'll do a biggish Raichu collection update sometime soon (I've received such a pile of nice Raichu things from you lately!) as well as send lots of feedbacks. Sorry for the wait, I've been a bit ill and busy with my studies (kanji, oh, kanji...).
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Looking for Haunter!

Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy a Hunter kid for my husband. I bought him a Gengar a while back knowing that he loves the ghost Pokemon. Then a little bit later I came across a Ghastly, and had to get it for him too! Now I see that I am missing Haunter for this evo line! We can't have that. So I want to surprise him with a Haunter to complete his small ghost kid collection. Oh yeah I forgot to mention he doesn't check this site, so each time it has been a nice little surprise for him. He says he "hates surprises", and gets that cute little grin each time I get him something.
EDIT: Found one thanks!
Also, I have a little reminder about the Jakks Series 4 Group Buy aka Woobat needs a home I have going on right now. All of set 1 has been claimed, but if we can get some more claims to buy a second set the first payment will cost $10.75 instead of $11.08! That's a savings of $.33! For the second set we need claims for Panpour, Fall Deerling, Lillipup, and of course WOOBAT! Please read the directions first if you are interested. If we can't get enough claims for set 2 by Saturday I will just order 1 set of these plushes. :<

yet another question !

hi everybody !!,I just wanna to ask about these Banpresto DX figures,Zekrom and reshiram

I need to know exactly the height  of these two figure,some websites say 10 inch,some say 7 inch others say 8.5,I really need to know,cause I'm searching for zekrom,reshiram and kyrem figure that fit with 10 inch dialga,palkia and giratine(which I believe they are the biggest figures available).(note:the sinnoh trio are bigger than the unova)
the DX tomy and jakks figures are to small around 6 inch,they wont fit with my collection.

also what is the biggest torterra figure ? is there a tomy DX torterra ? I need a 7+ inch figure.

thanks in advance

Truth about lapras.... offers :P?

If anyone recalled, I made a post about identification of these plushes I found online a while ago, turns out they are mirage plushes 0_0 Anyway, I wanted to get the Horsea myself, and I got the lapras too just out of curiosity, along with other random stuffs just to make the middleman fee more worthwhile...

It was rather fun to open the package, since I didn't know what to expect as the seller doesn't say anything apart from these plush being used... :P

Turns out... they were around 5 inches tall each, their seams aren't very good at some parts and... I think they need a wash ... :p But they were much cuter in person than the photos IMO, better than some official plushes too XD

However, there's one very shocking (sad?) truth about lapras... it's actually rather obvious in the photo too, but for some reason I was completely blind and missed that...

^ These were the photos the seller

And yes, Putting Lapras up for offers, since I had my fun holding the actual thing and I think it probably would appreciate a better home than mine XD

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Another question from me again (Sorry for asking so many questions ;_; )
I am seriously considering spending $15 to rename my LJ account (I wish I can just make a new account but it's a purged name so I don't think you can do so...?). This is probably the first ever time I wanted to spend real money on a name O_O 

So... on the page for the renaming, there's such on option: Automatically forward users from poliwhirl to new username

Does that mean if I choose that option, all the posts/ comments I have made before will automatically be my new username, instead of jantyl? 

Also, what about the community feedback? Since it's not on LJ but another site, I am not too sure how it works... is there a way to carry it forward?

Thanks (:

articuno, pokemon

Small update on the hunt for kids figures

Small update on this post:

Unfortunately, I've come back from the convention completely empty handed. I didn't find a single kid from anyone's list or from my own. I didn't even find a kid that I halfway considered buying. I don't know if the dealer's stock of kids is running out, if he hasn't restocked in a while, or what - but nothing in the bins was on anyone's list of kids to look for. I'm as disappointed as everyone. But I will save the large list I compiled of everyone's kid requests and continue to hunt, as the same dealer will be at the next two conventions that I'll be attending (one in two weeks and one at the end of May).

Again, sorry to everyone who requested a kid, and sorry this post was a little delayed.


calling vaporeonxlover and card trades

Hi everyone! Has anybody heard from vaporeonxlover? I haven't heard anything for a couple of weeks. We were originally trading, but both Piplup pokedolls sent to me turned out to be booties. I'm awaiting either the return of my Blitzle plush or a payment. I was told that I would be receiving a payment within a few days, but that was two weeks ago.

vaporeonxlover! Please reply to my PMs - I really just want to know what's going on. ^^; I'll send back the Piplup once I receive the payment/the original Blitzle Tomy.

Also, to make this post less boring, I am open for CARD TRADES! You can view the cards I have for trade and my want list here:

Note - trades may be a little slow, I have exams that are soon approaching!
I prefer US trades first, but I'm open to international trades!

And another thing! Expect a sales post in two weeks. I'll be on spring break, and I need to get rid of things and make up for lost things. ^^;

Thanks for reading!

First sales post. :3

I have plush for sale and will be adding charms!!
Charms are up so I have plush and charms! :D
Gen 1, 2 and 5 are what I have. Eeveelutions, individuals from sets and 1 set.

Click on the picture below. :)

Thank you! :D

(No he's not for sale; he's one of my favorite dolls. xP)