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22 March 2012 @ 01:09 am
Far-fetched, but anyone has a Full-Art Ho-Oh or Terrakion, even a shiny  Krookodile they wanna part with?

I am just amazed I got the full sets minus ultra rares...

Also, am I the only one who RAGED and broke so many Dragon Blade paks? The bottoms are usually easy to open, but Blade made me annoyed so hard I switched to a swiss knife blade midway...
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22 March 2012 @ 02:55 am

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to get up a tiny wants post regarding charms before I put my collecting on hold for a little while. I wanted to try my luck here before opting to order entire packs from pokevault and ending up with more extras. I'm looking for these single ones here:


If anyone has any of these and would be willing to part with it or them for a price ranging between $6-13 per charm, please let me know!

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Just as a reminder, Chaos Counter is holding a promotion this month where if you spend $10 or more (including shipping) you're entered into a raffle for a chance to win a custom made figure by me of your choice. c= So make sure to check out the link to my sales at the end of this post~!


Now for the real eye grabber, I was taking a trip to my local flea market yesterday and came across something quite interesting...

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22 March 2012 @ 09:33 am
I've been away from the comm for a while and hate to come back on a sad note, but...

Arceus Movie Plush Keychain

I lost my Arceus because I decided to put him on my bag for a few days and the chain must have given out. I've looked everywhere he could possibly be based on where I went the last day I had him to no avail. It's a simple thing to lose, but I'm pretty heartbroken since he was one of my favorite collection pieces. That'll teach me to take stuff out of the house...

If anybody has one they're willing to sell me, I will throw money at you. Budget is no object here. I'm scouring Y!J but trying not to get my hopes up because this is a 2009 movie item. Any leads at all will earn my eternal gratitude, seriously.
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22 March 2012 @ 09:51 am
You guys are going to kill me for all the questions I post these days. I promise the next one will be a collection update, once my last package comes in because it contains a piece of my main collection.

But as for the questions.

It's clear there's a charm craze going on, and I'm partaking in it, considering I'm waiting on the Scolipede line and I currently have Electivire.

But I was wondering about some pictures and prices.

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22 March 2012 @ 11:00 am
Done! Thanks much for the help dinomuffinbot (◎´∀`◎))ノ゚・
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To make this post less boring, have a tiny sales update =v=

22 March 2012 @ 11:37 am
Hi all! So I checked out Nintendo World and just like Epcot they also have a new selection! When I got there this morning they were still putting out more Pokedolls but I'll be heading back there tomorrow to get a complete list. From what I saw they have:

Ho-oh Velboa
Lugia Mink
Landmin Mink
Skymin Mink
Mew Velboa
Palkia Mink
Dialga Mink
Latios Velboa
Latias Velboa
Regigigas Mink
Mudkip Velboa
Treecko Mink
Torchic Mink
Pachirisu Mink
Eevee Velboa
Wobbuffet Velboa
Cyndaquil Velboa SOLD OUT :(
Chikorita Velboa
Totodile Velboa
Arceus Mink
Elekid Velboa
Turtwig Mink
Lucario Velboa
Riolu Mink
Spiky Ear Pichu Mink
Snorlax (I saw it but I think its sold out, don't see it anymore)
Celebi Velboa
Entei Mink
Piplup Mink
Munchlax Velboa

Black & White Pokedolls (All Mink)

Black & White Plush

DX Plush/Pokedolls

Also Sales Plug!:

Click for pickup rules! PICTURE HEAVY!Collapse )
22 March 2012 @ 12:41 pm
I am in need of funds as I was hit with a surprise credit card payment from an account I close two months ago. -A-
So I have reduced prices in my sales! :D

I am also offering up everything in my sales for 160$ shipped! (only exclusions are the TFG lot and the Psyduck friends that are on hold for raikovladi92)

If anyone is interested in the entire lot, they will have first priority rather than individual sales. Thanks!

22 March 2012 @ 01:49 pm
HOLY CRAP! Look what came in the mail a day early then expected!!

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And to end this i'm looking to buy a few more things as well!

Looking for the Jolteon canvas plush (with tag), Clear/Shiny sky form Shaymin kids, and any and all Leafeon kids!
Please name your price I don't like offering. :D

And updated my collection site with the new plush! XD
22 March 2012 @ 02:09 pm

It's been a while (about a few months, I think) and I just rearranged my collection, so it's time for some Mewtwo appreciation! <3

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S e y h i s a n ★ B l o o d l i n e
22 March 2012 @ 02:19 pm
Hi community,

I haven't done an update since my poke-childhood-items-introduction almost a year ago. My collection has since grown & expanded thanks to this community! Unfortunately, I am graduating soon and am trying to figure out which city to live in. This means, it's time to cut down my collection! I've decided to focus only on Espeon / Snorlax plushies from now on (update soon) and a few random ones here and there. I'm selling my meager Pachirisu + Pikachu plush collection plus a bunch of doubles, odds & ends from yahoo jp purchases. Hopefully these can all go to good homes :'(

I was granted sales permission on 8/4/11 by denkimouse. Feedback here.
PayPal Accepted only
No Trades
International Shipping will cost more than the below listed price.
Ask for a quote if you are a non-U.S. buyer and looking to buy the lot.

Click the photo to be transported! and closeups! and price!

Sold! Thank you meijiatron!

Also, as a sidenote, I'm dying to know: what is that Jiracha head thing? (click through for closeup) I got it with another yahoo jp auction. My guess was that it was a hair clip of some sort, but it doesn't look like it previously attached to anything. @_@ :confused:
22 March 2012 @ 03:19 pm

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About the Squirtle PokedollCollapse )

Now its time for the usual wants list! I am looking for:

Stunfisk Socks. Any size is fine, I do not plan on wearing them, and my feet are probably too big for the largest size </3
Silver Audino Metal Figure. This is the last audino metal figure I need to get <3 pleeeease let me know if you have one
TCG Dragon Blast Audino Card
ANYTHING that has Audino on it. I have a lot, but feel free to show me what you have.
Mantyke Retsuden Stamp
Mantyke Pokedoll Gacha Charm
ANYTHING that has Mantyke on it. I have a lot, but feel free to show me what you have.
Anything involving Nurse Chansey! (not really into flats, looking more for figures and plush etc.)

And then the general sales plug. Regular Sales and Card Sales. I added a jakks electronic snorlax toy to regular sales. I don't think I added anything to card sales, though if you want any of the japanese cards I got in this post, feel free to throw me an offer.
22 March 2012 @ 04:29 pm
Hi everyone.
I'm still looking for the Tomy Furret plush, but I have not found a single one so far! I can't tell you how many hours a day I spend searching the internet for one. I've looked everywhere, from ebay, google, smj, noppin, and no one has this lovable little plush for sale. So, if anyone here doesn't mind parting with one for some money, I'd gladly (as wingedparadox said it in a few posts down) "throw money at you." Thanks.

22 March 2012 @ 05:58 pm
Hello, everyone. I happened upon this community on the homepage a while ago, and couldn't resist coming and taking a look around. I'm very excited to be here and fawn over all the plush and figures, and hope I'll be able to talk to a lot of you and meet new people.

So a little bit about me. I'm one of those people who found Pokemon in elementary school. Long story short, I was really the outcast at that point, and Pokemon was my best friend for a while, so I've been in love with it ever since. Which really surprises my dad, as he was sure I'd be over Pokemon by the time I hit twelve. He thinks it's strange for someon in their twenties to be in love with fictional... animals. He doesn't understand the appeal, I swear.

I'm a student working towards degrees in Illustration and Film, while working on writing an original script and novel. The collection of Pokemon merch I have is mostly made up of figures and a few plushies that I've had from childhood, and I'm hoping to expand that collection. As soon as I have the funds to do so...

I do love all Pokemon, but my favorite is Mudkip, and I'm trying so hard to start a collection.

A little of what I have now...Collapse )

This looks like a fantastic community, and I look forward to chatting with as many of you as possible. Especially if I walk away with a few good new friends.
22 March 2012 @ 06:38 pm
I'm pretty quiet on here since I just browse daily X'D Raichu plushes are my most prized possessions and I adore them and hope to have them throughout my life. I also go to NYC now and then and while I'm there I grab some of the latest pokedolls! Anyway I hope you enjoy! ^^

Ah my rai rais!

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22 March 2012 @ 06:44 pm

So, my buddy saw my eeveelution charms (older, but unsure if they changed the pose for the new ones) and fell totally in love with the Jolteon. She doesn't have a LJ, so she asked if I could post asking if anyone had a Jolteon charm for sale?
She is looking to get one for 10$ max, shipping included.
Thanks guys!

22 March 2012 @ 07:14 pm
EDIT: Thanks every one for your help! <3 I decided to use the pillow case method since these were very used plush and they had a funny perfume smell. Put plush that had like colors into a pillow case, using a top loader washer. Used the most delicate setting, and normal delicate setting. Didn't see a difference(Spinda had a hole in it before the wash, and it did NOT get bigger--yay!). Left them in the pillow cases and put them on Air Dry in the dryer for 30min. each. After words, the embroidery parts were still wet, so I left them outside in the sun to dry for an hour. Then I got a tiny tiny bristle brush, and brushed all the dolls. I will post pictures here on Sunday/Monday to give people more of an idea. (moving Saturday and maybe Sunday) Everything turned out great! And no smell! :D

I know, I know people have asked before how to wash plush, but I have specific questions! >:
-Can you put two plush in one pillow case? Or is is better to have two separate pillow cases in the washing machine?
-How much detergent do you guys put in there? Like a tiny bit or what the bottle says for the smallest amount.
-Is it better to try to dry it in the dryer or let it sit out to air dry?
-Oh and what are the "DO NOT DO"s of plush washing machine/drying?

Thanks :D
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22 March 2012 @ 07:47 pm

 just opened 34 Base Set Booster packs (almost a whole box). It was Awesome to say the least, and I wanted to share the experience! Below is the link, Hope you Enjoy! ;)


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So I looked in their rules and FAQ but they only really specified about older deposits brought over from Crescent Shop. So my question is, after you put down a deposit to up your bid limit, if you win the item, can you then use your deposit towards paying for it?

Thank you!
22 March 2012 @ 08:41 pm
Hi guys!

Im Afrokid, a Pokemon fan from back in the boom of the late 90's and early 2000's. Now that i have finished school and now
moving on with my life I've chosen to complete that one true dream of mine.. I will now finally become a Pokemon Master!

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22 March 2012 @ 09:01 pm
Okay, I was totally going to have this huge post where I show y'all my collection but then discovered that my phone's camera is horrible so I had to find my (borrowed) camera which took forever and I don't feel like retaking all those pics tonight so here's just one of my very first get that arrived today.

Cute pic hiding back hereCollapse )
Tits McGee
22 March 2012 @ 09:06 pm
Lately, I have been getting my niece in to Pokemon. I let her watch my old VHS tapes, play pokepark, see my collection, give her my extra toys, etc. Her favorites are fire horse (ponyta) and fire dog (arcanine). She will come into my room daily to see my collection and if I have added anything. She asks all these questions and then yells at me for not having a fire horse collection...touche' kid.

My niece is 5 and in kindergarten. Her teacher let her pick a prize out of a box for being so good that day. (she totally doesn't get it from me haha) Well, she found something! My mom went to pick her up and she had a toy cupped in her hand. She said "Grandma, I got Aunty Haley something!" My mom asked what it was and she replied, "what is her favorite thing ever?" My mom replies "Pokemon!" So my niece shows her what she got me and asks if she can wrap it. I get home from work and have a spazztastic kid meeting me at the door waving a present. She yells "I got you something for your collection, open it!!!!" So I open it and it's the McDonalds Pikachu toy! I told her I loved it and would take it everywhere with me......so that is what I did.

I don't like kids but...that was too sweet <3

**Ignore all the lights on my dash. My car wasn't actually on. XD
22 March 2012 @ 10:13 pm
I have updated my sales with some phone charms, new figures, and my DX shiny Banpresto Darkrai!

*granted sales permission on 10 MARCH 2012 by entirelycliched

Check them out!Collapse )
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Risha Moon
22 March 2012 @ 11:17 pm
After all the Epcot talk here, I decided to go to Epcot on Saturday to see the Flower and Garden Festival since I never got to go for my birthday. XD! And...while I'm there, I'll be stopping by my favorite store. :D

This is a last call...all trades must be finalized before 5pm EST Friday (tomorrow). Why 5pm? Because I'm going to see Hunger Games and then am going home (rather than my college apartment) then I need sleep to get to Epcot on Saturday....soooo I probably won't be signing online tomorrow night.

I will NOT be doing a full out pickup. However, I am looking for some particular plush that I would do a trade/partial trade for if anyone is interested. Does anyone have the following plush they would be interested in trading: (Mostly just looking for the two plush and two cards with *'s now but will consider trades for the others if offered.)

*****Houndour Pokedoll - doesn't have to MWT but would like it to be in good condition - preferably trade 2 but might do 3 or 4
***Shadow Lugia Pokedoll - prefer MWT - will trade 2 pokedolls/cen
Leafeon Pokedoll - this is less important since I just bought a bootleg one...but I might consider trading for a legit one
Pumpkin Spiky-eared Pichu plush

Those four are the most important. Also looking for -
Arcanine UFO
Sleeping Pichu
Mew purse plush

***And these two cards - http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c2/MewEXDragonBlast51.jpg and http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/8/80/MewEXDragonBlast22.jpg

Might also consider trading for a DX Houndour TOMY (is there a DX Houndoom? oO")

If you have any of the above that would be interested in trading for any of the plush listed here - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11759498.html#t373192586%27 Please comment mentioning which plush you have for me, condition of plush (and pics please), link to feedback, and how many Epcot plush you would want in return. Keep in mind...Epcot Pokedoll/cen with tax are going to be around $16-17 for me.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

And...non-Epcot related want: If anyone has this Houndoom card for sale/trade, I really want it. ;_;

Also looking for the older johto-dex Pichu charm and a Milotic charm.

Thanks for reading,

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