March 23rd, 2012

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WANTED - Togepi (non egg) Zukan Piece

Hey pkmncollectors!
I come to you with a rare wants post. *gasp* Last week my S.O., Bruce,  was rearranging his shelves and after he moved everything around realized that the togepi piece from his togekiss zukan set was missing. Poor guy hasn't vacuumed since for fear that he might suck little togepi up. But despite extensive searches nothing has been found and it seems he will forever be without his togepi zukan piece.

This is where this wonderful community comes in. I'm looking to buy either a full set of this Zukan set:

OR just the togepi piece.
If this set can't be found I would also no be opposed to this set:

I think it would be awesome to have both togepi forms and the flying togetic is adorable.
So please, if you can, help me out :)


quick questionnnn

does anyone know exactly what this azumarill figure looks like out of the package? there are like no pictures of it

It is a hasbro figure or something? and it has no nose? XD it looks like it has no nose in the picture anyway! is it the same size as a tomy??? I really know nothing about it

and I think I asked before but was there ever an Azumarill JAKKS figure? I thought someone had told me there was but I can't find any pictures so I'm starting to think I imagined it xD;

Anyway that is all for today! nothing exciting, just azumarilly questions :B

edit since I think I have the above figured out, I was wondering, is anyone selling or possibly considering selling this raikou kid?

I have Suicune and Entei and want the Raikou so bad but haven't seen one for sale for a while ;w; if you happen to know if someone is selling or, or may be looking to sell yours, please let me know!

and the borrowed the picture from google so sorry if it's yours @w@

Ugh, bootleg help?

So I'd thought my second shadow lugia was real due to having pokemon XD on the tag, then I realized the differences in the tush tags today:

Legit one:
Japanese XD logo
c 2005 pokemon/nintendo
creatures/ game freak

pokemon center
japanese words
2005 made in china

English xd logo (0_o)
c 2005 pokemon/nintendo
TM and r nintendo

Pokemon USA, inc.
2005 made in china

I was wondering if anyone with a bootie could tell me what the tags say?

Arcanine ufo up for auction

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I've been offered a position by iTTTi, meaning I'm going to teach English in Japan! I'm currently only filling out my COE, and I don't know where I'm going, but it's time to start saving! That means massive collection weeding, beginning with auctioning off this lovely UFO, which I bought on a whim about a year ago.

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Chupa Zukan Charm Auctions

Hi guys. I've decided it's time to sell off some things I don't need/collect. So I bring you an Umbreon/Espeon chupa chup, Swablu/Altaria Zukan and 2009 Johto Dex Growlithe/Arcanine Charm set :)

I was granted sales permission on March 2, 2012 by entirelycliched
Feedback is located here
I ship from Minnesota, USA. Will ship worldwide.
Regular community rules apply.
Please pay withing 48 days of winning an item.

Umbreon/Espeon Chupa Chups. Don't come with the Pokeball. They're stand alone. In excellent shape. Both start at $15!

Baseless Pegless Swablu/Altaria Zukan. Good condition. Just by themselves. Start at $10!

2009 Johto Dex Growlithe/Arcanine charms. Unopened and perfect condition. Starts at $25!

Auctions will end on March 29, 2012 at 12pm Central US time. Thank you :)

Jakks Series 4 GB Reminder

This is a reminder for the Jakks Series 4 Group Buy aka Woobat needs a home! To get a cheaper price we need claims for the second set for Woobat, Lillipup, and Panpour. You have to read the directions first before commenting with a claim! If we can't get enough claims today for the second set then I will only order the first set. Everyone will be contacted either way so no one is left wondering. I will make a post with a spreadsheet on Saturday.

EDIT: Panpour was the only one not to be claimed. I'm willing to pitch in for him, but if someone still wants to claim him go ahead! I'll end up just selling him anyways. I'll be posting the spreadsheet tomorrow and contacting all the participants to let them know as well.

I did say beforehand that you can only claim one plush(unless you wanted Woobat + another) to be fair to others, but if you want to claim another plush to help us get the second set then go ahead!

Also, I will have some new things for sale soon, but that means re-taking pictures again. So I'm plugging my Slowpoke sales in hopes to get rid of some merchandise to make way for some new stuff!
Tom Hiddleston | 1883 | Legs


I've found out from my brother that there are these Takaratomy Pokemon figures floating around. Of course, he hasn't seen a Mudkip anywhere, and the people he talks to know nothing about where to find them. Apparently, what figures he's seen have been going for $15 to $20, and I'm cheap and poor, so those prices are too high for me to put out on a figure.

So I'm hunting for the Tarakatomy Mudkip figure, and a Mudkip plush that isn't going to cost me $35. The most I want to pay for the figure is around $7, and between $10 and $12 for the plush. So around $20 for both.

Help, please?
T o g e t h e r  |  K + S

Poke☆sweet auctions + commissions Reminder!

My Poke☆Sweets Train auction is ending tomorrow Saturday 9pm PST :) 

I also have one last slot open for commission. ^^ Click the picture to be transported to the post. 

*Those of you who commissioned (and paid earlier this Wens) either parfaits or Ice Creams, I should have progress pictures to send to you this weekend :) since they're almost done. 
Thank you! 

Sales post - Kids, plush, and figures!

Hi everyone! So my sales post came a lot sooner than I said in my last post - but I really need to make up for probable lost packages (from the Epic Zukan GA :( I hope it turns up soon!) and people that I can't seem to get a hold of (vaporeonxlover, let me know what's up!). So without further ado, here are some sales!

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Also, I'm still open for card trades! Here's where you can see my wants list and the cards I have for trade:

Scarce remains of a sale :X

For slight convenience I'll do a new sales thread, as the old one is a pain to look through with all those responses XD

Sales Policies:
- I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11
- Payment only via PayPal
- All shipped items are international, so no need to ask for the shipping fees.^^ I ship daily, but not on sundays, as german post offices are closed on sundays.
- If the item has all its tags, the hang-tag is generally cut off, but it will be included of course.

Bulbasaur Canvas Plush, 20$ shipped(on hold)
Munna Pokecen Plush, 17$ shipped(on hold)
Musharna Pokecen Plush, 17$ shipped (or 30$ shipped combined with Munna)(on hold)

Houndour Pokedoll, 150$ shipped

Not that many things left I suppose :O And as tradition requires, it's time for another fun-meme, yaaay~! 

This time: What would be your absolute dream merchandise? 

At the moment that would be a Milotic Pokecen plushie for me, but not any Pokecen plushie, one exactly like the shining Gyarados one, that's posable and stuff :3 I wouldn't mind if it was a shiny Milotic as well, but the normal version would do fine as well(I think I like it a little better anyway). Not too confident that it'll ever happen, but one can dream*-* Plus some day I'm sure there will be Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Remakes, so more Hoenn merchandise, woohoo!

The Pokemon Icon that was necessary.

[Sales UPDATE] New Buttons, Figures and Pan Stickers!

Also! I owe Wustatic charm reprints, so I'll be taking on a small batch of tail charms so I don't waste the plastic~! *u*;; 
Prices vary. Just comment below with which 'mon(s) you want~ I'll give you a quote. :D
-  If you have a specific atwork in mind for the charm, let me know. Otherwise I'll use the Dreamworld art.
- The stuff the plastic part of the charms are made out of are not durable and not meant for everyday use. It has a tendacy to turn off white when I put the sealant over it. Please choose if you'd rather it be safer/waterproof or unprotected (keeping the BG white).
- Plush part will be made from Minky (and/or it's cousins. xD)
- Turn around time will be 2-3 weeks. ^^

♥ Slots ♥
♡ Shayminlove - Skymin (no sealant) - Paid!
♡ Samurwat - Gabite (no sealant) - Paid!
♡ Truvio56 - Lugia + Garchomp (+Sealant) - Paid!
♡ badshines - Gliscor - Paid!
♡ aarux - Aerodactyl - paid! (no sealant)
♡ cyborgsushi - Pachi - no sealant
♡ Meowllz - Shiny Alt
♡ Open

kay! Now onto Sales~~ ♥

♡ U s a k o ! S a l e s ♡

♡ Will Ship world wide!
♡ Buyer pays all shipping costs~ Mostly everything will go out in a polymailer unless you ask otherwise. Just be aware it costs more to ship in boxes~~~
♡ If you would like to pay for insurance for your package, peep up~ ♥ They don't come with insurance otherwise~~ I am not responsible for the post office derping out on your package.
♡ I accept Paypal and Money Orders~!
♡ Holds will be a case to case basis. I don't like doing them for long periods of time.
♡ People ready to pay get priority over people asking for quotes on items.
♡ Payments in USD only
♡ Feedback Thread → w3rd.
♡ I joined the community when it was first created so Sale Permission was not required when I joined. xD;;
Trades? Only looking for Retsudan Stamps of Pachirisu and Phanpy!  Also Metal Phanpy charm! ♥

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♥ And that would be it~! ♪ Thank you for looking~~! ♥


*auctions & sales*

Updated my sales post with lots of new items, including some POKEBOX items!!

I accept Paypal. I will ship internationally, shipping from Canada.
Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010.
Feedback here.

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