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30 March 2012 @ 12:27 am
I'd like to remind my GA participants from both GA's I ran, that I'm still missing some payments. I know I made a big multi-purpose post for my collection, both of these GAs and my customs, but you guys need to read or go through the proper tag search. Anyways, I need payments from the following.

For the GA I ran with skdarkdragon:


I'm missing the final payments, and your totals can be found here: Kassia9 & skdarkdragon GA Totals

For my Super Quick Pokedex Figure GA:

I'm missing the second payments, and your totals can be found here: Super Quick Pokedex Figure GA

*Side note for anyone in this GA: All of your totals will be in the same post, so keep your eyes on that post!

Now to make this post a little less boring. Recently I've been waffling over collecting zubat. I've been debating for like a year give or take because I also collect onix and zubat is super cute/he needs more loves <3~
So, what I'm after is jakks zubat or a chibi stamper/in case figure.

I'm also open to other merchandise from zubat, golbat, and crobat, but I wanted to start small. :) Not currently looking for stickers or cards and I'm looking to purchase from the comm as opposed to Ebay/other online shops.
30 March 2012 @ 02:46 am
Hello eveyone i just update my sale post come check it out to find something you love and giving their a new home ^_^


And Im still looking for some pokedoll and charms~~please help me to find them

WANT: http://slatias.livejournal.com/832.html

Thank you for looking  ^___^

30 March 2012 @ 02:59 am
Hey guys, after the other day i did some researching and have found all of the Jakks Foam Pokeballs that i am wanting. And some zukans.

Would you like to know more?Collapse )

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30 March 2012 @ 11:26 am
I know I've been pretty behind on this, but I figured I shouldn't finally get it out of the way and finish the collection! I'm looking for the last two cards from the McDonald's set: Munna and Sandile

I'm looking to pay $4 shipped for both (if someone has both) or $2 shipped each. Thanks^^
30 March 2012 @ 12:12 pm
Hello again.

So I was taking a good look at the last couple items on our 'wants list' and I got to thinking..."Are these plush even really out there?"

I then spent some time on google seeing what, if any, info I could find.

I found that for 3 plush, I could find no evidence of anyone ever owning them...ever.

I thow myself on the mercy of the community.

Have you ever seen, aside from the stock images floating around, any proof that these are real?

I figure there's no sense in looking for an item that isn't there, right?

pics and descriptions under this cutCollapse )
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30 March 2012 @ 12:45 pm
Hi everyone! I hope you've had a great week! I don't have anything this week to share, but I'm getting something super exciting in the mail from SMJ next week! :D I'll definitely post when it gets here!

Onto sales! I shipped out all the packages that have been paid for on Monday. Sorry for the wait! Also school is ending soon, which means my sales will be going into storage for the summer in less than a month, on April 17th. So just a heads up. If you see something that you wan't but can't get until after my sales are closed on April 17th, I can bring a few things home with me if you're 100% committed.
I also have an offers post for this espeon!
I have 2 and I don't have room for 2 so this little beauty needs a home! :D Click on the picture to get to the offers page!
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30 March 2012 @ 03:55 pm
Shipping payments are due within 72 hours of this post! I will be able to ship on Saturday and Monday. The totals include the actual price of postage based on weight + bubble mailer + PayPal fees. Everything will be sent in a bubble mailer First Class via USPS. All tags are protected between two pieces of cardboard so they don't get bent up. Delivery Confirmation is included for US only. If you would like signature confirmation, insurance, registered, or international tracking please contact me and I can give you a quote. If you have any questions about the shipping let me know before you pay!

Also, I am selling the leftover Panpour for $16 shipped in the US and $20 shipped anywhere else! ON HOLD All fees and shipping are included. Tag is still attached of course. Comment here if you are interested! He fits nowhere in to my collection, so I want him to have a happy monkey friendly home where maybe he can meet a wild Pansear and Pansage and start a little monkey trio. ;D
> Click here for my rules and shipping information.<
>Sales permission granted by entirelycliched October 2011.<

(I need a home!)- o(╥﹏╥)o
30 March 2012 @ 05:16 pm
Unfortunately will not be posting my recent 'gets' today though there are many!
But I do want to take the opportunity to ask you guys some quick questions about cleaning and painting:
  • for plushes how do you wash them?  By hand?  In the washer?  In a pillowcase in the washer?  How do you prevent colors from running/bleeding?  Can plush with beans in them go in the washer?  What materials can't be put in the wahser?  Is fabric softener okay?  What temp?
  • for figures what paint do you use to fix stains/scratches?  How do you find the right color?  What paint goes with what texture?
Any other tips you could give me would be much appreciated!

And to make this post more visually appealing I give you a pic of my collection before the community that was taken on my phone, hence the low quality:

I plan on taking a different, better one later for a before and after thing.
30 March 2012 @ 05:29 pm
Hello fellow collectors! It's been quite a while. With my absence of almost two years from the com, I have considered myself pretty much retired from Pokemon Collecting. I will be posting up on my ebay account several rare items for sale every once in a while, and I've put quite a bit up at this moment. This includes extremely rare dragonite plushes, my OOAK custom flaaffy pokedoll plush by Usakochan, and my lifesize Flaaffy Plush made by BabyLondonStar.

I also have some settei, an exclusive pokemon christmas theme pillow, and a Misty TCG poster for sale.

  For custom plush, I would prefer private messaging to settle a price for them. :) Also, any comments on any proper prices for these items would help a lot, since I've been absent for so long I don't know much anymore. I miss you guys!

Link to my ebay sales:

Josh ~ 水ポケモン
30 March 2012 @ 08:15 pm
So a package arrived from Noppin... 

Zukan pics + info about final shipping inside!Collapse )

30 March 2012 @ 09:35 pm
Hey everyone! I got my BW5 cards in the other day, and I have a lot of extras to post for sale tonight! :3 I managed to pull all the cards (minus secret rares) except for a regular Ho-ohEX, so I am pleased! By the way, if anyone wants to trade their Ho-ohEX regular for any of the EX's I have listed under the cut, comment and let's trade. :D Please check out under the cut for single card sales, and stick around for some booster box/deck offerings! :D

Singles from the new Japanese setCollapse )

Please comment below to get a quote!

Also, I have some theme decks from the set available for less than eBay price!:

I have (4) of the Hydreigon Deck and (4) of the Garchomp Deck for sale.These are $23 shipped in the USA, $25 outside. Buy one of each for $45 shipped in the USA, $47 shipped outside.

(All Decks and Boxes are factory sealed)

Thanks for looking! :D

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Denali Lobita
30 March 2012 @ 10:42 pm
So I almost NEVER post about my customs here, because simply put, I am not open for general commissions.

HOWEVER with my recent visit to the doctor in which I had to buy antibiotics and other fun fun things, I have decided I should try to pad out my savings a little more. xD So you guys benefit- for the first time ever I am holding a public plush auction over in my Livejournal! Yaaaay!

Some examples of my work!Collapse )

Now, with the auction if you commission fanart and let me sell infinite copies of your plush, you're eligible for 10% off the final bid price! :D Sweet, huh?

The auction is here: http://growly.livejournal.com/1289558.html
Ends next week around this time! :)

Thanks for lookin, if you're interested in seeing the non-Pokémon things I've created, why not check out my DA? http://thegreenmooseofdoom.deviantart.com/
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30 March 2012 @ 10:53 pm
Hey guys, I'm finally more free near the end of my course and I've decided to do a GA (My first this year XD). It will be for a set of GSC Zukan 6. However now I am looking for someone to help me with threads, spreadsheets to take some load off my back while I'll do bidding and shipping. I will be claiming the nidoking line zukan, so the rest of the popular ones are up for bids :) Hence if anyone would like to help, just post here

I've got someone to help me out with it. Await the GA! but still read the bottom!

At the same time, I am also currently looking for a cheap Pkm Black or white game, since I want it cheap its probably used I guess